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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

American Whore Story - Asylum Ch. 02

fetish TheTitLover 2017-10-06

"Three, you pretend to swallow your pride and then when ol' Darren turns his back you punch him in the balls," he couldn't help looking uncomfortable at having to even say the words, "and avoid your end of the deal. "Now, I should point out, while you ponder those choices, that option 1 and 3 involve poor Darren, sadly, having to cancel this week's package, because if your end of the deal isn't held up," he told her, crouching over her and raising his voice, "then neither is mine. Darren wasn't able to resist any longer, his cock was rock hard and begging for attention, he wrapped his fingers around it and started gently stroking.

Ashley's Confessions

fetish Marie89 2017-10-06

I was the mouth, the slut in the video booth, the whore on her knees sucking for cum. "Mmmm, please...cum..." I managed to mumble against and around the cock fucking my wet, heated mouth. The slender cock withdrew and in a couple of moments three dollars was slid over to me along with a note saying that he'd be back tomorrow for movie night and to look for his cock in Theater B if I wanted. I pushed my legs apart and slid my fingers over my swollen, wet clit as my mouth was fucked furiously by the angry, stranger's cock. I silently left the glory hole booths and pulled on my coat and sunglasses with my cum-covered whore's pay tucked safely into my bra.

Forget Me Not

fetish Madam-Cecilia 2017-10-06

But first I want to feel your tongue sliding through my smooth, wet pussy." With that I pulled on your leash until you were on your knees on the ground. "Eat my pussy good baby boy and I'll let you fuck me with your nice hard cock." You want to bury that hard, throbbing cock deep into my pussy, don't you baby boy?" You're gonna fuck me until I cum then we'll see about letting you shoot sticky, creamy cum all over the insides of my pussy." My fingers massage your ass as the other hand runs up and down your back. Pulling your leash tight again I force your face deep in my cum-drenched pussy.

Lonely and Pregnant

fetish amorone 2017-10-06

I pushed her gently away from me with my hands on her upper arm and looked at her beautiful pregnant body. I continued to caress her breasts and my cock was getting hard and needed adjustment, so I made myself more comfortable so it was upright and I pressed it into the crack of her ass. I got behind her and felt her belly with both hands, and then her breasts, fondling, caressing, and squeezing her milk laden orbs and then her hard nipples. I slipped one hand between her legs and was delighted as I felt her pubic hair through her knickers and then to feel that her knickers were quite wet there.

Alana Ch. 02

fetish Diderot 2017-10-06

Each time Alana said it, "yes, Sir," she felt she was losing just a little bit more of her free will. In an instant his hand was between her legs, feeling the softness of her thigh, and then he was playing with her pussy, caressing her hairy labia, and then as her juices started to flow, alternating teasing her clit and fucking her with two fingers. Once inside the room, Denis kissed her passionately, squeezing her big tit with one hand, holding her ass, kneading her substantial butt with the other. Alana squirmed a little, not from pain, but because she liked the feel of the thick enema tube up her ass.

panty fetish

fetish 2017-10-06

when i was about 12 i started to get really horney and was looking for the best thing to cum into so it wouldnt make a mess. one day i came across some of my step moms panties on the drying rack in the basement. so i dropped my pants and started to rub a pair od panties on my cock. there are two layers in the middle of he panties so i cut one end open and put my cock in the crotch pouch. ever since that day i would steal panties from people here and there when i was horney. id also get them the bend over in doggie style with their panties on and i would rub my cock between ther ass cheecks.

Her First Time Turns Costly Ch. 02

fetish hailhydra 2017-10-06

I've already been trying to do that by making him beg for me to let him cum." Ruby laughed and which urged Sarah to continue, "I was hoping you could find another way we could have fun with our slave here. Both Sarah and Ruby didn't relent for even one second, both looking like they were having the time of their lives. Sarah said yes, and got off me, giving me a moment's rest, only for Ruby to switch in her place. "Eww, gross," Ruby said, watching my penis continue to expel pre-cum even after Sarah had stopped. Done searching, Sarah exclaimed, "Got it." She showed me and Ruby what she was looking for and I nearly jumped out of my skin upon seeing it.

The Danie Theron Monument

fetish Kittenliz 2017-10-06

The view of the cars all speeding by, not one giving a damn who or what Danie Theron was, made Karlien smile. "Do you think they can see us up here," Karlien asked shyly, since Darren's hands were already busy underneath her top, squeezing her nipples. When he pulled them down to the ground she exclaimed out of shock, "Whoa!" He chuckled and turned her around so that she was leaning against the monument wall, her white ass displayed to the sunshine, and any traveler who might vaguely wonder who the fuck Danie Theron was. Darren stepped back to take in the view of his whore exhibiting herself, her nipples pointing rock hard, and her shimmering pussy.

When You Gotta Go!

fetish Otazel 2017-10-06

Pushing her body against the slope reminded Heidi of her full bladder, but the combined sensations of grass and breeze were so good that she remained prone for the moment, just spreading her legs a little and gyrating her hips gently so as to give her pussy the maximum exposure to the air. But now she could reach her pussy properly, and so with her right hand between her legs and her left thrust under her top to massage her ample breasts, she closed her eyes and laid her head back on the grass, succumbing entirely to her pleasure.

Church of Swallowing: Tracy

fetish Silentbob 2017-10-06

The private detective found out Tracy regularly went to an S&M club, but while he saw things such as whipping, stepping on, kicking in the nads, he found no signs of actual cheating. I took my notes, formulated passages for the thesis, made notes on other things I had to look into, when Tracy came back into the room with a tray of assorted diced fruit and a container of Cool Whip. Seeing that she said there was no games I went to pull my face up after I ate the apple, but she then locked her knees around my head and pulled my face into her pussy. Oh shit, she was going to spank me I started to protest but like a whip crack she said it again, "Now!"

Jessie's in Deep

fetish SplendidSpunk 2017-10-06

The drive to the Professor's house allowed me to quickly forget my Mom's odd manner and I started to get real concerned as I parked in the driveway, took off my sweats and walked to the front door with just the vinyl bustier and thong. Any woman here who allows a man to cum in her and not on young Miss Bustamonte will be whipped and have their asses fucked without mercy until no man dares to put his cock inside you. She saw the professor and a group of guys heading her way and she felt a triple dose of cum as the three men who were on the benches unloaded at the same time drenching her once again with cum.


Cuckolded at the Gym

fetish cuckytoher 2017-10-06

"Look Bernie, I've spent the past few months reading all your deep dark secrets and I must admit that I'm intrigued and aroused by your fascination with this whole cuckolding thing." I on the other hand was only allowed to go to the gym on Saturdays the busiest day there when I would accompany Marianne and watch her workout routine with Thomas. He needs someone to work there and you'll be perfect since you don't have a full time job you can accommodate him whenever he needs you." She took a big sip of her wine, tossed her hair back and kissed Thomas full on the lips.

The Piano Instructor Page 02

fetish shoeslayer 2017-10-06

Time to eat and we sat and said grace first then "pigged out." Talking about music and life or whatever came up and I was enjoying Joanie's company very much. Joanie told me she wanted to go to church as she loved the Christmas carols and I told her I would like to join her which made her happier. Joanie touched me all over down there looking at me through a pair of gold half round style glasses as she touched me with her other styles of glasses and the fuck-me pumps she brought long. I was loving this and the thoughts of her niceness at various times went through my mind like a movie.

Growing Intentions

fetish Cappadonna 2017-10-06

I just got back from a little umm...appointment," she said, her eyes looking off to the side, and then back to me, "Sandra is here, right?" I thought as my eyes watched her big ass wobble as she came inside, giving me a perfect profile view. "We'll be back a little later, Chris," Sandra said as she walked towards the door, "Did you want me to bring something back for you?" I didn't think it was possible, but Eva's ass had grown larger once again, big enough to where it almost looked cartoonish. I put the car in park and looked at my phone, noticing that she saved her name as "Big Booty Eva" with a smiley face emoji next to it.

The Secret Dungeon

fetish 2017-10-06

I could be wrong and maybe someone has already thought of this and just doesn't speak of it in polite company but perhaps more home builders should consider a false wall or hidden doorway in master bedrooms that opens to a dungeon. Put an old wrought iron chandelier up with some wrought iron, cracked glass wall sconces all in black or bare metal on a dimmer switch, maybe a fireplace. A place for a man and woman to disappear from life's struggles and just have either incredibly nasty or incredibly sensual sex for hours without any disturbance or thought of the outside world and it's influences, judgements, or cares.

My girlfriend, my goddess

fetish andygone 2017-10-06

She continued to play with me, thrusting her cock as deep as it would go, and constantly berating my sexual passivity. And when penetration was allowed I had to work very hard, she wound grasp me, spreading her legs, or wrapping them around me, arching her back so more of my cock would enter her. She had hold of my head at this point, making me choke on her big dick, telling me about how she needed a real cock to satisfy her. A big fat cock like her's, spreading her pink pussy wide, causing her to cry out, lost in a timeless, orgasmic experience. I wanked my shrunken cock furiously, wishing that my hole was not empty, but needing to climax for my goddess.

Anonymous Lay

fetish ab-2007 2017-10-06

That had been the beginning for Lorraine, she hadn't planned it but just the thought of having sex with handsome young Roger without him knowing that it was her - well, it had been exhilarating! She tried to place it, but when he finally shoved his big hot dick into her slimy hole Lorraine forgot all about cologne and lay back to experience this powerful man as he used her body like a wild a****l that was mating after a fresh kill. Within moments Lorraine's body was on fire, the man's passion had brought her own to a burning fevered pitch and she began to fuck him back like an a****l, wrapping her legs around his hips and thrashing around wildly trying to reach her sexual zenith for the third time that night.

Arab Prince and Milk Maid

fetish Randy4Sure 2017-10-06

Hamdan made arrangements to travel to the United States to escort her back to the island and Nessiba began making the other arrangements that were necessary for me to enjoy her in the manner that I desired. Pamela was a beautiful but unsuccessful girl with a hundred thousand dollars in her hands on an exotic island with an Arab Prince and an unheard proposal. The next time you fill up your gas tank just think that thanks in part to you I am in bed with a young beautiful American woman sucking on her swollen tits and savoring her sweet milk.


Trailer Trash Teen Hates Rules Ch. 01

fetish RetroFan 2017-10-06

While the tall, large-breasted, big-boned, pretty brunette had been infuriated by her spoiled cousin many times, she and Madison had met two great looking young guys; David, mostly called Davo, from Australia and his friend Travis from New Zealand. "Madison, how did you survive?" gushed Miles, hugging his pretty friend, making it sound like she had been to a war zone in some impoverished country in West Africa filled with armed conflict, famine and disease for months on end, rather than camping in the New Jersey Pine Barrens for two weeks. Bob and Anna would have been disappointed but not overly surprised that the camping trip failed to improve Madison's spoiled and selfish ways and the teenager had reverted to her old pattern of behavior as soon as she returned home.

Discovering Charlotte

fetish twynn2257 2017-10-06

I put the phone down and try to concentrate on that damn report but before I know it, the double helix starts looking like the double curves of her ass cheeks. I think she means to kiss me but instead of finding her mouth, I feel a wet dollop of spit hitting me on my lips. I move to unbutton her blouse but Charlotte knocks my hand away just as she slaps my face again. And just like last time, she doesn't pull her hand away after making contact. There are times when Charlotte can make me feel that good without anything but a kiss from her lips.

Scent and Scentsibility Ch. 02

fetish smellathon 2017-10-06

She and Barry had developed a liking for giving and receiving anal sex, she enjoying both, he mostly the latter. One Saturday, Barry asked me to come home with him and take him anally while his wife sucked on his penis. Though not in the least attracted to men, I agreed, mindful of the Club precepts and curious to sample his wife's range of sexual talents. His anus was shiny and open, emitting a tangy aroma of secretions that mingled with the incredibly strong, almost intoxicating vaginal scents of his wife. She reached forward between his legs and secured my penis and began pumping hard. My glans erupted, spurting white coils of semen onto his sallow thin buttocks and cherry red, distended anal opening in front of me.

Clean Up Batter

fetish asimpleman2000 2017-10-06

Since I think it's kind of a turn on seeing guys flirt with my beautiful wife, I wasn't going to give her a hard time about it, and told her that was no big deal with me, that she's a beautiful woman and I can't blame him for flirting with her in those kinds of circumstances, since I know that she would never cheat and that our marriage is strong. Two weeks later, when she came home, she told me that when she met James, he had a friend along with him and that she let them both use her as their white wife slut, and that she had 2 very big loads of black cum in her pussy for me to clean up.

Tease and Blackmail

fetish fetishstories07 2017-10-06

'Respectful' in her mind meant 'weak', if a guy was reserved and polite, it meant she could do far crueler things to him and create a horrible scenario for him, whereby he wants to react to her but because of his respectful way with women, feels it would be wrong, meaning he would sit there and stew while Erin took advantage. Brad saw it and started to reach down for it, Erin timed her move carefully, pushing her foot towards it, as if to drag the pen back to where she could get it more easily. Erin moved her foot in so there was more contact and started to play with her hair sexily making him glance constantly at her beautiful, seemingly unintentional tease.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 02

fetish fursmoke11 2017-10-06

A tear flowed down Ben's face as he watched first his sister giggle an exhale as she chatted animatedly waving her cigarette, Jason Peters arms all over her, and then turned to study Rebecca's perfect countenance to see her eyes narrowed with an expression of wicked intent illuminated in an orange glow just inches from his face. Ben didn't have to ask again as Rebecca lunged at him; her hot mouth filled with the corruptive vapour, and when his mouth opened and she played just a moment with his tongue, she shot the thick smoke into his athlete's lungs, smiling with the thought of what she was doing to him.