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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Slow Discovery of a Fetish

fetish songwriter503 2018-09-23

For me, though, learning to master this practice also involved inevitably dealing with the thing that turned me on the most, and sort of keeping that at bay in order to avoid cumming before I wanted to. October, I discovered on that first October visit, was the month that Maya practiced a sort of restraint, kind of a pagan version of Lent or Eid. In October she wanted to go without her favorite things, in order to build her own character. Telling me to stop wasn't helping relieve the pressure for her, and she had taken to laughing loudly every time she was close to cumming, which seemed to help her avoid orgasm for a minute or so.

Drink: a Circle of Denial Story Ch. 02

fetish SlaveMasterUK 2018-09-23

Ellen swam in heart-racing euphoria as she felt Lady Anira's thighs touch her buttocks, her belly and breasts touch her back, her nose nuzzle through her long hair to clear a path for her lips to touch the back of her neck. No, Mistress!" Ellen shot forward quickly and slammed her legs shut as Anira gave a playful tug under her clit, but it was too late -- a little trickle ran down her lips and onto the toilet seat, where it pooled under her thighs. Ellen reluctantly obeyed, pulled her legs gently apart and lifted her buttocks from the seat so that Anira could wipe the warm flannel over her dampened flesh, returned her body to the wet seat as she withdrew it and tossed it into the washing basket.

Got Milk? - Delilah & Mac Ch. 05

fetish Little_Mac 2018-09-23

Hehe, you looked like you were about to lose your mind!" Delilah says, laughing. It really means a lot to me that you like my outfit." She scoots closer to Mac and allows her crossed leg to go past his left knee, her flat-covered foot right in front of his crotch. take a good look at it and relax yourself" And with a wink, Del allows her toes to flex highly for him, wiggling them inside the flat as seductively and naturally as she could. Delilah thinks about it for a few seconds, and with a hard scrunch of her toes in her flat, she looks at Mac with a concern. Mac bites his lip "But what about your flats and stockings, Delilah?"


The Pedicurist

fetish Decayed Angel 2018-09-23

Therese had been promising herself a deluxe pedicure for some time now, and with the gift certificate she received for her birthday, she decided it was about time. The sly look in Alicia's eye convinced Therese that the woman did have a twenty year old on the side. Therese had never used her feet on a man before, so she fumbled a bit clumsily at first, but she adapted quickly and soon she was working him as good as if she was giving him a hand job. The beautiful cock felt so soft to her feet, it felt as if she was sliding her toes over satin sheets, a feeling she could enjoy for hours on end, except that Rico's movement were quickly getting more urgent as he moaned loudly.

Alice's Wonderland

fetish qudduse 2018-09-23

That next morning was the first of my morning blow jobs from her, only to be capped off with the order that I fuck her ass and fill it because I certainly ran out of cum the night before, “before her ass could get filler properly.” When I finished, she casually got up and went to the bathroom and then came out naked and asked if I wanted some breakfast. She told me how amazing it was to feel a dick really deep in her, how tight it was in her ass and how it felt like she was being split in two in the best of ways, how great it was to feel her tits fly around when she was getting really fucked hard, and how much of a turn on it was to see and feel a guy cum all over her.

Alexander's Resort

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-09-23

"Yeah, here's to the weekend." Connie lifted the cup sipping her drink and listening to momentary silence of the phone while watching the man slam his cock into the younger woman by the surf. She watched her friend drag her tongue across the lower lip then mouth 'can I hear?' Connie held a finger up as if to say just a moment. Can I put you on the speakerphone?" Without waiting for a reply, Connie let her foot holding phone lower from her ear and she pressed the speakerphone button with the tip of her index finger before sitting the phone on the coffee table.

In Times of Need Ch. 01

fetish EricSilence 2018-09-23

She was one of those popular girls, probably because she's drop dead gorgeous and every guy that looked at her wanted to drop through and fuck her brains out. "Uh, hey, um, Claire." I couldn't stop raking my eyes across her body to look her at her face. I awkwardly smiled at her as we kept eye contact for longer than was really appropriate, but I didn't want to look away. "Hey Claire, bring that sexy ass back here!" I heard a male voice yell from inside the house. "Yeah, sure." She went back inside and started to close the door when I realized I was still holding her homework. She looked at me with those puppy dog eyes again, "You're such a good guy, Tyler.

A Cops Day Out.. And In.

fetish Sally_Mae 2018-09-23

As Klein grabs Casey and she gets on him and he puts her on the trunk of the squad car, and yanks her pants off and slowly kisses her thighs and works his way up to her swollen, wet, mound and sucks till Casey lets out he biggest sigh and grabs Klein's head and pulls his hair, which excites Klein more and be grabs himself and start to beat his meat while quickly glancing over at Honey and Davis. Davis has pulled Honey down and bends her over the hood of the car and spreads her legs and with out even taking his pants all the way off he whips out his huge cock and lubes it and slowly and easily slips it into Honey's tight, wet, swollen pussy, when he gets just halfway in Honey lets out a huge scream, that makes Davis go in further with pleasure!

88% cop

Smoking Fetish

fetish 2018-09-23

as i open the door, you have just taken a long drag from your cigarette, with slightly parted lips you kiss me, exhaling slowly, i suck the smoke in as my tongue slips past your lips. i now have your shirt wide open as i kiss and suck on your erect npples, a moan escapes your lips as you exhale a cloud of smoke. my lips are gently sucking your hard clit, then my tongue slides deep into your warm pussy. soon your lips are around my hard cock as your tongue swirls around the precum soaked tip. with your mouth full of my cum, you take a long deep drag from your cigarette, and begin kissing me passionately, we are swapping and snowballing my cum with our smokey mouths.....................

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 10

fetish Alfamann 2018-09-23

As I wandered across the yard the three males, Ben (my Father in Law), John (Debbie's husband), and young Troy (Rachel's boyfriend) all turned to stare at me letchurishly. "Put your boots back on, then hand the rest of your clothing to Troy," my Father in Law directed. After taking a few moments to silently take in the view from the summit we all set off on the descent, my Father in Law and I holding hands until the track narrowed to the extent we had to go in single file. The father and son looked like stunned mullets as this naked woman strode past them, so closely that they could have reached out and touched me.


Enjoying the preachers wife.

fetish 2018-09-23

I kissed her and cupped her tight ass cheeks in my hands. 6-4 and 230 lbs my hands were covering her tight little ass for sure. Soft ass cheeks and when I touched her lips I could feel her body shake. With my fingers spreading her tight pussy I pushed the head in her. She pulled my neck close and placed her head on my shoulder, she rode me and came again. She came two more times before I got her shirt and bra up. On the way home she told how many times she wanted this. Well we did not visit, I got a call from her few times and she came back for a weekend.

Armpit Politics

fetish Christian Black 2018-09-23

I'm talking about the society-mandated self-mutilation women inflict upon themselves every time they shave the hairs that grow naturally on their bodies. The custom is reinforced in the media (unshaven women have been made the butt of a joke in many television shows and comedy routines) and by the girl's peer group (the unshaven pubescent is chastised by her friends, possibly ridiculed by male peers.) By the time a woman reaches adulthood, the behavior is firmly established. I was sitting beside the stage, drinking a beer while waiting to go on, when she slid in the door; a tall, beautiful black woman in a red dress. "I like your shoes, Harry," she said mysteriously, looking down at them.

A Real Bitch

fetish Mnprnwriter 2018-09-23

Trish walked up to me, the usual snide look on her pinched face, "Jess, I may have put a small scratch in your precious truck." With that she turned on her heel and pranced away down the aisle and out the door. I looked her in the eye and told her that she was not allowed to use her hands and must eat like the bitch she was. Once I ate and cleaned up, I took the boat back to the truck and called Tom. His voice was worried and he wanted to know how things were going, I gave him a update on what had happened so far and went over what I had planned next.

Fantasy Revealed & Almost Fulfilled

fetish keithdavis1010 2018-09-23

I'll start off slow and easy (she paused and looked kindly into my eyes) but we'll end up fast and hard, I'll use you like a piece of meat (she said harshly, smacking my ass hard)." "I want to see the look on you face when I shove my cock up your ass." She said seriously. Now that I know how much your ass likes being fed cock I promise to feed it regularly." She promised. Who knows, maybe after he's done with you he'll turn you over to his friends to use at both ends until you're covered in jism and fucked raw." She slammed into me grinding her hips against me trying to force even more inside me.

Mile high

fetish Storygal 2018-09-23

"Heres your pass miss" the gate attendant drew her attention away from Jason but he couldn’t stop looking at her. Jason heard the sound of a door lock opening, when he looked up he saw the breasts of the woman bounce out of the bathroom. The woman walked by slowly as if she were in no rush, when she reached the row that Jason was sitting in she looked straight at his crossed legs, looking down he noticed that he hadnt covered all of his hard on. Jason was about to head back to his seat when he felt a hand pull him into the toilet. Where the woman had gone he had no idea, Jason didn’t turn round in case she was looking at him.

cuckold to the gardener pt 2

fetish flumpermunch 2018-09-22

i looker at the big black man who was standing in front of my small blonde teen girl an he had that look again ,the one from by the pool which made me push lisa towards him , she opened her mouth an the head went into her mouth ,that's a good boy mum said as tyrone moaner with pleasure, lisa sucked his cock slowly but quite deep , mum took another pic an said i,v got a great idea she put the camera on a tripod an came over she got behind him an started to lick his ass.

Sex with the Whole Company

fetish Mycke 2018-09-22

We must have fucked 20 times one afternoon, so much so that sperm covered my face, hair, breasts and stomach. That was another thing about Radik – his quantity of sperm seemed to increase the more he came. But to those who took the time to really look closely, Sarah was beautiful. One morning, 3 weeks into my sexual-agenda in the workplace, I sat down next to Sarah as she banged out some numbers on her Texas instrument. Despite the fact that Sarah dressed in clothing reminiscent of peasantry, she projected a certain sexual confidence, which from time to time would express itself through an unmistakably dipping blouse, or a hem, which trespassed her knees.

Back In The Swing

fetish Rings3 2018-09-22

Sorrell began pulling on her nipples, milking them, until the streams of milk jetted forth bathing Mia's pussy in warm wetness, pooling in her open cave, letting her breast go, milk still dribbling from her nipples, Sorrell bent her head to begin licking and sucking Mia's milk and cunt-juice smothered pussy, licking and sucking till she could taste no more of the sticky mess. Hands and fingers found heaving breasts, squeezing and pulling at hard pink nipples, Sorrell was leaking milk everywhere as Mia belaboured her lover's tits, her own heaving to Sorrell's not so gentle ministrations.

The Dinner Date

fetish celticlass 2018-09-22

The pain is minor though, and I relish in the feel of his hard cock still buried inside my tight wet pussy as we cling to each other and catch our breaths. His arms are around my waist and he lets his hands fall until they're resting just above the curve of my ass; with the slightest pressure, he let me feel his hard cock. I sit in between his legs, and his arms wrap around me and hold me close as our mouths meet in a soft kiss. His mouth's tug-release on my nipples is matching the rhythm that my hips have set, so it feels like he's fucking my tits and my pussy at the same time

Katie's Muscle Journey 010

fetish KatieTay 2018-09-22

Jim gives a low moan and tries to walk away, but Ryoko steps forward and quickly grabs hold of his arm, preventing him from moving, while Edna dissolves into a fit of giggles. "Well, it is a pity you missed it, but if you feel like seeing Katie humiliated again, you know all you have to do is get her on the mat," Ryoko laughs. Let him call it down the middle, as he likes." At this, Jim pokes his head hesitantly out of the kitchen, looking at me questioningly as if he doesn't dare believe I still want him around in any way. Edna smiles tightly and says, "Yes. I want Jim to fuck me from behind while I pin Katie."

Green for Go!

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-09-22

And Jason was now eagerly anticipating the arrival of his SOS Club member's 'special' wristwatch (which looked just like a sports/diver's watch - only it wasn't), which would arrive in the post on Saturday morning. Jason checked the time on his SOS Club member's wristwatch - yes, it actually told the time, and so at least it wasn't totally useless, thought Jason - and he saw that the bus into town was due any moment. The 2 female SOS Club members both dabbed their lips with their paper napkins; slid their feet back into their leather flip flops and, without so much as a word to Jason, they promptly walked away - leaving Jason still on his knees, and left looking like a right, absolute plonker ...

Cut Away

fetish BobDogwood 2018-09-22

I’m standing in the center of the living room as she requested and she pulls out this long, extremely mean looking and sharp stiletto. So given this rather kinky history between Dave and Kristen I wasn’t surprised at all when she resumed cutting away my shirt with them sitting there watching closely. Kristen had just finished cutting my shirt away completely leaving me bare-chested and about half hard already when another knock came upon the front door. A man and woman who looked to be in their late twenties or early thirties entered the room with a boy and girl that I learned later were ten years old.

Wendy's Afternoon Toy

fetish fossie123 2018-09-22

Come on you little whore, suck my big cock, make it nice and wet so I can fuck your ass. In a low strained voice she tells me, ok slut get ready for it, I'm going to pound your asshole and give you the fucking you need. She lays on my back for a minute to catch her breath then placing her foot on the bench for leverage; she pushes it in as deep as she can and tells me this time she's going to fuck me hard. She puts her hands on my hips and holds me tight, and then she pulls me towards her, thrusting her cock in hard. Smiling she looks at me and Slaps my ass before telling me to pull my pants up and come inside.

Gangbang Maria

fetish 2018-09-22

She grabs on to the bathroom sink hard as she feels every inch of that hard cock penetrate her tight little virgin ass, and it feels like it goes on forever, she feels as if he's going to reach her stomach and fuck her insides. When he goes deep all the way, he pulls back really fast, and she feels all the cock exit her ass, and then come back inside, over and over again, he fucks her hard, pounding her as she gasps and barely stays on foot. The two guys fucking her ass explode inside her, one first and short after the other, and when their cocks pull out all the cum starts dripping out.