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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Meeting an Xhamster Dominatrix = part 1

fetish imornery81 2018-09-18

“I would start our session right now, but I have no doubt that your pathetic cock needs a piss, so when I get up, I want you to take off your mask, crawl over to the bath and empty your tiny bladder, and come back. Would you like to taste these too?” she laughed and then she pulled one of her beautiful breast up just far enough to reach them with her mouth and draw them into her red lips and noisily suck on them! “I just wonder who that might be?” Mistress leaned between my legs, gave my swollen balls a quick lick and then she laughed as she stood up on the floor, pulled the stretchy fabric back over her breasts and walked out the bedroom door to the suite’s living room.

The Roleplayers

fetish Dingus Guy 2018-09-18

A message window from "for_the_love_of_evil" appeared on the screen for julie4u2000, with the words, "35/f/ny looking for chat, also named Julie". for_the_love_of_evil: feel my fingers pull on your nipples and my naked body leans against yours as I lick between your breasts. julie4u2000: ahhhh, yes I love your fingers there playing with me, and I get so aroused when I get kissed on the neck like that. julie4u2000: I thrust a second finger along side the first as I pick up momentum, noticing how your body responds to my thrusts, I pass my other hand over your clit and play with it as I move in and out of your ass

Suckling a Policewoman

fetish Tarbut 2018-09-18

I fainted again, but this time Rina was less devoted to me; she put me into the LSP [Lateral Security Position], converted the dining room of the motorhome into a double bedroom, put me into the bed, took her favourite erotic toy, the dildo her brother had adapted in order to let it take its power from the vehicle's lighter, and inserted it into my genitals -- so I had lots of sweet dreams while she was driving me home. I was afraid that I had to drink cold latte, but she was able to pour a lot of milk fast; while she was doing that both me and Rina got excited -- our nipples grew and became visible through our garmens, and we could not help opening our shirts in order to breathe better.

Little Beat Off Boy

fetish beatoffboy 2018-09-18

I don't want to be up all night waited for you to squirt." I looked at her long, beautiful legs and knew it wouldn't take long to shoot my little load. I want to see my little beat off boy squirt like a big boy" Then she said, "Big boys's have to clean up their own mess. She looked up at me and said "Time for the little beat off boy to clean up his mess." As I reached for the tissues, she said "No, you can clean it up with your tongue." By this time I was too drained to argue and I just got on my knees and licked my cum off of her leg.

My cock suffers for you, oh how it suffers

fetish stiffnhorny 2018-09-18

From that point, I am to stroke for one more hour, maintaining full erection and a flow of precum, until I am just one stroke away from cumming, at which point I am to stop stroking and use just the tip of my finger to ever-so-lightly rub the frenulum to maintain the edge. When even that threatens to send my jizz shooting, I am to grab my cockshaft in my fist and squeeze slightly, then release, then squeeze, repeat over and over until I feel the cum rising up my shaft. You have brought friends, whom you have told about the orders you gave me, about what I do for you, what I need to do because it makes my cock feel so incredibly...swollen.

A Grandmother's Love

fetish campex 2018-09-18

She then put her arm on the back of the couch and asked me: "I know I am your grandmother, but can I kiss you hunny?" She leaned over me and planted a nice kiss on my cheek, then my lips. She then said: "Hunny, I know you're only thirteen but I would like for us to love each other, but in a different way." I kind of knew what she might be getting at. She then looked me in the eyes and said: "Hunny, I know, as your grandmother, that we shouldn't be doing this but it's been so long since I've had a piece of ass since your grandfather died ten years ago. We went into the bathroom and a put a toothbrush in my mouth and began brushing my teeth with the beautiful tasting shit.

Merry Christmas Babes

fetish 2018-09-18

And even though it's exciting walking into the bathroom when a particularly attractive girl is only wearing a couple drops of water and an ill-placed towel, it's not fun feeling like I have to hide my own goods all the time. Then we would really get going, her hands would tug my head up so my eyes were level with hers, and she would move in his her lips, puffed from arousal, and my breathing came tight, my nose closing off and we melded together. All leading up to a week later, when Alexa came knocking on my door, tiny camera in hand.

Legends of the Fel Ch. 07

fetish leaky_one 2018-09-18

She had been woken by a multitude of warm wet streams of piss spraying over her naked body as a collection of captured girls had seen the opportunity to pee over her whilst unconscious. Two of the girls were still peeing; their thick golden squirts of piss flowing in fast moving fountains of urine down to the floor between their legs. As Sharn's hair had filled with Fel piss, a warm stream of urine ran down her bare back and over her bum cheeks. Peeing into the bath water that she was sure the other girls would later be using, seemed a small revenge for the way they had pissed all over her earlier.

Her Box Ch. 01

fetish mobyCock 2018-09-18

I still had my clothes on, but Chelsea unzipped my pants and pulled out my still mostly flaccid penis so that it was free and, I got the distinct feeling, so she could monitor it. I hesitated to say something, which I might have if given more time, and she quickly put my still hard-enough penis into the box. In just the same way as last time, Chelsea's orgasm triggered my penis to lose its erection and I again felt some relief without coming. "Please, Chelsea, tell me what is the deal with that box?" Though angry, I almost begged her as she clearly could fuck with me as long as she liked.

New U Salon

fetish 2018-09-18

never thought of me that way.' Sharon drank her water and felt a weird tingle as Sharon thought for a split-second and said, "Yes, but..." "Good!" said Suzy as she grabbed Sharon's arm and pulled her into the back. After Sharon was seated in the salon chair Suzy said, "First we'll do your Sharon looked in the mirror and saw that her old tinge of makeup had been "Great!" Sharon cupped her new tits and said, "Wow! "That's right," Suzy said barely able to contain her giggling as she looked at Tits looked herself up and down and thought, 'I'm gonna be the best fuck-toy Jim felt her breasts press against him and said, "That's great, Sharon."

Anything For You Ch. 1

fetish LR 2018-09-18

I am a 30 year old teacher in a large inner city school and the end of classes is something to be celebrated. This day was no exception and I had a smile on my face as I began to run. Most gave me a frown or a smirk, but one near the end of my run gave me a big smile and a wink. "Hi," she said with a big smile. She was soon moaning into our kiss and I was incredibly turned on. Maybe you would have recognized me last year at Franklin High School." "I'm sorry," I replied, "I really don't recognize you. All I know is that you are an incredibly beautiful girl."

An African Femdom story set in London

fetish Ham101A 2018-09-18

In time its fair to say we came to be on good terms, and on the odd occasion, as I masturbated at night, thoughts of Nikki’s big breasts or her bare black bottom entered my mind. The only way to make the pain go after was for me to rub myself, and over the years every time I got that strap I knew that half an hour later I would be on my own, rubbing and rubbing myself between my legs. As she picked up the strap I actually felt a sense of relief – I had been dribbling come on her duvet from the end of my cock, and thought for a moment she was going to pick up on that.

cuckold sex party

fetish waraxe13 2018-09-18

I licked away, moaning at the taste of the cum and her tits, as she fingered her well fucked pussy. 'It's too much!' I cried, trying to pull away from her, as she flexed and twisted her hand inside me, causing my caged cock to release a stream of my sissy milk. 'Leave?' He said, dragging me onto the bed and flipping me on my back, 'Your wife is liking it little cuck. 'Oh well done sissy!' Said my wife, patting my chest, 'Do you like that black cock inside you?' Eventually Andre was ready to cum and he grabbed my wife by the neck and slammed his cock in one last time, cumming in her arse.

Shoe Shopping

fetish Mzelement 2018-09-18

My finger swirls in his pre-cum and then slip it into his tight ass as he kisses his way up my sluts calf, begging to wrap his lips around the throbbing head. I smile my wicked smile as I watched him slip beneath my slut's dress mouth wrapping around throbbing shaft and sucking like the cock hungry slut we know him to be. Loving how sexy our toys bobbing head looks under my sluts dress sucking sucking cock. I stroke long and deep into our toy salesman making him moan around my slut's hard shaft. Slut's hands covered in my milk still squeezing my breast, the toys soft tongue lapping my ass and slut's shaft as it fills me stretching my second pussy.

Her fingers

fetish malesub01 2018-09-18

You begin rocking into her, loving the feel when her hand begins smacking into your ass as her fingers reach their full depth. My cunt is already hungry to see your ass stretched open for me.” There is a hint of a challenge in her tone and your cock has decided for you that it’s up for it. “Oh I plan to cum alright,” she says, keeping a straight face and reaching down to rub her cunt and finger fuck herself. You open your mouth for your reward but half way to your lips she stops and wipes her cunt-juiced fingers against your ass. “Come on you ass slut, fuck my fist and cum!” The noises of your mutual penetration are loud and lewd and push you over the edge.

Parking Lot Ch. 01

fetish tadaj 2018-09-18

"No disrespect intended...but yes, I enjoy looking at beautiful women." "And one who needs to cease this little noon-time abuse you so obviously look forward to." In silence she looks at me and merely offers her hand; fingers open, in the classic gesture. She moves her sight from my eyes to straight out the windshield; lowers both of our windows and exhales one or two more outside, in silence. She touches herself; my eyes follow and my hand continues to stroke. I look; as she finally moves her hand lower; below her waist. So this is who you are....a dirty old man, with blood-filled dick, exposed in near public display, with a woman's heel on you."

Craving his cock.

fetish Ineeddickinmenow 2018-09-18

I'm craving the taste of his thick cum pouring down my throat, his cock pounding his dirty little slut's pussy, and his fingers entangling with my hair as he bends me over any accessible counter. I love how my man treats me like a little slut whenever we fuck. - And all honesty, I love it when he calls me a whore, a slut, his good little girl, his pet, and his little fuck toy. First, I trail my tongue across the head of his dick just to lick that delicious pre-cum off, then I slowly inch down his thick six and a half cock. You love my fucking cum in your pussy, don't cha' ?" Shit like that sent me over pretty quick.

The Devil in Her Pt. 02

fetish BarryCKretive 2018-09-18

Angie took a sip of her drink as she contemplated the latest turn of events. Angie smiled and took his arm, secretly delighted at the prospect of embracing him, even if only in this simple way. As they stepped outside, the cool night air confronted Angie, causing her to immediately seek the shelter of his arms. A brief thought of Jaime flashed through Angie's mind and was dismissed just as quickly in favor of nuzzling closer to the dark stranger who confidently marched her down the sidewalk. The intensity of their eye-contact overwhelmed Angie and she wistfully turned her head away. Without another word, the stranger urged Angie to step past the security desk and towards the elevators.

Footfucking Fun - Sauna Feet

fetish FootjobLover 2018-09-18

He had a raging foot-fetish for both male and female feet, and watching this fit young Spanish guy (he assumed the guy was Spanish, due to the tan and dark hair) spread his long, smooth toes for the blue towel sent a spasm of carnal desire straight to Mike's excitable dick. He stroked his soapy, rock-hard dick as the hot water lashed down over him, imagining those succulent, sweet, Swedish toes of hers crammed into his mouth, her other foot eagerly wanking him, her toes adeptly splayed to accommodate the girth of his cock, feeling his warm pre-cum lubricating her delicious toe cleavage as she foot-fucked him.

A Wet Reunion Ch. 02

fetish Sacanaz 2018-09-18

Little squeals of delight indicated that Leilani was quite pleased with my ministrations, and so I continued to lave and nibble each breast, all the while slowly moving a hand down her taught stomach, and then lower to touch the slight amount of fur adorning her nether region. Continuing to pleasure her (and myself) by suckling on her sensitive nipples and breasts, I delved lower into her most private area, circling my fingers in the sparse hair atop her flower, and then moving slightly lower and to the side to circumvent the little nubbin resting near the top of her slit.

From Brother to Bitch Ch. 01

fetish Mixedwritings1993 2018-09-18

Vito was waiting for this opportunity to trigger, and he forced his middle finger to push into James's mouth and looked into his eyes and smiled, "well, getting any idea of what I might want, little brother?" Soon, he was fully erect and Vito closed his eyes and was trembling with full erotic pleasure, the idea of doing this in front James, turned him on even more than before, it didn't take him more than few minutes to clench his toes, and shoot up all his loads on his brother's face intentionally. James nodded and left his room, sinking on his own bed and started to sleep with that same old thumb inside his mouth, sucking like a toddler, because he needs a long rest for tomorrow.

Quiet as a Mouse

fetish sistahmar 2018-09-18

Very slowly he bit through the synthetic until the hole was large enough to poke his finger inside and then inch by inch make the opening wider until all of her foot was totally exposed to his ministrations. He took each digit individually into his wet, hot mouth and sucked, licked and nibbled until he felt ready to repeat everything with her other foot. He paid homage to her love bud and slowly inserted his finger inside her wetness and began to finger fuck her while licking, biting and sucking on her clit. She came hard and quickly and as she started to float back to earth from that high, he deftly slid his cock into the warm wetness and began to slowly thrust in and out.


Taming of the Stalker

fetish QueenMarieXXX 2018-09-17

I can't help but giggle a little in excitement as I feel the silky thong sliding up my thighs, the lacy bra cupping my tits and lifting them up to kissing level. As I leave the well-lit courtyard in front of my building and walk to a darker street lined with trees, I feel cold rainwater sliding down over my skin, making the black mini-dress cling to me and dripping over my thighs and down my cleavage. In fact," I say, reaching under the dress and pulling out a digital camera, "I think I want to keep this memory forever." I shoot a picture, and the flash picks up your shadowed image, face obscured but definitely there.


fetish Weenie-Arm 2018-09-17

But poor Jim had a 'hard' time on the slopes that afternoon, trying to ski with a huge, uncomfortable erection that wouldn't go away. When we got to our room, Jim decided to shower before we went downstairs to join the others for dinner. As soon as Jim regained his composure, we got the extra towels from the bathroom and cleaned up the room as best we could. The storm had spent itself during the night (just like Jim!) and deposited a fresh white coating of snow on the mountains. The other girl laughed and they both looked at Jim with big smiles on their faces as they carried on their conversation.