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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

First time with Brooke.

fetish ahsleymills 2018-09-24

As soon as I sat, Brooke started with the questions, “So, how often do you dress like a girl?” I told her, “Every chance I get when I am alone.” Then she asked, “What do you do when you are dressed?” I didn’t know how to answer this. I don’t want to be seen by anyone so I have never gone outside dressed up.” Brooke looked at me in a coy sort of way and said, “You look so sexy dressed like this, do you ever just sit and feel your sexy stockings?” She was running her hand from my knee up my thigh to the top of my stockings when she said, “Do you ever get so turned on that you have to touch yourself?” Now seriously, this is like almost every time.

Milwaukee Cuckhold before the Cuckhold

fetish toothmedic 2018-09-24

Lisa came 3 more times over the next half hour and when I was done I looked up to see Judy sucking and biting on Lisa’s nipples and Judy was naked and she must have played with herself as her pussy stood gaping wide and soaking wet. I was laying there and the next thing I hear is Lori saying, “wow who thought the first cock I ever saw would be so small.” Lisa said, “don’t worry try his tongue.” Lori had a funny look on her face and Judy pulled her over to the bed and had her lay down.

Pride - I've got the biggest one...

fetish oggbashan 2018-09-24

Now I’m older I know that some of the women just wanted me for a trophy. By the time Janie and I had unloaded everything and we had erected the tent with help from a gaggle of naked women I was hot and sweaty. While Janie was gone I had several female bodies pressed hard against me and even a furtive hand, whose I don’t know, briefly circled my prick before slipping away into the mass of flesh closely hemming me in. “Oh my,” Helen said, “You told me, Joe, but I didn’t expect so much, nor that it would salute me. “Don’t worry about Janie,” said Joe. “She was with me until I went away a couple of weeks ago and collected Helen on the way back.

Birthday Fantasy

fetish Hairyluver 2018-09-24

"Do you like the way my dirty panties feel tucked in your ass my little cum slut?" Since my cock was like a piece of steel and I had been licking her pussy for a good amount of time, my dick slid right in to her wet pussy. After coming down from her orgasm, my wife grabbed her panties and shoved them in my mouth telling me to suck them clean of my cum. The cream pie cleanup had given me a little renewal in desire, something I would have thought wouldn't be possible after two rounds, so I got on my knees and started sucking on my wife's fake dick.

Breaking Babysitter Rules: (8) End of my Weekend

fetish blu3rthanu 2018-09-24

They left the room and a little later I heard them say goodbye to Janice at the door. She stopped washing the dishes as soon as my finger started to slide into her pussy. "Let's go to the beach." She said and pulled my fingers out of her pussy. Janice, Emily, and I walked to my "secret beach" as I used to call it. Emily embraced me from behind and started kissing the back of my neck. Her fingers went into her pussy as she moaned. Janice made me want to lick her pussy but she pushed my head down. She started stroking my cock and sucked on the tip.

How-to: Strap-on Training Experience

fetish thepoolboy 2018-09-24

Explaining to him that you've decided to share some of the more intimate details of your sex life with him with two or three of your closest girlfriends such as that he has a small penis, that you lock up his penis in chastity, that you restrict his orgasms, that he's your cunt-licker, that you like to fuck him with a strap-on, that you make him wear butt plugs almost 24/7, that he has to cum only from your strap-on fuckings, and that you make him clean up anything that drips or shoots from his cock will be extremely embarrassing for him, but it will also reinf*rce to him how serious you are about changing the dynamics of your relationship.

Making a Woman of Him Ch. 17

fetish ElRoylk 2018-09-24

The other day, when Roxie suggested he was a submissive and she treated him...that way...he felt something like what he remembered feeling for Yvette, but it was different. When Yvette had made him pull his penis back, it was in service of an outfit; this time it was to make him look like a woman even when he was naked. "You're looking swell, Chester." Darla stared at his crotch and gave a little tug on Roger's leash, forcing him to sit up. "As many of you know, I was working very hard to land a job after graduating," she stopped again to smile at the room, "and I just heard from Wygant Industries that they are offering me a starting position in their labs!" She clapped and gave a little jump, her breasts bobbing up and down.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 02

fetish cuckcpl4play 2018-09-24

Slut you agree to move forward as an owned couple, you as an owned slut, to comply with any and all requests that do not put your vanilla life in a detrimental you agree that while your heart will remain with your sissy husband here, your body will belong to me and those I deem worthy of using you agree to dominate your husband, but give up full authority to me where there is a you agree to transform your husband further into a state of submission where the only real pleasure he seeks within this lifestyle is pleasing both of us and debasing and humiliating himself to do you agree to worship me as I deem you worthy and succumb to tremendous torment, punishment and abuse, but also immense pleasure when the situation calls for you agree to hold me in the highest regard, respect me not only as your Master, but also as your lover, your teacher, your sexual you relinquish all control over your body, your holes, and often your mind to me knowing that while I will push all your limits.

A Footslave forever Part 2

fetish klammer 2018-09-24

After I had been sniffing for several minutes, she said, “Alright put it down little shoe sniffer and take my sock off.” As I put her shoe on the floor, she held her sock covered foot to my face and asked, “Does my sock smell good slave; would you like to eat it up?” I agreed with all my heart, “Yes supreme Mistress Janice, I agree; I will wear your toe rings forever and I will kiss them every hour in devotion to your feet; thank you for letting me be your slave great Goddess,” and a tear actually rolled down my cheek.

A Bukkake Finale

fetish Brittni4u 2018-09-24

So we had Mitch, his son Junior, Roy, John, Anthony, and Ted. All the guys were very polite. Referring to my leopard style underwear, Roy said to John, "Look at this little college tigress whore getting so excited over two cocks. My pussy was extremely wet from all the sex up to that point, so I stood up, stripped off my panties and bra and turned around facing the opposite direction from Roy. He held the base of his cock steady to allow me to hit my target. The 45 year old Mitch senior came in and gave me specific instructions, "I want you to lie down on your back here on the piano bench with your head hanging over the edge.



fetish lacrimsonfemme 2018-09-24

Last night she was going to do all the cleaning so that she could take the leisure Saturday primping for Devlin to come home. Because I thoughtfully wanted to come home early to see you a day earlier, it is my fault that the house is dirty. Because enemas helps to clean bad little girls starting from the inside out. "Yes you may." Devlin removed her butt plug and watched Adria scurry to the toilet. Even though she hadn't felt the butt plug delve deeper with the spanking, once in a while, Devlin did hit her just at the right angle. The floor still looked quite clean, but as soon as Devlin stepped in, Adria saw him scowl.

Freedom For Goddess Ch. 03

fetish DarkestSecrets 2018-09-24

"Now open up that mouth and lets see that thirsty tongue so that we don't waste any of your cum." He stuck out his tongue and Goddess tilted the condom so that the fluid dripped out one tiny drop at a time. "Since it is bed time, now, lets get you ready." He needed to pee and Goddess removed the condom and held his penis while he relaxed his muscles and let it out. "Open your mouth now ant and show me how well you suck cock." He began to lick the rubberized penis and was soon sucking on it like a woman.

Erotic Footjob in the Office

fetish Declan26 2018-09-24

But she soon found herself, smiled to Kash and asked him, "Do you like my legs?" Then Kash looked down at her legs and said, "Put your feet on my chair." Harleen laid her hand on a cabinet for support and put her feet on his chair between his legs. His fingers went down softly stroking her leg and stopped on her foot. Kash took off gently her nice black high heel and put it on his table. Kash held Harleens leg in his hands and started to kiss it. He slowly kissed her whole leg from her knee to her foot. "Suck my toes, please," Harleen whispered to Kash. She opened her eyes and looked at Kash who was softly kissing her red toenails.

Monica Gets Caught

fetish bubblebuttdiapers 2018-09-24

Monica took the diaper and a vibrating egg, and a small, black, butt plug upstairs to her bedroom and began to get ready. The trickle worked its way into a stream as Monica continued to let out her pussy fluid. "I came early to help you Monica," her mother said, "but it looks like you don't need my help," Jean said as she worked her way toward her daughter. "I thought I could help you cook and clean, but perhaps we will have to work some other things into our schedule, you naughty girl," she said as she took her daughter's filthy hand and moved it toward her pussy...

Clean Fun Can Be Dirty

fetish sexyrubyslippers 2018-09-24

Then he work from the outside edge of side to my pussy lips as the razor removed my hair, a tingle run up my spine. I began shaking as he sensed my need and added a fourth finger to my stretched cunt hole. I reached down and push his thumb away from my clit and down between his lips to join my lover's other fingers. I held on to him for support as I felt him pull downward my cunt open again stretching wide, then he pushed up again. Finally I begged him to stop, but when he stop thrust and began slowly removing his hand I scream as one powerful orgasm hit me. I took my lover's throbbing cock in hand and slowly jerked.

Tales of a Hitch-Hiker - Chapter 1- The Pick Up

fetish 2018-09-24

He soon noticed the size of her breasts and how they bounced so freely under her skimpy halter top, her long nipples protruding invitingly. Besides the size of her breasts, Christina had extraordinarily long puffy nipples mounted on pinkish-brown areolas that spread more than 3” in diameter. The man sat on the couch beside his prisoner and played with and tugged Christina’s bare chest, sucking and nibbling on them at different intervals, until her nipples were red and sore. He moaned in ecstasy as she felt his long, hard shaft slide back and forth between her soft, warm feet. The man pressed her bodacious tatas around his hard shaft and began thrusting back and forth, rubbing his throbbing cock head against her lips.

Frozen Cream Pops

fetish Girl Friend 2018-09-23

Nadia was just pulling her delivery truck of ice cream into the back of the grocery store when she noticed a very handsome man looking straight at her. Forty five minutes later the ice cream had been delivered and Nadia was having the store manager sing the invoice for the ice cream delivery she noticed Duncan was leaning against her truck. When they got in his apartment Duncan started pulling Nadia's shirt and jeans off hardly holding back his desire for her. Duncan got down on his knees and started to pry Nadia's legs open with his hands as he searched with his tongue flicking and licking at the inside of her thighs until he found her red swollen button of a clitoris.

my foot fantasy

fetish 2018-09-23

She sits down, kicks off her shoes, then lays her feet across my lap and asks me to rub her feet while she begins to tell me about her day. While I am giving her a lengthy foot massage and she's finished talking, she starts to tell me about how good the foot rub feels. I then kiss the bottom going from her toes, to her soles and arches, to her heels, then back up again. She starts by holding my dick with her toes and jerk me for a bit that way. She places her feet on my dick again as if she is going to proceed giving me a footjob then leans forward and begins to suck my dick while rubbing her feet on my cock.

The Passion Re-Awakens

fetish Ha275 2018-09-23

Unfortunately during their time away from each other Rhys started a new job and Liza came up with an interesting plan. As Rhys walked in he saw a black mat on the floor and Liza sitting on the bed. Liza smiled and a tried to kick again but he grabbed her leg and slammed her on the mat. Liza eventually got up turned him over and tried to put him in a headlock but his slipped through however she tackled and Rhys fell hard. Liza noticed the mat facing towards the door covered in more oil and sweat than the one side nearer to the bed, she was about to launch a move which took Rhys out for good.

Lockeroom Raid

fetish MissKateKees 2018-09-23

Across the nation, the world, groups of women soccer fans gasped, amazed as their TV screens cut from Erin to a HD camera of the male lockeroom! Each woman took a male player into her charge, some kissed their cheeks and took them by the hand, others offered a comforting arm towards the defeated males; Zoe however, went straight up to young Johnny Green, the 18 year old wonder kid, and by grabbing his huge cock, dragged him along. With a deriding sneer, Emilia clicked her way down the tunnel and threw open the male lockeroom door for her film crew. A flustered Pam was perplexed to find the women's team here, seemingly enjoying a post-game drink with eleven nude men.

My Master's Bitch

fetish dommanct 2018-09-23

Your ass up and exposed for everyone to see what a bad fucking whore you are with your dripping pussy." " Thank you so much Sir." I can't help myself as I hear you degrade me with your words, I moan at the thought of what you have in store for me tonight. "Lick my piss from my cock, piss slut, and maybe I'll let you be the good, little cocksucker you were with the vibrator" "Thank you Sir." With long, slow licks I lick your cock clean of piss, wanting to suck you deep into my mouth, but waiting for you to tell me I can.

Training a Slave Ch. 3

fetish whipmaster 2018-09-23

As I watched, she stirred from her sleep; her long lashes fluttering as she struggled to open her eyes. Next to them was Andy, and despite being and old and trusted friend I hadn't yet got round to telling him about Debbi. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, my slaves' hands moved to the waist band of her jeans, gently unbuttoning the fly and with reluctant limbs, every instinct telling her that this was wrong, she began to pull her denims over her round smooth buttocks and across her thighs, painfully aware that while bending, she was offering Graham a close up view of her bottom and plump labia, and Andy the benefit of the sight of her swinging breast, inches from his face.

The Gym

fetish SalFerrari 2018-09-23

Sam's cock was struggling to find the opening in the robe and Natalie was leaking pussy juice. Sam held her feet together on either side of his dick and Natalie stroked it with the soft underside of her toes. Natalie said, "Come on, Sam, you wanted to fuck my feet some. Sam fought off ejaculation as long as he could and just when he crossed the point of no return, he let go of her feet causing her legs to spread wider and he aimed the impending sperm jet at Natalie's waiting pussy. Natalie felt the hot cum enter her pussy and couldn't believe he came from being given a foot job.

The Housemaid Ch. 07

fetish purpleangelica1 2018-09-23

John didn't know the young master like she did yet; it was only natural to be scared, especially since Annabel knew he feared his own desire. I want them to meld together so that you feel both, love both." Alex insinuated his finger between the tight globes of John's ass, and the big man moaned and shifted his weight to open his legs wider. As Alex rubbed over John's arsehole, he said, "Annabel, be a dear and wet my fingers for me. The extra lubrication was enough to allow first one, then the other to pop in and John moaned helplessly as Alex twisted and pumped his arsehole with his two fingers and pinched his nipples as Annabel continued to lick contentedly at his scrotum.