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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Rubber Ball

fetish akfetish 2018-09-21

Holding the leash with his left hand, William bent Kate over his knee and slowly rolled up the back of her short white latex nurse's dress, despite her feeble protests. When he failed to land another blow in a timely manner Kate turned her head to look up at him (not an easy task with her stark white posture collar locked onto her gorgeous neck.) Her eyes were wide, pupils dilated; they were close to pleading. Her surprised gasp was cut short when William suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled, forcing Kate to arch her back and look him in the eye again. Hidden from view by his lab coat Kate placed a hand around his cock and pulled it to her waiting lips.

Dahska's Trial

fetish the giant peach 2018-09-21

He pushed the rest of his cock in to her hungry mouth and as Dahska's face rested in the nappy nest of the giants pubic hair she cried the iron ball fell out of her throat and down to her belly. As another lord spread her legs and thrust himself in her well oiled cunt she pushed her tongue as far as she could in the giants ass and felt something hard she sucked at it and licked tasting a bitter mix. This whole time the giant was jacking his huge two foot cock and as he felt her sucking at his ass he could take no more and he blasted his cum in her face and hair and over her breasts she turned from her tanned bronze to a milky white from the nipple up.

Pushing The Boundaries

fetish shapeshifter37 2018-09-21

I could tell she was getting freshly wet because her cunt was growing even shinier, and a thick stream of come was slowly oozing down her inner thigh like a white arrow pointing to the target. You know I can't resist a nice drink with a handsome guy..." I pushed David down on the sofa, never letting go of his hard pulsating cock. I continued to tease him, and then when I thought he looked more relaxed, I slid down the length of his cock, pushing it deep into my sopping pussy. Before I knew it, the guy I was sucking came in my mouth." Jill leaned forward so that her lips were against mine.

The Main Course

fetish ladyofthemasque 2018-09-21

Bate kindly put a dry, clean towel over my head to keep the mist out of my hair, lungs and eyes, but beyond that, his students eagerly sprayed my arms and legs, my breasts, knees, armpits, belly, toes, ankles and thighs. I slid a little on the roasting pan with each thrust, and Master Bate paused, holding himself in a modified push-up position, half buried in my body. He and his helpers sprayed me one last time with the cooking oil, then Master Bate took digital pictures of me, bound and oiled, surrounded by roasting vegetables, an apple in my mouth, my own cum on my tongue, and theirs all over my skin.

Nighttime Adventure

fetish kinky_n_cali 2018-09-21

But as the pee ran down my face, dripping over my lips, I knew this was a very good time in my life. "Yes, she does like it, she is nothing but a filthy dirty little piss slut." You said back to the man. I didn't have much time to let these thoughts pour through my mind, because once they had their zippers down, warm pee started splattering all over my body. They had to have been moving their cocks around because the piss was hitting me all over, my hair, my face, my chest, my legs. Show them how much you like being covered in the piss of strange men." You said. Three black men where standing there with their cocks in their hands, with goofy smiles on their face.

The Night my Uncle came into my Bedroom

fetish 2018-09-21

I lay facing the back of the settee, my bum was just over the edge of the cushion, no prises for the fetal position, this would make illicit intercourse an easy act, stockings and thong, would encourage him, even the thong with its snap clip at the back, would bare my ass to him, a quick finger insertion between my cheeks would lead him directly into me, I was producing wetness, I was swollen and erect, and as my aunty slept quietly upstairs, I felt his hand slide under my loose fitting dress, I moved partly in sexual tension, in response to his hand revisiting the little girls body after all these years, but mostly due to it happening, so I moaned softly, just like I did before, gyrating my bum slightly, he had done me before with maximum results, so he knew I liked it, and he lifted my dress high, exposing my bum, and he pulled the clasp and eased the string slowly from between my taut cheeks, I moaned again, relaxing my thighs as he pushed between them and his stubby thumb opened my long closed lips, I pushed back and heard him mutter, 'Thats a good girl', and he began fumbling with his own clothing.

Slumber Party

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-09-21

On a Friday night, In an average suburban town, Holly, Rachel, Karen and Mindy were having a slumber party. "I've got a story to tell, its about John Tanners." Rachel announced. "well, you're gonna think I'm being really shallow, but he had a small dick." All the girls chuckled amongst themselves, mostly assuming that Rachel was joking. Let me tell you the story first, then you can judge me." Rachel said. I sat him down, I told him 'its okay' 'nothings wrong' 'don't worry baby' I felt like a mother comforting her newborn baby. After 45 minutes of crying he finally stopped and said something like 'don't tell anyone okay, I'm so sorry, but don't tell anyone'.

Circumcised Adventure

fetish lalupin 2018-09-21

I'm sure it will look even more awesome and, well, even bigger." My cock had already risen up and was now pointing out into the room towards Christine the head as pink and shiny as ever. Then she wet her hands, rubbed the bar of soap between her hands and began to soap up my cock and balls with long sensual strokes as she looked up at me, smiling. With a finger she followed the contours of my now completely smooth dick from the balls hanging freely in their naked pink sack of skin up along the smooth shaft and ended up resting on the tip of the bulging cock head. My naked cock head began pressing towards my boxers and the fabric of the pants, as she continued to rub it with her foot.

I Caught Her in the Act

fetish yeah1222222 2018-09-21

After a few minutes of slow cocksucking, Sarah started to really pick up the pace as the man put his hand on her head and forced her to bob up and down on his big black dick. 20 seconds later he quickly got up and repositioned himself so that he was jerking his cock right into Sarah's mouth. His breathing kept getting quicker and finally I saw his balls start to tighten up as the first spurt missed her mouth and hit right above her upper lip. When it looked like he was finished, she put her mouth on his cock, sucking out of him whatever was left. She hadn't even let me cum in her mouth on the rare occasions where she would suck my cock.

Injured or Hurt Feelings when she is gone?

fetish luvskatia 2018-09-21

he noticed the robe, and soft legs, pretty face and his weakness her pedicured toes like that of a good Goddess. She promised she would make him stay in his room and watch videos of her and give him as little time as possible. Dolores promised Juan that the cuckold friend would get no more then a foot job. Dolores told Juan she did not want the cuckold but she had given him her word. Juan, said, 'do not worry Dolores soon you can move in with me'. She told me I would have to stay in the room and watch videos of her because she had hit it off with the gardener and needed to be with him tonight.

Crown of Thorns

fetish TheVelvetEdge 2018-09-21

It throbs when I surrender my body to S and I let her enter me 10 or 15 or 20 or a thousand tiny times, trusting her to stop should the safeword break, focusing on my breath, the quiet wet sound of S moistening her lips as she steps back to look at me, my skin raised and red and irritated in neat, precise patterns. As the last needle slid from my skin, it pulled a thread of emotions through with it, drawing up an abstract ache of fleeting catches of memory, stifled sobs in a dark room, and hole in my heart shaped like every dream I regretted leaving unfulfilled.


Crushed Escalation

fetish riverdummy 2018-09-21

I put my arms around him and rested my head on his shoulder to get a better closer look and feel with his abs and body. Those words made me feel so much better and I took my arms off around him to cover my face and started sobbing. My dad stopped hand brushing my hair and felt his hands slide down inside my pants and felt my wetness down there. I just followed my instincts and laid on my back, pulled my tank top up to reveal my perky breast and pulled up my legs and my dad took of my shorts and panties and put his hand to my vagina and started fingering me gently.

Discovering a Friend's Passion Ch. 02

fetish bicurious406 2018-09-21

Or often while eating out Ann, he thought of eating Susan's pussy, which he had tasted via her panties He would imagine burying his face in her thick black bush, which made him rock hard, his cock dripping pre-cum. Getting caught with my nose in your wife's knickers has turned out to be a good thing." He picked up the bag with Ann's panties, and this time pulled out pink pair. "Well, since we're heading down this path again," Bill said, as he pulled out Susan's white pair of panties, "why don't we get more comfortable." He stood up and, watching David for any negative reaction, slowly removed all of his clothes.

The Morning Ritual

fetish MilesKennefick 2018-09-21

Freya began to trace circles on Edward's thigh with her left foot, gradually nearing his concealed cock and balls. "Just because I let you give me head, just because you happened to make me come, doesn't give you any privileges," said Freya as she exerted more pressure on Edward's pulsing cock, causing him to whimper like a bitch. After finishing her coffee, Freya donned a red silk dressing gown and made her way to the kitchen to find Edward in front of the stove top, his firm, taut arse proudly on display as he scrambled her eggs. The poor boy, looked up at his mistress with uncertainty, his eyes making their way from Freya's milky thigh peeking out from the slit of her dressing gown, along her toned calf to her grubby foot.

Another Beautiful Night in Heaven

fetish Toor26 2018-09-21

She flinched as she felt warm breath in her ear, and a whisper "Just say the word, and I'll show you what you're missing." Sophia let out a slight whimper, she could feel hands on her, one was stroking up and down her soft thigh, the other trailing up her stomach, tantalisingly close to touching her tits, she felt another on the back of her neck...wait a minute...her eyes flew open and she saw that on her thigh was a tail! Sophia looked at her feet, her face flushing a bright red "Yes..." she whispered "I'm a naughty angel..." As she said those words, she felt a dampening on her pussy, her nipples hardened until they poked through her bra. "Did I say you could touch yourself?" The demoness hissed as she rolled Sophia over, one hand firmly on the back of her neck, forcing her down onto the bed, the angel's perfect ass sticking up high.

Annie and Selene

fetish jjscribe1 2018-09-21

Later, as the two of them lay in Annie’s bunk beds, Selene found herself still awake long after her friend had drifted off to sl**p. Selene held it at bay with the stick, inciting the little lizard to flick its long tongue in and out of its mouth, doing its best to threaten them. Later as they retraced the trail back to camp, Annie said, “Remember that time when you showed me your tongue at my birthday party? Annie moved closer and whispered, “Can I kiss it?” Surprised, Selene snapped her tongue back inside her mouth. Annie began moving her mouth back and forth, sucking the long, thick, erect tongue. Annie offered her little tongue to Selene.

Kim the CUM-CHUGGER gives a Meta-Physical BLOWJOB

fetish 2018-09-21

Her consciousness shifted again—but this time she could feel and “Be in” and experience both Positions simultaneously—of being herself with a cock down her throat…and she drifted down, her mind’s eye wrapping deep around the root of his schlong and pervading into his prostate, she could feel the gushing, surging, swaying pot of gooey cum liquid as it surged up the Penis shaft ---a rushing wave of Goo! She literally drenched her entire body in sticky, glistening, Cum. She felt like she was deep inside that chamber of his cock all over again, sloshing around in his white-hot, sticky Love-cream. He thrust his face down into her snatch to lap up her sticky-sweet lady-Cum. He bit onto her pussy Lips, sucking the juices up out of her sweaty Crease and licked deep, deep into her wet, quivering meat with his long flicking tongue.

Dark Fantasy: Cuckold Wedding Night

fetish hfernandez1983 2018-09-21

"Oh, thank you, baby," your wife says, moving up to kiss your friend as her hand jerks the fake cock. Your friend grabs your wife's head, slowly pushing it down on her big cock. "On your hands and knees at the edge of the bed, I want to fuck you like the bitch you are," your friend says, turning her attention back to your wife. Grabbing your hair once again, your friend pulls you in closer to watch her cock inside your wife's pussy. Your friend grabs ahold of your wife's hair and begins to pull as she pounds her big dick into her. You remain on the floor, humiliated, as the night continues with the screams of your wife getting fucked like a dirty little whore.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 11

fetish Many Feathers 2018-09-21

So far Doreen hadn't made a sound, content to simply hang there the way she was even as Bella continued to walk around in circles with her, tightening the rope above her body even more. Time for you to have some fun, she certainly has been." And with that, Bella turned on both vibrating toys embedded inside Doreen's pussy and ass, though I noticed they were both on the lowest setting. Looking across the way at Bella, watching her as she continued to torment poor Andy's prick, sliding up and down his shaft now, still holding onto her rope toy as she did was eerily hot.

BBW slut wife

fetish canadianbbw 2018-09-21

black cock; and Toni flat on her back with her legs enema bag and Toni would suck one throbbing cock after under Toni's elevated ass and then put a black satin After Toni lowered her beautiful ass onto the pillows, As the depths of Toni's pussy began to fill up with the my cock to Toni's creamy lips, helping to guide my cascading down Toni's fat ass cheeks as I was about to Toni's heavy hips began to buck to a shuddering climax Toni's gaping cunt, ass cheeks and thighs were also spurt erupted from my pulsating cock, combining with the copious ejaculate already covering Toni's fleshy thighs stroking their fuck-meat, cocks were soon spewing white

Assassin Ch. 01

fetish devinn 2018-09-21

A muffled scream come from the bag, audible in the room, but too quiet to be heard through the walls, especially with the rain pounding the windows. She walked over to the side of the bed, removed a glove, and placed the palm of her hand over the man's heart. Once done she stood, she walked over and flicked off the light on the desk, then removed her gloves, laying them on the floor by the bed. Her own breaths were coming deep as she struggled with the feeling growing deep inside her. As her own orgasm began to subside, she felt the man tense underneath her for a moment, followed by his own.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 05

fetish Many Feathers 2018-09-21

And rather than lessening my erection because of it, if became even firmer, especially looking at Bella laying there, knowing where her bottle was, and now having a couple standing right there in front of us. As she lay back on the towel having removed her own bikini bottoms now, I positioned myself between her legs, uncaring of the fact that the couple standing out in the water could see what we were doing...or about to do anyway, as easily as we could see them. "And there's really only one thing for it," she said eyeing me, and then looking back towards the three boys, though their eyes were more clearly focused on her exposed breast, which Bella of course in her agonizing pain, had completely forgotten about.

Janice & My Fetish Ch. 02

fetish LegsAndFeet123 2018-09-21

With her toes scrunching on my cock head, the pleasure was really slow building, as I said before, I could feel my cum building up massively. Just the sight of her feet and toes rubbing against my cock got me turned on like crazy, I couldn't wait to squirt spurt after spurt on her little toes and soles. "Wow. I was starting to think if you would ever stop cumming," Janice said, amazed by how much I came, "I mean, look at the mess you made on my feet and on your bed!" "My left leg is a bit tired from moving up and down so much," Janice said cleaning my cum off her feet, "My right leg is relaxed from only scrunching my toes."

Cathy's Sick Desire Ch. 02

fetish almostdead 2018-09-21

Cathy rolled over onto her chest, raised her hips off of the carpet, and then reached behind her with both hands, pulled her pussy open and huskily begged, "Fuck me Harry. Cathy's stomach growled with arousal and she could feel her pussy lubricating, at the thought of being used by these filthy, vile looking young men. As their rough, callused hands ran over her naked breasts, Nick said, "Damn Harry, you train these bitches really good." Cathy looked down at Tom's hand, as it pulled harshly on her nipple and only then, did she notice the wedding ring on his finger. Tom yanked his cock from her mouth, tucked himself away and said his good bye to Harry and Nick, while ignoring the woman who had serviced his filthy prick.