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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Casual Encounters Ch. 02

fetish lilactwist 2018-09-21

I jammed a hard finger back in her asshole and toppled her over on her back, leaning over to kiss her hard, my lips pouring piss into her mouth. Without thinking, I grabbed her hand and thrust it into my ass, the remaining finger and thumb, getting the entire fist into my now distended gaper. I was laughing lovingly at the scene when her coughing abruptly shot an enormous fart out of her ass into my face, followed by a final river of liquid piss and whiskey, bringing with it thick clumps of intestinal scrapings, all smelling and tasting of woman anal slime. Each lick, she pushed into me and it quivered, her shit tube seemingly turned inside out for me to actually embrace with my teeth.

Taking the Magician's Load

fetish Namazuros 2018-09-21

Before long, I had to hire Heather to keep tabs on updating things and making sure the site was in order, and also to help me out with things like securing interviews, checking sources, getting me coffee...all the standard intern stuff. Judging by her flushed face and the way she kept staring at Marvello's chest, she and Heather shared the same feelings about the magician. Perhaps even more than one, if you would be so inclined!" The crowd went wild, and Sheila looked positively giddy as she was escorted by Marvello back to her seat, running her hands up and down her gigantic bosom as she took stock of her new figure.

Cheap Whiskey

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-09-21

"Live around here?" He pushes away the money offered for the second drink sensing the man's lack of employment. There is no way for a man missing an arm 'and' a leg to work on a ship. Conrad sat there another hour looking between the card with only her first name and phone number, and the surroundings trying to avoid the depression that often took hold these days after speaking with a woman. His leg stump stopped hurting enough to walk and began making his way to the burger place. She pushes the buck away and whispers "no charge, Conrad." He nods, noticing her drop her own money into the register, and takes the food outside to keep from offending the other customers.


fetish spoonbender 2018-09-21

Beth was visiting with two of her good friends, Victoria and Jane, when she brought the subject up. "Why don't the boys like me?", said Beth as she sat on the floor of Jane's bedroom, eating ice cream straight from the box. "My ears pierced?", Beth sighed, pulling at her earlobe beneath her long straight brown hair. Victoria and Jane both gave Jeff a big hug and introduced him to Beth. Jeff picked up the cork and needle and moved closer to Beth's left ear. Jeff pressed the needle into the virgin flesh of Beth's ear. Beth was still in the delirium state when Jeff went back to his workbench to prepare another needle. Jeff grabbed another needle and Jane came to Beth and caressed her forehead.

Maddie's Time Alone

fetish sxesock 2018-09-20

Maddie rubbed faster and faster as her piss began to dry out, but she had to rush a little, so her orgasm wasn't as good as it could've been. Slowly, gingerly, she lowered her butt down onto the stump, and sighed with immense pleasure as she felt her poop squish into every crevice of the back of her panties. Now putting her hand inside her panties, she began to rub her clit hard as shit massaged her anal and vaginal openings. Almost screaming now in the secluded clearing, her eyes rolled back as a veritable torrent of girlcum gushed out of her, soaking her shit, piss, and completely ruined panties. Humming contentedly, she walked over to the stream and soaked her hand in the water, letting any actual bits of poo wash away.

Mother's Milk

fetish StrongMaster7 2018-09-20

As the class broke up and the ladies I had coached and Sherry were busy setting up their group, I felt a little sad that my role in this had come to an end. As each lady took her place on the sofa to feed me, I was impressed by the peaceful serene sensuality with which their hands would cradle my head and their eyes would close and they would enter a trance-like state. Even as Sherry remained at my feet, stroking my stiffness through my jeans, a growing wet spot betraying my carnal excitement, none of the ladies reacted with other than serene pleasure that I was enjoying this as much as they were.

Goldenrod Ch. 04

fetish rlmmike 2018-09-20

Both stomped out of their pants but kept their mens shirts on, and in boxer shorts, shoes, and black socks with garters, their goatees smeared all over their shrieking mouths, they spit-roasted me with their strap-ons for an hour. Then I heard one of them say, "Ask him," and another call out, "Are you Mikaela's friend?" They only had one strap-on, so each took a turn doing me in her jeans and a t-shirt on Ponytail's bed, while the other two sat in front of the TV and ate pork rinds. "Irene isn't behind this," Samantha said, holding up the black card.

Jayne Southport 1980

fetish 2018-09-20

I heard a noise nearby and knew our new audience was in place, he moved back to me, his fingers once more playing with my tits, I saw him glance towards the hole as he bent his mouth to my right boob, leaving a red flourish upon it as he bit, I flinched but stayed silent, he spoke, " Now my little slut suck my dick like you did his," Kirk stood, his cock now nearing full attention, as I took the man's cock into my mouth.A taste of cologne entered my nose and mouth, " That's it my little cumslut taake me right in and...," he began to speed up face-fucking me like a man possessed, " Do you think our voyeur is enjoying you as much as I did?"

The Good Girl Ch. 04

fetish Katies 2018-09-20

My eyes started to water just before the guy pulled back and pushed his cock head into my cheek. "Fucking spray me with that hot load!" I reached up and stroked his balls lightly with my fingertips, tickling and massaging the heavy sack as his cock swelled and several blasts of thick cum erupted from the head. The guy fucking my ass grabbed my legs and bent them forward as my pussy erupted, so my own hot juices splashed my face and tits. He pulled out and I gave the tip of his cock a little kiss before opening my mouth, swirling the cum around with my tongue, and then squeezing it out through my pursed lips.

Dear Diary: Today I let Daddy take my Virginity.

fetish 2018-09-20

When it finished I turned onto my side, naked and in a fetal position, as daddy stroked and soothed me, 'Our secret', he said over and over, to which I replied, 'Of course, yes daddy', all the time the recovery of youth began its evil cycle, and soon he was inside me again, with his masterly control, until neither of us could stop what nature had intended, we went to the bedroom, where daddy undressed, and lay back and received man inside me, drawing my knees high across his back, my finger nails digging hard into his buttocks, I drew him as far as his length provided, my bald pubis rubbing hard into his hairy bone, the growth of my own hair could wait, having a mans there was way to much fun, so I closed my eyes and humped.

A Schoolgirl's Spanking

fetish Totzman 2018-09-20

The type of corporal punishment we provide is usually a spanking, performed with a paddle or often a cane if the girl has been especially insubordinate. If I wished, I could ask any girl in the school to come to my office and undress completely, and if she objected, I could increase her punishment. As I told you before, I do not always require girls to undress for their punishments, however today I will be asking Sara to show a little more skin then usual since you are present to enjoy it. Sara steps towards the back wall, and retrieves the sturdy wooden cane from its place next to my other spanking implements.

Shocking, Disgusting, Factual, and Reality.

fetish Fridagirl 2018-09-20

Daddy's fair weather friends would call around, bringing beers, just to look at me, all tarted up like a girl wearing her mother's clothes, they would stare and daddy knew it, he told me they would, and touch me between my legs, 'Now you be a little tease for daddy', he would say thickly, 'and let those nice men see your slit', and at that, I let those perverts see, and look, and soon the perversion became a thing of normality, and I would sl**p at night with my teddy bear between my legs, thinking about those men seeing me, as I squeezed and ground face down onto my bed sheets, with daddy standing over me, tugging away at his flaccid penis, all the joys of being inside me worn out through time, like an athletes early burn-out.

Hooked On Black Cock

fetish 425olds 2018-09-20

I told Ed I wasn't sure I wanted to be fucked by a black man. I was very nervous as we entered the restaurant, but I was really looking forward to finding out what it was really like to be fucked by a man of the black race. Seeing the lust-filled black man over me thrusting his cock into me, a white girl, vulnerable to his every whim, feeling what I was doing was contrary to the laws of God and Nature, made the experience so much more exotic and erotic. Sensing my needs, Leo said, "I'll get us some refreshments," as he withdrew his black cock, shinny with our mingled love juices, from my pussy.

Preggo Bj

fetish sgtangel1 2018-09-20

She was about 7 months pregnant at the time and her hormones made her unpredictable, like this night... She slips a hand inside my waistband and begins jerking me. She does this a few times then slips the head in, pulls it out, slips even more in, pulls it out, then slides more in, as much as she can which is about 3/4 of my dick. She uses one hand to hold my cock in place and the other to fondle my balls. My left hand rests on her head, assisting her rhythm, my other is finding its way into her panties. I roll her on hr back and eat her black airy pussy until she cums twice - knees clamped tight around my head.

Sex Slave Story

fetish 2018-09-20

Pulling her hand out halfway Renee added her thumb to her fingers and pushed hard against Shelley's pussy - feeling the oil and juices mixing and making her hand enter fully up to th wrist. I was getting really turned on by te action and moved over to where the girls were - Oblivious to my presence Renee was enjoying herself and started as my hand went between her legs and felt her soaking wet pussy. Shelley was close to cumming and I could feel Renee's pussy starting to contract around my cock and I knew they both would be climaxing together.

Miss Megumi Ch. 02

fetish Ubiquitous101 2018-09-20

The look on her face said it all: "I told you this would be fun." She managed to regain her composure and speak in a very sexy voice: "Then you shall get what you asked for." Megumi's face tightened in concentration, and after a few seconds I heard and felt it: a loud, powerful, and vaguely wet-sounding fart that struck against my body. My penis was suddenly bombarded with agonizingly pleasurable sensations: her wet tongue against my member's underside, her teeth intermittently pressing up against its sides, the textured roof of her mouth rubbing against the upper part of my erection, her hot breath assailing it from everywhere, and her saliva absolutely soaked my cock in its delightful wetness.

Fun, Dirty Girl, Ch. 03

fetish Styxman 2018-09-20

"I like seeing guys lose control. "I've heard you should drink a lot of fruit juice, like pineapple. I like the way it felt in my mouth. Maybe they don't like the taste. Taking it home with me like a badge of honor, not washing that hand so I could sniff her all night and fantasize about the next time. I was in pussy-eating heaven, my hands cupping her ass, drinking from the well of ecstasy. She seemed to like best when I dragged my tongue up the underside and gave a snaking lick at the quivering tip. Inhaling her scent as I felt her insides pulse around my finger and watched cum ooze out of her inflamed, swollen pussy.

Strange Thoughts and a Wet Walk

fetish IrishSpringandSummer 2018-09-20

Or holding my pee until I'm desperate, confessing to him how badly I need to go, and then pissing a torrent in front of him-either wetting my pants or pulling them down and exposing it all; I've fantasized it both ways. "Mmm. So good." I've stopped my stream again, and wedge my hand between my legs, which gets my skirt wet too, but taking the classic piss-desperation pose arouses me further. I half-close my eyes and relax my clenched groin muscles, and feel my hot piss flow and pool into his cupped hand. "I am...I'm holding back...oh, but it's still coming, it feels too good, I have to..." My piss is trickling out in a thin but constant leak, nothing like the torrent it would be if I fully let go.

Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 02

fetish Max332 2018-09-20

He had taken a few drinks with Yuna before she decided it was time to get home. We really had a wonderful day!" he said, omitting to tell her about the feet stuff. What was his surprise when he found dozens of stories talking about stinky feet, poor guys being forced to worship them in any way imaginable. She seemed to love getting attention to her feet, and didn't mind forcing him to sniff her disgusting shoe the day before. "Jay, I'm sorry to wake you up in such a harsh way, but I *desperately* need to borrow your computer for today's classes. James didn't understand everything Faith said, as he was groggy having just woken up, but agreed anyway.


fetish rrspence2002 2018-09-20

Jonni and Ross had wanted to visit the Flea Market at Fletcher's Falls, a small, artisan type town about a half hour's drive away, and they figured to spend some time at "The Falls" before being home by 3:00 PM so they could meet the caterers and each pound back a cocktail or two before the kids arrived. Turned as they were to each other, Jonni was able to snug up close to Ross so that she was offering her legless left side touch to touch with his right thigh while she draped her leg over his lap and they kissed again.

Cocks & Cunts

fetish Anal Slave 2018-09-20

For twenty dollar you could enter the room she was in and jack your cock off on her and shoot you’re cum any where on her body. One time she got up off of the bed and came over to my window, she was motioning me to lick the cum off of the window I had just sprayed on it. I have a room I work in where the ladies and some times men come and watch me jack off and play with my cock. Some times a man will want to fuck me, I charge them sixty dollars and they have to wear a rubber.

Milking Jenni

fetish M_Sirk 2018-09-20

She put one hand to the breast, pinching the nipple between thumb and forefinger and pulling on it so that a thin stream of milk squirted onto my face and into my mouth. I was standing in the kitchen, washing some cups, when Jenni came in and gave me a kiss on the mouth. I sat with one arm around her belly, and put my face to the breast, taking the nipple in my mouth. Jenni's hand went down to my crotch and rubbed my cock through my pants. As my mouth went back to her right breast, Jenni got hold of my dick and began to wank me.

The Massage and More Pt. 02

fetish Ingrid11B 2018-09-20

I was so excited I could hardly stand it as she plunged her fingertips into your flesh; and I've been thinking about how it would feel to hold your testicles and penis in my hands and coat them with shaving cream before I rubbed it deeply into your flesh and prepare the hair to soften as I gently massaged the entire area with my fingers." The question Doris had was should she tell her sister that they made incredible love after she shaved Ray. She guessed if she didn't expect to tell Mary about the sex, like she always did before, she shouldn't have told her she agreed to shave Ray's genitals.

A College Professor's Discovery Ch. 03

fetish escriterra 2018-09-20

It was critically important that these men NEVER have any idea who Sherrie was, where she lived, or why she had engaged the services of the woman who was bringing them to some unknown location where they would be told to strip, to assume whatever position the inventive tutor Miss Victoria would tell them to assume, and then to obediently spread themselves open in preparation for another woman to lubricate their assholes as a prelude to fucking them in the ass with her strapon phallus while she played with their cocks, their heavy balls, their tight butts .