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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

I got to meet Peter North - Part 3

fetish bpatzner 2017-01-28

She walked out and grabbed his cock and said to him, “Doctor Peter North, if I am going to need a lot more dick to cure me, you better write me a prescription.” Pete then whipped his pants off and marched over and eased his hard cock deep into my wife’s ass and began to pump.“But, if you want it now babe, you’re getting it now. I want her dolled up nice for the scene we are going to make.” Peter stated as he pulled his dick from my wife’s ass, grabbed his pants and put them back on.

Gloria's Panties Ch. 01

fetish murphybrown537 2017-01-28

As she did, her shirt lifted slightly and her jeans tightened around her hips, exposing the waist band of a pair of bright pink cotton panties. I couldn't wait to rub my cock, while imagining Gloria pulling off her jeans for me, then letting me rub my hands and cock all over her bright pink panties. God I wanted to just grab a hold of her, and run my hands over her sexy full ass that was now covered in two layers of soft pink cotton. Gloria had turned me on so much, I couldn't get past the image of her in only a bra and panties, with her jeans pulled down just past her hips. I wanted to slip my hand inside those pajamas, and feel her pussy through her bright pink cotton panties.


Mountains of Rubber Ch. 03

fetish jessicablank 2017-01-28

Dan's cheeks felt cool as Dominica's legs spread further apart, opening her pussy wider to his mouth, tilting her pink ass-bud up where he could reach it with his tongue. Dominica leaned forward and held a little rubber doggie bone in front of Dan's nose. Beg for your breakfast!" The slave waved her hands in the air, close together, gazing into Dominica's deep green eyes. The slave's eyes closed, and she arched her neck, pushing her head against Dominica's hand. The slave looked up at Mistress, with a big cat-like smile on her face, gazing into Dominica's eyes, and purred again. "Good girl," Dominica reached out one finger, and traced her long, red fingernail down Daniella's right cheek.


Heavenly Woman Made Me Cum Helpless

fetish CuteBabyBoy 2017-01-28

I'm a skinny cute looking boy; and I went over to a strip club and this was as usual, I was so nervous, shy and also my baby penis throbbing and dripping with cum. And she let me touch and smell her breasts, nipples, her hair, sweet sweat in her armpit etc.. It was so wet as I grabbed it and smelled it and licked it; she just smiled and said, I can surely even take it home with me. Suddenly all that I saw was just her face, because her silky hair was all over mine; and she told me to just breathe her in, her eyes so close to mine, her lips so close to mine.

Lady in blue.

fetish foolishboy 2017-01-28

As she stares at me she uncrosses her legs and leaves them apart, almost daring me to look away from her eyes, as if to say I know what you want. However, every time it’s my turn to get drinks I wander passed the sofa, and almost every time I find the girl looking back at me smiling in that knowing way. I can’t resist sliding my hand up towards her pussy, even through the pantyhose I can tell that she’s not wearing any knickers. I pull her to the edge of the bed and thrust inside, enjoying the liquid sensation of her warm pussy leaking juice down my legs.

Boots and Birthday Suits

fetish WrestlingQuill 2017-01-28

This was the time that Madison's good friend, Susan, decided to share how her and Dave were surviving hard times. That is all she would tell Madison, but said if we were serious about saving our home, her and Dave would meet with us and give us more detail. Susan began by saying, "Madison and Max, you are our dear friends and we know you like many others are struggling with what is happening these days. "Madison and I discuss a lot of things and I know how you found women wrestling and mixed wrestling more than a turn-on.", she continued. My brain went to the thought of wrestling other hotties like Susan naked or watching Susan and Madison go at it gave me a serious hard-on.


A Dog's Life Ch. 03

fetish Compliant1 2017-01-28

Without another word, she ruffled my hair and left me chained to the center of our backyard with my own private doghouse, the house with my name painted across the top of the door. She could probably listen to me because she always said "Good Night, Lucky," to me over a small speaker installed in my new house. The problem with staying inside the doghouse was the chain, which stretched from the center of the yard to the collar around my neck and became so hot that to touch it was to be branded. "To tell the truth, Gretch, it looks better than satin, but I like the way satin feels when you stroke me with the panties to get me off."

Biker Lover

fetish HelenHall 2017-01-28

He twists his head and his tongue licking the tops of the boots, his hands teasing and pressing in the rubber, exciting, pleasing, and thrilling me. My moans are loud and guttural, expressing the ecstasy my entire body is feeling inside the leather cycle suit and the high rubber boots. His tongue explores the inside of my mouth as his cock continues to explore my pussy, the thrusts starting to get a little harder. He moves into top gear and my breasts bounce and jiggle as his hot cock pounds my pussy and his leathered hips and long rubber boots pound and rasp against my buttocks making an extraordinary sound.

Midnight Special

fetish Fetishnista 2017-01-28

Jade grabbed Donavon by the back of the head and said in a firm, but sexy voice Jade decided to really blow Donavon's mind when she deep throated his cock and licked his balls at the same time. "Mmm. That feels nice, Miss Jade." She just smiled and smacked him on the ass. Donavon's eyes got as big as saucers with a look of fear as she smacked him across the face and yelled "Don't make me tell your bitch ass twice! Right there!" he began to moan as Jade began to fuck his ass. Donavon moaned with every single thrust and it was almost impossible to concentrate on pleasing himself as Jade fucked his ass.

Show and Tell Ch. 02

fetish Sharina_Stone 2017-01-28

As they started to talk seriously again, I turned my ear closer towards the door and then I noticed some clothes thrown carelessly on the bathroom counter – they were Sharlyn and Maryanne's school uniforms! Realizing she just had sex for the first time, probably only hours ago and in the presence of my hot little step-sister, her cherry-stained panties on my left hand and her soft blue skirt around my dick did it for me. Having just jacked off and getting a cold shower a few minutes before, my dick was as soft as the banana peels on Maryanne's hands, so I searched for an explanation as Sharlyn took the towel off my waist.

Skiing Tights:Après Ski

fetish MFrederique 2017-01-28

Every ride up the lift Marlene asked me about the pantyhose: were they warm enough, too loose or too tight, if my cock was comfortable, if they rubbed the wrong way – or the right. Toned masculine thighs in sheer pantyhose, eager cock bouncing out the front and furry tail hanging from the back. I never even imagined you in pantyhose and a tail!″ Marlene stripped off her sweatshirt and stood wearing only her socks. Marlene turned around, facing away from me, my wrists together, and her plush rump pressing against my wet hard on. And when I was spent Marlene rubbed her cummy face against my pantyhose and while she fingered the tip of my cock.

Spin's Breeding

fetish Frocto 2017-01-28

It was her best feature and she loved it, her ass looking like two almost perfectly round globes, both sets of dark skin highlighted by her sweat and jiggling more than some girl's tits with each motion. Without even realizing, as she listened to girl's names called, she reached into her bag and pulled out a long tube of red lipstick, gliding it over her lips, till they looked wet and glistening, like her cunt was right now. Spin recognized her as the girl her boyfriend had dated before they'd broken up, a blonde who'd already had big tits and now sported ones that looked like basketballs.


The Wedding

fetish zeta515 2017-01-28

Adopting her usual stern manner, Miranda had told her bewildered brother that what had happened was normal but (as she had cautioned him before), he should not encourage these arousals, as he needed to save himself for marriage (at least if he wanted a decent woman). The next day, she called Rose and said, "I am not sure what happened, but Max really, really likes you. "It's all right Max, no need to be embarrassed, you can tell me," said Miranda, trying to encourage him. Looking at Max, Miranda said, "Rose gave me some special things for you to wear, for tonight." Max blushed and Miranda rapidly continued, pressed for time.


The Making Of A Good Slut

fetish Tom Bishop 2017-01-28

He said stop before you get me hard again he got off chair took my hand and walked me to bath room Now the teasing started in bathroom he said take off camisole don’t want to get piss on it my face flushed but I did it and hung it up nicely that’s a good whore take care of your working clothes now sit on side of tub next to toilet and hold my dick I have to pee and you aim it.

My Public Sex Addiction 6

fetish bioralpleaser 2017-01-28

For some reason, I was really into it, maybe watching the other two guys watching me get blown, although I really don't remember what any of their cocks looked like. and the guy slid my cock out while jacking it rapidly, pointing it directly into his wide open mouth, and I pumped about 6 big ropes of cum into him. Nothing violent or physical or anything (although I've heard those stories too), just like, a couple of times guys sucking my cock turn out to have their hand in my pocket, and they are pretty careful about it, so they don't actually take your wallet or money and stuff until you are actually blowing your load down their throat, which I admit does tend to be distracting.

Let's Play a Game Pt. 01

fetish Vassal0 2017-01-28

"Well," she said to herself, "I might as well try to pee into this, its either that or the floor." Not ready to clean up a big mess (yet) Kim placed the glass on the tiled floor and pulled down the sweatpants and panties she was wearing in one swift motion. Giving her husband's now limp penis one last clean up lick Kim pulled up her pants as she stood up, not caring for the wetness of her messy wee, she knew that this would be the new routine for her when ever she finished peeing. Lets keep playing this game!" He put his dick back into his pants and zipped up his fly as he grabbed two clean glasses and filled them with water, handing one to Kim.

Mature Blonde Boss Fucking Session

fetish toyboy2 2017-01-28

At this she grabbed my cock and began slowly wanking it before flicking her tongue over the tip of my cock.This was a massive turn on and i was pretty certain that i would not last long.She must have sensed this as she proceeded to take my cock in her mouth and sucked hungrily on it,taking it deep in her throat.As she sucked hard on it she began to play with my balls.This was amazing and i knew that i should have said that i was close to coming but i was enjoying her cock sucking to much and i was desperate to come.I lasted a few more minutes before my cock began to twitch.I thought she would notice this and would remove my cock from her mouth but instead she just carried on sucking hungrily on my cock,either not noticing or not caring.Soon i couldn't hold back any longer and i began to shoot my load down her throat.I came for what seemed like ages and when i finally stopped she took my cock out of her mouth and said,

Big Daddy's Throat Stuff

fetish 2017-01-28

I can't believe that today is my lucky day." I tried to look around his huge shoulders to my Daddy but Uncle Mike caught my face between his hands and kissed me. "Good job sweetie, you're a quick study." Daddy pulled my shirt off and unhooked my bra while Uncle Mike took off his clothes. Uncle Mike pulled me onto his lap and Daddy helped him spread my legs and together they slid my dripping wet hole down over Uncle Mike's massive cock. I pulled at Uncle Mike's Hand and put his finger in my mouth. Uncle Mike's hand slid between my legs from behind and rubbed my swollen and bruised lips.

Boys in My Bra

fetish PinkDelphi 2017-01-28

Each time I sucked their nipples and bra fucked them, I told them how sweet their tits were, how wonderful their cocks were, how I had never known anything like this kind of forbidden pleasure, and how I could hardly imagine how great it would be to actually "do it" one day. Of course, boys would get me wet and after a few nights, fingers would explore me, but I sort of controlled everything all of the time, and simply by letting them fuck my tits, or sucking their darling little cocks, avoid getting fucked.

First fuck for Freda

fetish 2017-01-28

I would lie there, dressed like a cheap slut, dreaming of being firmly filled with cock and cum and used for whatever kinky fantasy my tormentors dreamed up for me. Uncle Steven caught me hard by the hair and kissed me long and deep around the gag. I said nothing, but closed my eyes as they turned me over on the bed, pulled off my panties and started gently fingering lube into my tight virgin hole. I caught a look at my own face as he bore down hard on me and came deep into me, my mouth forming a perfect, if trembling, 'O' around the gag. As soon as I started, Uncle Steven stiffened and shot stream after stream of hot cum into my burning hole.

My Special Recipe

fetish ImaFantasy 2017-01-28

You see, the idea had come to me, maybe because I love the taste of cum so much, when talking to my lover, after some good, hard, hot, sloppy sex! Someone commented on the fact that I wasn't eating, but Michael spoke up and said "She's on a special diet, she can only eat what I feed her from my fingers...isn't that right Jackie?" And true to his words, Michael began to feed me bites from his plate, starting with a chunk of the cum soaked roast. Leaning toward him, I opened my mouth and accepted the first bite of the "special" meat from his fingers, licking and sucking the juices from the tips of them.

fucking Mother in law

fetish 086-kanga 2017-01-28

Rubbing himself through his pants, he thought, "I'll give her some attention." A smile spread across his face as the images of him having his was with his mother-in-law clouded his mind; first sucking on her large breasts before rubbing his face between those large thighs. "I'm going to check in on Mary and thought that I'd play "the good son-in-law" part and bring her the meatloaf." "How sweet," she said. She leaned forward and took the head of her son-in-law's cock into her mouth, giving it a light suck, and moaned as she did. Carassing her breasts, he said, "I want to know what it's like to suck on them." His hand ran down her stomach and touch her between her legs.

Smoking Hot in Vegas

fetish UsuallyCFNM 2017-01-28

It is incredibly sexual and seductive, the way she holds the cigarette, teases her lips, and rolls back her eyes when she inhales. Like a gentle kiss, her lips grabbed a long, white cigarette and tilting her head back, she slowly pulled it out. It will be better if we wait until we are both desperate." She let the cigarette dangle on her lips for a few moments, then sucked in and blew the non-existent smoke at him. She took the cigarette from her lips, and tilted her head back, letting the creamy white smoke drift out of her mouth. She would hold the cigarette teasingly close to her lips, seductively kissing and teasing the filter, without inhaling.

Delight in Store

fetish Misschievous1 2017-01-28

As I walked away I couldn't help but glance back at the ruggedly good looking man fondling the red material, not quite believing that he was going to ask to try them on I wandered around the section hoping to witness him enter the changing area. By the time I had been issued with a four item security tag I had pulled the curtain across and slipped off my uniform, now delving into my panties I heard the dressing room attendant speak "That's quite alright Sir, we don't mind at all," I quickly realized although couldn't believe that he was being allowed into the women's changing rooms that the voices I could hear outside were the ruggedly good looking man I spoke with earlier.