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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Mani is the Cure

fetish HConway 2018-09-20

And when her nails, sharp and hard, brushed over my right nipple, I moaned into her mouth. Then she kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth as her fingers sought out more of the mess I was making below. I didn't feel Amber's fingers leave my crotch, at least until she rubbed her precum coated fingertips across my as-yet untouched left nipple. Amber shifted her hips away from me, and threw her leg back over my body, so that my cock was resting against the crotch of her panties. She shifted again, tunneling her right hand between our bodies until she could reach up over her thigh and press my cock against the warmth of her panty-covered pussy.

Trailer Trash Teen Hates Rules Ch. 06

fetish RetroFan 2018-09-20

Breanna remembered her aunt and uncle discussing that Kirsty was visiting from Philadelphia that evening, and the blonde trailer park girl resolved that she would have to wait longer for Kate to arrive home and walk into the fake toilet paper prank. The very different brother and sister-in-law engaged in small talk about their respective jobs and how their summers were going that interested neither for a few minutes before Kirsty said, "I just need to use your bathroom." She mounted the stairs on her skinny legs, Bob glancing at the floor as Kirsty's white panties came into view, the girl's mini-skirt so short it was impossible to avoid this.

The mystery Of the Enticing, Evoking, Experienced

fetish Lasciviousone 2018-09-20

Black and white checkerd garment, what looked to be some kind of shirt, at a distance it was mistaken for a decent dress shirt for a lady, a pair of black leggings, a black pair of seven inch heels, as the lady gets closer and closer to you, you realize that it's a short mini shirt that she has on, her leggings are pulled up to show off her tattoos, you clearly seen one on her chest, She is arm and arm with a man, they are looking around, you found this to be suspicious, so u follow, not too close u don't want to get busted, they go into a movie theatre that specializes in Lascivious, erotic, Deviant, nasty, hardcore, fuck movies, you enter not fully realizing what you have stepped into, as you enter you see the beautiful brunette, the handsome man, whom you could tell she was very taken with..

A Letter To My Wife

fetish blueslipman 2018-09-20

I continue to stroke and kiss you as you grab the side of your gown and reach back with one hand and start to rub my thigh and butt with the smoothness of your gown. As I open your lips I again move my tongue in between them I want to feel and taste the inner parts of your lovely pussy as you start to grind down onto my waiting face and tongue. After just a few moments you again grab your nightgown and start to rub it against my balls as I continue moving my cock in and out of your hungry mouth. You finally let one finger slide between your puffy lips and start to run it in and out, watching as I sit there with your slip around cock.

An Appropriate Punishment Ch. 02

fetish Frixmaster 2018-09-20

“Hmmm,” she said, looking thoughtful “I suppose that’s something that may have seemed implied, but I’m starting to think you must actually like wearing panties!” “M’am, I’d like to wear girl’s panties for the next week as my punishment for this morning!” I said, quite loudly. “However,” she said, “I have developed a shopping list for Katie to use as a guide, just to make sure you don’t stray too far from what should be an acceptable standard of underwear.” She handed the list over to Katie, saying, “You can change some of these selections, but I expect you to ensure that Michael buys some good girly knickers!”

Submissive Femdom Anal Slave - Dark Fantasy

fetish femdomslave727 2018-09-20

You spit on my tight hole again and insert another finger and start to play with my caged cock that is so hard. After your fingers are deep inside me you start rubbing my prostate and you watch my cock continue to get harder and leak cum. After inserting three finger in my ass and making it gape you start to insert the dildo and slowly watch my asshole open up and start to swallow it. You grab the lube and drip it onto the toy and watch my hole stretch open for it to swallow the 7" long and 2.5" wide plug. Your warm juices start to overflow from my ass and drip down my balls and cock all the way to my stomach.

The Flight Attendant

fetish Andre_Sillitoe 2018-09-20

In my mind, I tried to imagine what her sheer black pantyhosed feet would smell like after hours of being trapped inside her shoes. We talked a little while longer when she turned to me and said, "I know it might be rude of me to ask you for a favor being that we just met and all but you seem like such a sweetheart." He would always complain that my pantyhose made my feet smell, which they did, but I made him rub mine anyway especially after long, hard days. "Well, then I want you to smell my feet." She lifted her right foot up to my face and I sniffed her hosed sole.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 17

fetish Thorilla 2018-09-20

I tried the 'puppy dog face' look on the other girls who now surrounded the bed but none appeared to display any sign of mercy, and all looked eager to try the new skin treatment. Sitting on my face, wearing her school uniform, was a nineteen year old with exceptionally long legs wearing black nylon stockings, with her pleated knee-length tartan skirt and white lace-edged petticoat spread over me. "I will," said Pamela, clearly realising that there would probably be more room for her long legs at the foot end of the bed where my face was. "Lucy, open your mouth and don't swallow," she said pulling Lucy by the hair so that her face was two inches away from my penis tip.

Daddys One

fetish Grayeyedsub2 2018-09-20

She backed away slowly as he reached out, grabbing her arm pulling her back to the bed, pushing her down atop the coverlet and moving back to discard his heavy clothing. She licked her lips slowly again to hear a deep feral growl come from her Daddy. He growled in his throat, not pulling from her nipple and just sinking into her and staying, not moving as he filled his mind and body with his need for her sweetness. He started moving slowly at first, with long slow thrusts, until he lifted from her breast to grasp the other in his mouth, taking what his lil princess gave so freely to him.

The Massage

fetish gptc 2018-09-20

I looked up saw this woman in a tight dress with the most incredible body, perfect breasts pushing through the V in her top and a beautiful face. Her hands were the most amazing part though....the way she would touch my body as she moved her hands from my shoulders, to my lower back and then onto my arse. I felt her pushing against me and as my hand ran up her leg I moved it inwards to her pussy. Her pumping on my cock increased and her other hand grabbed my balls and massaged my arse. Her hand on my cock, the look on her face and her incredible body was getting too much for me.

Cuckolded with a Coworker

fetish NursePoundCake 2018-09-20

I know it's because you're ready to freak out on me, but at the same time you're turned on by the idea of me getting my holes torn up by another mans huge cock I don't have anyone in mind but I'm sure that I could find someone-maybe someone from work, a random person who we meet out, or perhaps someone of your choosing-someone who I know makes you feel inadequate. I'm not listening, instead I'm thinking about what he looks like naked and how not too long from now I'm going to feel his big, strong hands on my body. I put the strap on back on and start fucking your ass hard and deep.

Panty Log

fetish Wrench05 2018-09-20

On my way out this Friday morning I detoured thru the laundry room and snagged a pair of the little whore's dirty panties. After a good cum I went back inside and showered and got ready for bed putting just the panties back on. It's got a nice little patch of discharge on it and it smells amazing, a mixture of pussy, pee and a whiff of her ass. Saturday night she was running around in a skimpy little pair of shorts at one point I snuck a couple of good pictures when she was sitting on a swing with her legs up and spread open, real nice crotch shots.

Queen Kiera Ch. 05

fetish PeterOmez 2018-09-19

REVIEW: While Kiera and Darcy are in Bellewood partying with their 19-year-old boytoy Tyler, Dave and Patty spend quality alone time at the house in Trentstown ... When we were all in the living room, Kiera said, "OK, Patty, go upstairs and get five ties and a dirty pair of your panties, like the ones you wore yesterday or whatever. "So then, I'm like 'OK Tyler stand up and really give it to Patty good, I mean, just grab her by the hair and FUCK that face.' So Darcy and I sat back and watched the show, and this little fucker stood up and just started drilling your girlfriend's mouth, hahaha.

The Walk-In

fetish Midnight_Man 2018-09-19

After I arrive and get settled in I lock the main entrance doors, and get ready to face the night. On this night there are no remaining arrivals so unless I have a walk-in I can put the place on auto pilot and do what ever I want until three am. I glance up at the monitor and I can see what appears to be a 30 something female at the main entrance doors. Her head was pumping back and forth sucking my cock all the way into her mouth and then slowly back out again. With one hand running up and down the outside of my right leg she continued to slowly pump my cock squeezing out every last drop.

twiested wedding

fetish 2018-09-19

"And it's not just going to be sex, my dear husband," smiled Alicia, "All wives want to do something crazy on their wedding night. "My dear cucky," said Alicia, pulling me up to my feet so that I was looking her straight in the eye, "I'm not going to ask you for permission to do this. "You haven't figured it out yet, cucky?" she said, in a gleeful voice, "How are we going to find our lucky guy for tonight without some pictures?" Oh, I mean that figuratively as well as literally, by the way," she said, with an evil smile as she met my shocked gaze, "The thought of a strong man dominating my dear husband in his pretty sissy top and short skirt is...

A Conference Legacy Ch. 02

fetish barelegs 2018-09-19

She opened her legs very wide, to allow me to see both her index fingers, pressing herself firmly but gently , the palms of her hands resting on the inside of her thighs. "How do you like my legs now, Charles?" she asked, placing both her fingers over mine and pressing them gently but firmly into her cotton-covered crotch. Louise gently pulled my hands away from between her legs, and re-introduced them to the smooth skin of her inner thighs. You'll never be able to see a pretty girl with a short skirt and not think about stroking my long sexy bare legs! I could think of nothing else but those beautiful long smooth bare legs for the next two days.

First Foot Fetish Exploration

fetish SubJect666 2018-09-19

She stops leans down and gently slides her foot back into the shoe sliding her finger behind strap to adjust it back in place on the heel she stands up straight smoothing down her dress. She sees his eyes run down her legs and to her shoes, she fidgets and leans down to again secure the troublesome strap and clears her throat before taking another sip of her drink to calm her nerves. He gently kneeds the skin there feeling both the softness in her arch and the hardness of her shoe, this makes wriggle her feet a little as it tickles, unbeknown to her causing her left heel to scrape lightly over his sizeable erection.

Natural Born Ch. 02

fetish a real jrkoff 2018-09-19

I felt the cool air tickle my bare ass as my hand slid up and down my cock like a mindless engine, mastering my body in a way that was both detached and very intimate. I made a mental note that she wore sheer black stockings today before glancing over at the doorway to see Erin, the shorthaired blonde maid with one hand covering her mouth and her eyes wide at the sight of me. I nodded dumbly and looked to Erin as Ms. Douglas made her way back up the wooden steps that led to the better part of the house. Erin was very cute in her maid's uniform, and I found myself stealing peeks at her legs and the short hem every time I thought she wasn't looking.

Dreams Of An Online Mistress

fetish Rogahh 2018-09-19

I pull your blouse slightly, pinning your hands to your sides for the moment my mouth finds your belly, my lips fluttering around like hot butterfly wings, my tongue tracing soft circles, finding your navel, exploring it gently. Releasing my nipple, dropping your foot, you tickle my pubic hair, just above my cock, running your toes through it, still keeping enough distance away as to not touch it directly. As the head of my dick reaches the tip of your toes, you flex them downward, catching a drop of my juice on your vermilion nail, then running my dripping penis over the top of your foot, up to your ankle, swirling my smooth, hard member around on a sheet of my clear fluids.

Marjorie Ch. 04: Anal

fetish bountyman69 2018-09-19

"Kneel down Marje, then put your head and hands flat on the floor, that's it push your bum high in the air, good girl." I went over to Jim, showed him how to fill the douche with warm water and how to screw the thin nozzle on. "OK Marje, time to let that water out of your ass," I quickly rubbed her pussy, slapped it a few times, then gripped the plug, pulled it down gently until her anus was straining to keep it in, then gave it a very quick hard tug. I grabbed hold of her under the armpits and pulled her towards me until her head was hanging off the bed, "OK Marje, open your mouth, good girl, now swirl your tongue over my bell-end as I fuck your mouth, get me really hard."

Role Reversal

fetish AmethystMare 2018-09-19

As Dinero got on to his paws and knees, Amir crouched behind his rump; there was no need to kneel and line up his cock as the equine's massive size put him at an easy height to take already. The potions worked their magic, stealing the size of Dinero's cock and transferring his strength and virility to the wolf, whose cock bulged, stretching out the equine's pussy as he was forced to take every inch. A growl building in the back of his throat, Amir wrapped the new mare's - for such a small, shrivel of a penis could surely not belong to a male worthy of the name - mane around his paw, hammering into her tight pussy, which squeezed around his cock with every thrust, almost as if the filly was trying to suck him in.


I Love Women in Panties Ch. 04

fetish lovethosepanties 2018-09-19

However I repositioned myself kneeling between her legs and leaned forward to kiss and lick her thighs, moving myself slowly but surely up towards her still panty covered pussy, it was unbelievably erotic to be looking up Diane's skirt to her obviously sodden panties and getting closer with my tongue. As I got close I could see a little bud pushing through the white cotton, I lifted the hem of her skirt so that her panty covered mound was now on full view and lowering my head kissed the bud and gently nibbled it, my tongue was now licking the front of the panties as I slowly ate Diane's pussy through them.

Sixty Minute Woman

fetish Decayed Angel 2018-09-19

"Leslie Stahl is in the middle of an interview, calm down, we have plenty of time," Frank said, as he unfastened her pants and pulled them down over her thighs and then letting them drop to the floor. Suddenly Andy Rooney's face appeared and Frank moved, pushing his tongue deep into her pussy, tasting the tangy flavor as it circled inside her for a few seconds. Glancing over at the screen, it looked like Andy Rooney was finishing up his talk, so he quicken his pace, pushing a third finger into her wet pussy. Leslie Stahl appeared for just a moment and then Frank saw the stopwatch as he pulled his head from between her legs.

30 Days or Bust: Day 04

fetish l8bloom 2018-09-19

I have no idea what a woman with brains and class would ever want with a boy like me, except of course to service her occasionally; but if that's all I was going to get, carpe diem and all else be damned. If there is one picture I will always return to in memory, it is this: the sight of this beautiful woman, riding a tree branch, wearing just her boots and a few rumpled clothes around her loins. Here was a beautiful, passionate woman clinging forcefully to my shoulders, her back arched and her breasts high in the air, trembling in the aftermath of what I gave her; yet I wanted more.