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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Plumber

fetish sweetslut 2018-09-18

Just as I was melting into his kiss, he lifted his mouth from mine and bringing them to my ear he starts telling me how much he enjoyed the view he had of my nice full ass as I was walking up the stairs. After looking into my eyes Mark leans down and takes the lips of my pussy completely into his mouth and starts to suck. Then as he starts to pick up speed and works his way deeper and deeper into me he leans down and in a soft but very authoritative voice tells me that he plans on fucking me and coming inside me till he knew for sure I was pregnant with his child!

Anji, or how my Indian bird got knocked up...

fetish billstew 2018-09-18

But of course, the next time her period came around, the condoms went away, and they stayed away for the first three days of her cycle. The next month, we stopped using condoms a week before - she had read that once you ovulated, you couldn't get pregnant in the second half of your cycle. Personally, I think she wanted to wait that long just so she could hear the gasps from her extended f****y when she walked down the aisle with her eight-months-pregnant belly bulging out obscenely, and her milk-swollen breats falling out of her wedding dress. But as hard as my cock gets every time I see her belly swell up, and her breasts fill up with milk, I don't think we'll stop having babies any time soon.

My Girlfriend and Her Lover

fetish 87208765 2018-09-18

I kept thinking about these scenarios even at other times, and many a morning after she had left for work (an hour before I did) I turned around in bed and masturbated, picturing my lovely girlfriend having hot sex with my best friend. But Jacky pushed me away and said, somewhat sternly, that being fucked by me now would be a turn-off, but she would really like to me lick her pussy. I couldn't make out what was going on exactly, but I believe Eric fucked my girlfriend three or four times that night – once on the kitchen table and at least twice in the guest bed.

82% cuck

My First Drink

fetish peezed 2018-09-18

Jess looked her up and down, and then came over and slid her hand straight into Ella's panties, obviously sliding a finger right into her niece's pussy. The smell and the sight of Ella's swollen clit being rubbed in front of me was beginning to turn me on again, but then I suddenly felt a hand and then a mouth close round my cock. My cock couldn't help itself - it started to grow under the treatment and soon I could feel it back to its fat, full, firmness filling Jess's soft and open mouth. I want to taste all of your hot cum baby." The words sounded so good, and I knew I couldn't hold back as her hand pumped my cock like a piston.

Closing Time

fetish zaaz 2018-09-18

The drunken girl who said yes when he asked, 'wanna go home and screw,' was kind of cute. She grabbed his hard cock and started stroking it. He grabbed her hair and face fucked her as his cock started to go limp. "I'm the dirty fucking bitch who ate shit off your cock and puked on your piss," she shot back. When his ass stopped spewing, he felt her mouth clamp over his hole and suck the last of the shit right out of him! The psycho bitch was covered in shit and puke. She rubbed shit on his chest and in his hair as he pounded her cunt with the biggest hard on he'd ever know.

bottom spankings

fetish franey 2018-09-18

I had to refresh her memory as to procedures: to the corner with hands on her head: she was wearing trousers so I asked her to unzip and push them down to her ankles, as she bent down her skimpy panties exposed her petite cheeks: I then placed a chair in the center of the room, as she shuffled over to me I knew she was scared somewhat: I lectured her, told her it was avery serious matter: if this part was not in your contract I would dismiss you: I know sir she said: I am really sorry, bend over, as I pushed her panties down her cheeks tensed up, I parted them and there was avery dirty bottom: Oh you are a dirty girl I said: you did not clean your bottom after your last p*o: I was rushing sir as I did not want to be late for work: at closing time we will deal with this, I gave her a doz spanks good and hard: sent her back to the corner as I watched her rub her red cheeks: she pulled up her panties and trousers and went back to work: we commented how uneasy she was sitting on her chair: I cleaned her bottom after work she was like a baby as I wiped her clit and bottom: she truly was embarrassed: Maurice

True Stories --Winter At Beech Mountain Chapters

fetish dano29692 2018-09-18

I got her back on the table, face down and let my soaked member slide up and down across her pink asshole.I was tempted to enter, but in her present condition, I didn't think she could handle it..I held my thumbs down on the shaft while stroking in her cheeks till another orgasm rocked me, spilling my cum all on her rear entrance..Wiping it clean with a towel, I covered her with a sheet.. Now my half hard cock slipped quite easily into her, and she grunted her approval as I sank in far enough to slap my balls on her clit..Susan reached back, pulling her ass cheeks apart to give me even better room..


fetish EmeliaBell 2018-09-18

I'm going to work, so I choose the satin one and then pull out a pair of barely-black 15 denier stockings with a deep, reinforced top and toe. I love standing in front of a man as he sits on the sofa or the edge of my bed, having him caress my legs, then lifting my dress up over my head, allowing him to appreciate the satin of my bustier, or the plunge of my push-up bra and the way I am bound and enveloped by my underwear; presenting to him a beautifully wrapped package of female flesh for his delectation. Your legs are sliding against his arms because of the stockings, the exposed flesh feels so much more sensitive and the suspenders cut in to your hips and hold in your stomach.


fetish Naughty_Penpal 2018-09-18

Karen felt John's hands moving across the front of her body, gently running over her hips, stomach, arms, and then they moved up and caressed her face, gently teasing around her mouth. As Karen knelt on the floor, she could feel John's hard cock being pushed against her mouth. The fingers were pulled all the way out of her, rubbed all over the outside of her pussy, then she could feel John start to push them back inside her. Eventually it felt like they were all the way inside her, stretching her pussy, and John's thumb was pressed against her puckered asshole. Eventually, she felt a second hand pressed against her arse cheek, pulling it to one side, and then the fingers were pulled almost all the way out of her pussy.

Flow of Passion

fetish Iread2relax 2018-09-18

That moment I wanted Flora--my lovely dear Flo so very, very much. My erect cock was into Flora's wet mouth surrounded by her saliva—very, very wet and she was moving her eager tongue on it everywhere--not leaving any place. Flora got further excited when I delicately pinched her nipples because she accelerated her sucking of my penis which was now completely in her mouth. In fact she wanted to eagerly suck my cock till the last drop of my cum came to her mouth and she relished the taste for a long time before swallowing it. She looked up and said, "Okay Sav as you please but I want to suck your manhood till the last drop."

Pretty Chris-tine

fetish jealouscuck 2018-09-18

Saturday evening, Sharon told my mom that she needed to go home and get some clothes and things because we were going out to a school play later. I was looking to wipe it off and she was about to hand me a Kleenex, when she said, "The play we are going to tonight is short. One evening when we got in bed, Sharon said, "Chris, I want to ask you something." Finally, the doctor said, "Chris, I evaluated Sharon and she is the perfect candidate for breast augmentation. Sharon and the doctor looked at the computer generated pictures from every angle and finally decided on a radical size. Sharon made her way to the panties and started looking and feeling the material.

Becoming Ch. 01

fetish bustygoddess 2018-09-18

"Sure," Audra said half-heartedly, not willing to admit that she thought they'd be a perfect pair, if for no other reason than for the fact that she often felt like Audra 'Tits-On-The-Brain' Mitchell. The face of the heroine melted away and was replaced by Audra's own face, her own small nose and large green eyes, her own soft brown hair cascading over her shoulders and brushing the tops of those two monumentally perfect tits, with their pale creamy skin broken only by two red nipples jutting out like inch-long joysticks begging to be tweaked. A long, high moan ripped from her throat, and her fingers gripped her left nipple so tightly it felt like it might come free of her body.

Barbs Pre-Employment Exam

fetish kcpilotpat 2018-09-18

"You may find my exams a bit unconventional as well so anytime you feel uncomfortable during the exam just let me know." He was quite aware the company had already performed a background check and wanted to hire her immediately based on the outcome of the exam. Dr. Pat handed her an exam gown and said she could leave her bra and panties on if she felt more comfortable. At this she protested, "I have had exams before and never have I had to be shaved!" Without notice, she felt the sharp sting of his hand against her bare ass. She felt his other hand pressing and exploring her abdomen as his digital exam continued.

A Slice of Heaven

fetish EctoJohn 2018-09-18

Amber's curvy frame was covered almost business like, a plain white button down blouse over her top that showed off her rather large breasts and a simple grey skirt that hung down mid-thigh, covering her ample bottom. First she slid the scissors down into his former fly, her hand grazing his bulge along the way, and cut straight across the little bit left to open up the leg. He followed her legs up to her thighs, the black lace stockings looking good attached to the garters that dissapeared under the little bit of skirt she had left. He tossed the scissors aside now and slid his body up hers until his face met hers again and kissed her deeply, her arms wrapping around him with passion as their tongues danced.

The Milk of Human Kindness Ch. 03

fetish Emmcee20 2018-09-18

We had sex and he was sucking my tits." You started to whine like a little girl, "I know you said I shouldn't let him but, well - we just got carried away. Using that fluid as a lubricant I was able to start the massage of your tight rear muscle which gripped at the invading finger but relaxed quickly to allow a little penetration. Again you sighed but I recognised this as the result of the tingling arousal of your nipple, and the cupping and massaging of your breast confirmed my thought that this tit was indeed bigger as I stretched my mouth wider to capture the broad areola that was clearly darker and bigger as a result of the stimulation.


fetish rick_oh 2018-09-18

Matt, from the uneasiness of knowing that another man's cock would spew inside his wife's magnificent pussy, and Corliss from the excitement of the hunt. Rob slowly plowed, and when Corliss sensed he was fully erect, she said, "Same rule as last time, Rob. Pump until you're close to ejaculation and stop." While visualizing the scene of the anonymous cock entering his wife and pumping inside her gorgeous pussy, Matt reverently put his mouth close up and licked. Corliss stayed dressed except for her panties, and with her skirt pulled above her hips, she had Rob lick her to orgasm before guiding his cock inside her. "My husband licked your sperm from my pussy when I got home the other night," she said, and Rob immediately spurted and spurted inside her.

Leila - The First Level Ch. 03

fetish susypeat 2018-09-18

She sat in the only upholstered chair and as soon as I wanted to give her a kiss she moved her head back and gave me a sign to sit on the floor. My head between Leila's sexy legs, feeling her warmth while she showed her complete dominance just triggered every submissive feeling in my body. For me it is the most gentleman-like and thrilling sex position to please a woman." My mind was racing, are we really going to have sex, will she really allowed me to enter her beautiful pussy with my dick. I moved my head up as far as my bonds allowed me to and was able to place a couple of light kisses on her pussy.

The Beauty of Female Flesh

fetish 2018-09-18

The Beauty of Femme Flesh A woman’s flesh is as sweet as sugar by the hour The perfumes she wears with a sweet floral scent shall never sour Her breasts are as sweet and tasty as candy, Her breasts and nipples are as sweet as cream and berries A woman’s flesh tastes as sweet as freshly picked cherries The nude female is of natural beauty which comes in every form Whenever you taste a peach kiss her on the lips. The softness as she is caressed on the hips Whether she is blonde, redhead, or brunette, her hair is as soft as silk; Whereas her smooth skin is as sweet as milk; Her unclothed flesh she is always free to show.

Debbie's Message

fetish aquilegia 2018-09-18

When we met in the bar, Debbie looked stunning, I don't know how I'd missed how very attractive she was the other night, I guess that I had just been concentrating on pulling Sam, I do have a thing for blondes I have to admit! As Debbie began to unfasten my belt and trouser fly I sneaked a hand round and up between her thighs to run it over the little hump in the front of her black panties, her crotch was burning hot to my touch. I pulled at her thighs and with an awkward bit of shifting I had got her so that we were in a sixty nine position, Debbie with her head down at my crotch and me with my head between her thighs, her legs going past me to rest on the back of the sofa.

Salvation Army Lassie

fetish Boxlicker101 2018-09-18

I was aware that the sight of a woman, old or young, in one of those Navy blue skirt and jacket uniforms with the red trim and matching felt hat could turn me into a raging sex maniac, so I avoided places where one of them might take me by surprise. But my cock was almost as hard even before you got into the truck." I then went on to explain my strange, life-long fetish for the blue uniforms and, especially, the sexy felt hats that were worn by all the lassies in the service of the Salvation Army. As I kissed and licked and nuzzled my way down her sexy body, I could smell the extremely delectable aroma of her fresh pussy juices, and when I reached their elastic waistband, I raised my head to look at her panties again.

Mother's Milk

fetish babe19 2018-09-18

I couldn’t help but get excited as she opened the robe and shifted her left breast into view. Stephanie had a strange look on her face as the white fluid sprayed from her breast. It hurts so much when they get this full, that anytime the baby feeds it feels so much better." With a devious smile she added, "Not to sound like a perv, it kind of makes me horny too." "You know once when I was done feeding the baby, I was curious to see what my milk tastes like so I tried some. I released her breast from my mouth, letting it slide across my face leaving a trail of milk and saliva on my cheek.

The Gentlemen's Panty Club

fetish joefelton 2018-09-18

I looked up at my mother's face and asked, "Mommy, how come Edith's underwear looks different than mine? She thought for a few seconds, and smiled back at me, "Well Joey, Edith is wearing girl's panties, which can be any color and have any pattern that you can imagine. I looked closely at Edith's pretty panties, and then I remembered my plain white boy's briefs. Again I looked up at my mother's beautiful face, "Mommy, I want to wear girl's underwear too. "It's ok, Joey, if you want to wear pretty panties, but I think you should ask your father first. Mommy told me that's because a girl's panties can be any color or pattern, but boy's underwear is only white, and not pretty.

Mother in law arse licker (2)

fetish maytoseptember 2018-09-18

I move round to get at her easier and I was soon lapping away at my Mother in law’s hairy pussy, like a cat drinking milk, licking every last drop of her piss up. “Right you had better clean up my bathroom,” she said and she handed me a wad of toilet tissue which I used to soak up her piss and cum. “I’m in charge here, if I want your little cock up my bum I’ll tell you, as it is I like the arse licking. When we had finished she said “Slaves do as they are told, I’ll let you know when my boobs need attention, now you had better get home and get prepared for my next call.

A Good Relationship Ch. 2

fetish Ian H. 2018-09-18

He said he would like to take lots of different photos and that he wished he had his camera when he saw me in the wood last week. With my legs a lot further apart this time, he took some photos looking straight up my skirt at my panties. I picked up Howard's dildo smears on some cream, and wanking my cock with one hand I began to press the dildo up against the entrance to my ass. I glanced up at Howard to see he was filming with one hand whilst the other had opened his zipper taken out his big cock and was now wanking furiously.