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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish ep703 2018-09-17

This allows a woman's breasts (Udders) to hang down below the table to facilitate the milking process. Diana let out a long moan of pleasure, "It's been a long time since I had a man make me feel like this." Diana kept sucking until I eventually pulled out of her mouth and walked around to the foot of the table and positioned myself in front of her wet pussy. Diana struggled against her bindings trying to make my cock go deeper into her, but she was held firmly to the table, helpless to do anything toward capturing the feelings that she so desperately wanted at that moment. As my cock hit bottom inside her, Diana's body froze for a moment.

A New Outfit

fetish p_c352006 2018-09-17

I instruct you to start by removing my panties; you smile slightly and reach your hands out taking hold of my leg just above my ankle and slowly start to slide up the length. I begin to back up toward the bed lifting my skirt; my legs straddling yours, I then reach down and place my hands on your knees. Reaching between my legs you feel my small hands wrap around the base of your cock, and then the head presses against the slippery hole it desires. I lower my weight allowing your hard cock to slide inside of my little tummy as you watch my ass being lowered to your body and you dick disappear into me.

School of Futa

fetish pantywriter 2018-09-17

Ms. Front howled out something but it did end with "OH GOD PLEASE LET ME CUM!" Ms. Back, I don't know what she did, but she must have done something because just like that Ms. Front suddenly went stiff. I was still so erect that it almost hurt, and my balls were now aching, and this being's face looked askance for a second and that echo suddenly returned in my head screaming in a loud voice to let go and just cum. It all happened so fast; the scream, the way this little goddess's head fell back, and the massive almost painful tightening of her pussy on my futa-cock.


My Fiancee Takes An Older Man Ch. 05

fetish Jackanory 2018-09-17

"No, baby," she began, "I just love the way I'm feeling at the minute and I want to dress sexy around you. As Halle Berry was bent over a sofa and fucked hard I could think only of my fiancée bent over his sofa, while he rammed his cock up her ass. I've never needed cock so much in my life and its so hard not to just open my legs and take yours, baby." "I want the next time we have sex, baby," she began, "to be amazing, passionate, intense, exciting, life-changing even. "Are you asking me to stop?" I said, innocently, as I twisted the toy inside her, coating her insides with my cum for the first time in almost 3 weeks.

The Job Interview - Part 4

fetish paddy57 2018-09-17

She grabbed the soap and started to wash me, rubbing the soap all over me, feeling my shoulders, my arms, my waist, then my cock, she knelt to examine my cock. “Uhhhh,” I said, “yes you are good!” She continued to massage my cock with her mouth, lipping, slipping, sucking ,, then I pushed her back saying “OK babe lets finish this and we can really get down to things!”. My tongue swooped on her pussy, we now knew what the bars above her head were for as she reached up to them stretching out her magnificent body. We turned, she was mounted on my cock, held with her legs around my waist – off the ground and I leant her against the cool tiles of the open wall of the shower.

Thul Pa Ch. 01

fetish Smother 2018-09-17

Without understanding what she had said to the conductor I understood what her conversation with him had been about - "Do not disturb." In an effortless motion, the pouring white mass of fur undid my belt, slid my jeans and underwear off and shuffled them into a corner. A second fluffy hand formed and draped itself over my waiting penis and began to slowly and steadily jerk me off in time with the clacking of the rails. "It's time to leg go," she said, as the funnels of thick, deep fur around my arms, legs, and torso began to undulate up and down my body like a piston in an engine.

Flight Attendant Fantasy Cum True

fetish Stephen7Redo 2018-09-17

I was sitting in business class, three rows back from the very front so I had a perfect view of my favorite flight attendant taking her seat in one of those that fold down from the wall of the plane. But whether it was that or the look on my face I in turn noticed the flight attendant's eyes wandering. I don't know if she saw anything before the magazine covered it, but presumably she caught the look from the flight attendant. "The way you looked at my tits and my ass, and yes, I could see your cock bulging in your pants under that little tray table.

His New Panties Lead to New Things

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2018-09-17

"I see my little pantyboy likes his new panties." He turned to grab his slacks, "Um, you are not done yet, these next." I held up the matching garter belt. I was having enough of a hard time keeping my boner from sticking out the top of my panties, the front of which are soaked thanks to you and then when you grabbed my garter, it popped out and this happened." He took off his shoes and then dropped his pants in front of me and pushed me back on the bed. He slowly began working his tongue over my soaked panties and within a minute the small fabric of the g-string was now between my lips, blocking the little area I really wanted to feel his tongue on.

The Manse Ch. 01

fetish myimaginaryfriendme 2018-09-17

I was telegraphing my thoughts again when I came out of the changing I seem to do...and Heloise gave me a "tsk-tsk" finger wag and said, "Now remember little boy, no cum unless you are told." "Proceed," said Ms Lawrence, and one of the maids started slicing the cake, which ended up being red on the inside as well, and placing it on small plates while another maid served the slices to the three women. She pumped him a few times, and just as Heloise had done in my interview, grabbed the plate with the cake on it and placed it beneath his cock just as he starting cumming.


fetish SamFrench 2018-09-17

Liz went on to explain that she normally used the breast pump during the day to relieve the pressure, saving it for her little guys for the nanny to feed it to them when she was gone. I hope I didn't come up too early?" I didn't care what time it was, just seeing her was like a shot of adrenaline as she quickly pulled the t-shirt over her head, leaving her covered in a sports bra. I slowly leaned forward and took her left breast into my mouth, sucking softly on her engorged nipple as she leaned her head back on the pillow, allowing a deep moan to escape her body.

A Night of Nylon Passion

fetish TightsManUK 2018-09-17

As my fingers explored I noticed something and stopped kissing, staring into Carole's gorgeous eyes I commented that it didn't feel like she was wearing any knickers, a cheeky smile confirmed my belief and I whispered into her ear that she was one seriously sexy cock tease as my fingers pushed the silky nylon deep inside her pussy. I felt a finger push the nylon deep into my anus at the same time as she sucked me as deep as the nylon tent allowed, her pace and passion building as I gripped her hair, the pleasure overcoming my body until with a moan of "oh god" as my cock pulsed and jerked through the nylon and a stream of semen exploded through the tights and into Carole's mouth.

Redbook Date -- Ashley Mature Meth Queen Part V

fetish starbucks169 2018-09-17

Wanda would always retreat to the bathroom and change into either what I had told her to wear or I'd have her choose her outfits and enjoy the anticipation of seeing My Little Slut dressed in something special. After a round of drinks and Wanda heading to the bathroom a couple times to hit her meth pipe, she became more relaxed and more comfortable showing off to the stranger in front of me. Wanda noticed him looking at her exposed nipples, she whispered in my ear, "Do you want to share me Daddy?" I barely nodded my head when she stood up, grabbed me by the hand, walked over to him and reached for his hand…off to the bed we went.

Chloe Pt. 02

fetish WetKecks 2018-09-17

One entire wall was a mirror and touch display with several pairs of small cameras behind it. Sliding her hands back up her legs she hooked her thumbs in the waistband and ever so slowly drew the black panties down to her feet and daintily stepped out of them. Turning again to face her reflection Tamara admired the way her dark, wet curls clung to her impressive, gravity defying rack. Lying back Tamara raised her feet in the air and parted her legs, opening herself fully in order to display her charms. Her head was spinning from the taste and the need to cum hard so she wasted no more time and began masturbating herself furiously with one hand while her other hand rubbed, pulled and squeezed her boobs roughly.


fetish Taunus 2018-09-17

Jennifer had learned from her father, who was educated in Jesuit schools, that the only way to keep a secret is to tell no one: not mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, and certainly not that man who calls himself "holy" and wears a black gown and a Roman raincoat (Chasuble). Jennifer Cortez used the Internet to garner information on Melvin Mellon, high school mathematics teacher. "Betty," Jennifer spoke into the cell phone from a remote corner of her back yard, "I want to slip out with a new boyfriend. Jennifer left her cut off blue jeans on the floor and followed Melvin Mellon to the room. Betty had noticed Jennifer's car parked in front of Mr. Mellon's house and the pizza delivery. "May I have some time alone with Jennifer in the bathroom?" Betty asked Mr. Mellon.

If you are a Dom Black Man Or White Biker Type REA

fetish LeatherSissyBitch890 2018-09-17

I am calling out to all Dom Masculine Black Men and Dom Masculine White bikers ( white men with long beards who wear a lot if not all black leather and ride harley's , I would really enjoy being owned by a Dom Masculine Black Man who owns and wears a lot of black leather clothing , gloves and boots. In addition to being a Leather Master the more experience he has training slaves like me the better for me. Black Men do have pretty big cocks so I will have high hopes for my Black Sir , Daddy or Master of him having a big fuckng black cock Im talking I would be very happy to be trained with a 10+ inch long that our math teaches he got all the ugly k**s tjay nickeled

the best night of my life

fetish werty4866 2018-09-17

So I was walking down my street one day and my hot sexy neighbor isabel was in her house stripping she looked out the window and saw me watching her so she walked over to the door and invited me in to swim in the pool. I told her I didn't bring my swim trunks she nodded her head and said I didn't think you did I meant swim in your birthday suit like I will be doing. She was a stripper so I took off my clothes and she commented on my 10 and a half inch cock she was amazed.

Josh's surprise...........

fetish LaceTops4U 2018-09-17

After showering I quickly dressed, nothing fancy, a soft cup pale pink bra, with lace trim, a matching pair of panties, as much as I like thongs, when I don't have an erection I find my cock finds it's way out the side and leaves an unsightly cock bulge. As I gently placed my lips against hers she opened her mouth and a small pink tongued darted out. She flinched and I continued on her clitoris, bringing her close to orgasm again I disengaged and began to slowly lick across Biffins Bridge, the small section of sensuous skin that connects the bottom of her vulva to her anus. She began to use her leg muscles to ride my cock whilst playing with my breasts and tweaking my nipples.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 02

fetish Many Feathers 2018-09-17

"Nasty hot dirty pussy-cunt, sticky...drippy, gooey snatch," I continued as I looked down, seeing these little pulsations, contractions, as her still gaping maw seemed to open and close on its own accord. Even when I slipped an additional finger inside her ass, now scissoring her that way, double-fucking both holes, still licking and sucking her clit, she was going mad with desire and lust. Returning a short time later with fresh linen in order to make the bed as Bella once again sucked me off inside the shower as we stood there together. She reached down, spreading her lips apart, her fingers pressing just so, angling perhaps the tiny little pee-slit in her pussy as suddenly I watched this tiny amber colored fountain of liquid begin to cascade upwards against me.

Mr. McGregor Learns a Lesson

fetish porkypig666 2018-09-17

After ensuring that the Boss was seated comfortably in one of the lobby couches, Henry walked up to the perky little receptionist and let her know that Mr. McGregor wished to see Cindy, the sales director. “Aaawwww, Benny wants to play hide and seek with Cindy,” she said as she moved behind the old man and pushed him so that his arms and chest fell heavily on the backrest of the couch and his flabby ass lewdly stuck out in the air facing her. Benjamin, felt a heavy sensation in his gut, almost like he was being tickled from the inside, and then it came like a sudden flood … it felt as though some valve had been opened and Benny started dripping drops of cum which Cindy expertly caught in the shot-glass.

Alexander's Resort Ch. 02

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-09-17

Sandra began to read the few words written in a curly cursive that looked like something by a young schoolgirl, all near the middle of the page. Sandra forced his hand against her pussy and stared into his eyes letting him know how much she wanted him. She replayed some of the conversations with Seth about how much attention Sandra paid to his stump, about how willing she was to allow him inside of her all the while moaning how wonderful it was the leg was not there and the occasional accidental references to what it would be like for her leg to be gone. Sandra kept the page and the phone number for a few days as she digested the significance of Olivia's words.

Where Should I Park?

fetish thedirtypoet 2018-09-17

I slid my cock right up to the entrance then leant forward so it slowly sank all the way in making Tracy moan aloud. I grabbed her hips again and started to slowly thrust into her bum once I had got a rhythm going I reached in my coat pocket and took out the small blue remote control vibrator and slid it up into her pussy. She took my cock in her mouth and began to lick and suck it clean pausing as the vibrator bought her to another orgasm. Suddenly I needed my post orgasm pee, looking down I looked at my cock inside her mouth and gave a sigh.

Scent of a woman

fetish ifm 2018-09-17

it got stronger the closer she got to her and it smelled like a combination of urine and vagina As if she she went to the bathroom with out washing her hands and was pleasuring herself with both hands and then just got dressed and came to work afterwords . When Angelica got home she lied on her bed and was still thinking about her co-workers scent on her hands She was imagining that she was watching her pleasuring herself with both of those hands in the same bed as her ; One hand fingering her clit and the other one inside of her.

Angelique's experience with cock sizes

fetish UNDERTAKER01 2018-09-17

She tried to get up, but Darrell said, "I want you to spread your leg's further apart a lot more than they are now so that I can get my big black cock up inside your tight white pussy right now girl!" Darrell bent down and when he looked at her huge pussy he said, God Damn it bitch you have got the fucking biggest damn set of pussy lips I’ve ever seen on a woman in my life, hell I could tie your lips in a damn knot as he began to lick Angelique's pussy like he was gona eat it for dinner!


fetish pppllc3 2018-09-17

When it was time to go we stared at each other for a moment, then..suddenly she reached out and pulled me in for a deep, passionate kiss. I pulled back the sheets, sat down next to her, and ran my hands, for the first time unfettered over her naked body. Her skin was so soft and warm I could feel my cock begin to swell even as its latest performance still dripped from its mouth. Her hand took my cock, and her eyes looked deeply into mine. I did not know what to think, but her lips, her hand, her body, pulled me into her.