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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Dream Come True

fetish exaltau 2018-09-24

As I gently massaged her through the delicate material she used her hand to stroked me through the robe, the erection produced with this treatment was soon on the verge of ejaculation, placing my hand on hers I suggested that rather than make a mess we relieve the tension and then we could enjoy what we could now do together in line with the photographs we had seen. Joan proceeded to slowly push in and draw out, as we established a rhythm the speed increasing as we became more adept, with every forward thrust my sheathed and lubricated penis rubbed on the rubber of the skirt I was wearing. Having placed the panties on the bedside table she rolled onto her back, drew her legs up to expose her vagina to me and requested normal coitus with my still rubber sheathed penis.

T.I.T.S.O.M.A.Y Ch. 02

fetish Loup_Garou 2018-09-24

And besides, I never said you could talk, did I?" Rio watched as she shook her head for both questions, "Well let's see, I'm going to pull on this string and watch as your lower half rises about three and a half feet into the air, all right? You're just weird." Rio said, walking closer to her with the candle in his right hand. "I can't?" Rio asked, blinking and looking right and left, "Then how am I supposed to torture you? Of course, I didn't have a cunt that my Master could put the candle in, so he improvised," Rio explained, walking with the extinguished candle in his hand towards Reina, "I didn't like that scent anyway.


Sister's and Friends Socked Fun Ch. 03

fetish Sockloverz 2018-09-24

John had been lying out on the floor with Mindy's white knee high socked feet rubbing his dick along with once in a while his sister rubbing her colorful stripped socked feet along the head of his cock for a good hour, while watching a movie. Mindy then said, she was going to join her, she let off of John's hard cock and got up and left the room. So John with a hard on decided to go to bed and relieve himself with the over the knee socks Mindy had given him. Then he saw Mindy's White knee high socks laying on top of the drawer, he quickly whipped out his hard cock and began messaging it with the socks.

His Night In The Park

fetish bingochalice 2018-09-24

It's probably a couple of seconds before I stop, this time feeling and hearing the last bit jet out as my cock hardens once more. As nice as it feels, pumping up and down my penis like that, I know I have to stop, or despite my preparation the night before, I'll be coming long before I really want to. If I try to tense up (like stopping a pee), it's difficult to maintain the tension for very long while I'm rubbing myself this way. For a start, each time she puts her hand back between her legs, her body seems to shudder - it's like she's coming!

Manisha's First Girdle

fetish Learningfast 2018-09-24

From behind her, I reached to her head and gently held her hair, raising her eyes to look into the mirror, and smiled a very open and near-laugh into her reflection. I took one hand from her eyes and placed it on my shoulder as I was kneeling, to steady her as I lifted the second foot a little further. Slowly the girdle moved into position on her abdomen, with the front suspenders correctly placed, and the zip fastener wide open, waiting for me to do up the hooks and eyes. I ran my hands up and down her corsetry again, feeling at the seams, the bones over her abdomen, the taut bottom edge between the front suspenders, the flat firmness over her midriff and waist.

A Look Into My Mind: Uncle Sissyboy Ch. 04

fetish rickiee_2002 2018-09-24

I should be, I was an old pervert in a mall, looking up the skirts of young girls and cumming in my panties. Maybe I will take you to the mall and let you flash some old pervert who gets off looking up girls skirts" teased Lauren. "Look Lauren, now that he is dressed and thinking about looking up skirts of young girls, he is getting hard" laughed Arlene. I want to take pictures of your panty showing as you try to walk down the stairs and try to look ladylike" Lauren continued. I was standing with a hard cock in my panties, dressed like a girl in front of my 22 year old daughter and SHE was going to shave my legs and paint my toenails.

Night with Master part 2

fetish laylaloveTV 2018-09-24

He pushed my head down, which pulled my bottom up, and he spread my legs even wider with his knee and feet...,,Hold on i want see you"...I heard the voice of my Master. My cunt and ass throbbed, the stinging on my back and thighs spreading throughout my entire body as I lay there.I choked through the pain, through the humiliation, I dragged myself back on my knees, my head low, tears slowly coursing down my face as I whispered, "I am a fat whore"

Adventures with Steph Ch. 02

fetish regalsub 2018-09-24

As I pulled into Steph's driveway, I saw her press a kiss to her husband's cheek and come down the walk. Steph was still there, coming for coffee once and trying to get me out of the house for some relaxation time, but in the following week, it never worked out. She lifted my chin - I'm sure my face was a mess- and sneered, "Now, potty, it's time to wash those tears away." I felt it start and I squealed, the sound changing to a gurgle as it filled my mouth and began to spill out. She pressed me down slowly, rearranging the folds of my pussy until I felt the bottle's top open me.

Delivery Part One

fetish Chrissycdslut00 2018-09-24

“I’ll get the money,” I said as I took the pizza and took my time walking up the stairs to give him a nice view of my ass. “He’s going to be a lot sicker when he hears about missing this delivery,” Steve said as I stepped onto the landing. I don’t have enough money here for a tip.” Steve must have thought I was serious because he immediately said it was okay. I want to suck your cock Steve and I’m not going to tell anyone,” I said as I leaned into him. He was very sensitive now but I still sucked him into my mouth a few times and then I licked him clean.

Michele And The Predator

fetish bi_hengst 2018-09-24

Her hands slid down one leg, her fingernails painted a matching plum red to her lipstick, and adjusted her stocking; pulling the sleek nylon taught on her shapely leg and momentarily disappearing under the hem of her slip as she adjusted the clip on a garter strap. The predator stepped in close between her splayed high-heeled feet; his crotch close to her buttocks, one hand gripping her handcuffed wrists and pushing her body down hard on the kitchen table, the other hand under her skirt pulling her panties down so that they bunched around her thighs. Michele could feel that the tight bud of her back passage was left slightly open after the ravaging it had taken and she felt her attacker's warm sperm run out of her and down her thighs where it pooled in her panties and stained her stocking tops.

Gloryhole Surprise pt.1

fetish 2018-09-24

My bl**d ran hot and my face was flushed with excitement as I watched the head swelling up even bigger and like a little eye the pee-hole was opening and closing with each stroke of her hand. The cock that came through the wall looked nothing like the one I sucked the other day. For the first time since I began sucking cocks, my hand pulled up my skirt and began playing with my hot wet pussy. For the billionth time I wished there was no wall between this stranger and me, so that I could feel the entire length of the cock I was sucking. The stranger kept shoving his the cock through the hole and into my mouth, fucking my face like the slut I am.

The Party

fetish here2meet 2018-09-24

I knocked on her door she opened it up and wow was I surprised there to greet me was my lovely receptionist wearing a clear plastic mini skirt with a sheer white blouse of course she was wearing bright orange panties and matching bra which really showed off her size EE 36 breast beautifully , she asked me if I thought anything was to much I said no the orange garter suspenders matched with the white silk stockings were just arousing then she said I want to wear my 6" white heels but if I put them on now I'd have a hard time getting down the stairs, would you carry me to your car where I can put them on, she said with a sly grin on her beautiful face.

Revenge Pt. 02 Day 01: His View

fetish JacobRain 2018-09-24

She looked me in the eyes and said "I want you to ask me to be your mistress for a full twenty four hours. Without moving her feet she bent her knees and placed my tie under the toes of her shoes pulling it tight so that I felt a little pressure on the back of my neck. If you would like I can flip around so that you may admire my feet in the black silken mist while I do so?" I remembered telling her last month how much I would enjoy that, but at this moment I just needed to be inside her. She smiled at me in a way that said she liked my answer then lifted herself up and slowly slid me inside her.

Scategorically Speaking

fetish eudemon42 2018-09-24

Paul raised an eyebrow and looked at Emily, she grinned and said "It's ok, they are interested" Finish your drinks while I finish getting dinner ready." Jodie was about 35, short, a little plump but very busty with short blond hair, Peter looked around the same age but was bigger than Paul and had obviously taken good care of himself, The pair exchanged glances and smirked to each other. She stood up and moved to his right, and teased his tongue with her finger, she motioned for Peter to come forward on Paul's other side and removed her finger and once again placed her hand on his cock. Emily raised herself up a little more and used her left hand to plaster her cunt with Jodie's hit, then she smiled and looked Paul in the eye.

Fed Up with Tiny Tom Ch. 04

fetish MildmanInVA 2018-09-24

I never heard of a stranger request, but I knew it was not my place to argue, so I grabbed the glass, positioned it below my meager cock, and when Linda said go, I began a slow tinkle which for me was a strong stream. I sampled my almost clear and odorless pee, then drew Linda's warm glass of strong yellow liquid to my nose and mouth and there was no comparison. Linda was right that Shannon hadn't given me any sex in six months and watching the three of them fuck each others brains out last night made me horny as hell, so I agreed, and followed her into the living room.

Shower Fun

fetish notnice66 2018-09-24

He told me to frig myself and as my fingers started circling my clit he asked if I wanted him to piss in my hair, against my lips, over my tits, my belly, my thighs, my cunt. I didn’t resist, just sat slumped there with my head upturned sucking and slurping as he fed me his cock, told me how slutty I looked soaked and stinking of piss, and how he was going to cum all over my face. When he was fully hard, Neil stood up, making a loud suction noise as his bottom pulled off the plastic chair, leaving quite a puddle of beer, sweat, cum and piss.

Jamie's Story Ch. 03

fetish Michael142 2018-09-24

"Anna, you feel so good to me, honey!" I moaned as we moved in a perfect rhythm together—her pushing up against my thrusts, and as she whispered, "Jamie, I have so missed your touch, your feel inside me!" She straddled my while I was still undressed, but prettily made up, and placed little kisses all over my pretty girl's face, and tasting my soft, pouty and reddened lips. As I looked over her shoulder, I saw a pretty dark-haired girl who couldn't seem to take her eyes off of Becca and me, as we danced. I introduced them to Diana, and grabbed Tom's hand for a dance, leaving Becca with my new friend.

One Thing Leads to Another Ch. 07

fetish KarlMartinK 2018-09-24

Seeing that bruise on her face, although that was Linda's work, not mine, made me that much more worried she would say something to the policeman, but Sarah only smiled politely as the policeman left, like she had no interest whatsoever in talking to him, then rushed to the door before I could close it. Even after Sarah's long talk and her apology, I still didn't have a good feeling about facing Tiffany or any of the other girls. "I don't think I'd want to tell you," I felt my face flush red with embarrassment knowing Tiffany knew how small my cock was, and I didn't even know which pictures Sarah had sent her, but I'm sure, knowing Sarah, the pictures must have been the most compromising.

Anal Sex, after giving birth, with a stranger

fetish Fridagirl 2018-09-24

I watched him as he busied himself around me, and wondered if he should be in there in the first place, but deep inside I was excited, knowing my breast feeding was turning him on, and at one point, when my daughter made a slurping sound he turned and I purposely removed he mouth from my nipple, so he could see how red and swollen it was and the milk spurt from it. 'Can I fuck you', he gasped, my milk squirting onto his young face, as my hand was behind his head and forcing him down onto my swollen nipple, 'First suck me, then fuck me', I repeated, a few times, as I prepared myself mentally, I knew my pussy was out of bounds due to the recent birth, but I could take one up the ass and bend forward for my 'G-spot' to be massaged while I rubbed my clitoris.

Semen Analysis

fetish JackWanker 2018-09-24

"So you're here for the semen analysis?" the nurse asked in a neutral professional tone, handing me a lidded plastic cup and an instruction sheet. Be sure not to use any lubricant." I carried the sign which said "do not disturb", and the container and went looking for the bathroom. She must have caught me stealing glances at her stockinged legs, for she started swinging them back and forth, slowly slipping her foot out of her shoe and dangling it at the tip of her toe. I know I have sexy legs and feet," she teased while she extended her leg all the way, bringing her foot dangerously close to my face.

Gill Ch. 03

fetish rmlooker 2018-09-24

Dom said sure, it would be ok with her and she told her she had done a fantastic job of teaching Gill how to use his arm. Dom told her of the situation and asked if Diane would go over and fix lunch for Gill and that could be the excuse for her being there. That night Dom told Gill about the need for her to be gone during the day and that Diane was going to come by late morning and fix lunch. She took her mouth off of his cock and moved over enough to use her short left arm stump on his ball. Gill had learned how to use his leg stump and be able to thrust into her pussy a little bit.

Feet, Twice as Nice

fetish Kessler 2018-09-24

The action of Kristen's toes stroking my shaft moved my cock's head back and forth along the underside of Diane's smooth shapely calf. Kristen laughed and raised her foot and began to tap the opening at the head of my cock with the underside of her toes while Diane continued to pump me with her hand. Watching her face buried into my groin and feeling the soft tip of her tongue pressing and wiggling caused me to throw my head back down onto the couch and lurch my hips up into the air and holding that position as my body jerked spasmodically to the slow stroking of her hand and the relentless toe tapping of Kristen's toes.

I Never Saw It Coming Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-09-24

While working/playing online I had discovered all of the free online porn sites and loved looking at white married women sucking and fucking black men. When I told him my wife had left me for a black guy, he hesitated and asked me if I wanted to meet him to kill him. He had really taken control of the chat when I told him I wanted to be a slave to his superior black cock… He told me I would be sucking it all night long. I was sucking a black man's cock in my apartment and I was enjoying it. I was sucking his black cock for the second time tonight, and I was loving it.

Schoolgirl Seductions Ch. 1

fetish PrincessKatie 2018-09-24

Heidi steps forwards, Susan looks her over and runs her fingers over her young fresh lips, she grabs Heidi and starts to kiss her slowly and gently taking her time to savour the taste of mouth to mouth. The young girl was a quick learner having done Heather and used her tongue and fingers on the most sensitive areas of Susan's clitoris making the pussy drip in anticipation while Susan shivered with orgasmic pleasure. Heidi eagerly swallowed all the cum and juice from Susan's pussy and choked once or twice in licking and cleaning up her soaking wet vagina. But Susan was in orgasm heaven and took no notice of the poor girls pleads for mercy as she wrapped her massive legs around her holding Heidi in place.