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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

BBW Need Love to

fetish jazmynlove 2017-10-08

"Jazmyn," she said as he kissed her hand. "Hello Darrius, this is Jazmyn," She said trying to hide the nervousness in her voice. "See Jazmyn, I have a fetish with eating pussy," He said kissing her once again on her lips. Darruis stayed between her legs even after she begged him to stop, two hours later he came up for air, he covered her body with a blanket as it jerked from coming and went to wash the dishes from the dinner they had eaten earlier. "Jazmyn, let's stop the game" Darruis said as she was trying to leave "You enjoyed dessert too." He pulled Jazmyn down to the edge of the bed and spreaded her legs, placing her legs on his shoulder Darrius lightly blew on her clit.

The Story

fetish minnesotagal 2017-10-08

By the time Liz got to the part about the anonymous man fingering her in the hotel bathroom, Mel could feel a slight dampness between her legs. With her finger back on her clit, and with more friction, Mel furiously fucked her pussy with the vibrator. As she fucked her pussy, she thought of the anonymous man in the bathroom, fucking Liz with his huge cock. Mel thought back to her fantasy with the anonymous man, and knew Sam would like a story. He liked stories about anonymous men fucking Mel's beautiful, wet pussy. And for a moment, he wondered if her story was truly real, and as his fingers reached inside of Mel's warm slit, he wondered if it really had been filled with warm cum from another cock.

Pregnant and in Need

fetish aspiringDOM 2017-10-08

"No, you're actually making me horny as hell right now." I said as I pulled her into me even though I realized her belly would prevent her from feeling my swelling cock. Despite a fully bush, she couldn't hide her large, long, dark pussy lips that showed a glint of wetness on them with a little creamy button peaking from her clit's hood. "How couldn't I?" I responded as I soaked up the woman who was before me: large tits capped with dark and large nipples, giant belly exhibiting a cum shot that got by and impregnated her, large dark pussy lips ready to be flapped by my tongue, and ass crying to be cradled.

Speedo Sex on Grindr

fetish daveevans 2017-10-08

I haven’t turned Grindr on since I was in Breckenridge with Kip (still have the setting to miles instead of kilometers) but in the past I’ve had submitted profile pictures of me wearing speedos and they have not been approved. I think I mentioned it on a blog post how stupid it was that Grindr wouldn’t allow a non-adult/porn photos of guys wearing speedos and someone mentioned that it had something to do with Apple who would not approve the App. Today, I scrolled down and found this super fit, 36yo guy wearing speedos and looking fucking amazing in them.

Salty Liquids 1: Rachelle Ch. 04

fetish ChristopherMoon 2017-10-08

Ashlee kneeled between the girls and both Lauren's and Zoe's hands lifted up Ashlee's tiny skirt as she bent doggie style on the sofa. Zoe, Kate and Sophia looked like they saw a ghost. For a few seconds, it was an Armageddon of girl piss as all three of them aimed their pee at Ashlee and Zoe, who were overjoyed with their warm shower. Because Zoe did this in doggie style position, Sophia and Lauren aimed their showers at Zoe's bulgy butt while Ashlee rubbed the steaming hot wetness all over. Kate and Sophia looked jealously at how Zoe licked harder and harder on Lauren's throbbing loveknot.

Footjob and Sex Pt. 01

fetish Nickkazama 2017-10-08

Nick set his cutlery down to take a sip from his drink when he felt the girl's foot on his crotch, looking down and seeing a foot covered in black tights beginning to caress his limp penis. "I could tell," the girl said as she used her feet to slowly pull down Nick's boxers, being careful to avoid his erection. "Oh fuck, Nick stop for a minute." The girl said as she reached for her phone, both of them breathless and panting. Or I could just listen?" The girl's Mum said as she teased her pussy, sliding her finger up and down the opening, feeling her juices begin to make her wet.

Three Fists

fetish libidinal 2017-10-08

“Why don’t we strap it on you, you look like you could use a big cock,” I teased, taking it from her and working the straps of the leather harness around her slim little waist and between her legs, attaching it securely. I couldn’t help looking over my shoulder at the wild, demented expression as her face as she pressed the smooth bulbous tip of the huge strap-on cock against my greased anus and then, nice and steady, drove it right inside, right up my shithole! My husband was looking over at me, eyes wide in wonder, as he watched this petite blonde mercilessly drive her oversized rubber cock right up his wife’s asshole. “Oh baby,” I said to him, “it’s so exciting having you watching her do it to me like this, fucking my ass right next to you!”


fetish bliebent 2017-10-08

i had a dream that was so hot i have to share it with you.. i was woke by this hot blonde lady.. 36 c, nice curves and a great ass.. so was in my house since for some odd reason my lady turn it into a sex house.. she was like you want a blow job.. i told her i didnt know if i should.. she told me she wouldnt tell so i said sure shacking her ass than got to me.. than asked if i wanted to fuck.. told me to find the condoms.. found a box of them and when i turn around she was gone but my wife was there to finsh me off.. what a dream

English Tteacher's Oral Skills

fetish BigTimmy 2017-10-08

On the other hand, if I wear brief, I am able to fold it such that the huge plum-sized head reaches the very end of my left hip side. Knowing I would still be hard for round two or even three, I let the exquisite feeling of her soft massaging hands overwhelm me and grunted out loud as the first giant wad coursed its ways from my bloated gonads up the lengthy urethra and out of my wide open cumslit. She took hold of my shaft at mid-point with both hands, just barely able to encircle the stone-hard huge pillar of manmeat as I pushed my giant head past her hungry cuntlips.

Dog Kennel Ch. 02

fetish Dylan987 2017-10-08

It didn't stay that way for long as we veered round a hedge and I saw what looked like a full on dog show, only with human dogs up on small tables and about 30 fully clothed people of all ages sitting in rows like an audience. Despite all the added humiliation, my cock was still throbbing hard and I was really getting off on this so I didn't even hesitate when commanded to sit up with my 'paws' in the air and my little dick fully exposed for all to see, and to start panting with my tongue out like a real dog; even the few laughs I heard just made me want to grab my cock with my 'paw' and try to rub myself rather than run away.

Eva naked in the city - 2

fetish mia-michael 2017-10-08

She takes a very good look at me and says: With each step down the stairs, my thighs press against my pussy a little and it does feel good! It quickly becomes a habit, if I receive a good tip, I let them play a little bit with my ass. I have to play with my pussy before I come right in front of the customers. Yes, but I am standing naked, even more than naked considering my pussy is completely bold, in front of a woman, also naked, who has the look and tone that can trouble me just there between the thighs. I cannot help but look at her pubis to see if her pussy lips are as visible as mine.


fetish clthongclthong 2017-10-08

Suddenly as the two girls back Marina up against the wall, they reach their hands into her form fitting white skirt and slowly pull out a thick, stretchy black thong. Jodie and Christie each have a hand on one side of the thong straps and they quickly hook the sexy underwear around the door handle so that Marina can not escape. Suddenly, as she is forced to endure a thong wedgie, Marina begins to feel a warm trickle starting in her underwear and it is clear that she is helpless. "DIRTY ATOMIC WEDGIE!!!" Jodie and Christie shout out in unison as they pull the thong to the maximum and let it go over Marina's arms and shoulders.

Going Public

fetish womensToilet 2017-10-08

The girl screamed and a squirt of fluid came out of her pussy landing on Alessio's face and shirt. A lot of Chinese girls, then other Asian girls, mainly Indians, white and black girls took turn in pissing and in some case shitting or vomiting on his face. However she started grunting afterwards and a huge turd came out of her anus landing right on Alessio's face. The girl on top started pissing, a huge stream of piss hit Alessio in the mouth before going everywhere, it tasted like Rum but it was still better than the shit and vomit. The next girl, a good looking brunette sat and took a piss complaining about the smell.

Ashley's Pees Where She Wants Ch. 02

fetish Demospider 2017-10-08

Ashley's desire to find new places to pee began to grow over the next few days as she tested her powers on different people, just to make sure it worked as universally as she had hoped. "Come here you, there is no toilet paper here so you're going to lick me clean." With no choice of his own the boy walks over to Ashley who had taken a seat on one of the benches and spread her legs giving him access to her pee wet pussy. What was unknown to Ashley however was that she wasn't the only one who would be looking back at this moment, because she and the boy who interrupted her were not the only two people in the room.

My Instructions

fetish Tess_PartySlut 2017-10-08

I don't mind the traveling but I hate having to be away from the woman I love. I love the sissy panties, and it does make me all wiggly to know I am her slut. When we are apart, I can't do that, but filling my head with happy images, I imagine her looking at me and smiling. Masturbating right to the edge of orgasm, and watching the precum that she loves so much, stream from the head of my rock hard penis, while imagining her being pleased by her horny pet makes me want her so much. The Mistress of my dreams is far away, but she's also right beside me in my heart and in my mind.

The Training of Sissy Paula Ch. 6

fetish submissive~pet~ 2017-10-08

Sit down on that big dildo sissy Paula. Now no back talks start stretching that ass over the dildo now sissy. . With a grunt my asshole slammed hard down on the dildo it began hurting. Mistress it hurt, My asshole can't take it for that long. Yes you can paula, and to make sure you stay on that fat dildoe, I had a seat belt made just for this trip. Mistress Candy said she was going to take the scenic route, sense there were lots of bumpy roads to travel down. Guy’s paula’s asshole is ready for 3 cocks at a time; there are 30 of Yawl. O.K. paula go over there and ride them hard cocks until they all cum.


fetish JUICYBOX 2017-10-07

You play with my swollen clit a bit,while I stroke your enormous dick! You grab my hair, and slam your big cock, deep down my throat, as far as it will go! You then yell in reply;"Fuck yeah baby! just "let -er-Buck!" you'll Frisk me; and Spank me; Just Do me, Baby, again,again and all over again, " Oh Baby!" It's like we're rolling hard off, and in pure exstasy! You'll dive right in, and you reply; "Damn you taste great," while I stroke your dick , and you suck me, dry! I begin to spit, "Ohh Baby," --"Fuck,"-- "Here I Cummmmmm!" ...... Then holding one another, really tight, we fall fast asl**p, Deep into the night! ---- WRITTEN BY, THE ONE & ONLY, KARI COLLIN : A.K.A. JUICY'BOX!!!

The Pantyhose Stalker

fetish nylon9 2017-10-07

The man kicked her feet further apart and pulled up her skirt admiring the view of her plump thighs encased in the dark nylon of the control-tops; her red satin panties contrasted nicely with the coffee-coloured hose. The Stalker's cock was snug inside Michele's cunt; it throbbed and pulsed, expanding and contracting the walls of her pussy; he rubbed his body against her and his hands sought out her sleek nylon-encased thighs. Michele rolled over and closed her eyes but immediately the image that sprang into her brain was one of a wanton women dressed in business suit with her skirt hiked and her legs spread wide as a young man rutted way at her.

The Bank Job

fetish Hardon4feet 2017-10-07

I looked over at jimmy meaning to ask what he had said to her when I saw that he had his cock out of his pants and was lost in his own world, slowly jacking off while watching those two go at it. She was now sitting next to the chair, staring at Jimmy and Mary with a little smile on her face as she slowly stroked Kenny's cock. Kenny didn't move as Jimmy removed the gag and told him that it was ok, he could kiss Angie's ass if he wanted to. Jimmy then said to Angie, stroke that cock, I want everyone here to see this prick cum while getting his ass fucked.

Paul & Liz Ch. 02

fetish Metropolman 2017-10-07

'On your back Paul, I want to see your face this time.' Liz was kneeling between my legs, and now she pulled me forward so that my arse was hanging off the edge of the couch. The strap-on was now fully inside me and I could feel Liz's thighs against my cheeks; slowly she pulled back and then pushed forward again, fucking me as I had fucked her before in the past. 'As I see it, you usually fuck me, and like me to swallow: So if I fuck you, I think you should have to.' I still had the strap-on pushed hard inside me and I meekly cleaned Liz's fingers even after she scooped up the first shot from my chest and fed that to me.

Being Bad

fetish MissA5 2017-10-07

She wanted to get the thrill of pissing in her panties, in addition to the feeling of peeing right on a cushioned chair, outside. The grass on her toes made her feel close to nature, but the feel of the chair reminded her that she wasn't just pissing outside like any other animal, she was being bad. And the most overwhelming feeling: the pee gushed from Hannah's pussy lips, first pooling inside her panties. The pee broke through the thin cotton of her pink panties and soiled the cushion of the chair as Hannah began to moan. um..." he stammered, looking anywhere but Hannah's eyes, mainly at the puddle of her pee underneath the chair.

French Teacher Nylon Tease

fetish fanofpantyhose 2017-10-07

But what I loved the most about my outfit are shiny and smooth pantyhose that fit tightly on my legs and feet and give them a very sensuous look and feel, without covering up my nice shapely legs like opaque tights would do. Now Andrew massaged my breasts and nipples whereas Jim took my left foot and started to lick it through the pantyhose. Meanwhile, Andrew had worked his way down to my pussy and then licked it as well, first through the fabric of my pantyhose, then directly by pulling the hose down to my thighs.

Maid to Serve Ch. 02

fetish Nate_Walis 2017-10-07

At the same time she noted that in her right hand, the masked woman was holding what looked like a leash made of black leather. Eleanor noticed that despite her calm demeanour, the woman had produced an object in her previously free hand that looked worryingly like a riding crop made of red leather. "Let's get you dressed," Alwyn held up a pair of latex knickers and handed them to Eleanor, "we can't have you wandering around the place looking like a life-sized sex toy now, can we?" Eleanor was genuinely surprised to find that when they reached the door that lead into the house proper, her duties were actually those of a housemaid and involved dusting, sweeping and generally making the rounds of the corridors and rooms with a perfectly normal vacuum cleaner in tow.

Blood Lovers

fetish browngrad 2017-10-07

On this hot and steamy Midwest summer evening, Alex was scheduled to meet his lover, Lori on the outskirts of the town in which she lived. Alex ended a horrible two year marriage hoping that Lori would leave her husband so they could start their lives together. "Alex, I love you completely," Lori declared upon hearing his story for the first time. With tears streaming down their cheeks, Alex pushed himself on top of Lori and nibbled her neck while his cock searched for the warm, moist spot he obsessed about constantly. Lori thought to herself, "Oh there baby." With her legs up in the air, Alex thrust himself deep into her time and time again.