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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Wet Weekend Ch. 01

fetish Naxos 2018-11-29

(!) Looking down into the deep water I could see that the steel pool ladder went all the way to the bottom. This was the signal for everyone else to jump or dive into the pool and I was glad that I could swim fairly well as it soon became apparent that all the family were great swimmers. Soon we were all laughing and splashing each other and occasionally climbing out of the pool to jump or dive back into the deep water. Even the views of seeing Martin repeatedly climbing spread legged naked up on the diving board above me soon lost its shock factor.

Fancy Free

fetish Footwriter 2018-11-29

“Oh, oh,” he said, “I think I’m in for it now.” He stroked his chin as his eyes followed Loren, then muttered to Jerry, “Actually, I do like the shoes. Let’s see how I look.” Loren bent over, removed her flip-flops and started across the room in her stocking feet. Charlie said, “I don’t think you need to encourage Loren, Lily. Someone put music on and as Charlie looked up he noticed several of the women had apparently followed the lead of Lily and Loren and had removed their shoes. During the coffee and pastry service, Jerry bent down for another surreptitious peek beneath the table and this time spied Lily with her hand under Loren's skirt somewhere above Loren’s upper thigh.

Dirty Laundry

fetish pinkpro 2018-11-29

I'd held each pair to my face and savor the perfume of well sexed pussy before dropping each one into the wash. The towel dropped to the floor, facing me now the most beautiful pussy ever, still wet from her shower and definitely sexed up. Being a little reserved has never stopped her enjoying a good tongue fuck, but she had never thrust herself onto me like this. As I pulled the covers over her cum covered body she looked up at me with sleepy eyes and said, "If this is what happens when you sniff them Babe, don't let me catch you cuming in my knickers, Ok"

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 04

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-11-29

As she peered down through the toilet seat at Claudia's immobile face, Mistress Eva began to explain. Claudia couldn't believe what she was hearing, but Mistress Eva went on regardless, "In addition to Robert and me, you'll also serve my 22 guests and come to realize that this is your only purpose in life; it's what you deserve." Back down slammed the toilet seat as Mistress Eva returned to the house to prepare for her party, while Claudia was left to stare at the barn ceiling to dwell on these new revelations. Master Klaus, a tall fair-haired man, dropped his trousers and began masturbating above Claudia's face as the Mistress continued her commentary.

Little Robbie, his auntie and his mom. Chapter 1

fetish arbymore 2018-11-29

He started taking the panties off and was about to pull on his trousers and suddenly auntie said, 'Don't be silly Robbie, leave them on, you obviously love the feel of my panties.' She went over to him and reached down and felt his cock through her panties and said, 'Oh Robbie you are so excited, I think auntie needs to take care of this, don't you?' He picked them all up and went into his bedroom, He lay on the bed and took a deep smell of his mom's panties, he looked at the white stains on them and found himself getting hard. Breakfast was soon finished and Robbie said to his mom, 'I've still got some more work to do so I'm going round to auntie Jeans.'

Henry's Home for the Summer

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-29

"Oh," his mother answered in a calm tone, "there's an extra drawer for you and room at the right of the closet." She then went on to mention that his father had set up two or three interviews for him for office jobs that she was sure he would be well qualified for and which would allow him to save some money for school. After Margaret finished spanking Henry in front of his friend Kathy, she sent the 19-year-old up to his room to clean it up. After about a half hour had gone by, during which Kathy told Margaret about her own experiences thus far at college, the governess suggested that they pay a visit to Henry's room upstairs.

Double crossed by my wife , and happy

fetish woreout 2018-11-29

My wife spoke up and said no, Becky was just explaining to me how she and Ben have a cuckold relationship. She said I just told Ben and Becky while you where gone how I'm wearing a lace up corset and lace top stockings held up by eight garters and no panties. Ben said let me put you at ease, When your wife starts coming home after spending the evening in another man's bed the the sex with you is intense. Becky came and took my wife's hand and they walked to the front door together as Ben was unlocking it. I looked back at Ben and before I could speak he nodded his head, yes your wifes pussy is being taken by a thick black cock.

A Wife's Lover, His Boss

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-29

I was amazed at how wet it made me to talk like that, to think about actually being with another man and treating my husband as a submissive house slave. I felt his finger run in and out of me, remember thinking that no man had ever done that to me before, his cum all over me, still in my mouth. I was getting almost as wet treating my husband like this as I was with Alan's finger up my ass. I remember hearing my husband's voice break, almost to tears as I went into the bathroom and started to clean up and do my makeup.

Black On Black Pegging 4 Lovebirds

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-29

I mean, I know lots of White guys with degrees from schools like Princeton, Yale and Harvard who can't find work in their fields and I'm a Black man making six figures in Tallahassee, Florida. Doesn't matter how big and strong a White guy is, he's got an instinctive fear of Black men. While the White guys played golf and cruised the local clubs for impressionable Chinese sluts and dumb Black women, I was always working. Of course, Nurse Angela Kagame, typical Black woman, got mad at me for wallowing in self-pity. However, Angela told me that a lot of regular guys enjoy having a woman play with their asshole.


Allison & Clark pt1

fetish tcg 2018-11-29

""You do know what that means, right?" he asked slowly, struggling to get the words out and breathe at the same time. "Damn, I guess Warren was right, I do smell pretty bad." When she stood after blotting herself, he noticed that her pubic hair looked like she had tried to trim it with a weed whacker, and he told her so. "Pretty good, actually," he replied, making her half giggle, half sigh as he started paying more attention to her clit. "It doesn't feel wrecked like most of the girls look on that website." After he finished washing her and she rinsed off, he handed her the loofah while they switched places.

Sending My Friend Pictures of My Wife

fetish tcg 2018-11-29

Now that the jokes started I was having a good time and decided see what he thought of this next picture." I sent him another photo of Kacie sitting on the hot tub, with her feet in the water, legs apart, dressed only in her panties (a blue stain V-String), while she was topless. The shutter clicked a few more times, as I got Kacie to turn this way and that way, showing first her cleavage, then her panty-covered ass. Kacie looked at me with lust-filled eyes and asked if I was going to send this picture to Jason! When I said I plan to regardless if she didn’t want me to, biting her lower lip and hesitating, Kacie spread her legs wide, exposing her wet glistening pussy to the camera.

Home for a Holiday Spanking

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-29

Taken across my mother's lap at the age of 28 and spanked with panties down in front of the family gathered for our Christmas dinner was not what I'd expected when I accepted the invitation to go home for the holidays. Susie had been getting on my nerves and I was delighted to find that Gloria was a kindred soul in her skepticism about the idea that she and Steve needed to start a family immediately in the style of my sister. I couldn't believe this was happening but as I felt tears coming which I fought to repress, I slowly lifted my stylish pin-striped skirt, exposing my pale blue hicut panties and matching garter belt, and bent across her tweed-skirted lap.

Top Cut or Bottom Cut?

fetish Playdoc 2018-11-29

I took a nice, relaxing shower and then I remember what Nikki had said: “…wash your lower area very well…” I took the soap and lathered up below my waist, washing my genitals and even stroking my penis with my soapy hand. “C’mon – stop asking all those questions and enjoy yourself,” she told me, and she led me by the hand through another door in the bathroom. She took the wet towel – now a bit cooler – and wiped between my buttocks, top to bottom – and then, I felt pressure against my anus as she had wrapped the towel around her finger and was moving it around.

Punishing Aylin

fetish Cinner 2018-11-29

She didn't want to go home because she had messed up badly and had decided to confess the fact to her husband, Eric, before he had to ask about it. So, although she had brought this evening upon herself, first by having a nine hundred dollar bill on her secret credit card, money that she had spent buying virtual housing, food and clothing for her various games on the Net; and then by confessing her folly to Eric before he found out on his own, she felt sickened by the thought of the beating that he told her that she would receive at his hands. The longer hours at work meant that she didn't see her friends as much, but she still had those late nights to fill before Eric came home.

On the Rim of a Fantasy

fetish RayneDor 2018-11-29

Time now seemed to slow to a crawl for both of them as he gazed at the inviting crevice beneath him and then finally, after what seemed an eternity, he bent down and kissed each cheek lightly in turn, repeating it twice more before moving down and nuzzling the crease of her right buttock. She knew he was sensitive now, but she wanted to play the moment out for as long as was possible and, when his hips rose from the bed in incipient orgasm, she took her hand away completely, allowing him to hold back. She moaned, opening for him like a little flower bud, and, as his tongue slipped easily into her, she began to pump his cock, gripping it tightly and jerking in sync with the urgent probing of her inner depths.

My wife is disappointed with me

fetish arbymore 2018-11-29

Despite giving my wife two orgasms last night she is not happy with me as they weren't intense enough and I wasn't rock hard for her. She has now told me that unless I perform to her total satisfaction tonight she will be taking a well endowed lover. She has sent me to work with her hair scrunchies round my cock and balls and wearing her panties that she wore yesterday to try to get me horny for her. If I do not live up to her very high standards I will have no option but to allow her to take a lover. She has told me I will be allowed to watch and learn how to satisfy her.

Trip To The Store - Part 1

fetish mikedatech2 2018-11-29

I picked up a bottle and started to read the fine print, and then noticed that I was staring at the back of her legs from her butt to her shoes. I can't remember what she told me about the bottle, since I was watching her right shoe as she squatted beside me again, and then noticed I was getting a little show as I turned back to the mirror to grab another bottle. Marisa's right foot came out of her shoe and she pointed her toes down again, giving me a great view of the spread-out caterpillar pressed into the ball of her nylon clad foot.

Contest Ch. 03

fetish Goldeniangel 2018-11-29

But that had put her in her current position, tied over the horse of one of Jared's friends, getting 100 spankings and 100 whip-strokes before he'd fuck her. "Good girl," he breathed as she whimpered and panted, but didn't complain, as her sore ass pressed against the carpet, and lowered his mouth to her bruised pussy flesh. OH!" she felt completely vulnerable and open as he thrust into her hard, and she could feel his dick getting harder and longer inside her as he started to reach his climax, "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!" His dick was actually pulsing inside her as he came, and his last hard thrust against her clit made her cum as he released spurts of cum into her pussy.

One for her...The Train !

fetish uliveonce 2018-11-29

Then I looked you in the eyes as I ran my tongue along the line of cum, licking it up before calmy slipping your heel back on just as the station platform began to pass our window. I couldnt wait any more, so I ran my hands up your legs, pushing your skirt up around your waist, and with an animal instinct, I pulled your knickers aside and buried my tongue deep into your soaking wet pussy. I turn on my back, making you sit on my face, as you rub your clit over my tongue for a while..then you inch forward, pushing down so my tongue delves inside your soaking pussy, then you move again, pushing that tight wet ass down onto my stiff slippery tongue as you play.

Lil' Sister No More!

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-29

"Wow..." Silvia felt the word escape her lips, and hated herself for saying it, but could not stop staring as she actually started to feel a little aroused. It did not help that each time Silvia looked down, she could swear she saw a fluttering movement out of the corner of her eye, like a hummingbird flitting between flowers, but it was gone when she glanced up again. Stepping back out into the studio felt like standing on the edge of the high dive, but Silvia grit her teeth and emerged from the changing room. Silvia panicked, slipping back into the side room and throwing the rest of her clothing back on without a second thought about her ill fitting underwear.

Gas in the house

fetish flash 2018-11-29

My mother in law, her mom and my wife's whole family had arrived to celebrate Christmas at our. Eventhough they were really cool about it, normal people like me who came from families where you have never heard a woman fart could never take it. My wife was extra horny with the fart backgroud her aunts were providing and even i gave a couple of loud stinkers right on her face while she was busy between my legs. My mother in law came out of the toilet wishing me merry xmas. The toilet was filled with my mom in law's fart smell so i had to jump out. I laughed and went to the toilet admist the smell of all those farts.

The other side of him

fetish glossmylips 2018-11-29

He likes me to be the trophy wife, dinner on the table when he walks in with a big smile on my face. He stood up and took a good look, his finger trailing from my lips onto my clit which was now swollen and sopping wet. His lips devoured my breasts as I moaned in pleasure, my own fingers going to work on my demanding clit. He let out a gentle moan as I took his cock with a firm grip, guiding him towards my eager pussy. His free hand took hold of his cock, as he looked me dead in the eye and began to piss all over my chest and stomach.

Our Friends Strip My Wife

fetish tcg 2018-11-29

It turned out not to be very long as when I looked across the room Robert was fingering my wife and she was stroking his dick trying to make him hard again, as they watched Marge suck my cock. She caught my eye and mouthed “I love you” I removed my fingers from Marge’s cunt and moved over to the side of my beautiful wife and shoved my stiff cock in her mouth and told her to suck me off! It was Marge’s turn and began complaining that she needed a cock in her so Robert walked over to his wife bent her over the sofa and roughly fucked her with his cummy cock covered in my wife’s juices.

Lactating Mom's Warm Milk

fetish Hot Italian Beef 2018-11-29

She would hug and kiss me like all the other close neighbors and friends and hold me close to her ample breasts but I never really considered it erotic in any way; that is until one Saturday afternoon when I went into her house as I usually did after cutting the grass. After entering the house, I could not see her in the kitchen so I went into the living room expecting to get the usual nice hug and kiss along with my $20. She pulled up the dainty, delicate straps of her nightie, smiled again and without saying a word carried her child to the crib at the other side of the living room