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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Boss & Her Secretary

fetish kmarkk 2017-05-23

A little relieved, Joe smiled at her, still panting a little. Quietly, Joe walked back, closed the door and returned to his spot. I promise." Joe tried to look up, but the embarrassment didn't allow him to maintain an eye contact for more than a second. Her eyes glued to him, Lauren stood back up again and walked up to him, running her hand down his belt, grazing over his zipper. Smiling, she turned around and headed back to her chair. Once he did, Lauren pushed one foot into his face, and pushed his chest with another, rolling her chair forward as he kept bending backward, until he was leaning back against her desk.

The Body & Blood

fetish RavenLilly 2017-05-23

All at once she felt his probing tongue enter her mouth and his long, thick fingers entering the small orifice between her legs. She tried to be good…she didn't want to let the pleasure flood inside her. His mouth felt wonderful as he licked and lapped at her swelling lips, and she couldn't imagine a time where she didn't have this kind of pleasure in her life. Then he mercilessly mounted her once again and thrust his sex so deep inside of her that she could taste it in the back of her throat. His venom rushed deep into her tarnished flower, and at the sinful feel of it being forced inside her body, she came with him in a moment of weakness that she would never live to regret.


The Morning After

fetish BigMeanie 2017-05-23

Annie looked up at me just as she started to pee and said, "Uncle Johnny, if you'll keep giving me beatings that leave pretty marks on me, I'll do whatever you want!" She nodded "yes," and I started pumping the hand with my two fingers in her up and down, stretching her pussy open vertically and pressing up against her inner wall. With Suzie's face a few inches from Annie's pussy, I began to rub Annie's clit with the thumb of the hand that was doing the pumping. I told Suzie she'd better let Annie catch her breath, so she stopped playing and just stared at the soaked, purple pussy.

She Made Me Eat My Own Cum

fetish 2017-05-23

On Monday as soon as I got home, even before dinner, Nicole told me to go into the bedroom and collect the next load of my cum in the container she had placed on my nightstand. Before we went to bed Thursday night Nicole told me she wanted to watch me collect one last load for the container. She took the rest of the frozen cum and told me it was time to melt the biggest load yet and made me take all of it in my mouth. As she scooped up my flowing cum and feed it to me I knew I was destined to end the night as her cum eating slut having swallowed six frozen loads and one fresh load of cum, all without the sweet release of an explosive orgasm.

Can you teach me ,,,,,,,,,

fetish LaceTops4U 2017-05-23

10 minutes later the door bell rang and Margaret was on the door step, she was dressed plainly in a blue dress, with low wedge heels, come in I said. pressing my limp cock against her buttock cheeks and reaching between her arm pits I cupped her breasts and lifting and squeezing them together, said ,looking at her reflection in the full length mirror, darling this is what the boys want, a promise of what's to come. Paying attention to her nipples which in turn swelled and grew in my mouth.As I kissed her lower rib cage and tummy, making my way to honey corner, she began to thrust her hips forward.

Up Roxanne's Sleeve

fetish Madabouthair 2017-05-23

"Then he must have also done this," I concluded, lowering my face and letting my tongue press against the soft moist skin down at the bottom of the gentle slope of Roxanne's armpit before letting my tongue make a slow and serpentine trip all the way through her underarm, licking the tiny nest of hairs and continuing until I was licking the inside of her bicep. "Wasn't sure," Roxanne said, leaning away and using gentle pressure to just let the tip of my dick graze the wisp of hair as she used my cock like it was a roll-on deodorant, sweeping up and down her armpit with long strokes.

Cuckhold Love Ch. 02: The Confrontation

fetish Rocket1010 2017-05-23

Maybe they were lovers and this was a lover's rendezvous and when she knew I would be thousands of miles away in Chicago." His mind was in turmoil, angry one minute at seeing his wife with another man and then wondering why he got excited seeing them together. "Did I really like seeing my wife get pounded by that man?" he said opening his eyes and looking at the computer screen. Make me cum like a whore with that cock of yours and I'll only be your whore." She saw him thinking, taking in her words, weighing them and while she waited for his answer, she knew she was going to win. "Ohhhh baby I think all this talk about fucking other men is turning you on," she said pulling his cock out and then sucking the head into her mouth.


Band Parents Ch. 03

fetish BillyBobJoeEd 2017-05-23

I ended up masturbating in the shower as I thought about the hot sex Linda and Charles had after I left their bedroom, especially the mental image of her taking his sticky cock in her mouth and licking him clean. Unfortunately, the level of arousal I had reached by then, what with the thoughts of Linda that had preoccupied me all day and the teasing that Lily had been doing, had driven me to where it was impossible to hold back and I came all too soon, filling my wife's depths with a load that had been building up all day.

Secret Nightclub

fetish Safetystars 2017-05-23

Her body began to sag from the indescribable pleasure was indescribable, but the top heaviness of her new D cups above a slimmed waist was soon righted by a boom from below. Anya was so engrossed in the song that she was unaware when a hand as large as her guitar shifted on to the stage and a huge finger began to rub her crotch through her jeans. Anya was long beyond any sane control, and she could not even see Ivan behind the horde of busty females surrounding where his kit had been (and presumably still was, because the sound of the drums still crashed over the music), so Janks knew she would have to try and do something herself.


Love Not Given Lightly

fetish 2017-05-23

"I know she's just messing with my head" thought Leah Jane, when suddenly Anna's carresses turned to a sharp sting as she pinched down hard on both nipples. Anna drew back abruptly, freeing Mani's replica cock from the confines of their clinched bodies and teased the ring end of it up and down Leah Jane's breathless torso... "No more secrets then..?" asked Anna as she made Leah Jane look her in the eye by raising her chin with the head of the toy. Anna took a moment to survey her handy work, looking Leah Jane up and down like a rapacious b**st deciding which part of the kill to eat first.

Sex with a stranger I met in the park

fetish DirkDastardly 2017-05-23

God I wanted her, her breasts were firm and full, her nipples poking into my chest..she pushed away and kissed down my body, the water cascading off of both of us, taking hold of my cock for the first time, she lowered herself, now crouching..looking up at me with water covering her, the. I kissed her telling her we liked to hear a woman ask us, maybe almost beg us to fuck them, or to lick their cunts,....her face was a picture when I used the 'C' word, she said I could never say that, I hate the word..I made her practice.

The Rematch

fetish cdupuy 2017-05-23

I asked if Debra wanted to submit and when she said no I increased the hold by pulling her back into it. Everyone, including myself, knew that no one had ever caused Debra to have a forced orgasm by directly fucking with their dick. I grabbed Debra's right arm and in a move that completely took me off guard she twisted her hand to grab my forearm and placed her other hand on my forearm and swung me into the end post in the corner of the ring. I spread her long legs to the limit and she had to submit, but as I released the hold she thrust up her hips and drove my still hard dick into her pussy.


Bun in the BBW Oven

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2017-05-23

As Jessica's mouth and fingers were driving me out of my mind, I could feel Elizabeth kicking me in the chest, and it felt good, knowing that in about three months I would be a father. Her spread full ass cheeks were a vision, and her huge sagging breasts and stomach reached the mattress with just enough room to allow my hands to gently caress and fondle. I slowly inserted my cock into her and began to pump in and out, knowing just the right rhythm to make her body jerk and spasm as moans of pleasure escaped her mouth. I stroked her cheek gently and whispered, "It's incredible, and I hope our little love child will look exactly like her mother."

Izanami Ch. 01

fetish MissKaneda 2017-05-23

I looked up when I was done, expecting to slip the stocking over her toes just as easily as before, but she hadn't moved a bit and her bare foot was still resting in the floor with her stockinged leg crossed over the knee. "Please, please, Mistress..." the words tumbled from my lips, going in no particular direction, but as I laid there with tears starting to fill my eyes once again her heel lifted from my breast and I watched in wonder as that foot gently settled to the floor, leaving her straddling my hips as she breathed a long, exasperated sigh.


How I became a sissy

fetish tg2027 2017-05-23

He began giving me instructions and told me to slide back towards the edge of the bed on my knees head down. His hands were reaching around rubbing my cock through my panties he had my skirt around my waist and he grabbed my hips and began to really go, I felt like he was close and began to talk dirty to him. He was very verbal telling me what a whore i was for cock and that I looked like a hot slut with his big cock in my mouth.He started to grab the back of my head and guide my mouth up and down. He told me he was going to cum, I relaxed my throat as I felt his cock begin to pulse in my mouth shooting his load into my hot hole.

A Bondage Story

fetish wastedaway 2017-05-23

My seven inch muscle was so hard it throbbed, and as Suzy ran her hand lightly over my crotch, she said, "Remember your promise? Sally twisted my balls a little more as she let my arms down, only so that Suzy could attach the handcuff chain to a short chain dangling from the back of the collar. You will also learn who are the bosses, and who is the slave!" I struggled in vain as Sally shoved a ball gag in my mouth, tying it around my head, and Suzy unbuckled my belt. Finally, Sally said, "Now we can really 'beat his fucking ass,' can't we?" I felt the riding crops slap down hard on my ass, and I shook my hips back and forth, trying in vain to escape it.

Adult nursing - sharing the milk with friends

fetish 2017-05-23

He said, loudly, “relax – you’ll get used to it, If you weren’t pregnant I’d be fucking you in the ass girl and that really would hurt!” To which Mark laughingly replied “next time b*o, next time!” Gary then started to move in and out, gently – presumably because of my condition – all the while holding onto my swollen belly. When I mentioned to Mark that night that I thought the baby was close, he decided that he wanted Gary to fuck me one more time wilst still heavily pregnant and knew the next day might be too late.

Jimmy's Clean Sweep Vol. 03

fetish goldengob 2017-05-23

As I breathed and swallowed Stephanie's juices, thinking about Kate's stained white panties, I realised too late that I had been rubbing my cock up and down the edge of the sofa. When I had finished, giving it a little shake out of habit, splashing the last few drops over Kate's face, Stephanie ordered me to get a bowl of warm water from the kitchen and a clean cloth. While I diligently cleaned the come from my pubic hair and the shit from my arse Stephanie told Kate to stand up. I waited, my cock still throbbing as Kate bent almost double, her feet planted wide apart, knees slightly bent, her shit smeared arse in the air and her face buried in Stephanie's pussy while the mistress fondled her breasts.

Fantasy Come True

fetish Kristi Kreme 2017-05-23

All you had on was a tight pair of blue jeans trying to conceal your rock hard cock through the crotch of your pants. Dave reached over to me and started to pinch my nipples through the thin material, then simply pulled my tee-shirt up and placed it behind my neck, while keeping my sleeves on. But each time I would try to relax and enjoy the sexual feeling, my bladder would relax also and I simply couldn't piss my pants right there in front of two men. Dave then pinched hard on both nipples and began to piss right on my clit. I felt myself let go and get lost in the feeling of my orgasm as I started to piss all over his cock and balls.

Man in Uniform

fetish latexcd69 2017-05-23

It occurred to me the other day that instead of trying to date a police officer, why not purposely get pulled over by one. My closet was full of sexy outfits that I considered but I ended up going with the black leather dress with a hole in the center of the chest, showing off cleavage from my 36 d's. The officer slowly made his way towards my car as I touched up my lipstick. As I batted my eyes and ran my fingers along my leather dress I said, "I have to say Officer...Jones, that you look very attractive in your uniform. After several minutes I noticed and started pushing my ass back into him, trying to give them a great show.

High School Dilemma Ch. 05

fetish LaurenWestley 2017-05-23

I even wondered, since Sean was the youngest, did their Mom take a trip to Italy, get pregnant, come home and birth Joe finally settling down with a nice Irish lad in her neighborhood? Sean puts his hand on my thigh and says, "I like that sissy girl. I walked back to the car with a hobo's nut-juice in my belly instead of in my mouth with my high heels clicking away in the dead of the night. I climbed into the car sitting between Sean and Joe. I had been so upset I had forgotten about letting Jim's cum and piss cocktail out.


fetish leo11169 2017-05-23

"I worked up such a sweat today," she said, swaying her foot back and forth beneath Edward's nose like a pendulum, "and before my shower, I think it's only right that you give my feet a tongue bath. "Look at you, cleaning my dirty, sweaty feet with your tongue" said Freya, more to herself than to Edward, "you're filthy. "It's not just my feet that are dirty," Freya said slyly as she provocatively slid her sports bra up over her head, "all morning I've felt sweat trickling down every inch of my body." She tossed the bra carelessly aside and peered over her shoulder suggestively.

Demoness Costume

fetish mistyfdfa 2017-05-23

Until now, the layer of paint had felt more like a gauzy outfit than a second skin. Sitting at her mirror, she began to paint her arm with what she figured the tattoos looked like under Kylbyi's outfit. With the intricate lines finished, her arms itched as scales began to grow in, forming navy blue gauntlets up to her elbow. Her new prehensile appendage joined in to the painting session, scooping up the blue liquid and tracing lines over her face as her fingers began to pinch her nipples. It felt like an inch of length was added for every beat of her heart as it stood more and more erect until the glans was smacking into the underside of her tits spreading sticky fluid over her soft flesh.

Mom Makes Him a New Little Brother

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2017-05-23

At one school function, Josh had seen the sexy figure of Mike's mom waiting for her son, and had started a discussion with her about a recent art endowment the school had just given. Recognizing a chance at both to mess with his old classmate and enjoy such a sexy mother, Josh gives Mike's mom a cheerful hug and a light pat on her firm behind. He knows that Josh is taking time not just in order to admire the fluffy firmness of his mother's breasts, but also to humiliate Mike by forcing him to realize just how sexy his mom is. "Well," Mike's mom begins, "He was to be well educated." Here, she remembers both Josh's stellar performance at her son's school and his expensive and prestigious foreign medical degree.