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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Wife and I were Robbed

fetish drew1207 2018-09-21

"Hey look at this Joey, this pervert is getting off on his wife being head fucked," he says as he pulls down the front of my panties to revel my semi-hard cock pushing against my pantyhose. "Well now this bitch and her bitch husband know we both got the hots for nylons so let's make the most of it" says Joey and opens the gusset of the pantyhose he was using as a gag and pulls the pantyhose over my wife's head. Frank starts to chuckle "looks like that stuck-up bitch is about to get hers Michele" he sniggers sarcastically, "so I guess It's time you got the same; It's only fair that husband and wife should get equal attention."

Smoky Distraction

fetish Sweetlea 2018-09-21

Patrick forgot about the movie at that moment as her hand came to rest lightly, then stroke his thigh through his jeans. Vanessa closed her eyes and took another drag from the long white cigarette, her red nails scraping gently across the bulge in his jeans. The taste of the smoke in her mouth excited him beyond belief and he felt her hand undoing his pants and his cock which she then began to stroke. Vanessa took another long drag and blew the smoke on his fingers. Vanessa sensed his nearness and took one more drag on the Marlboro, blowing the smoke out and kissing him hungrily on the lips as she jerked him off.

Outdoor sex with a stranger

fetish DirkDastardly 2018-09-21

Currently I’m sitting on a log in a rarely used area of countryside to walk my dog, Mutley. I’ve only ever see a plain looking woman around my age, with a collie, a grumpy 35 something guy with a boxer and two twenty something female joggers. “You think I’m joking!” as she steps right up close with her feet shoulder width apart and continues, Without interrupting this finger fucking, she unbuttons her coat and starts working on the buttons to her blouse. That said she popped my cock on her wet pussy lips entrance and excruciatingly slowly slid down and only stops as her bum meets my thighs. “I hope you enjoyed a ‘good solid fuck’.” With that she turns and walks off tossing her wet knickers beside her discarded bra.


fetish JenPB 2018-09-21

I don't know the physical or perhaps maybe even the physiological reasons why but, ever since I got my left nipple pierced three months ago, I am non-stop horny. I get such a rush from it that I wish it wouldn't stop and keep sucking until that once beautiful hard cock falls limp inside my mouth. My man loves my ass and he likes to lick both of my holes when he's eating me out. Sometimes instead of cuming inside me, he likes to pull his cock out and cum all over my tits and stomach. After I came about a dozen times, I finally fell asleep only to awake about two hours later to start right back up at it again vibrating my clit and fucking my pussy.


fetish realbigsid69 2018-09-21

During the meal, they'd spoken and she'd asked his advice about guys, but later in the pub, he knew he was starting to look at her in a different way. Turning her around gradually, L put her hands on the desk then gasped again as she felt his tongue snaking in between her ass cheeks and searching for her asshole. And you're going to spoil me in so many ways, aren't you?" said L, sitting down hard on his tongue. I want you to be looking as handsome as possible because I know that I might be fucking the living daylights out of your face afterwards" L said with lust in her voice. You know exactly what we're going to do" she said, rolling her skirt up and turning to lean over the counter.

never knew i had it in me.....

fetish 2018-09-21

it was something i had never given a thought about. probably all the mr. wrongs in my life in the past. then i met a guy who did it for the first time. he loved creampies, making them, watching them, filming them, playing with them, worshiping them. i was never with the guy again (damn) but am constantly fantasizing about being with, not 1, but 2 men who love to eat creampies, taking turns, one fucking while the other is sucking, and both enjoying sloppy seconds and eating each other's creampies from my well-fucked pussy, or both eating at the same time, all of our cum mixed together. only real men who love real raw sex, everybody enjoying every single minute of it!!

Big Cock Cuckold

fetish Sinful55 2018-09-21

After, coming out to my husband, Dan, about my desire to experience a truly huge cock, I was surprised to find that he was just as turned on by the idea as me. Eric looked down at me, obviously enjoying watching me struggle to take his cock as I licked around the swollen head coating it with my saliva. I glanced over and saw Dan, watching me intently, obvious discomfort written on his face as his tiny cock strained against the cage. I looked over at Dan, who was squirming as his own dick hardened against the cage at the sight of Eric plowing me from behind. As Eric stretched and pummeled my pussy, I felt an orgasm rising up inside of me.

The Island (Chpt 6 Part 1)

fetish wastedaway 2018-09-21

Then gave me a small apologetic smile for what she had to say: "In our slavery, master, we have come to learn that there are two ways in which a captive girl can give joy to men. "We think you'll find her positioned to your liking, Master," Dorinda said demurely. Those two girls proved something I suppose we all know but don't quite believe: that females get the best of men every time. When the ropes were pulled hard enough the lovely legs rose up and spread wide so that by the time their bottoms left the floor each girl seemed to be about ninety percent sex. Dorinda and Terry and Pettie offered me finer breasts and better handfuls of cunts than any underground.

Fantasies of Laura

fetish Madabouthair 2018-09-21

I had only seen one woman with armpit hair all summer; a cute girl who came from Canada most likely, and I hung around her area for about an hour, listening to her speak her lyrical French while enjoying looking at the modest tufts of brown hair under her arms whenever she raised her slender limbs. Every time I saw her back at work after that, I fantasized about her armpits - what they looked like under those clothes, and how hairy they had may have become since that day.

A Country Posting

fetish exaltau 2018-09-21

Stroking my nipples through the thin latex brought them erect, then on low speed I let the vibrator stimulate my rectum, the slow movement was very soothing and waves of pleasure wafted over me, an increase in speed produced almost the same sensation as a penis thrusting back and forth, slowly with out even touching my vagina I reached a very satisfactory climax, almost as good as the real thing. Having cleaned him up he asked that I rub his penis with my gloved hands and some lubricant, I did just as he asked, with his left hand he caressed my latex sheathed bottom which was rather nice, steady strokes soon had him on the brink of orgasm, rolling a condom on to his turgid penis I caught the emission before he could soil the mackintosh sheet under him.

Society 1.5: Modernus Aperito

fetish TitianaPrisca 2018-09-21

Sliding his arm from around Javier's waist, he took his hand and peeked out of the corner of his eyes flirtatiously as he turned toward Erik slowly. Jason rubbed his cock against Erik's and moaned while Javier pounded his ass. While the tops readjusted Jason's shaking body, and began to slide Erik's cock deep, the rest of the men continued to jerk one another slowly. When Jason felt Miguel's thigh against his ass cheeks, he knew he had three cocks in his hole. She wanted that one deep in her ass with Erik and Jason in her pussy. When they hit twenty minutes of steady fucking, Erik finally realized that Jason wouldn't put a halt to this. He and Javier spread Jason's legs and ass cheeks for a deep cleaning.

Total Narcissism Ch. 03

fetish analogkid678 2018-09-21

'His dick can't be bigger than mine.' My face must have betrayed my thoughts, as he slowly pulled his cock out of the fly of his briefs. Rubbing my gorgeous body, licking my lips, grabbing my the time I'm naked, my 10-inch dick is totally hard." To demonstrate, he briefly stopped jerking off to bring one of his size 10 feet up to his face and give it one big lick from heel to toe, mimicking what I'd done countless times. "You really love yourself, don't you Steven?" Nathan asked, jerking his rock hard dick. "Stroke that gigantic cock Nathan," he said, his voice quickly escalating in volume, "cum all over yourself!" I couldn't believe it, but I was about to cum watching someone else.

Second Date Rimjob

fetish JackTheRimmer 2018-09-21

Want to play truth or dare?" Chloe looked at her roommate Jessica as she was coming back into the room with two glasses of some kind of alcohol. Alright then, Jack..." Jessica looked over at Chloe and gave a cat-like grin, "I dare you to come over here and lick Chloe's ass!" I walked quickly to the couch and, going to my knees behind her, started kneading Chloe's beautiful butt in my hands, watching her pink thong disappear in her ass cheeks, then reappear, barely covering her asshole as I spread her cheeks wide, then push them together again. I extended my tongue, obscenely, trying to get a reaction from both Chloe and Jessica as I dipped it to the end of her pussy and dragged it up her ass crack, slowly over her anus and past.

My S*****s Panties

fetish drew1207 2018-09-21

She said she knew she was a cock tease and loved it. Lisa said that my additions to her panties had aroused her so much that She said it made her feel like a real slut to actually wear them few times, cumming almost immediately into her already soaked pantied. I had masturbated several times on her panties, leaving them soaking wet placed her hand on my panty covered cock. underneath her skirt, and had her hand inside her panties she was wearing. I licked my way back down her legs, and she removed the panties from her Lisa then placed her long legs around my neck, and was pushing my ass Lisa sais she hadn't counted on me wearing her panties, but did

Girl's Night Pt. 06

fetish DifferentBreed 2018-09-21

Fisher climbed up the stairs to the brownstone, Sophie's jeans creeping down his ass for what seemed like the hundredth time and the ill-fitting tank top no help as it stopped just above his belly button. "I want my little slut to look so fucking irresistible, and when I see how hard you are, and how much you love being humiliated and dominated, it makes it all worth it." Sophie took Fisher's hand and led him to the bed, quickly snapping the tags off his bra and panties. Sophie took his wrists in her hands and slipped the straps of the matching bra up his arms, tucked the underwire under his breasts and slipped around behind him, pulling them up over his shoulders.

Revenge Pt. 02 Day 02: Her View

fetish JacobRain 2018-09-21

"You remember when you used to love tickling me in the morning when I needed to pee?" I asked raking my nails very lightly on his ribs causing him to jump and gasp. "Just a couple minutes longer now, you can handle that for me can't you?" I said as I used my legs to lift and lower myself in slow strokes enjoying the sensations of his vibrating shaft sliding inside me. He opened his eyes struggling a moment to get his hands out from under himself, then stood and took short urgent steps across the room. He took a sip of coffee sitting his cup on the floor and sat cross legged obediently lifting my foot and working his thumbs into the ball below my big toe.

Skinhead Slut

fetish Durcet 2018-09-21

Ok it wasn't a shave, but it looked damned good on her, and Jan found herself wondering if she'd keep it. Brian's hands kept roaming over Jan's head, and she risked stroking his cock under cover of the crowd. "You went all the way!" She ran her hands over Jan's bare scalp. On the way out Brian took her hand, something he hadn't done in a long time. Going on all fours had been a good call; her bare scalp rubbed against the cool cotton pillows, new sensations raining down on her as a hard cock fucked her hard. She looked good bald, and she wanted to explore this sluttish new side of herself, but it wasn't quite right yet.

The Entertainment Ch. 03

fetish econut 2018-09-21

Steve stared at Lana for a few seconds, then turned and looked at Tracy. He looked past Lana's ass to where Tracy's was bouncing slightly as she bobbed her head up and down, again trying to deep throat as much of Gary's cock as she could. Tracy was turned full around with one hand still wrapped around Gary's dong and she was just staring, astonished at seeing her husband cum from having two fingers up his ass. Lana kept going, "Look at how deep he is in her." By this time Gary was well over halfway in "His cock is reaching deeper than your little dick ever has.

Unexpected Discoveries

fetish boba_sex 2018-09-21

She moved her hands back up to her waist and slowly started to slide her pants down, remembering how he did it, she turned around and bent over as she slid them over her ass. Without a word, Jiro moved towards her and quickly wrapped her in his arms and started kissing her with as much passion as he ever had, his cock pushing against her pubic hair. Marina backs her head up and sucks on the upper half of his cock, taking her right hand and moving it from his nipples down to grasp his shaft. With a final suck, Marina pulls her head back and grabs his cock, directing it toward her tits as he starts to squirt on her.

The Chair Shoppe

fetish tekkar 2018-09-21

Even the Shoppe girl's knew many of the Women came in after working up a sweat on the tennis & racquetball courts & even just coming off the golf course liked to come in & sit in one of the expensive chair & have their cunny's & asses cleaned. The blond woman fed him slowly until finally the funnel was pulled away giving Kevin a brief glimpse of her smiling face before her wet cunny came down onto his mouth to be licked clean. 'Well I think we should buy two Mother, to go with those cute black boys you bought yesterday' the young redhead was saying as she sat heavily into the chair forcing her ass deep into the padded hole & onto Kevin's face bringing him out of his worry about the boy they had taken away.

What a Woman Feels

fetish silky-bi-girl 2018-09-21

I gave him a kiss on the cheek and stroked his hard ass through his shirt as I reached into the top drawer to retrieve my silk stockings - also from Paris. I could see him straining desperately not to come as I pulled the stocking down until his cock-head strained at the sheer toe. Bunching the stocking around his shaft, I quickly unrolled the condom over his silk-padded cock. I glanced in the mirror and saw my lover’s hands stroking my behind, pushing my dress up, exposing my beautiful little ass. I slipped the stocking on, allowing my lover a good long gawk as I pulled the silk up my thigh and hooked it finally into my garter.

My Best Friend's Crazy Fat Sister Ch. 04

fetish RetroFan 2018-09-21

INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER - When Sean is awoken very early on Sunday morning by fat Zoe sitting her panty-covered pussy in his face, it starts an interesting and hot week for both of them. Taking off her knickers and twirling them in her fingers before tossing them to one side, the naked Zoe then turned so I could see her fat bare bottom and removed my boxer shorts so now like her I was in a state of complete nudity. After five minutes of pure delight, I could feel my orgasm approaching and given the way Zoe was writhing on my face and her vagina was like a leaky tap, I knew she was close to orgasm too.

Clayton's New Learning Experience

fetish KBS24 2018-09-21

See he never was punished when he was a child, therefore he has no idea how to behave and I know that it will take a long time to teach him the manners he needs to learn. I stop smacking his bottom with my hand and as my lecture begins I turn to pick up the hairbrush, then lying it down on his right cheek. First the right, then the left, grabbing his hand and holding it behind his back telling him “Take your spanking Clayton you know you deserve it!” Raising my hand and bringing the strap down hard across both cheeks with one fast SWISH… He quickly cries out and professes to behave and that he has learned his lesson.

An Anniversary Present

fetish 2018-09-21

Steve took the key and then told my wife to take a powder and meet him at the front door in just a minute because he wanted to have a word with me. Steve was gentle and my wife told me later that she fell in love with his cock right there and then. My wife rarely tasted my cum but she treated Steve's like it was the nectar of a god, and in many ways it was. I am fucking her right now and wanted to be sure you knew how much she is enjoying it." With that he gave the phone to my wife and she let out a ""oh baby are you there" in between moans.