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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Riding Lesson Ch. 01

fetish DeaGodiva 2018-09-17

David noticed her suggestive glances and turned his body away from her abruptly, busying himself with releasing Dee from the cross ties. David brought Dee over to the mounting block in the center of the arena and began adjusting the girth and the stirrup leathers. Ashley savored the view of his ass and well-muscled thighs that was afforded by the tailored quality of his riding breeches. Although the dressage saddle was of a distinguished quality and padded for comfort in all the necessary places, without the riding briefs she was accustomed to wearing, her bare pussy was crushed against the rise of the pommel. Ashley adjusted her seat, drawing her body to align with the imaginary line that runs through the ear, shoulder, hip, and heel of a proper dressage rider.

Med Testing Lab Assignment

fetish boudin5 2018-09-17

"Very good" said Olga, "Now Mia, once you've found these anatomical features, I want you to circle his scrotum with thumb and finger, then pull downwards slowly, gently increasing the strength." Mia stopped momentarily. "You should learn this," Olga went on, "The scrotum itself contains very few nerve endings and you'd be surprised how hard you can squeeze and pull, as long as you're not putting acute pressure on the testicles..." "Actually, you can pinch the skin part as hard as you can, and he will feel very little pain." Mia listened with extreme interest. From my position I could get the occasional glance at their legs - Mia's, bare and slender in hi-heeled sandals, Nurse Olga's in traditional white stockings with seams...

Slave Trains a New Master Ch. 03

fetish pfanv 2018-09-17

Her sex left wide open and on display holes for her arms head and nipples to go thru hood with cat ears black out contacts that looked like cat eyes and the boned front legs keeping her arms straight and trapping her hand at 90-degrees in the paws. Molly backed up and turned around put her head on the floor presenting her bare pussy to me I reached down and stroked it a few times she tried to trap my hand by squeezing her legs together meowing twice. When I finished, I could tell she was ready to cum, her legs spread wide I reached under and tweaked her clit and one of her nipples at the same time and off she went for the clouds screeching like a cat that got its tail stepped on.

Cuckold couple Discover 102

fetish Subscurious 2018-09-17

Maybe it was the liquor talking when she asked Marc if they could watch porn on his laptop for the first time while having sex. The second day at the office, as she was still learning about that Cuckold fetish online, she found the blog of women called “Mistress Jasmine” who was writing about the lifestyle she had been living for years with her husband and she called it “cuckold lifestyle”. I love Marc really much and he does satisfy me sexually, but reading all those post about you and your husband lifestyle make me so horny too...To be perfectly honest with you, I have been masturbating at the office almost everyday to cuckold videos. I just wanna let you know that I did as you told me, and Marc came soooo hard, it was amazing I never saw that in my life.

The 'Golden' Rule

fetish enjoyjoel 2018-09-17

Laura was fixing a flat tire on a little red Miata, pulled off the road rather perilously. Laura said she wanted to shower and bathe first. Her orgasm's arrival was announced not just by her screaming and crying, but lo and behold, she was PEEING all down my angry, unsatiated penis and achingly full balls. As I started to come, I pulled out of her ass, flipped her on her back, and spooged thick, viscous jism all over her heaving belly and tits. Then she delivered the coup de grace by telling me that the entire turn on for her was in the seduction, and that now that she had her way with me, well, she kissed me deeply on the lips, and left me standing in the parking lot in the rain.


Cleaning out the Cleaner

fetish The Mouse 2018-09-17

Rosie reached forward to unfasten the buttons of Dan's shirt and push it off his shoulders, then proceeded to pull down his trousers and underwear and, tapping his legs one at a time, to lift his feet from the puddle of material on the floor; it was all she could do to avoid looking at the splendidly hard penis in front of her, far less touch it, but manage she did - until Dan, in his turn, was standing facing her, totally nude, his throbbing cock moving slightly as he breathed and a thin string of pre-cum starting to leak from the tip.

Fetish begins at 40 Ch. 02

fetish Learningfast 2018-09-17

Even since they'd made love with her dressed firmly in girdle, bra and stockings, she'd been building a collection of firm exciting corsetry and long, controlling bras. He expressed the view many times over the years that he wanted her to be free of "artificial shaping" until that special event when she'd taken the step to dress in her first "grown up" girdle and stockings. She spends a moment to feel at her figure inside the two girdles and the smoothness over her body; and then she looks around the room at all the other items of firm underwear. "Let me try one of these," she moves over to a pile of girdles on the floor and selects another high-waist, zip-fastened style with six suspenders.

Cumming to Grips Ch. 04

fetish doinkit1 2018-09-17

"I was thinking it is time for you to understand just how deep you are in your fantasy now." Sue continued, "Enjoy your day with the kids and don't think too much about it. Dave turned his body so that his face was at Sue crotch and his feet near the head of the bed. Dave slowly guided his right hand down Sue's chest, down her stomach and he stopped just before her vagina. After a few minutes Sue continued with her left hand and began to rub the head of his penis with her right thumb. "OK my little cum slut, time to clean this up." Sue lifted the plate up to Dave's face.


My Story

fetish Missy112 2018-09-17

Clearing his throat he said, "please don't think less of me, but I'd love to see you in diapers. I don't like to wear them, but I think to see you in a very wet heavy diaper would be sexy as hell." I was actually going to wear diapers in front of someone else. I tried wearing them once, but that just wasn't for me, but I love them on you." he said as his eyes travelled over my body and remained on my diaper. Slowly he ran his fingers along the leg bands and slid his fingers under the diaper and he began rubbing my crotch and then slid his finger in my vagina.


Panty Power Ch. 06

fetish black saphire 2018-09-17

For a moment I contemplated ripping off the panties I was wearing to try on this lovely present from Asuka but decided that there was a time and place for everything. The garters made me feel like I was wearing a pair of knickers but the cool breeze wafting at my bare pussy and ass told me otherwise. It didn't help that Jarell's hands were kneading softly against my ass cheeks, his fingers dipping ever so surreptitiously under my swaying dress to lightly tease my buns. I'm sure there were many more people other than Jarell that got a look at my white panties under my black dress. Slowly I raised my ass slightly and making sure my dress still covered my pussy, I peeled my panties off.

Mother-in-Law is Disciplined Ch. 01

fetish tom6432 2018-09-17

Right now she is over my lap, with her blue skirt and half slip high on her back, her backside is bare and her pink lacy bikini panty, girdle and stockings are dangling ignominiously from her knees. Now I am going to tan your backside until you are crying, then you can go upstairs and get your little girl sleeper, and can spend 30 minutes in the corner with these panties over your head make sure you bring them back down with you." I took the waistband of Karen's tight white bikini's and slowly lowered them over her hips turning them inside out, as I lowered them to her knee hollows, effectively pinning her legs.

5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 14)

fetish braducles 2018-09-17

“It’s time for some fun girl, and I expect you to win!” Jim got Tara up on her knees and grabbed for her arms, he twisted her wrists behind her back and clipped her cuffs together while I headed down into my bedroom for Monique and Emily. Monique was moaning as spread her labia with my fingers, I could see Monique’s hands ball into little fists as I opened up her beautiful pink snatch and ran my fingernail over her sensitive skin. “It’s time to get up slave, it’s time for a little game girls’.” I grabbed Monique by the shoulders and got her up on her knees, I f***ed my hand up between her legs and pushed a finger into her pussy, I could hear her whimper as I twisted my finger inside her.

Trapped f****y

fetish Mattfrod 2018-09-17

I chain Amanda and Jennifer to a hook half way up the wall and lead Sarah to their new toilet, ordering the other 2 to watch as they would soon be using it.looking at me in horror as I lowered the machine and stood Sarah over the top.I raised the machine, as it raised I tied her arms to a ring on the saddle that f***ed her arms behind her back. I then slipped another pair of panties onto Amanda and pushed Sarah’s head into a hole, drawstring was tightened and Sarah was stuck snug at her mother’s behind I squeezed my hand through and unplugged cumulus tubes.

Roaming the City on a glorious summers day I find

fetish The_Real_Kaz_B 2018-09-17

I looked into the mirror approvingly – vest as tight as a second skin, skirt barely skimming the tops of my thighs and my tan setting off the whole ensemble perfectly. By this point I could have been in trouble if anyone had looked round as I half sat half lay back on the seat with my vest pulled up over my tits, my skirt up round my waist and legs spread wide as I fucked myself with a dildo and rubbed my soaking pussy with the other hand – all the way attempting to keep my gasps of pleasure down Knowing I had him totally under my control at this point I took my time, watching as his cock oozed thick white pre-cum and I licked my lips whilst staring at it.


fetish DaisyinChains 2018-09-17

As you turned the TV on and the volume blared at full blast, I sneaked into the room, scampering behind a lab table and drawing my knees up to my chin, curling my arms around my legs and settling into a ball to watch and wait. Out came a paint brush and two jars, one of raspberry red and the other a chocolate-y brown. Your tongue made tiny swirls along my breasts, licking up the chocolate sauce, and taking the fruit into your mouth, each time making sure that your teeth tickled the skin where the fruit was resting. As we rubbed against each other, chocolate smeared everywhere, covering your body in smudges and slurring the art work into crazy lines and blobs of paint.

Jewels letters

fetish suzy12 2018-09-17

I am in this dress you see in the pics and there are a lot of men at the café, older men, and I make eye contact with them and then slowly uncross my legs, open them, spread them, just long enough to reveal I have no panties and am totally shaven. after you are totally soaked i'll lead you by your leash again, lay you across the piano bench and then men will come, put their cocks in and on you, two or three at a time. stand, bent over, and masturbate, from time to time kissing the pic in your favorite place on my body (tell me, which place you chose?) and asking me please please please may i come mistress jewels?

Watching wife fuck strangers

fetish 2018-09-17

I then heard my wife say to Bill “do you want to fuck Tony took his next shot and we tried to finish legs wide open and Bill on top of her slowly moving his cock fucking her again, this time moving a little faster than Bill was also kissing her while he was fucking her, slowly sucking her tits by this time & when they came I looked over at Tony, he had pulled out his cock and was stoking it legs and then pushed his cock balls deep all in one movement. My wife immediately began to cum again, shaking uncontrollably then began fucking her in long deep thrusts. For the next 3 hours I watched these guys fuck my wife


fetish 2018-09-17

Chantal pumped her mouth up and down on my penis, while her hands stroked down from my balls to the crack of my ass, and back up again. Soon Rebecca couldn't take the teasing any more, and when I put my mouth back on the shaft, she pushed my head all the way down her cock. Rebecca moaned loudly, and pushed back, pulling her cock right out of my mouth. Between my mouth and Chantal's tongue, Rebecca couldn't hold out for long and soon she come hard into my mouth. They soon grow hard like pebbles, and Chantal's hand ran over my stomach and down to my cock.

Air-Port Bus 187

fetish keriya 2018-09-17

The reason I sat on the back seat was so that I could rub my cock as I look down on women passing by. With my tongue sliding in and out, biting her clit with my teeth and rubbing the sides with my left hand while my right middle finger goes sliding in and out her pussy. My head went up and down, pushing myself harder to lick her pussy. ah....." Within moments, her legs wrapped around my head, she lets off a scream and all her sweet juices flowed onto my face and my fingers. Suddenly, my sticky white cum came squirting out onto her blonde hair, her face, her tits and into her mouth.

Secret Fantasies Ch. 02

fetish TheNaughtyWife 2018-09-17

Her mind was racing, no one had ever spoken to her this way, she wanted to just drop her towel and let him have at it, she pictured her towel falling to the floor and walking backwards motioning for him to come in. Her skin looked like snow against the black silk and her deep auburn hair draped softly over her shoulder, it was still damp but Don could smell the sweet scent of her shampoo as she walked over to him. "You mean shower play for the first time right?" She was a little nervous and hesitant when she felt his tongue brush against her lips, he pushed past her lips and let his wet tongue mingle with hers.

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 05

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-09-17

Brandi says to me "you know I can't wait to fuck your ass tonight" it is going to be fun. Eventually Julie says her husband is not very thoughtful when he wants anal sex He just lubes it up and rather than going slow he just plows it up her ass. Julie says she would definitely rather get a nice slow stroking, that way her ass can get relaxed and grow accustomed to his cock and maybe she will be able to enjoy it. Julie says to the girls, to tell the truth my husband fucked me before I left to come here tonight. Bree said she really liked holding my butt cheeks open and slapping my ass a little, she wished she could have done more of it.


fetish blkice2u 2018-09-17


Breaking In Ch. 1

fetish Bhansai 2018-09-17

I felt Eric move slightly away from me and began to feel very hot water trickling slowly into my ass. "Hush," Eric stated, "I will make it better for you." He replaced his hand on my lower back very gently and with his other hand began to ease the syringe in and out of my ass. I began to feel a climax and with the butt plug up my ass, Eric's cock up my pussy and his fingers on my clit I came hard and screamed. "That's enough for now," Eric stated as he slowly removed his finger and the cloth from my ass.

Role Playing

fetish Bravesfan101 2018-09-17

I quietly walk up behind you and clamp my hand over your mouth, pressing my growing dick against your thinly covered ass. You start to frantically crawl away, panting. I grab your hair and pull back, lifting your upper body. I grab your hands and pull them over your head, pinning them to the bed. I release your hands and you roll again and start crawling away. I catch the waist band of your shorts and as you crawl away they are pulled down. As you shrink your shoulder and try to dodge past me, I catch you by the hair and sling you on the bed. Please let me go." you whisper and you stop fighting, seeing the futility. I place my hand over your throat and start to squeeze.