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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Trained to Eat Creampie's Before and After Cu

fetish 425olds 2018-09-23

When he was naked (and his little dick getting hard) I said to him, "I want to tell you something, I have been fucking some other men. I took him by the arm and said to hubby, "This is Scott, my lover, we're taking your car and going to eat and then we'll be back. I had wanted to be seen with my husband at the reception, and with another man as I left the hotel (am I mean?) I was already wet as Scott opened the door for me and I got in the car. I pulled my skirt up as he drove and Scott felt my wet pussy through the panties my husband had just bought.

The hole in the wall gang

fetish Loipyu 2018-09-23

This guy started to really pound away through the wall, and this got Mary really excited, and she put her face right up to the cock and as she pumped it she let it brush against her lips. She got up to let us get a better look when another cock poked through the hole – word must have gotten out, or something, because here we had another guy ready to go. We all looked at each other and kind of got scared, because we were at a somewhat secluded rest area and things could easily get out of control, so a Terry got up as her guys cock was pulled back through the wall and all three of us headed for the door as another cock was starting to be pushed through.

The Humiliation of Mistress Penny

fetish accidentalmistress 2018-09-23

I opened up my "Mistress Sophia" hangout, eager to continue a conversation that has been ongoing for quite some time. I was close to orgasm, but I knew from previously experience that Mistress Sophia would not be pleased if I came without permission, so I stopped after fifteen spanks. And I pulled the chain so the clamps would be out of the way, so I could spank myself harder!" I was proud of that last part, hoping she would again see my initiative in pleasing her. "You are to get your large butt plug, insert it, and crawl around your study 5 times while spanking your cunt and ass. My clitoris is hard, swollen, aching, the way it feels when I've had a couple of orgasms and get aroused again.

Me and My Master: First Lesson

fetish Slave_Zoe 2018-09-23

I had hope my Master cannot resist what he sees there so he would lick my wet pussy, maybe even ask me to pee for him, but he don't seem to be in the right mood yet. Demanding my attention, he says, "High time, you dirty whore, that your Master teaches you only to pee, shit and cum when he allows you to do so. As loud as my trembling voice allows me, I respond, "Master, you have to teach your slave that she has to ask her Master for permission to pee, shit and cum." It feels so good when my Masters warm pee hits my back and runs down my body, along my butt and down my legs.

Blackmailed By Hot Neighbor And Her Niece

fetish bioralpleaser 2018-09-23

to do that and kiss James till we both got very hard and horny. The first envelope said that she would like to see me kiss James's cock, stripped, I was to kneel down, and kiss James's cock, and when the porch the "old guy" and James would be known as the "tall boy" and Nick would be short boy's cock." Auntie said that we'd change the old guy's name to When James (tall boy) and I were nude, Mistress wanted to see two boys We held the kiss for several minutes, and Mistress told Mistress told me to kneel down, and kiss her feet. and our legs spread just a bit, in case Mistress wanted to feel our balls

Drinking Amy's Pee

fetish NorthwestRain 2018-09-23

Ming stood over me pushing her pelvis forward for Amy to lick at her pussy so I started touching her bare bottom, squeezing and running a wet finger up and down her crack. Piss on us both, come on Luc," Amy said pausing between licks and pulling me into a sitting position, leaving me buried inside her to the hilt, face to face while Ming stood between us, slightly squatting and gyrating her hips. Amy slid slowly out and kissed me tenderly, letting me taste all the juices spread over her face, her hot breath warming my neck as Ming sucked me. "Okay, let me in." I said brushing Ming aside and rubbing my cock against Amys' pussy.

Daddy Fantasy – Bree

fetish tankengine123 2018-09-23

Tom: Bree, don’t you find it strange that I look a lot like your dad? I took my cock in my hand and slowly rubbed the head up and down between the wet lips of her pussy. Tom leaned over and put his mouth near her ear and spoke to her: Daddy needs you to be a good girl. Tom: I need to make sure you will always be my good little girl. On the nights she wanted to experience the daddy-fantasy, she would come to me several hours beforehand and hand me this toy. The cock in your little pussy is your real daddy. After a few stunned moments, Bree screamed: YES, DADDY, MAKE ME CUM.

The Mom and the Sons Friend Pt. 02-03

fetish Harry1988 2018-09-23

A few weeks came and went and Karen was constantly thinking about Matt, she couldn't get his look at her feet out of her mind. Another, two young apprentices were kneeling next to her at her table looking at something on the PC screen which she enjoyed taking much pleasure in "It's where you boys belong", she said to Maureen sitting across from her "at my feet." That moment that evening had given Karen a new found confidence and started to feel sexy in her own skin which amazed her. Over the next few days Karen would be transfixed by the thought of Matt being alone with her but the one thing she didn't think about was what she would do if they actually were alone; get him to rub her feet?

Three BBWs and a guy (chpt.5)

fetish MasterBill 2018-09-23

It was getting late so Nancy took Brian off to her room. Brian started helping nancy out of her clothes. Brian relaxed and felt for Nancy was laying on the bed. Nancy took his cock out of her mouth." Fuck me. The next morning Brian and Nancy had a quick round of sex. he was really enjoing it Lynn worked two of her fingers up into his ass. After his second shower Brian used Lynn's Jeep to take her and Nancy to I am going to miss the girls at Bikini Brew a coffee cart just a couple of blocks from work. ( Authors note: Yes in Portland there are coffee carts where the girls wear

A Hard Homecoming

fetish JASON_BORED 2018-09-23

Long flowing black hair, big dark green eyes, smooth caramel colored skin, white even teeth and the softest most angelic voice you had ever heard. "You better swallow like the good little slut I know you are," she commanded hoarsely. I felt the big fat head of her cock push against my ass. She knew I was a masochist, "You wouldn't look very manly with a fat cock up your ass as you moan like a little school girl would you?" I was bouncing on her cock and indeed moaning as she humiliated me. My scream soon joined hers as my cum splattered onto her big tits and stomach. of a years worth of cum from my fat balls." I couldn't wait.

The Teacher's Socks Ch. 01

fetish socksandfeet 2018-09-23

Every day Miss Saunders came to the school in a similar outfit, a blue or dark purple blouse, long, black, smart trousers, black flats and black socks. He would spend most of his time staring at his teacher, and the way she walked around the classroom, those delicate feet locked away in her attractive, smart shoes, her black socks soaking up all her sweat. He started at her calves and gently rubbed, working his way down past her heel, her arch and then the sweaty toes he had dreamt of seeing for a very long time. Gary sat there, looking at her perfectly shaped toes, and toenails which had been painted black, to match her socks.

Poker Night

fetish Kristen Dixon 2018-09-23

(By now I'm sure you understand that, for the evening, I am their cock-sucking urinal.) Then Sir K filled my mouth, and my belly, with his warm tangy piss. By the time I sucked off Sir R, and swallowed every drop of his precious cum, I needed to use the toilet myself. As I got into position, Master reached under the table and placed a bowl on the floor near his feet. A bit later, while I was sucking Sir J's cock for the third time that night, another problem arose. Then I went back like a good slave and finished licking Sir R's piss off the floor.

The Fetish Shoe Shop Ch. 2

fetish fantasyboy 2018-09-23

Mrs. Stevenson then said, 'Right I'm going to sit on the sofa, fetch me some 5 and 6 inch high heel and let me try them on.' I tottered along the racks finding the ones she wanted. Mrs. Stevenson looked over at Mrs. Wyles and said, 'What do you think, shall I make him cum with my shoes and make him lick them clean afterwards'. Mrs. Stevenson then said, 'Right its my turn now, I don't know how were going to manage this but I want both nipples sucked, I want a 6 inch high heel in my cunt and another in my arse and Roberts cock in my mouth'.

Another pantyhose fantasy created by my awesome wi

fetish 2018-09-23

Turns me on to no end since I always get to rub her legs and feet when she gets home. She comes home from work, we eat dinner and lounge around watching TV and I rub her feet and legs. So she gets me honeymoon hard with her feet and just keeps stroking real slow with her back to me. She likes big dicks that are all purple and ready to burst, so she puts the squeeze on the base with the wrapped around hose leg. Well that was it, but it was so erotic to be in the dark going to bed and to have her put her pantyhose covered feet all over me.

Fancy Dress

fetish Mortice 2018-09-23

My cock got hard, as it always does when I have a plug in me, but it was hard inside the rubber tube in the suit, which was making it point downwards, so it wasn't too comfortable. I felt fully hard inside the tube, but I couldn't feel her hand on the outside of the suit. I noticed she still hadn't changed for the party, and still hadn't explained, but I couldn't ask her why not, and I don't think she would like it if I took the hood off the suit. You got something kinky going on inside that hood too?" She felt around the back of my suit, fiddling with the zips, then said, "So where's the keys then?"

Mother's Milk

fetish wife2hotblk 2018-09-23

As a breastfeeding counsellor, I always tell the women in my groups, 'there are two types of men: those who love mother's milk and those who hate it.' That may seem a rather broad and sweeping statement, but having breastfed six children over three decades and five cultures my personal experience and stories of others bear it out. It is about the unique gift I gave to a one-night stand: the fulfilment of his fantasy to drink mother's milk. After that night I received several messages and phone calls from him begging for another chance, but I had moved on to a man more my own age, who although not appreciative of mother's milk could take better care of my needs as a woman.

The Barter System

fetish trixie dixie 2018-09-23

She turned to see that the door was open -(something that never happened) and a handsome man with salt and pepper hair was looking right at her. Her blouse hit the floor and his hands grabbed at her swollen breasts. As Melissa slid her butt onto his desk, he lowered his head to her fully erect nipple. He pushed the top of her breast down hard and a burst of warm, sweet milk hit the back of his throat. His hair was tickling her chest, his hands roughly forcing her breast milk from her body. Her leaking tits were red from being man handled but she grasped one of her nipples, pulled it away from her body and pressed her breast up with her palm.

Red Necklace

fetish bblover 2018-09-23

The popping sound I heard earlier came back, looking down my body saw my legs get smooth and hairless, my butt became more heart shaped, my short slightly curly brown hair started to grow long and think stopping just past my shoulders. Then I grabbed the outline of his hardening cock through his pants licked my lips and slowly with my free hand started unfastening his pants. I started to feel him convulse as he quickly pulled out aimed his drooling cock to my tits and came so hard he blasted what seemed like a gallon of cum spilling over each boob and trickling down my stomach.

Mom the Superheroine 03

fetish KatieTay 2018-09-23

Then Vixen went down on her knees, with Battler Babe's head still trapped in between – and Cindy could not help crying out, as her mother's skull suffered the impact of a kneeling piledriver! Vixen was showing off tremendous strength, being able to hold Battler Babe's struggling body upright like that in a kneeling position. Now both of them were on their knees, as in Greco-Roman wrestling, and Battler Babe's head was under Vixen's right armpit, her large arms trapped at a painful angle above. The twisting of Vixen's leg muscles were terrifying for Cindy to behold, knowing as she did that they were ravaging Battler Babe's battered abdominals.

Pee'ing in Love

fetish PLJ 2018-09-23

He slowly began to unzip my jeans and began pulling them down my legs “We are outside take me inside your house if you are going to strip me.” I said, what if someone drives by?” but he continued to pull my jeans off, I stepped out of them, and stood in front of him in my wet panties, and my white top. Mark said “Tammy out here where we can all watch.” I looked up to see Tammy slowly moving out from behind the shrub, and then she slowly started to pull down on the belt that was around her waist.

Sucker for Mom Chapter 7

fetish varunpal89 2018-09-23

Terry toweled himself dry in his room, trying to forget his mother, no, Mom..." Terry mumbled, thinking that his dream had been more Sheila's words hit Terry like a ton of bricks. "Well, Terry, did you screw the little thing?" Sheila asked wantonly. "Not exactly..." Terry said, his cock dripping with lust for his mother. "Does your cock get big and hard in her mouth, darling?" she asked. "Am I making you horny?" Sheila asked, feeling her cunt moisten. so horny?" Terry felt the shaft of his cock "Yeah, Mom, you did!" Terry said, unable to lie to his mysterious and isn't supposed to make him horny!" Terry said, looking deeply into his wickedly, imagining the size of Terry's excited cock and balls.

Second Time With Uncle

fetish 2018-09-23

I was lying on my stomach and he took that chance to mount me and started grinding his cock into my ass. It didn't take long for him to reach to the point of no return when he suddenly took his right arm and pulled his dick out trough his boxers and shot a huge amount of cum on the back of my panties spewing into on my ass crack and back, His body shook with each blast till he was out of breath. He started humping me this time with one hand on my ass cheek caressing and groping it. I guess what stunned me was when he started pulling my panties down as I tried to move away and wiggle my ass show my hesitancy.

Lady Bird

fetish N_Deavours 2018-09-23

His mistress had coldly ordered him to alluringly display the only thing she considered noteworthy - his physical assets - to a prospective buyer, an incredible wealthy woman, patiently waiting outside on her porch. The woman was in a playful mood and continued to tease him along the edge of his delicate panties and then slowly lowered them exposing his magnificent manhood. Of course chemical inhibitors or blockers to make him docile and shy like a pubescent boy have suppressed and manipulated parts of his brain functions. Finally she was able to tear away her eyes from his beautiful organ and was taken aback when she saw his slightly flushed face, rationalizing he must still feel immense humiliation, despite the chemical suppressants.


fetish cbf316 2018-09-23

"God that feels so good i wish i had a tongue on them" Heather moaned as Jenn worked her fingers in deep and then leaned over and gave each sole a quick peck before sitting back and sliding her feet next to Heather's so all Chris could do was lay and stare at 4 dirty feet. "God what a nice round ass you do a lot of lunges" Heather giggled as Jenn got in front of Chris and put both her feet right in front of his mouth. Chris pressed the tip against Jenn's hole as moaned "Fuck me right in my ass you little foot boy" as Heather spread her cheeks and Chris and Heather watched as Jenn's asshole opened and the head popped inside her asshole.