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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Mom's Sexuality Awaken Chapter Seven

fetish rollhigh 2018-09-22

Sally removed his still sperm covered cock from her mouth and started rubbing the head around her lips and told him, I’m glad too. Still pumping his cock, Sally looked up and into Jeff’s eyes she said, Now I want you to use your hands and fuck my face till you need to cum again. Sally pulled back so the people watching could see Josh start filling her mouth with his cum and then the cock head went back inside her mouth. When Sally was slurping the last of the cum Josh pulled out and brought his cock up to her face and blasted a big wad straight into her right eye before stuffing his cock into her mouth.

Meeting Mistress

fetish pppllc3 2018-09-22

Tory led me from the car and the main door, massive and made of ancient oak, opened before us, a uniformed butler standing formally inside, eyes averted and silent. When I was neatly shaved and dried off, I left the bath, towel around my waist, only to find Tory relaxing, her long legs crossed, in an over stuffed chair in the corner of the bedroom. Tory is still dressed in black and I am standing in front of her feeling at a disadvantage. A slippery finger finds its way between my skin and the black lace parting my ass. Tory's flesh begins to swell inside me and then with a soft sighing cry in my ear, it releases.

How I Became A Filthy Tranny Slave

fetish beyondkink 2018-09-22

Without any further hesitation he pulled me by the leash out the front of the barn and into the middle of the crowed of men who were mostly naked and already had hard cocks at the site of me in my slutty outfit. Others aimed for other parts of my body and it wasn't long before my face, chest, ass, and thighs were covered in a film of spit. Five or so men than took their hard cocks and began using them to smear the spit and drool all over my gagged and harnessed face. As I would suck one cock, others would rest their cocks on my face while others would once again continue to abuse my bound and exposed body and ass.

Surprise Surprise Ch. 5

fetish Sobek 2018-09-22

And more then once I had commented about wanting to fuck Sam, and Anna had sucked and jacked me off while I looked at the pictures Rod had given me of Tina. Tina and Rod had taken the camp next to us and Sam and Jerry camped next to Tim. Anna and the girl began to climb back into our motor home, no doubt to gossip and me and the boys headed for Tim's fifth wheel. Tim didn't seem like he wanted to share his drive up, No doubt Wendy had talked about fucking other guys and sucking them off 'til they shot a load on her face.

My Husband's Submission

fetish pamcd 2018-09-22

I told your husband I am showing you what I know your wife will enjoy a lot. I asked Joe if he liked what he was looking at, my cock? Joe looked at me like in shock and finally said yes I do. I asked Joe does your wife like to suck your cock and Joe said yes she does. He took my cock and slowly stroked for a few seconds then he looked up at me and I said yes go ahead and do what you know you want to do. He said yes I do I love the way your head feels and he slowly sucked my head in his mouth.

A New Kind of Romance

fetish Arctic_chillz 2018-09-22

A few moments later she walked back down and handed me a note, she said "follow me when you've finished reading it," and sprinted back up the steps as fast as she could. At the other end of the room Laura stood with her body facing the wall, her pants pulled down over her butt. I inched closer and reluctantly pressed my lips to her greasy butt cheek, which technically meant my first passionate kiss was with Laura's ass. I decided to accept my fate and continued suckling her filthy asshole, trying to maneuver my tongue in any way that would pleasure her, until she pushed my face away and pulled up her jeans over her soaking wet cheeks.

Vixens - The Triple Story 02

fetish Nellskitchen 2018-09-22

Though she seemed comfortable with her nakedness and hadn't reacted when Lissette's heels hit the hardwood floor, the artist had a point, as the girl continuously wriggled; her hips reflexively twitching, resulting in legs snapping closed, as if controlled by some external force. Dropping the apple and to Lissette's wide-eyed astonishment, she frantically reached between her legs and seized the glistening tail of a wriggling black snake imprisoned in her birth canal! Having observed his handling of the models, Lissette understood the artist would dispatch her if she said no. Mindful of Eileen's official "condoms only" rule, Lissette went ahead and did what girls do; she acquiesced, rationalizing that doing someone of his towering artistic renown wasn't the same as doing just anybody.

Black Journal Ch. 23

fetish Dhc000333 2018-09-22

That's right, I wanted to get a tattoo. It's funny, most dudes I know get their damn tighty-whities in a jock itch bunch because they seem to waste time talking to a female and don't get the drawls. I wasn't getting a tat but Meifeng did. I showed it to Meifeng and she liked it. It was to be some guy named Harley, but it was actually this sweet, succulent top-heavy, long haired, bbw Hispanic girl. When she talked she spoke about her life in tattooing. So if dressing like she does and giving me a platonic showing of her body that also keeps her calm and confident, then so be it. She moaned a little every time she headed downward.

Full of Black Love

fetish Jizzylady 2018-09-22

As she did I could see Joe getting hard as his pants stiffened and his big black dick curled upwards into action, He did nothing to hide this and the blonde nurse was very distracted and blushed red, but was silent as it seemed to draw her attention away from the job and her hand slipped off my belly. He pushed his chest onto my legs and reached for my 2 big titties, squeezed them both and took 2 jets of hot milk into his hungry mouth.He loved titty milk. I noticed the tight white nurses dress had been unbuttoned at the top and she went past us a bit flushed out wiping her mouth with her hand!

His Version

fetish radiogir1 2018-09-22

Rob dropped his shorts and began imagining ripping her clothes off, pinning her down, pulling her little panties to the side and forcing his massive dick hard into her tight little pussy. Rob had fucked loads of girls so had his own techniques, and as he curled his fingers inside her making a hook shape that rubbed her g spot firmly he could feel her cream running down his hand. Alice didn't want to miss out on the action and flicked her tongue over Rob's fingers, then their mouths met again, sharing her musky pussy taste. Rob sat down on the toilet seat, with his pants round his ankles and used both hands to pull Alice's arse cheeks apart.

The Harem Slave Ch. 08

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-09-22

Sophie frowned at Sabrina, but the girl was already on her feet, having dislodged her half of the dildo, and was following the maid out of the room. As the old woman exited the room, Sophie and Sabrina grinned at each other. "That's a good girl," the woman whispered softly, "don't stop." The maid spread her legs and began to toy with her clit, rubbing her own nipples as she watched the young women. As she writhed on the warm marble floor, she caught sight of the woman, frigging herself furiously, her eyes riveted on the girls. Sophie groaned in disgust, pulling Sabrina down into the water and away from the woman.


Pleasure Addiction

fetish Vaspire 2018-09-22

I put this grain of rice in my ear, and my wife magically gets twice the pleasure from boning?" I asked, skeptical. "Mmm, you taste good," said my wife, Renata, in her most sultry voice after pulling away from a deep kiss. The bushy-haired, stern guy who always looks like he's trying to read a sign across the room?" asked Renata, "He makes sex toys?" "But, like I was trying to explain, whatever pleasure I'm feeling, you feel too!" I pulled her into the shower. "I've never felt anything like it." Carefully, she wrapped her hand fully around my cock, then worked it up to the head.

Life's Changes Ch. 12

fetish Scribler 2018-09-22

Pam came in to the bedroom with my coffee and said after, giving me a kiss and a smile to Kim "Good morning my Mistress here's your coffee and your fruit is waiting down stairs." "Yea, The guys in the other room are going to think I'm the biggest bitch alive by the time they're done." Then she looked over at the setting of my Stairmaster and asked. "Your upper body strength is pretty good but you need to work on your stomach muscles, their kind of weak." Then looking at her watch she said "You have twenty minutes to get showered and changed before your luncheon.

Getting Smoked

fetish ctemple 2018-09-22

She sat there with her mouth open listening as the other woman talked, then came the next puff, this time it was a nice long puff, the cigarette went to her lips and the tip glowed red quite awhile, her hand went away from as she sucked on the smoke. He looked over at the two women and the girl in red, she put the cigarette back in her mouth and sucked on it again, then tilted her head up and blew out a thick white cloud of smoke. "This is what I meant by smoking a guy, the blond girl looked over at her friend and grinned, they won't move a muscle." She put her cigarette up to her lips again, and began preparing another blast of smoke for Chris's head.

Sated Hunger

fetish Dragon Dreamer 2018-09-22

Paul grinned sheepishly, and Sherri put her hand behind his neck and pulled him to her, kissing him deeply. Paul on the other hand, kept his eyes moving, looking out for danger, and although he thought he saw people in the shadows every now and then, they moved away at his and Sherri's approach. He took a few steps further into the room, and when he turned, saw that Sherri had closed the door and locked it, and was putting the key into the drawer of a table. She slowly ran her hands over her breasts, caressing them lightly as she looked into Paul's eyes. She lowered a hand between her legs and began stroking herself slowly, feeling the wetness he was causing flow from inside her.

A Jailer's Captivity

fetish MeeYass 2018-09-22

"Thanks, Gloria." Marcia replied, as she too, placed her hands on my ass, feeling it's heat. The ball-gag was removed from my mouth just as Gloria's hands grasped onto my hips, and I felt something hard push slightly against my asshole. It took a couple of seconds, but, when my eyes finally focused, I was gazing up into Gloria's freshly fucked pussy, just as she began to release a warm stream of urine all over my face, and into my mouth. I begged them to release my restraints, but "not quite yet." Marcia rolled me onto my side and began slowly fucking me, by removing and re-inserting the vibrator that, until then, had been still buzzing up my ass. Gloria began strapping my ass as I fucked Marcia's, but this time it seemed to heighten my pleasure.

She fucked me in the street while it's rainin

fetish joe4ueg 2018-09-22

At that time she turns around to face me , i was going to say let's go to my car (which parked far away near the water) or let's go to my house , but before i say anything she started kissing me again and this time she shoved her hands down my pants and boxers and grabbed my cock which by this time was burning hot and her hands were cold as ice, It felt SO GOOD !

My Boss Is a Dom Ch. 01

fetish tremila 2018-09-22

I've known the boss' user account password for long and almost every week, on Sunday morning, when nobody would ever come to work I get there and log in, lurk through browser history, emails, backups hoping to find something juicy. I whip it out and furiously start jacking off, with the thought of her beautiful body in my mind, and that sweet picture on screen. A woman in a red latex bodysuit comes in, in her hand, a nine tails whip. I can feel my belly swelling strongly, as she whips me again, with that long leather painmaker. Moments later, I begin to struggle, and start swallowing every single drop I had in my mouth, so that I could breathe again.

Executive Training

fetish petercee 2018-09-22

I seemed to be in a different world taking firm hold on Richards cock I encouraged him to follow me to my room, once there I removed his towel and pushed him down on to the bed seconds later I was naked as well alongside him. I bobbed up and down on his cock trying to get it deeper but it kept hitting the back of my throat too big to swallow, in the end I had to pull away and be content to just lick and suck on his shaft and glans while I slowly stroked him with my hands and gently played with his heavy balls.

My Visit to the Sex Therapist

fetish keithdavis1010 2018-09-22

"I could sure use one of these rooms, my neighbors are a pain in the ass they as so noisy I sometimes think they train elephants for the circus." I said stepping over the threshold. She slowly wiggled out of her navy blue pleated skirt, once it got past her ass she let it slid down her legs all the way to the floor and stepped away. She continued to piston in and out causing me more feelings of pleasure that spread outward from ass all over my entire body until I couldn't take it anymore and pleaded for her to stop.

Carmen the Stockings Princess

fetish totally_blunt 2018-09-22

She was wearing black shiny flats because we weren't sure if we were going to walk around the park or go somewhere. On the way to my house, I just couldn't help getting good looks at those legs. "Let's wait until we get to your house, then you can show me the answer." She started slowly hiking up her skirt in a very teasing way. I moved my hand onto her breasts and felt how wonderful they were for an 18 year old girl. I kept rubbing my face into her stockined lap while moving my hands up and down her legs. "Me too...I'm getting very close." I answered her as best as I could during this wonderful pleasure I was feeling fucking her like I was.

A Very Special Delivery Ch. 03

fetish xPhantomKissX 2018-09-22

After a long awkward minute of her eyes devouring us, she looked from my face to Sandra's and spoke, "William said you were both really tasty" She paused for a very long time as her inspection become more apparent and even more seductive. I heard Alexa's leather shift on the floor and then felt her weight lean into Sandra. I pushed my back against Sandra to hold her up and I felt something brush my hair from behind and Alexa whispered near both our ears, "I here you girls are naughty little cum sluts, is this true?" I felt Alexa lean back and Sandra relaxed, giving my hands a double squeeze, as if she if to say everything was ok.

The Alpha bet Ch. 01

fetish extruepsico 2018-09-22

He lifted off his chair just enough to reach the black book, grabbed it and sat back, turned a couple of pages, then looked up and continued, "Since you want to play by the book," he said with a smirk, "5th- You have to follow the order of the alphabet, and bring only one for each letter, and it ends only when our cashier receives the $1000 chip they won." "You have exactly one month, starting now!" he said with his finger sticking up, and then, pressing it down on the table, "To come up with the goods, or else my friends here," pointing at the two black goons who were standing by the door, "Will sent you to your mother in a little box, GOT IT?!" and pressed his finger on the young man's gut.

Not Gay Natural Cocksucker

fetish 425olds 2018-09-22

Tyler pulled out and asked, "Do you want another cock to suck before you go home to your wife and k**s?" I said goodbye to my wife even as I felt my mouth betray me by watering at the thought of sucking that beautiful cock. "Shit, you're a great cocksucker," Tyler said, as he shoved his cock back in my mouth and I hungrily bobbed on it. That led one day to the truth coming out (pun intended) during a gathering between the four of us that led to a crazy orgy where my wife saw me suck cock, I saw my wife eat pussy, I watched my wife get fucked by Tyler's big dick and I even got to fuck the beautiful Sarah...