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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Unconditional Surrender

fetish sisifo 2017-10-07

So I had this sudden vision of Andrea entering the bathroom, at this very moment, (how I wished it was for real!...) catching me red-handed and oblivious, totally helpless and unable to respond, profaning her intimacy without a shred of excuse or regret, longing for the most ruthless punishment I could deserve. These thoughts may have rushed the final ecstasy and, suddenly, a violent shiver ran through my body and all the craving was focused in one single spot: my swollen penis, almost aching, the shining red glans throbbing, about to burst, which I kept frantically rubbing in harsh strokes, against the silky fabric of the bra cup.

Stories I like: At McDonald's

fetish Pussy_Lick 2017-10-07

I wanted to ravage that foot..lick it, suck it, kiss it with open mouth, rub it hard in my face, chew the toes, lick between them...thoroughly enjoy every inch of it. Janice, obviously very into having her toes licked and sucked, was squirming and cooing, her other foot sometimes behind my head and other times squashed against my neck or face in its excitement. "Unless, of course," she said in a sugary sweet voice, and even without seeing I knew there was a gleam in her eyes, "unless...dear foot believe that worshipping my feet and my pussy is a reward in itself.

Dominic's visit

fetish Zoned29958 2017-10-07

Dominic reaches down before I can answer and grabs a hold of my rapidly hardening cock through my pants, then proceeds to stroke vigorously on my increasing expansion. With signs that I will be receiving one again, Dominic begins as always by looking, lightly touching and smelling my dick. I can feel the heat of Dominic's mouth near my swollen head and my body urges to push forward. But Dominic wants more, by reaching both hands around and grabbing my ass cheeks and pull me closer, I'm forced deeper. This produces a response in Dominic's hips, they begin to surge forward to try and get more dick in my mouth. Dominic begins thrusting my head onto the first half of what seemed to be ever growing cock.

School Girl Bullies pt. 2

fetish azid619 2017-10-07

"Pass the rope here, Mel." Kaylee ordered, she took the rope out of Melonie's hands and began tying it around my wrists as Belle held my arms for her. With every single breath I took I was f***ed to smell and taste the extremely heavy air of her sweat, all as the girls laughed at my pathetic attempt to shift it off by moving my head from side to side. I was so hard and horny, and what with sniffing Kaylee's sexy stinky ass, I was totally unable to hold on for long, shooting my sticky white cum out all over Belle's hand. The girls laughed, excpet for Melonie, she was too into her first experience of sucking cock to pay attention to Kaylee's cruel shenanigans.

Cars make me wet

fetish 2017-10-07

Ahead of me lay a small pub, I looked at the dash clock and it read, 22:50, I could feel my heart quicken, soon it would empty and men would pour forth, and an eighteen year old girl would choose one of them to gratify her sexual urges, and as the door swung open, I reached down and undid my jean's button, and eased to zipper all the way down, feeling the warm air inside the car caress my shaved pubis, I raised my ass from the leather, and eased my denims over my hips, down my legs, tossing them over my shoulder into the back seat, 'There', I thought, my face rigid with gritted determination, 'let them resist seeing my naked lower body'.

Punky's Diary, 01/30/07

fetish Selbryth 2017-10-07

Okay, that would be more or less normal or simply affectionate with most people, but when you know how Morgan loves licking legs and stuff—and the way Lorin responds to that sort of thing—well, it was like seeing Morgan lean over and suck a nipple or something. Lorin responds by putting her hand on Morgan's hand and then there's this whole leg rubbing thing and the breakfast stuff is forgotten (except that I snagged another pastry), and legs are being lifted and kissed, Morgan's bathrobe gets undone and well...I was still eating my pastry but I had a free hand and that went right in the opening to grab Morgan's tits.

Sammy Ch. 03

fetish mjmurra 2017-10-07

Steph's tits lightly rested in the hot water as she looked up at Sammy. Steph bit her lip as she raised her chest out of the water, slowly, deliberately, running the saturated fabric of her t-shirt across Sammy's spread pussy. Steph moved her hands up Sammy's body, laying down on top of her, pressing her weight into the younger girl. Sammy could see the golden-red color of Steph's hair darken where it touched the water, focusing on that seemingly arbitrary fact as she closed her eyes. Steph raised her hips slightly, shifting her weight onto her left arm, her right hand still between Sammy's legs. A green "83" decorated her front right hip, but Sammy was more concerned with the way Steph's panty line disappeared into her ass crack.

Fucking a Dirty Talking Bitch Ch. 01

fetish theprince 2017-10-07

Fuck me hard like a bitch with that donkey dick of your till I am screaming. You cunt and whore ass are mine and I am going to fuck those holes like I own them. You are going to get stuffed like fucking turkey with my donkey dick and fucked and sucked and licked till you piss! My mouth moved to her tits and I started sucking on them Jenna was moaning and growling like a bitch in heat as I sucked and kneaded her tits. "You want that cunt fucked like a whore don't you, bitch. Fuck you like a cheap slut." I spat hard on her cunt and shoved my tongue inside.

The realities of my cock size

fetish andygone 2017-10-07

I love her so much, and the pleasure that she gives me, that I'd happily allow her to fuck other guy's with bigger dicks - just to see if a well endowed member could make her cum without the hitachi. So back to last night, she had me lean over her, and told me to play with my cock as she held my balls and made herself cum. The first time, over a week ago, I had held the wand on the tip of my cock and I only came after a long time because she was slapping my balls. I know she used to cum thinking of me having gay sex (a guy fucking me), but how do I hint at her that I won't be jealous, but supportive if she wants a bigger cock?

Lindsey's beautiful feet part 3

fetish goofiegumdrops 2017-10-07

I knelt down next to the chair as she kicked off her other trainer and placed her sexy feet against my nose and mouth, in doing so I noticed that her feet smelled a lot stronger that the previous two encounters but nonetheless I was smitten and began the long slow kisses up and down each nylon clad sole and underneath each of her cute toes that we both enjoyed. With a cute giggle and a big sigh she again pressed her feet against my face and purred "are they stinky hun?" I nodded dumbly and went back to work on her cute smelling tootsies again this time slowly peeling her pop-socks off her feet one at a time before taking a sexy toe in my mouth and sucking hard and slow on it then slowly kissing down and up her sole before sucking the next one.

sex control

fetish tukocheeee 2017-10-07

The red bead she will make me put a butt plug or sometimes she will tell me to put a tampon up my ass, I have to to bend over and do this in front of her,she will sometimes make me wear this for extended periods of time she even might make me take her out for dinner with me wearing a tampon up my bitch hole as she calls tonight will consist of her playing with one of her favourite dildos or vibrators while watching me jerk off but I am not allowed to cum.after she has her screaming orgasm I will have to lick her pussy clean and only then be able to remove the tampon or butt plug.The blue bead she will make me service her orally by sitting on my face tongue fuck her ass and pussy until she is completely satisfied at the same time she will jerk me off keeping me on the edge but won,t let me cum.are you starting to see why you want to treat her right white beads are your goal.

Sam's New Position Ch. 02

fetish worzel 2017-10-07

"I want it stopped, I don't know what you thought you were doing bringing her here, in the state she is in you would've only turned those that wanted her gone against me and you, it's one thing to do what you did to her in the club, it's totally another to bring her here looking like she's spent time in a concentration camp. "Well Ms Dunbar, you have few options open to you, Sharon Lock is spending some time revaluating her position and I have a simple solution, until I am put right, no tattoos, no Branding and my hair grows back I can and will reduce those that have wronged me to be my whipping girls, for me to play with until my body is put right.

Kinky Girl Games 05

fetish poetposh 2017-10-07

"Well, this is going to sound crazy, but we have this one game where girls pee in a cup," Jennifer tells LuLu and then looks down again at her feet. "I think you have a very beautiful body," says LuLu. Feeling a sense of connection with Jennifer that the taking pictures of her must have been helping with. "It's fun to take pictures, I know," Jennifer tells LuLu as she takes the top of her panties and pulls them up to stretch against her pussy. Jennifer takes her fingers out of her pussy, brings them up to her face and smells looking past the camera and right into LuLu's face.



Only, I am not a fan of those up skirt photos where they only show women's legs and a panty and/or pantyhose clad ass and pussy. Having a panty fetish, of course, I love those panty videos from Japan where the guy races up to the woman and lifts up her skirt and/or pulls down her panty. More than a few times, I witnessed mothers with their children playing with the tire swings and falling through with the hem of their skirt up to their chest and their panties on full display until they realized the only way to get out was to sit on the ground instead of trying to lift the tire up past their bust, shoulders, and over their head.

The Unofficial Cowgirl Guide Ch. 02

fetish msound1 2017-10-07

The typical cowgirl's udders range from five to seven times the size of the typical human breast and can weigh in excess of thirty pounds each when fully engorged. When a cowgirl is in the milking position or is otherwise on her hands and knees, the udders will hang low towards the ground, stretching the skin in the process. Last but not least, the teat is the last major physical difference between a cowgirl's udder and a woman's breast. Her teats grew long and tough, stretching a little more each time they were drawn into the milking machine's funnel. Everywhere you went there were at least two dozen cowgirls, milking, sleeping, eating, and fucking at any given time of day.

Cock tease

fetish markiefun 2017-10-07

I didn’t know that I was one until I overheard a few men calling me that as I went by – so I looked up this online. He said, bluntly, that I looked like a schoolgirl cock tease – with a short skirt, cotton socks and a blouse which didn’t cover up much. Well, taking a deep breath, I said – do you know that I am not a cock tease. So I indicated that I wanted to touch and feel their cocks and immediately they each poked through the holes. I didn’t know that this would have such an effect – and his cock erupted with cum – all into my panties. He pulled is cock back and I saw, in the other hole the first guy cum again.

The Key Pt. 01-03

fetish WantABWriter 2017-10-07

Feeling she should do something, Brenda baked a batch of cookies and took them over to Paul later that night. "Have I come at a bad time Paul?" Brenda asked. Paul opened the wine and with two glasses in hand led Brenda to the living room. He didn't speak and Paul couldn't hold eye contact when Brenda looked his way. Looking at all the photos Brenda was satisfied Paul had not done anything all that bad, but still she wanted him to know she didn't approve. Paul wouldn't look up as he stood exposed before Brenda in his living room. To hid that fact and to keep Paul from knowing how excited she was, Brenda added a panty liner.

Three's a Circle, Not a Triangle Ch. 10

fetish SusanJillParker 2017-10-07

After seeing Susan's panties, going beyond sex and all things sexual to movie scenes that were more erotic than pornographic, William couldn't help but remember an old movie, Body Double. No doubt, even more than sniffing and masturbating over his mother's panties and even more then spying on women's panties on the subway, on college campus, and at work, he's always had a sexual fantasy of seeing women modeling in their underwear, something that was forbidden from television until relatively recently with Victoria's Secrets leading the way. He wondered if his wife was next door watching the panty, bra, and shoe show in the way he couldn't remove his eyes from Susan and her sexy lingerie and shoe collection display.

Carny Ch. 01

fetish velvetpie 2017-10-07

Let's hear a warm welcome for Lacey, the Legless Lady." She raised her arms in recognition and polite applause filled the air. Lacey began her routine, easily using her arms to propel her legless torso up the rope. When the rope was swaying back and forth so high that she was near the rafters, she let go and stretched her arms out in a legless swan dive. Lance turned away from me and we both watched as Lacey left the stage, smiling and waving and I excused my way through the crowd, heading for the curtained rear door and the huge man that gave me an evil eye. "Okay, Lacey." She released the edge of the curtain, disappearing from sight but Brutus took a few long minutes to move, glaring at me.


Cucked the Boss

fetish oldandhorny 2017-10-07

I sat on the bed next to him and gently kissed his mouth while running my hand over his stomach and legs (although neglecting his cock) I loosened his trousers and pulled then down round his knees. I folded the panties up and pushed them into his mouth and once I had done that I released his very hard fat old cock from his shorts and licked just the very top of it. I then went back to his rock hard cock and sucked and milked him while telling him what a poor fuck he was and how much better my Aussie 25 year old bf had been.

Guilty Pleasures Pt. 03

fetish lesbianishkitty 2017-10-07

He ran a hand from her hip to her right breast and squeezed, her eyes fluttered and her lips parted just a bit. He kept flicking his tongue and pressing his fingers against that spot, her moans and cries came faster and louder until she came with a silent, closed eyed, scream. He started to move faster and she ran her nails over his legs, causing him to suck his lips in and make a sound deep in his throat. "Did he like his surprise when he got home?" The woman looked from her boyfriend stretched out on the bed obviously naked under the thin sheet, to her kitty affectionately nuzzling her arm.

Dressed up as a Soldier...

fetish incantation 2017-10-07

But there was one other guy called Andy, the most attractive one, with whom I really wanted to chat, but despite all the attention I had already received, I just couldn't pluck up the courage as I felt he was out of my league, because he was truly very handsome, short dark hair, athletic with a gym-fit muscular physique; and he also happened to be dressed as a soldier. Anyway, Andy - the hottest guy at the party - must have finally had enough of all this, and without us having even chatted before, he just walked over to me, took me by the hand and briskly walked me to the men's toilets, pushed me into a cubicle, and began to kiss me hard, while taking his big erect cock out and then pushing my head down to suck him.

Is This My Life? Ch. 02

fetish submgj 2017-10-07

I lift my upper body and peer into her eyes as her hand reaches for engorged cock. I thrust forward gently watching as her eyes slowly close, a calm moan escapes her lips. Thoughts of thrusting hard and fast, driving my cock deep in her run through my mind as I slowly pull back. The intense feeling of my cock buried deep inside her awakens the ache in my balls I have had for the last week. I feel nothing at this moment but the sudden filling of my cock from the inside and burst of power in my body as my hips make a short hard thrust. I lower my body to hers as I release her legs, holding her head as our lips meet.

Chaffernaught 05

fetish MistressColleen 2017-10-07

"Come," I said as joeie bounded forward with a glass and bottle of wine in hand, I knew supper was following shortly. Thus you can see why it's my responsibility to give pussieboy adequate attention, as the only way of ensuring proper training, culminating in joeie becoming comfortable naked, on his hands and knees around strangers. Dishes finished and kitchen back in order, joeie turned off the light and knelt on the floor in the doorway, clearing his throat to request entry. For my joeie it was like being on a date with his favorite high school sweetheart, and he began making out with my thigh, actually French kissing it.