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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Subservient Ch. 03

fetish samuel69 2018-09-16

She lets out some incredible moans, I find myself lost in both the tape and Angie's stroking and let her know "I'm going to cum." and she quickly removes her hands from my cock and grabs and icepack she had sitting on our bed stand and immediately applies it my cock. When we woke in the morning she was all smiles again like nothing the night before ever transpired, and just like the day before, immediately unlocked my cage and began stroking me. Angie didn't relent, she kept fucking my ass with the device, hitting my prostate hard each time "You mind if I take offfff for the d,d,dday?"

Elizabeth and Lucille Ch. 01

fetish MaryGrangerx 2018-09-16

I felt so excited as I thought about telling my friend Elizabeth what I had done to my husband Derek. I knew that Elizabeth would laugh when I told her that I had masturbated him in our lounge just before he went to Bible classes. Although they always referred to us as Lucille and Derek, we still tended to call them Mr and Mrs Kent as it sounded too familiar to call them Elizabeth and William. She was lovely and told me that up till about 10 years earlier, William had been such a dynamic man in bed that it came as a bit of a shock for him when he started to fail.

Deep Kissing In Arm(pit)s

fetish revol 2018-09-16

But Yvonne pulled Brenda away from John, and gave her a lusty embrace with her left armpit pressed on her face. Yvonne eyed John, and signaled him to come to her, while Kathy and Brenda fell into a lustful body-squeezing embrace with armpit kissing. Yvonne pulled up John to her breast, and gave him a tight embrace, raising her left armpit for a deep kiss and lick. John spat in Yvonne's armpit and licked the saliva mixed with her sweat. Yvonne then spat heavily in John's armpit, and licked and sniffed hard. Yvonne and John got engaged in a game of spitting heavily in each other's armpits, then smelling and licking it up.

Tied Up Ch. 03

fetish BradsBabygirl 2018-09-16

It would be at that moment where I'd feel you pull out of me, until just the head of your cock rested inside my outer ring and then my breath would be forced from my lungs as you began to ride my arse like a bull. Fuck I love you Bel. I fucking love you baby, now take this!" I'd hear you hissing behind me, as your legs spread wide at my sides and your hand moved from my cunt, only to join the other one as they pressed down onto my back, pushing me harder into the mattress as your hips rocked back and forth with more energy.

Lake Tahoe

fetish kinkygirl 2018-09-16

It was gone 11p.m by the time we got to our chalet, but having had a couple of hours snoozing in the van we decided to dump our gear and go for a few drinks. Now I know you guys out there are thinking "Great, two girls sharing a bed", but it happens all the time and it has never turned into a lesbian sex-fest! After breakfast we got showered and changed into our snow wear, and then Dani took us to get our equipment and lift passes. Reaching into them I began to gently rub my clitty in little circles, never taking my eyes from his hand as he worked his cock faster.

Birthday Session

fetish toelover1974 2018-09-16

Now, she was requiring me to make a choice between feeling her amazing lips on my throbbing dick while suffering under her feet, or quitting the session altogether and going to bed without cumming. The wrinkles, the delicious sweaty toes, the baby soft balls of my feet.” My dick was getting hard again, very fast, given how close I was to cumming a few minutes before. It is so soft right now from the sweat.” All I was to her was a pathetic footstool – my eyes were consumed by the intricate details of her beautiful bare foot, my nose was dominated by the overwhelming scent of 10 day worn pantyhose, my mouth was tasting the stink that my nose was inhaling, and my hearing was focused on her unbelievably sexy foot fetish porn star voice.

Husband's Revenge

fetish 425olds 2018-09-16

He said he saw naked white guy standing next to the bed, with what looked like a wet fresh ly fucked cock hanging between his legs, videoing the action; and another naked big black man coming towards him. I told her to slow down and after a while she lifted her face off of my wet cock with a pop and said, "I have got to have this black beauty inside my love box, until last night I had never been fucked by a black man." She threw one leg over my hips, grabbed my cock in one hand, spread her puffy cunt lips with the fingers of the other hand; and sat right down on my cock till her clean-shaven pussy was rubbing my curly black pubic hair.

When Hairy Met Hairy

fetish theo_minor 2018-09-16

She began sensually running her fingers through my pubic hair, then cupped her hand on my balls before sliding it slowly up and down my shaft. Her pubic hair was an amazing, luxuriant bush -- dark and thick and curly, like lamb's wool, which covered a wide expanse of her lower belly, even a bit beyond the creases where her legs met her torso. And just as my own pubic hair had a 'spillover' onto my upper thighs, so did Anna's -- thus, the little 'legs' on her suit. I smiled at the sensual sight of my thick cock disappearing inside Anna's pussy, surrounded by the biggest, thickest pubic bush I had ever seen.

Corrupting The Uncorruptable Youth

fetish robertcleve 2018-09-16

"Now Katie, I appreciate the fact that you want to show off your great tan but don't you think you should cover up a little?" "I want you to shave my little vagina and get all the hair off. Mr. Cleve is about to manipulate and shave this little girl's cunt. Katie was still sitting on the edge of the picnic table when I came back out, sort of leaning back on her outstretched hands, legs spread slightly. "Okay Katie, stick out your cunt for me and let me have a look. I looked down to see her freshly shaved pussy suspended inches away from the tip of my pulsing cock. The lips of her pussy twitched at the head of my cock as she looked into my eyes and spoke.

Always a pro

fetish noglory 2018-09-16

Alone and terrified and finding it hard to breath in the stuffy air under the tarpaulin because of my gag as he transported me to God knows where, I could at least release some of the pent-up fear and pain inside me as I shook with quiet, muffled sobs into my gag and soaked my blindfold with my tears; my trussed up body aching with cold and the painful digging-in grip of my tight bonds. Which may have been good fun for him but certainly wasn't for me, as with each pain-filled jump, the soft, rubbery slap of the soles of my Keds landing on the hard and smooth tile floor synchronised with my muffled grunts and sighs of pain as encircling ropes dug into the soft flesh all around my tightly bound breasts and the crotch ropes ground deep into the creases of my groin.

How I Lost My Wife Ch. 01

fetish mumbai_cuckold 2018-09-16

"He is my husband and what time I roam with him is none of your business." Shilpa retorted back at him, but suddenly he lunged forward and grabbed my wife's hand. If you hadn't come, I don't know what would have happened." Javed took my wife's hand, but instead of accepting her thanks, he shouted at me. Another week went by and I was coming home from office in Auto one day. Finally Shilpa pulled back from the car and waived her hand to Javed as she said good bye. I know you were with Javed in Lonavala getting fucked by him." Shilpa looked incredulous and tried to get up.

Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 07

fetish Max332 2018-09-16

"Aaaand we're getting back in there!" warned joyfully Yuna, as she smacked both her feet together. Those eyes won't be of any help!" she grabbed the spell-book that had been left on the sofa, and read while manipulating vigorously James with her horrible feet, looking for a way to force him to perform. "Gooood boy." smiled a victorious Yuna, still watching poor Jay writhe in pain beside her. "Hey Yuna, maybe it's time..." she smiled, and watched her annihilated, collapsed brother. "Time to make our dear *slave* earn his keep, don't you think?" she proposed; eager to know how her brother's tiny tongue would feel on her sweaty, stinky feet. "Please, do the honors?" Yuna stood up, letting James's sister the place.

Nadia's Friend

fetish misteradelaide 2018-09-16

She was very beautiful, around half our age at little more than 20 and she looked into the camera and said hi before scooting down and closing her mouth to Nadia's pussy. Molly was so hot, the scene so wild and Nadia's smell so lovely that I don't think I made it all the way inside her before I began to cum. I pushed my fingers back inside her and moved them in a slow fucking motion and I felt the bed move as Nadia lowered her pussy onto my cock. We fucked hard and fast as Nadia watched and it lasted just a few moments before we dug our fingers into each other, my toes curled and my hair stood on end in the most amazing orgasm as I jerked inside her tight hole.

Professor Butler

fetish OregonProf 2018-09-16

It was with her bare hand, and just like in seventh grade, it was not all that hard or particularly painful, but at several points, she continued with my humiliation by telling me how bad I was, and how overdue this spanking must be. With fear of what was to come, I timidly moved my legs the tiniest bit apart, so Emily gave me a pretty good spank and ordered me, "Further apart, further, I said!" I knew there was no arguing with her, so I complied. Seemingly now aware that this teasing seemed to be a whole new way to punish me, Emily continued with the touches that couldn't have been more than the smallest of a fraction of an inch from my cock and balls.

Band Parents Ch. 03

fetish BillyBobJoeEd 2018-09-16

I ended up masturbating in the shower as I thought about the hot sex Linda and Charles had after I left their bedroom, especially the mental image of her taking his sticky cock in her mouth and licking him clean. Unfortunately, the level of arousal I had reached by then, what with the thoughts of Linda that had preoccupied me all day and the teasing that Lily had been doing, had driven me to where it was impossible to hold back and I came all too soon, filling my wife's depths with a load that had been building up all day.

Black Master, White Slave

fetish uniquenewyork 2018-09-16

To try to makeup for my people's abuse of you in the past, I must worship your big black cock, balls and asshole. After a few minutes of bl**d-hounding your ass, eventually you tell me to "use my tongue slave!" I spread your cheeks wide and lick all around your anus making concentric circles slowly moving in towards my prize, my sexy black master's asshole. I always try to suck in both your balls at the same time, but your juicy black scrotum just won't fit all the way inside my mouth. You see me like a dog in heat, lusting over your big balls, wishing I could suck on and taste both of them at the same time.


fetish 2018-09-16

Pull my hair smack me around, Put it in my ass, Then turn me around call me a bitch, Call me a slut, Tell me im a bad girl and spank my ass, But tie me down and get the whip, Hit me once hit, me again, hit me until I cry I'll never say good bye, I'll get on my knees and beg for more, And while I'm down there I'll play with your cock, I'll suck it all night I promise I won't bite, Unless you say, I always obey as long as you pull my hair, and Smack me around I'll never frown.

My Fantasy Weekend Ch. 05

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2018-09-16

Julie hadn't said anything to me about taking the afternoon off and it wasn't like her to hold that kind of thing back. "You have such a nice home," Cathy said, "one day I'll have a house like this, too." Julie looked at me, put her hands on her hips and said "You know, Cathy and I were talking and we thought that before you guys went out shopping, she should have an idea of what we already have and how it fits you. "So, Greg," Julie said, "I was telling Cathy about the camisole you wore today. "Greg, why don't you take off your shirt and show Cathy the camisole?" Julie asked.

Cought Babysitter ;)

fetish dreamlover080 2018-09-16

My beautiful babysitter Allison had her skirt hiked up and was fucking herself vigorously with a clear dildo. Allison grinned eagerly before pulling her skirt back up and returning to the porno she was watching. I gave this same treatment to her left nipple and covered her mouth with my hand so she wouldn't scream and wake my daughters up. She closed her eyes and held me in blissful rapture for a few minutes before ordering me to fuck her hard. "Three years as a college cheerleader should mean I have strong lower back muscles, right?" She smiled widely before saying "let's test that theory." She started out riding me slowly but quickly picked up speed.

Proud Holders Ch. 10

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-09-16

As I'm sure you're all aware both Charmaine and Omar had accidents, neither of which surprised either Mrs Glenson or myself. I fully expected to have ten wet students by the end of the day so I think it's pretty fair to say that the outcome way exceeded my expectations. Some, well most of you in fact, were pretty frantic by the time we got back especially, Cathy, Holly, Jack and Jonah. Also I would like to pay a special tribute to Anne who nearly left us but in the end showed both courage and good sense by sticking the course out. Omar and Charmaine, you've both done very well despite yesterday's little setbacks.

Free Rent for Nadine

fetish hisigorness 2018-09-16

Since we both know that someday, you will be leaving for a boyfriend or marriage, I am guessing that you'll need money for moving into a place of your own or one without another guy. So instead of paying me half the rent, I propose that you let me borrow your mouth and face say...10 times a month. So you know what you're dealing with here, I suggest you take off your clothes again and let's start our first session. "That's what a rent payment looks like." I said standing up and turning. "I think I'm going to enjoy living here, but I won't be sucking your friends" she said as she sank back down to the couch to play with herself which she had never done before.

Cheryl was a Hairy Goddess

fetish Madabouthair 2018-09-16

I never saw my friend's father do anything to Cheryl, but if I had a buck for every time I heard my friend or his brothers get screamed at, smacked upside the head or get a boot right in the ass with those steel-toed work shoes his old man always wore, I'd be a rich man today. After Cheryl's brother told me that, I kept my eyes peeled for a sighting of her armpit hair, because that was something that really turned me on, ever since I had uncovered a little collection of dirty pictures that my old man thought he had hidden. "Only saw one hard before," Cheryl admitted, which was one more than I would have guessed, and when I asked her whose she had seen, she giggled and said it was her brother, my friend.

Sleeping Bag

fetish blowhyoooge 2018-09-16

Michael jumped, or at least came as close to jumping as one can when one is lying in a sleeping bag inside of which one is blowing up a very big balloon. Well, you see, baby, I'm blowing up a big balloon inside my sleeping bag, and in a few minutes I'll blast a big load of hot cum all over it. No matter, as Laura's grasp of the obvious immediately kicked in: "Were you blowing up a balloon inside a sleeping bag?" Are you scared that I'm going to blow a big hard breath into this balloon and it's going to go BANG and burst right in your face?

Bloodie Kisses

fetish BloodieKisses 2018-09-16

You always did love the way he smiled so irresistible it made your heart melt, eyes that could cut right through you and see your deepest inner thoughts, arms to strong that made you feel protected and eased your worries. Your senses heightened by your lack of vision as the gentle guiding hands slowly strip you of your clothing piece by piece, wandering over your body as you sit on a large bed you can feel the softness of the satin sheets. You can feel tiny droplets of a warm liquid as your lover drips tiny drops of her blood on your chest, then kisses each and everyone one of them stopping to bite your nipples.