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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Separation Trial (Trial Separation)

fetish fetisha_44 2018-09-17

I certainly was not a "tight ass" anymore, having been prodded by a variety of instruments, stretched by an ever-increasing diameter set of butt plugs, and royally fucked by Morgan's strap-on. The blond instructor brought out a metal fitting that looked like three rings clipped together, only, unlike a standard cock restraint, these were adjustable. My arms were looped over the bar, outside of Gayle's, and attached by a strap in my front just like hers, my ankles were re-clipped with the 12-inch chain, and we were locked in place. A thin strap was looped around each on my thighs, and run through the rings of her collar, fastening her in place with my screaming cock safely ensconced in her very wet mouth.

Mistress Aimz For Her...

fetish hyperpress 2018-09-17

"Yes you fucking cock-whore, make yourself feel this way...make yourself cum....god you are such a fucking sexy cock-loving bitch my queen...I love to watch you...I wish I was you....i want to know this feeling...i love seeing you so turned are are a cock slut," I am now thrusting my cock into her firmly grasping fist and she is riding her wand and she is begins to buck her ass up and down, planting her feet flat on the bed, her knees up and spread, her ass fucking the air and she begs me.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 07

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-09-17

"She let me off the chocolate," I said, trying to think of something even Rose couldn't construe negatively. "I should think she did!" said Rose, "After the way she went for you that was the least she could do. I did my best to clamp the pad of my thumb over her mound, and work her clitoris: her fanny was opening up enormously, there seemed to be so much space in there I wondered if I should slide even more fingers inside, but her breathing told me she was on the verge of coming, so I kept up the same motions until I felt her vaginal muscles contract, and she gripped my fingers and came in a noisy, bed-shaking orgasm.

Panty Games Ch. 04

fetish SpacegirlLynn 2018-09-17

From Talking to Bob I could tell he has a lot of well planned out fantasies involving teasing, Panties, Flashing and foreplay that he used to get him through all the times he was forced to masturbate alone while Nikki was off fucking John or some other guy. When I snatched Nikki's panties from Jason's place the other day I had thought then I would try and wear those for Bob on this night but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to have this time be all about me. I was also starting to worry he would pull the panties rate off my butt but soon he moved back and I felt the head of his cock slapping on my ass.


fetish niklayteh 2018-09-17

Pulling herself up so her lips were close to his ear she whispered "You're mine." With that she released him and stalked down the corridor leaving him to collapse gasping for breath on the floor. His lips caressed the backs of her knees, his warm breath tickled the tops of her thighs and, eventually, his tongue reached the lips of her pussy. As he whimpered in pain her breaths started to come shorter and quicker, he thrust harder even though his body was now screaming at him to stop. His cock, in post-orgasmic sensitivity, was pleading for him to stop, his shoulders and arms were screaming, the skin on his crotch was on fire, he was struggling to breath with her weight pressing down on his chest.

Mark's Surprise Ch. 1

fetish Kip Carson 2018-09-17

Mike moaned loudly, and his cum erupted from his stiff cock, spewing all over Diana's pretty petite breasts. He informed her that he would be cumming if she didn't stop, and she continued to move her mouth up and down his large cock. Mark moaned loudly, and his cum erupted into her mouth. Candy moaned as his large cock fell from her mouth. He began to move his hand slowly up and down her throbbing cock, and she softly moaned. Candy moaned, and thrust upward, her cock slid into Mark's mouth. Candy noticed that Mark's cock was once again big and hard, and she quickly removed some KY jelly from her purse. Mark felt her ass tighten around his cock, and she began to moan.

Recollection of Rosemary Margaret and Ann's

fetish sarahslips 2018-09-17

Rosemary also often showed her slip when wearing a school summer dress. Once the morning exam was over those involved left the room waiting outside for her close friend Ann was Rosemary. As Rosemary and Ann turned to my great surprise and great delight I could see over 2 inches of the white slip I had seen earlier. I followed the pair back part of the way but decided that it would be better to go another way as I was rapidly catching up with the slip showing Rosemary and if I carried on I would soon be in front of them. Always well dressed, clean skirt, crisp white blouse, never a hole in her tights and for 6 years never a hint of a slip.

Watching Her Go Ch. 03

fetish magiconnecticut 2018-09-17

She quite unexpectedly wrapped her cotton panties around my hard cock and masterfully masturbated me, slowly jamming her delicate finger in my ass to massage my prostate until I spewed creamy ropes of cum on her hands, wrists and panties. I lay there tied and unable to use my hands to assist in her ministrations, but I watched with intensity as fondled her gash with self-love. The fingers of her right hand moved with increasing tempo until eventually they were nothing but a blur as she ravaged her flesh – reaching for the powerful orgasm she held inside her tight body. She used both hands to hold herself open and I watched her pussy as it spasmed and pulsed with her intense release.

Samantha's Files Ch. 02

fetish nameuser 2018-09-17

You said that I never scared you...!" He looked down and touched his giant dick, squeezed it, and slammed the refrigerator door shut while running out of the room. Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, Joseph was gritting his teeth, his hands clawing into the chair as he felt his dick tighten into a painful clench. Soon, she was moving as fast as she could, thrusting onto his hand as he pushed back, until finally, a glob of fluid burst out, and her entire body sagged as she started panting. Joseph burst into her car, and screamed, "Hit it!" Instinctively, Rachel did so, while in the rear-view mirror, a huge-titted, perfectly sexy Mexican woman ran outside, shouting obscenities at the speeding Mercedes.


fetish Fullmoonfever 2018-09-17

Leaning back against the toilet tank, she spread her legs wide, revealing her swollen pussy, the delicate pink lips slightly open and moist, and her sexy dark anus. I marveled at her beauty and once her release passed, she stood up and turned around, cocking her nude ass just so. Pushing her nude rear into my face, she moaned as my tongue entered her asshole and I began slowly moving it in and out, getting deeper each time. My cock was fully inside her tight, hot anus and I was savoring the feeling of her plump ass against my pelvis when she came yet again. Sucking, then wetly licking the head while rapidly stroking my cock, she drove me right into the most intense orgasm I've ever had.

Milking Kimberly

fetish Esmeralda_Greene 2018-09-16

"Fuck," I said, and then my mouth was on her tit, my lips sealed around the pink nipple, and I was sucking, pulling a spray of milk into my mouth, feeling the little jets hitting my tongue and the insides of my cheeks. She still had one hand cupped over a breast, and she stroked the other hand down over her stomach, across the rumpled fabric of her raised skirt, down toward her pussy, her fingertips brushing lightly through her pubic hair before sliding down between her legs where she pushed her middle finger between her cunt lips and drew it out again.

American Deepthroat

fetish 2018-09-16

She shot a devious look up at him as she began to slowly stroke it up and down, starting at the head, making her way down the shaft until her clinched hand was pressing against his balls and making her way back up. She licked from the bottom of the shaft all the way up to the top, slowly making a little circle around the head with her tongue and eventually placing her lips around it. Her pussy felt tight around his cock as he continued to fuck her from behind, going a little bit faster and a little bit harder each time. He leaned back and enjoyed himself as she continued to pound her little ass against him, sliding her wet pussy over his cock.

Setting the Scene

fetish Dungeon-Master 2018-09-16

Male Readers, either Sub or Dom depending on the story (or bit of the story!) are invited to take the part of the DM, imagining themselves enjoying the various pleasures of the Triple D, the Pleasure Dungeon, and/or the surrounding areas. The Mistress (of the Pleasure Dungeon) - likes to watch; in particular she likes watching other Doms being spanked by her male surrogate Dom Tom. She adores face sitting and being pussy worshipped by the DM, occasionaly betraying her inner submissive desires for him. Female dom readers are invited to take the part of the Mistress, imagining themselves enjoying the various pleasures of the Triple D, the Pleasure Dungeon, and/or the surrounding areas.

Ex Skank Continued

fetish Vegaskinky1 2018-09-16

V said he likes seeing color contrast then sat next to Britt an lit another joint offering that and her new purple toy! Fat teenage bitch on disc was sucking on 2 black dicks as they stripped her. Put it back inside Britt gently and V looked at me while sucking a purple dildo! V was great with Britt, relaxing, calming, exciting, kissing her nipples, im so horny I licked my own girls pussy! V licked my asshole an soaked cunt  began kissing Britt so she put his dick plus purple dildo down my throat just like whitey being used by those niggers! V kept fucking me but for no reason I looked at tv and giggled to myself at black cock bitch, but wondered how she felt.

Best Seat on the Plane

fetish fbblvr37 2018-09-16

The seats in first class were much bigger than back in coach yet the muscular woman was so big she filled the entire seat and still managed to push up against John's shoulder and arm. Her skin had that youthful look to it with no visible signs of aging, yet given her muscle size she must have been bodybuilding for a long time. John was quiet, he felt like he had done a lot of talking and was curious what Laura had to say about what he said. While Laura was talking she would move her hands around for emphasis, John would try to catch a glimpse here and there when he thought she wasn't looking.

Omorashi Fetish - Day of Desperation

fetish RickDixon 2018-09-16

It had several things on it which included to brush her teeth, use the toilet, shower, eat breakfast, and make sure her backpack was filled for her college classes that day. He crossed off "having breakfast," and "use the toilet." Lily had her eyes on the newspaper on the table. Abby said, "Hey Lily. She ran as fast as she could in flip flops, having stopped several times to grab her crotch again and stop the leaking. "Lily, hey," Joey said, through his muscular face. Lily was about to reject her as it felt like a bowling ball was coming out of her belly. People laughed, screamed, left, and as it poured Lily ran out crying.

Em's Day Ch. 02

fetish radagast1207 2018-09-16

Now, doing this in the living room is admittedly strange, but between the television and the kitchen there was a large mirror on the wall, and from where I stood right then I was able to plainly see Sean's reaction as I bent over and showed him my tiny little vagina, my firm round little butt cheeks, and my tight puckered butthole. I caught the familiar cock in my hand and began immediately massaging it in the way I knew my little brother liked --slow, loose, long movements that started at the base of his thick shaft and went right up to the tip of his sensitive head.

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 28

fetish Paul Pines 2018-09-16

I heard Sally's vibrator start up, and in a surprisingly short time I heard her cum: a deep, powerful orgasm which shook the bed and the floor, and which was accompanied by Ted's own sounds of excitement. Remember, the last time I saw her she was completely dressed, telling me she was going to "fuck Ted until he cums in me." But in spite of her promise, and in spite of all the sounds of sex which made their way through the door for the past 90 minutes, it still took my breath away to see my wife naked with another man.

Honey Glazed

fetish FrostedEroticas 2018-09-16

She slowly kisses his earlobe, giving it a quick flick of the tongue before whispering in his ear "I have been waiting for so long" he pushes her back onto the bed and presses his hard body against hers. From the taste of the sugar and the feeling of his tongue teasing the tip of his dick every time he takes a lick of the donut. He gives it a good slap and she lets out a long moan and she squirts and gushes all over his hard cock and body, he flips her back over and she holds him close, a few more pumps and he starts to climax himself.

The Late Summer Sun

fetish Raptor987 2018-09-16

Your eyes flicker as you let out a long sigh at my touch, while I feel your warm breath as you rest your forehead against my own bare chest. I return my hand to her clit, slipping so easily inside to feel the warm, soft walls, then out to the hard nub of her clitoris. As you begin working on me, from base to tip, I poke my nose into the glistening lips, taking in you musty scent while my tongue slides between her engorged lips, seeking out her clitoris, then moving in time with your movements on my shaft. Desperate to enjoy my cock in my mouth as I pay you such devoted attention, you grasp my shaft, running her tongue around the head, tugging more firmly now, wanking me harder as your know her own orgasm is fast approaching.

That Smell

fetish Da_Imp 2018-09-16

The pull of his kisses was strong against her throat and she began to feel that blush run through her from one end to the other. He held her legs open and began just above her knee, working his way up. His hands came around her legs and held her open to his mouth. She began to manipulate her breast with one hand, while the other found her mouth which eagerly started sucking her fingers. She felt the little lightening bolts run for her belly as he pulled it into his mouth, dragging it between his exposed teeth. He pulled hard enough that she felt the ridges inside her moving over his lip covered teeth again and again.

BB Mythology: Irresistible

fetish kiwiBB 2018-09-16

It had been so long since his last orgasm that even this gentle play sent a powerful ache through his groin, but nonetheless his dick continued to twitch and spasm — especially once Lyn wrapped her fingers around it again, and gave him a few more agonizingly slow strokes. Xonos teetered on the brink of orgasm as Lyn continued to make out with his cock, taking the occasional break to suck on his balls or to give him a few firm pumps by hand. Even under the best of circumstances, that kind of grip was hard enough to bring tears to his eyes — but freshly blue-balled, with his nuts stuffed to the brim, Xonos felt like his testicles might burst.

Black's Last Stand

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-09-16

Then I started to slap myself in the face with Eric's cock, smearing his rich pre-cum all over while dick-whipping myself in a display of worship. Finally I pulled my head out of his scrotum, gooey strands of pre-cum, musk and saliva dripping between us, and saw that his cock was at full mast, pointing dangerously in Black's direction. My tits beat time on Aaron's chest and cock as my hips swiveled to give Eric extra pleasure inside me. As my orgasm subsided, Eric's strong arms corkscrewed (his cock didn't do the "cork" part) me around and pushed me back against Black, my head resting on his chest while my ass sat just above his balls on his hard-on.

Sissy Boy Secretary Ch. 05

fetish Hotenuf4u 2018-09-16

Elaine's hands were caressing Lisa's tits when she said, "Now take her dress off sissy slut." "Clean those panties sissy boy; we do not want them stained." Elaine ordered as she pressed against Lisa's ass, pushing her towards my face. Reaching up to grab Lisa's hips, edging even closer to her pussy, I was stopped when Elaine said, "No hands sissy boy, just your tongue." I moved the panties aside with my tongue and continued to lick this pussy like there was no tomorrow. "What do you think sissy boy, should I hire her?" as she turned to grab Lisa's nipple with her teeth, her other hand busy fingering her wet pussy. Lisa's hands were moving up Elaine's thighs as her tongue reached the wet panties.