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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Minibus - I stop for some nurses.

fetish oggbashan 2017-10-07

"Here," she said, wrapping the damp panties over my face "you can smell what you are missing." She pulled yesterday's black tights down over my head and used the legs to gag and blindfold me. My head was cradled between Bronwen's blue naked breasts exposed by her uniform opened to the waist. "I'm leaving your hands untied," Bronwen said "I'll trust you that far but they will have to be tied before the others return. Bronwen sat on the bed and pulled my head to her breast. Janet held me there for a short time before pulling back, letting me breathe before she repeated the "titting" with her other breast. Finally Lott pulled my head away from Bronwen and kissed me full on the mouth.

Wet Fun

fetish Grumpy_Bear 2017-10-07

Ughh, I'm cumming..." She let my jerking cock slip from her open lips and stuck her tongue out, licking the underside of the head. I kept thrusting for several minutes and then she said, "my bladder is so full, I'm gonna pee when I cum." I now fucked her like a madman, driving her closer to orgasm with every thrust of my thick cock in her open pussy. She took my stiff cock in her hand and pulled the foreskin back and then she stuck out her tongue and licked the underside of the head. "Look at my wet cunt while you fuck my hot buttered ass, Honey," she said in a husky voice.

Milk and Cookies Ch. 03

fetish Lady Silverrose 2017-10-07

Dorian moved to the head of the table and placed what looked like a gel-filled plastic bag on each breast. "This stimulates the milk glands," Dorian said for my benefit. He had placed Sandi back on the table, her legs on either side of his neck. Sandi was deep into multiple orgasms, her entire body rippling. He must have spurted gallons into Sandi's overstretched pussy since his cum started leaking out almost immediately. My brain was trying to figure out triple-piercing logistics when Dorian pressed her mouth to my right nipple. The thrilling sensation increased when she ran her tongue slowly and delicately over the tip and started to pull it into her mouth. Dorian ran her tongue around my nipple again and slowly released it.

Sabrina (True Story)

fetish jo1964jo 2017-10-07

I sat down at the desk and opened the packet and realized I did not have a pen, went to the door and stuck my head out about to ask for a pen and there she was reaching down to straighten her stockings her ass was pointed right at the door as if she knew I was there, I cleared my throat said excuse me. She turned standing and lifted her skirt to expose her crotchless panties and stuck two fingers inside her wet pussy and into my mouth I pushed her on the desk and sunk my mouth on to her swollen clit sucking it ferociously licking it hard with my tongue she jerked her hips back and pressed forward again and she came hard I kept sucking her clit just as hard and she came again buckling her knees.

The Eagle Has Landed

fetish Bob_6 2017-10-07

Chris looks at me as she says, "It's okay, sorry for what?" She reaches out and takes hold of my hand, which was frozen in mid-air. As we kiss, slavering over each other's lips, I feel Chris's hand manoeuvring between us, she loosens the gown, moving her fingers slowly over my boxers, reaching in searching to find my cock, she traces it out with her fingers, and gives it a light squeeze, she finds the gap in front of the boxers, fumbling a bit, then, OH, there it is, she finds it. Chris breaks off the kiss, pulls away slightly, looks into my eyes, she winks, and says; "Now that's a nice weapon!" She squeezes it again, harder.

The Mickey & Katie Story

fetish 2017-10-07

Had this not been the case this morning, the sound of the front door slamming shut would have been enough for me to be bounding quickly down the stairs after her, desperately searching through the laundry basket for the gift she had left me. My wife would go out to work, followed shortly after by Katie, and then I would spend the morning enjoying myself, embracing my s****r-in-law's intoxicating odour, as I stroked my cock to a powerful orgasm. The closest I got was Saffron telling me that I need to stop sl**ping naked or leaving the door open, because Katie got "an eyeful last night, and no one wants to see that".

My daughters med exam

fetish 2017-10-07

She stretched open my butt real wide with her thumbs and told me to bear down She put her lubricated finger in my butt & felt all around inside along examine your anus, rectum and lower colon with a lighted scope. I felt the scope slide up my behind and stretch open hear the nurse pull the center portion out of the scope & turn on the overhead light. The nurse explained that she was going to inflate my bowel with some air to open passing air.Cystoscopy exam- The nurse said that she was going to do urodynamic exam gloves and took some strange looking instruments out of the drawers. stretched open my vagina real wide & held it open so the first nurse could see

Better Licking Part 1

fetish 425olds 2017-10-07

When he was explicit, I mocked him by saying that oral sex "wasn't my thing." I guess he didn't like the mocking-or maybe he was just hell-bent on getting his cock sucked. In a way, it's a shame things aren't going to work as Chris is planning tonight, but maybe part of what is making me so excited is knowing that the entire evening is going according to my script. I began to moan, very quietly and, as he tongued my clit he pushed my finger deep into my pussy and worked it around..........each time he moved it this sweet squelching sound came out because my pussy was so full of juice.......and then I began to cum...he felt her shudder as the waves of pleasure began to surge through her.

If You Sprinkle When You Tinkle

fetish KillerMuffin 2017-10-07

She sighed and typed in the address to her favorite webpage instead. I was just doing some reading on, on--" the webpage behind it was full of flowers. A full three and a half hours alone with her computer. She thought about reading one of their dirty stories, but decided there wasn't enough time. She perched on the stool from under the drafting table. She stared at her feet, the shame threatening to choke her. "I think it's kind of interesting." She stared at the wall calendar. A bunch of Labrador puppies panted back at her. The puppies were too innocent, too wholesome. She stared at the drafting table with a half-finished blueprint on it. He concentrated for a few minutes, staring at her breasts.

Alternate Reality: Male Visits Gyno

fetish DS299 2017-10-07

No guy like this, but I sometimes felt like, when checking my prostate and testicles, and when making sure my penis was in general working health, my andrologist sometimes crossed the line. Deep breath and relax." She slid her fingers inside of my asshole, and felt around. She pinched the head of my flaccid penis slightly, and I could tell she was looking at it closely. She said, "I'm going to pull back the foreskin now to check your glans and inner foreskin." She rolled it back with, and felt around the tip, and under it -- I shivered from the sensitivity. She opened the urethra and touched inside, pulling her finger back to look at the pre-cum.

Me & my cousin Chelsea (1) part 1

fetish 20Biboy 2017-10-07

You wana say goin to a movie with your cousin is a date?" She said "Just act the way you would with any other girl." I told her "It'll be hard for me to pretend you are not my cousin." She said, "well could you just hold my hand when we walk & put your arm around me in the theater, since we are seeing a scary movie i will need to be close to you anyway if i get scared." I told her i could do that for her. she got against me & said "I hav had feelings for you since we saw eachother back during the holidays.

Silver Rain Will Wash Away

fetish apathykiss 2017-10-07

Your grip around me gets tighter as you move closer, placing your lips on my wet skin, kissing my neck. Pulling me close, I kiss your lips again, tasting you with every move of your tongue. My wet hair hung over my back and shoulders, and you moved it away from my face with your long fingers, trailing the touch down my sternum over my belly, tickling down my thigh. I’m here now, that’s all that matters now.” Your warm breath on my ear comforted me with the little kisses on my lobes. Your mouth opens wide to kiss me, knowing that just a few inches away I’m biting my lip so hard it’s about to cut open.

Captured by The Corporation Ch. 01

fetish SoftSoledBoy 2017-10-07

I'd spend ample time every day, caring for my feet, making sure they were always as presentable as possible. It seemed like every day I'd find myself in a cozy little outdoor cafe, or a bench by a busy sidewalk, letting my feet slip out of my flip-flops, casually looking around to see who noticed. I have to admit, I did feel silly sometimes - obsessively caring for my feet, teasing with them at every turn...felt like something more suited to a college girl than a 23-year-old guy. "I think you know why you're here, but I'd like to elaborate." He pulled out a framed photograph, and I immediately recognized it as an image of my feet, one I'd posted online just a few days ago.

Finally He Knows

fetish bluebird31 2017-10-07

After that, the rest of the day was hard to get through and I couldn't wait to get home, take my nice hot shower, and lay in Jamie's arms to forget about the day. His stream started to wain and I moved my head towards his cock, closing my mouth around it and letting the last bit run down my throat. His hands moved down my back to my full round bum and grabbed it hard, pulling me up so my stomach ground against his cock. One arm wrapped around my stomach, while the other moved across my bum and between my legs, rubbing from my clit to my tight puckered little hole that has never had more than 2 fingers in.

Jen: Pissing in the Office

fetish leaky_one 2017-10-07

A second later and a hot golden stream of squirting piss was flowing from the base of her vagina and forming a gushing arch of urine down to the carpeted floor. Almost immediately a growing damp stain started to spread as her golden rain continued to squirt from the base of her brown curly haired pussy. Now desperate to maximize her sexual thrill from her naughty office peeing Jen immediately started to remove the rest of her clothing. Between Jen's creamy thighs suddenly started to shoot a long twisting stream of hot feminine piss, squirting out of her pussy with complete abandon. Instantly it was followed by a second longer squirt of hot wet piss which turned into a continuing torrent of golden pee.

Sister's and Friends Socked Fun Ch. 02

fetish Sockloverz 2017-10-07

John nodded, in a surprised fashion, as Mindy got up and went to Gina's room to grab out a pair of socks out of her bag. Then John watched as his sister lean over and as Mindy had a grip on his cock with her socked feet, Gina began to suck on John's cock. So john grabbed the back of his sister head and began humping both Mindy's socked feet but also Gina's warm wet mouth. Then Gina reentered the room and saw john on the floor with his cock under Mindy's socked feet and giggled and approved of it. Then sat down on the love seat with Mindy and placed her feet on John's stomach and then continued to watch the movie.

My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 02

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2017-10-07

Sensing my apprehension, she softly said "Pink goes with just about anything and I think these will look cute on you." The word 'cute' pierced right through me but before I could say or do anything, we arrived at the register counter where the young sales girl asked "Did you find everything you were looking for?" I could have died when Julie looked at me as if I was going to answer. She took my hand firmly saying "Come on, we're going back and you better be good or I'll make you try this stuff on in front of her." She pulled me right into the panty section again.

Me and My Chair

fetish roftlheory 2017-10-06

I'm happy now, I forget about my coworker and just delight in teasing my chair, I unbutton my pants and pull down my zipper to show off my pink panties. You fill me the way no one else ever could, you're big inside of me and have me keening, I pull on your chains as I ride you, you naughty chair, you know what you're doing to me, I slap your sides, how dare you! You still have the bites from the last time we fucked, my teeth find those marks again, this one is your favorite, I gnaw on you while I grind my hips against you, you like it when you're completely inside me.

Panty: Wedding Day Revenge Pt. 02

fetish pantyrehab 2017-10-06

As he walked past looking at the luggage again, Hank stepped back into the living room and casually asked if they all got their bags because there's another bag in the bedroom. As soon as their elevator door shut, Jessica immediately started cussing and bitching about her girlfriends and Ashley's loser boyfriend. Right now, you're probably making love with your new husband in your honeymoon suite, but I'm fucking the shit out of you right now too since I got your dirty panties! Made sure Jessica's used panty and the handkerchief that wiped Ashley's dripping pussy was set safely apart until he placed them into Ziploc bags for safekeeping as souvenirs.

Mrs. Nelson's One Piece Pajamas

fetish Subtext 2017-10-06

Then Mrs. Nelson came back dressed in a full length one piece pajama jumpsuit and asked us how we were doing. I continued to watch her discreetly as she cleaned up the kitchen, but it wasn't until she bent over to open the oven door that I finally realized she was wearing a diaper under her flannel pajamas! "Good night, Mrs. Nelson." I chimed in before we both headed up to Bill's room. That night I had trouble sleeping as I tried to figure out why Mrs. Nelson would be wearing a diaper. Mrs. Nelson then turned me over and grabbing my legs behind her, pushed my shoulders into the floor as her crotch hung over my face.

Sister-in-Law's Feet

fetish thefootprint 2017-10-06

Sondra answered the door wearing a silk button down shirt that showed a little of her tight stomach, black stretch pants and high heel platform strappy sandals. This is normal Sondra attire; she is very fashionable and likes to look good all the time. I would comment on her new toe ring and bend down to look at it and hold her foot while I pretend to be interested in her ring. This places the sole of her tender foot right on my cock. Slowly I put things back as they were and pretend to look at TV as I massage her feet. I love looking at her feet with my cum on her soles!

life on a leash

fetish iamjen023 2017-10-06

The cab talked to the guird and then we went thought the gate and pulled up to the plane.i got out and walked up to the plane. I feel all the way around and it was smooth exstept then loop for the leash and tag i go to undo the leash on the table but a guy come in. I try to call out for help my i cant i think help but nothing comes out.i remeber what happened and i try to bark like a dog. It feels every strange to me i look down and i dont see my pretty pick pussy but that of a dog.

Sissy Amy Loves Mummy Belinda Ch. 01

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2017-10-06

You see I am pretty Belinda Beynon and need a pretty little sissy girl to care for, to bring up in my own Mummy way. Pass the pampas Rose, before Amy has an accident," Belinda said, wiping her nose in her hanky. "Good girl Amy Beynon,now these tighter, cute, little, plastic, baby panties and over those, a very pretty pair of pink, frilly, baby panties. I hope you dont mind me telling the girls your dirty, little, kinky secrets," said Belinda in a menacing voice. Belinda laughed as Auntie Rose gave me a sloppy, wet kiss on my lips and continued with her teasing. I was now feeling so aroused, that my finger crawled up Mummy Belinda's nostril and was happily picking away at her cute, little nose.

bobby come home

fetish 2017-10-06

Sometime later I awaken and realize that Bobby's hand is laying on my breast! Bobby's hand slips under my gown and boldly fondles my breasts underneath. Bobby's hand slides across my bare abdomen to my panty-less crotch. Bobby spreads my legs with his hand. My hand begins to slide up and down Bobby's stiff pole as my pussy Bobby squeezes my pussy lips between his thumb and finger and pulls them hard, Bobby slaps both my breasts hard with his open hands. Bobby slides higher on my chest, his penis resting on my face. kneels between my widely spread legs, takes his dick in his hand and slides it Bobby's hand finds my sore breast and squeezes it hard.