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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Parole Board

fetish Deadwood 2018-09-19

Thankfully the dress code at work was business formal, and while a miniskirt and blouse would have worked well, because of the prisoners before them, Amy and the other lady on the parole board typically wore longer skirts and shoes with lower heels. Amy tried to pull her feet off his lap when he did this, but Jonathan was quick and gripped them tightly and slowly steered her right set of toes through the pants and directly onto his cock. With her nylons now soaked, and her toes covered in convict come, Amy cringed as she toed her black pump into position in preparation of slipping her foot back into her shoe.

Who's the Boss

fetish Shady_Lady 2018-09-19

Jenny looked over his shoulder and could see a video playing of a woman fucking a man with a large strap on, but what totally shocked her was her husband had his hand behind and was slowly fucking his own ass with a dildo as he watched the screen. Shuffling to the edge of the bed he handed his wife a tube of gel but she just laughed, "the woman in the shop sold me one," said Jenny waving the tube of gel, "she said I would need it when I told her how I was going to fuck my husband's ass." Andy shivered with pleasure at the words and at the wicked thought that someone else knew about what was going to happen.

Stepmom and Me Ch. 02a

fetish JhMcKn 2018-09-19

When she finished I asked her what had gone on during the evening and she said she had been fucked by two different men, Peter and daddy, and neither of them would let her wipe her cunt, so she had dripped and dribbled semen all evening. When I go ba, back downstairs and get in bed with your da, daddy I want him to feel my wet panties and think I hadn't changed them since he fucked me." Velma's cunt was sopping wet from having been fucked a couple of times earlier in the evening and my fat cock slid clear to her cervix on the first thrust.

Miss Amber (First Sex Story Attempt)

fetish 2018-09-19

The cool air, the gentle touch of the hair moving back down my chest and across my abdomen and then brushing across my groin making my manhood spring to immediate attention. I gasp with surprise and sudden intense pleasure as she continues to rake my hair with her long nails and slides her warm, wet mouth slowly up and down my shaft. Sensing this, she draws down deeply with a loud suck and releases, staying so close to the tip of my cock that I can feel her breath but does not touch. Sensing this, Amber straddles my chest, and leans forward, running her fingers through my short hair. The flickering light reveals her hands running through her own hair, bobbing up and down on my cock faster and more intensely.

Shaving with an Audience

fetish zeke81 2018-09-19

“How about this one girls, why do guys want us to shave of our pussies, but refuse to shave their balls.” Julie says. Maybe guys think they’ll look like a ten year old boy if they shave.” I said. We shave our pussies without thinking that we look like pre-pubescent girls. Besides, we don’t care about what his pubic hair looks like, in fact shaving makes your dick look bigger, and every guy wants that.” Lisa said. “Besides, a guy with shaved balls is so sexy, right girls?” Amy asked. You can’t be a hypocrite, in all of the time we’ve hung out just us girls and you, you’ve seen all of us at least partially naked, now it’s our turn.” Julie said.

Morrigan's Money Quest

fetish MsMorrigan 2018-09-19

'I'll direct, this time.' And so she did -- she ordered him to pull out, to drive straight through the traffic lights to then take a left at the end of the avenue. Her hands tightened around his member that started to whir and throb; comparable to a street thief, she held his cock -- rather than his less important throat -- to ransom, and slipped her hand into the back of his pants, retrieving his wallet. He did not see his Mistress leave to spend the bills that she had earned; he did not see the front door to his apartment block open as a figure came to investigate such strange text; he did not see his old life ever again.

Slippery Love

fetish Knighted 2018-09-19

Not finding reason or answers, he opened his jeans pulled down his underwear and masturbated until he came in a sweaty post pubescent ball of guilt, daydreaming about the large black man's massive cock furiously fucking his mother, her long slender white legs with curled pink painted toenails clinching, her mouth open uttering begging gasps as she received her black lover's masculine domination of her sex. It took several lunch conversations, a few weeks of unsuccessful internet searching, and after what seemed an eternity but was really a matter of sifting through no way's, are you fucking crazy's, and Oh my God I fucking wish, Max suggested that Joseph ask Cynthia Whitaker out on a date and take care of the monumental "problem" a geek or nerd almost never conquered in high school, losing his virginity.

Dressed to kill

fetish mistressrain 2018-09-19

Once I was dressed Mistress covered my head with a black hood, bound my arms in front of me and led me into the garage. Once this was accomplished I felt my feet being secured to the box and then these soft squishy things being tossed on top of me. After what seemed like hours, I heard Mistresses voice. When I got it in my hand I could feel what felt like scissors. I tried to break the rubber around the squishy things but could not do it with my hands. Getting my hand free took a long time and I am sure that I have some nicks from trying, but I am free! It is wooden and feels like a coffin.


fetish puppygirl0516 2018-09-19

"Are your breasts feeling too full, mistress?" He pinched her nipples softly, coaxing thin streams of milk that he wiped up with his fingers, which he took his time licking clean. It was hard to avoid panting, moaning, howling beneath her expert tongue as she brought him to orgasm once, twice, three times, each huge load a nourishment she accepted with glee as drool dribbled down her chin. Pure pleasure was all that was left in its wake, amplified as she watched her pet grow, feeling hungry all over again as his belly began to swell and press up against her. When she finally noticed her belly growing round and taut, he laughed at her shock, watching her grope, feeling a fullness she had never experienced before.

Missy's Feet

fetish DeniseNoe 2018-09-19

Then Steve began kissing her toes one by one, kissing them dry, then licking them, then taking each individual toe in his mouth and sucking on them, commanding every last particle of pain to fell this sacred territory, oh yes, pain is powerless before such love, and Missy fell back against the bed, not staring up at the stuccoed ceiling but looking right through it, her eyes blinked away the ceiling to gaze into the velvet of darkest space twinkling diamonds at Missy as the balls of her feet were kissed, as her arches--oh!

Making a Sissy

fetish kittycalamity 2018-09-19

"Ugh, fine," he sighed, trying to relax, but every which-way he tried to sit, apparently, put some kind of orgasmic pressure on his stiff dick crammed against the front of the lacy pink panties. I took the head of his dick in my mouth and gave it a good, wet suck, then pulled away with an audible "pop." He stifled a moan, his fingers curling in my short hair, and I grinned, nuzzling my cheek against his thigh. Good boy." I said it the way I'd say it to a dog, and he fucking loved it, I could see it by the way his eyebrows came together, his eyes shut, his back arched in ecstasy as I held his dick and talked to him in a low voice.

Mistress Vampire

fetish 2018-09-19

You must be k**ding me!” I said and tried to walk on, but that time I felt her strong hand on my neck, she just holded my neck firmly and I couldn’t breathe, after a few seconds I my eyes darkened I lost my consciousness. I started to kiss on her asscheeks when she grabbed my hair and brought my face in between her asscheeks and ordered to lick her asshole. I dived with my face in between her asscheeks and started licking and eating her asshole, and she was moaning and shouting to fuck her asshole with my tongue, then she turned around, grabbed me head with her legs and made me eat her pussy.

more than a mouthful please...

fetish catsman11 2018-09-19

I had already tasted your cum several times as you have squirted while I was having my way with your swollen clit with my tongue and lips, and it was a delicious experience as well. I had already tasted your cum several times as you have squirted while I was having my way with your swollen clit with my tongue and lips, and it was a delicious experience as well. I love the way you gently play with my hard cock, as your soft hands know the exact places to stroke to make me want to be inside you so quickly, but I had other plans.

A Creampie Amongst Friends

fetish cpluver 2018-09-19

As they continued to debate my toe sucking skills, I watched as Jason began to bring his hard cock up to her mouth. Jason looked back down at me and said, "Dude, enough with her feet. Jennie stopped sucking me when she felt him rubbing his cock on her pussy. I concentrated on her clit and watched as Jason's cock, still rubbing against her pussy, finally slid inside of her after he slowly applied some forward pressure with his hips. I heard Jason say, "I'm gonna fill her up again for you, since you liked eating my sweet cum so much." She started to yell and then I saw her pussy clamp down on Jason's cock and conversely, her mouth clamped down hard on my cock.

The Massage and More Pt. 01

fetish Ingrid11B 2018-09-19

She added that Doris could probably sit in a different room so Ray wasn't intimidated with someone observing, as muscle massages can be rather personal, depending on where the kinks are located that need to be worked out. This time she wanted a good look and she wished she could hold his penis to prevent it from interfering as Mary worked the groin muscles and Ray's upper legs. Doris was 23 and had been a nurse for two years while Mary was 21 and just finished her training a few months prior to opening her new business, but neither were the age he planned to date, but he sure liked their looks and bodies.

Moms UPS Delivery

fetish 2018-09-19

Mom worked for a local law office, so she always dressed the part, business suits with short skirts, pantyhose ( vintage seamed or RHT nylon stockings on Fridays, which is another story in itself). I noticed my mom dressed in dark tan seamed nylons and 5" stilettos in the morning as we ate breakfast. I saw my moms hot stilettos that she had on this morning in the middle of our living room floor, as if she had kicked them off while walking. I hurried to my bedroom and shut the door as I heard mom and the young well hung delivery driver getting dressed and giggling as they walked down the hallway.

My Second Story

fetish 2018-09-19

I was the first to do it, in fact I did it like three times, it really tasted good and it was turning me on to have them watch. It felt so good to feel her hot wet tongue on my clit, she flicked it in and out of my pussy, like on the movies and then started to suck on my clit. Soon I was sucing on her clit like she did to me and all of a sudden she grabbed my head and held it tight to her pussy while she started to climax, I could feel her muscles spasm as she did it and she got even wetter.

The Harem Slave Ch. 16

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-09-18

He moaned as the Master returned to sucking Eric's cock, sliding it in and out swiftly between his lips, letting Eric's balls slap against his chin. It was only when the slippery head of the Master's large cock slid past his anal ring that his eyes snapped open, and he began to fight. "I'm gonna cum in your perfect ass," he groaned, driving his cock deep inside once more, "and you're going to take every last drop." As he began to fill Eric's bowels with his cum, Eric's cock too exploded in orgasm, shooting ropes of cum across his chest and shoulders. After a moment, the Master pulled his softening cock out of Eric's ass, watching his cum drain out in little spurts.

18; Out Driving with Daddy and 4 Men.

fetish 2018-09-18

I saw the sign before he could say so, and flipped the indicator, the clicking sound the only noise heard, apart from daddies snoring, 'Good girl', someone said, not surprisingly, as an eighteen year old's pussy was on offer, and I brought the car to a halt and turned off the engine. I drove on with one hand behind my playing with Johns cock, letting each guy off at his stop and continued driving and reaching back for John, my plan was for John to be last, as I needed to quell the fires burning in my own crotch, and as John was a married man, we pulled off the road again for another fuck.

Hard and Fast or Real Slow Pegged

fetish 425olds 2018-09-18

My wife actually just said she was willing to fuck my ass with a strapon. The next time we had sex I got the butt plug out, the lube and some lotion we both like and put it on the bedside table early in the day. I got on my hands and knees twice and my wife worked me good with the butt plug. She said, "How do you want it to start; doggie style on your hands and knees, missionary style on your back as I stroke your cock or stand up from behind?" Then after maybe ten slow strokes she got up on her feet with her hands on my hips and squatted on me and started pounding my ass real hard and fast.

Harem of Vanity Pt. 02

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-09-18

If I had hit the image I was going for right my platinum hair would be flared out framing my head like a halo against the purple leather texture of the chair, my lithe arms and legs splayed up and down respectively, my huge tits angled just to the left so their obscene profile was on full display, the smooth full lips of my cunt beckoning for attention. I smirked at Minerva when shed' glance back, looking at my hungrily, eyes drawn to my breasts, following the beads of sweat that dripped down them as I let gravity and my cunt really punish the poor policeman.

I Thought We Were More Ch. 17

fetish DrElectrogasm 2018-09-18

With the towel still on his face Jacob couldn't see the smaller red haired girl coming into the room. Little arcs of electricity could be seen jumping from the wand and into Jacob's skin. Bit by bit she moved the wands closer together so that the little tongues of electricity danced closer and closer to the base of Jacob's penis. After what seemed like forever she had them high enough that the little worms of energy seemed to be only jumping from the two spheres and into the head of Jacob's penis. She motioned off camera and the petit red head and the taller girl came walking back into the room.

Long Awaited Release

fetish olijohn 2018-09-18

I watch your pussy displayed in front of me and cannot resist, I dive in and start licking your sex with passion, opening your hole, fucking you with my tongue, tasting your flowing juice, oozing from your tight hole. After licking me clean, you start collecting the remaining jizz on your face and eat it from your fingers, tasting my ass and my cum. Your hands slide down your pussy, barely hidden by the lace panties, and you stroke your slit, already wet with juice, bringing your finger to your mouth, you lick them clean. My now hard cock pointing at your gaping and wet pussy, I gently insert the head in your cunt and starting moving it in circular motion.

Lonely Night

fetish cow_dina 2018-09-18

I entertain myself for a while figuring myself in an embarrassing, humiliating scene: people laughing at me as I make a fool of myself dancing like this - naked drunk, sweaty, dirty as I suck my soiled panties and dance in a lewd way. I hear their difficult breath in the muggy night, the reflection of the dim light on their sweaty skin, the rhythmic movements of their arms and legs, of their hands on sensitive spots. My imaginary friends are groaning in the darkness, releasing their fluids freely in the grass, murmuring obscenities, going wild, sharing, oh yes, sharing their wildest feelings. I gladly rub my piss all over my body daring a new obscene dance beyond control.