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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Princess and the Assassin Pt. 06

fetish thecloned22 2018-03-06

Helen/Tarah were thrown over his shoulder, as it was the only way he could carry them without falling. Jor felt a bit envious of the girls for that. After checking on the girls, Jor collapsed to the ground in exhaustion. Using his knife, which he heated in the fire, Jor started cutting away at the infected flesh around his wounds. Helen and Tarah hugged their body, their heads nuzzling together. "Where in the great marshes." She observed drawing Tarah's attention, "Jor used to take me here on hunting trips." Tarah took his soaked clothes off stripping him down and looked at Jor's wounds. "He needs help that's for sure, and we've got nothing to save him." Tarah replied. Helen turned towards Tarah planting her forehead against her sister's.

Under the Enemy

fetish hithere222 2017-11-11

Although we were probably going to be tortured, I could not help but notice the woman's ass jiggling as she stepped, it wanting to move around and engulf the nearest object. Their were belts around the back of their heads to adjust how hard the sitter wanted the victim's face to be pulled into her butt. I was thrown to the floor by a tall guard, as he overpowered me and latched me to the floor, then forcing me to look up, shoved a chair on my face and hooked the belt around the back of my head. The Spanish women smothered my nose in her perfect camletoed vulva, and the blonde crushed my lips in her wonderful crack.

Please, Make Me Eat It

fetish 425olds 2017-12-28

"Yes I want to taste it, I want to taste my pre-cum from your hard nipples." I said as her wet glistening nipple hung over my face. I wanted her to cunt fuck my face and f***e me to eat my hot cum and now it was going to happen and I couldn't stop it. Jay, If you ever want hot sex with me ever again, if you ever expect me to suck your cock again, if you ever want to feel this excitement again, you are going to eat my cum filled pussy. She groaned as she fed my cock into her all the way, then out again, she leaned forward and began to fuck me hard, her vagina was like a wet slippery hot piston fucking me deeply.

Valentine's Day Rimjob

fetish JackTheCrackAttack 2018-04-26

Jenny put a mint flavored chocolate in her mouth and enjoyed. She shoved her tongue in my mouth to let some of the mint chocolate go inside. The wet sensual touch of Jenny's tongue was starting up my erection. When Jenny and I felt that we chewed our chocolates enough, we put our lips together and opened for each other. This time, I forced all of my tongue into Jenny's pussy. Once I finished wiping off what I could I got back on the bed and put my face back to Jenny's pussy. I enjoyed doggystyle with Jenny because I got a good view of her cute little pink asshole.

Under the Desk

fetish colleenslittletoy 2018-11-14

In the drama that played in my head, she towered over me as I lay under her desk, standing above me like some kind of beautiful goddess, her long legs stretching upwards, disappearing under her tight mini-skirt. For some reason, the vision of Marie and Bob making out with me at their feet aroused me yet, at the same time, caused feelings of humiliation. My sense of pride took control and I vowed to sexually conquer Marie before her date with Bob. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to seduce her into bed and satisfy her so completely that she wouldn't want to go out with him.

Toe Mistress

fetish Bakeboss 2018-04-25

Gina-Lynn never had a problem spotting them; she knew which one she would choose the minute she walked into the shoe store. What she saw made her happy, for when he was sure he was not under her watchful eye, he didn't peek up her skirt, he put his nose to the bottom of her toes. Oh yes that does feel much better, my toes just want to kiss you for that." "Joseph I want you to take out your thing and make it spurt on my feet, I want to feel you warm cum on my toes." As for Gina-Lynn, she just got out her high rise Candies and then went looking for a shoe store.

To Pee Or Not To Pee

fetish Van999 2018-07-31

I soon found out Lisa liked to talk, which was fine with me because four hours is a long drive, I realized, and having her along would certainly make the time go faster. "Do you think the stranger in the Jaguar would like it if I took off my skirt?" Lisa asked softly, "Would it excite him?" "Yes, he likes it a lot," I said, looking at Lisa, then back at the road. "Good," Lisa continued, "Now, I think I would ask the stranger to undo his pants and take his cock out, so I could see it as I played with myself."


fetish B_Couric 2018-06-25

I first brought it up when we first met, so it's not like this is a surprise to her," now Jack felt stupid, trying to say it in such a way that it sounded dignified and maybe even put some of the blame on Brenda, his shaky delivery not helping. He says that if I got drunk and did something stupid, like be with another guy, he told me he wouldn't get mad." She looked at Marlene who just nodded. When I ask him what he's doing, he tells me it looked like I was having a good time, he didn't want to interrupt. It occurred to Jack that if Marlene was an older dyke she probably got a pretty good view up Brenda's skirt, and he chuckled at his own thought.

The XXXorcist Just TRY Not To Cum Ch. 03

fetish tevyus 2018-05-17

By now, my wife Cara's milk-making breasts were pretty well taking over her days. When I found out she was being awoken several times a night by her production, we started donating to the good people at the local hospital's breast-milk bank. That Sunday morning, while we sat and read the paper, she had both pumps going at full speed for an hour, sucking away at her massive nipples, while I got harder and harder. "Look, do you know ANYONE with breasts this size?" I asked her, as I led her to the specially prepared de-programming room. When dusk came, we were exhausted, but the breasts were down to the size of medium beach balls again, and the milk only dripped a bit.

The WIMP Test: Diagnosis

fetish twiddershins 2018-04-28

It was just one week after Dr. Hunglovin and her sexy nurse Jana prescribed medical tweezers for research in the Wrist Impairment in Male Patients (WIMP) test. Nurses flitted about in the background, going from one place to the next with clipboards tucked under their arms or breasts, sashaying their hips in tight, white uniforms and high heels that, my mind immediately reminded me, were easily taller than my dick. Jana tried not to giggle, bent down (she was at least a foot taller than me, and in her heels she had an Amazonian, towering stature, 6'9" being my best guess), and tested my size next to the little popsicle stick marked with the letter S at one end.

The Time Stopper Ch. 01

fetish GusBus77 2018-07-28

The shell of the black watch and its copper guts that spread out from its gears sat firmly on top of my desk as I said my prayers and wished with all my heart to come to a milky breast in my dreams. I couldn't wait any longer, I got in close, carried her body, (which she was light), over to the nearest bench, sat her down on my lap and dug my face onto her right breast like a fat kid into a cake. She kept her left arm hugged around my head and as she laid some soft kisses on my forehead she fidgeted with her bra's collar and pulls it under the breast that my lips had been stimulating.

The Small Black Velvet Dress

fetish kypris 2018-02-17

I take it in my hand and rub your shaft over my boot for a while then sit in your lap stroking you. I then sit on my knees and take your cock in my mouth and suck it hard till it's all in my mouth. I look devilishly in your eyes and make your shaft slide in me...slow...inch by inch, then take it all in me as I start riding you...My arms are wrapped around your neck and I pull you closer so you can suck my nipples. I bite your shoulder hard when I feel myself reaching a long orgasm, but I keep squeezing your cock in me till there's no more...

The Shit-Packed Life of Rachel Quin

fetish Heresyourstupidusername 2017-12-05

Following the shower, Rachel stepped out, letting several more naked servant women step closer and lick her clean. The toilet servant opened her mouth wide, catching Rachel's stream of pee and, ultimately, catching the giant turd that came out of her ass. This was supplied by a sorority house downtown, whom she paid to piss and shit in different toilets. At the same time, Rachel would need to shit, due to the exlax, filling the vat almost as much as she would empty it. Servants were there to time her, help her out when she was done, and shit in the vat themselves, if Rachel demanded a difficulty increase. "Nighty night, Miss Rachel." said the servant, turning off the lights as she walked out of the room.

The Scarlet Chronicles Pt. 01

fetish scarlet_letter87 2018-05-15

"That is not Dr. Rute's preferred method of obtaining temperature, the rectum gives a far more accurate reading." Brenda was practically grinning as she saw Scarlet's face widen with terror. Her belly felt like it was going to explode and she begged Brenda to let her release. Brenda instead made a point of setting a timer for 10 minutes and hanging it off the shower head so it was right in front of Scarlet's face. "Alright, Miss Scarlet, these will all be going in your gluteus maximus, but I'll leave the choice to you as to whether you want them all on one side or spread out, but decide quickly," Brenda commanded.

The Request Ch. 02

fetish stateofdenial 2018-03-12

"This is now day one of your fantasy and I hope you enjoyed that time between my legs, because it's now off limits to you, until you prove to me that you deserve it. "I hope you're going to enjoy your long, hard and frustrating year of teasing and denial." She traced a finger from his lips and down his chest. He followed her back, but his thoughts were pre-occupied of her, mingling about without panties, the key to his cage dangling around her neck. "You better get to work soon, cause I could learn to like this little bugger and then your year could get a whole lot worse." He couldn't believe his ears. It would be a long time before he enjoyed a good nights sleep.

The Princess and the Assassin

fetish thecloned22 2017-12-05

Though not as powerful as her body mates, Earth is not the lesser because of it, for it was she who originally formed the Cerberus long ago as a means of achieving not only a balance, but a lasting peace. Hell, Earth and Heaven simply pressed their heads close together their eyes closed shut and mouths agape gasping in pleasure. Through a series of bizarre twists, Earth's legs along with Heaven's left leg and Hell's right leg, shifted and merged till only there were two legs. Each Disciple would be shaped with two heads, a normal body, and massive XXX cup sized breasts like their goddess mistresses. They came with their faces angled inwards, with both Hell and Heaven's lips touching side to side as they approached Earth's wanting lips.

The Owner Ch. 02

fetish robertjones 2018-01-25

Since I masturbated at least three times a day, I was able to accumulate about 20 small containers of my cum by the end of the week. The chilled jars of Mommy's Femcum were kept in my men's club and sold only to the chartered members, many of whom had a fetish for women's juices. Other sex play was allowed, just so long as our cum and milk production was maintained. The more the studs rubbed and played with the maids' engorged tits, the more milk they produced. The more the maids teased the men's huge balls, the greater their cum production. As I sat there one Monday with my tits exposed, rubbing my swollen cunt, my eyes saw a jar of Mommy's Femcum.

The First Night

fetish HairCutter607 2018-04-21

I felt his fingers press against my clit as his other hand slid up through the back of my head, through my now thinned hair. I like feeling your pussy clench my dick as you cum" he teased my insides, pushing into me, filling me. Moaning, I starting cumming uncontrollably, I felt my pussy squeezing him so hard that when he pulled out to slam it back in, my body pushed him out completely. "I wanna feel you squirt your hot load deep inside of me, baby..." I moaned as I ground my hips down against him. "I wanna put a baby in that sexy tummy of yours, gorgeous girl.." he said, running his hands up the inside of my thighs, playing with my pussy hair, and then my clit.

The Call

fetish dadymandave 2017-11-12

John watched mesmerised, a full hard-on pressing urgently against his pants, as the man's saliva dripped into the woman's mouth and she moaned, lapping at it, licking and drinking thirstily. "You said five minutes Dave," she turned to David, thrusting her breasts out and touching his face and hair. David stepped away and still carrying the woman, her hands and legs melded around him, his cock still inside her, made his way into their bedroom and shut the door behind them. John could still hear her calling 'Dave' over and over, as he tried to open the front door with shaking hands. As he turned into Gradeview he could still hear the woman's cries and see David's hands squeezing and tugging at her big, beautiful, brown breasts.

The Big Bear

fetish lindiana 2018-07-08

To celebrate their relationship as Master/slave, he bought her a dog leash and took her to the mall while she wore it. He took me as his online slave and all was comfy cozy until his real life slave got a bit jealous of me. First off, a woman that wears that large of a shoe is usually large and I saw photos of her, she was a big girl. He just liked to wear stockings and shoes. And it got to the point that I also became aroused by the idea of him cumming on my feet. I powered up my digital camera and I took 12 shots for him of my feet in the stockings and wearing the pumps.

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 01

fetish Katiekatsman 2017-10-24

Bobby's eyes fell on the black leather suitcase lying on Mistress Sharon's bed when he pushed the door ajar and walked in. Not wanting to part with a keepsake holding so many unprocessed thoughts he rifled through his daypack, pulled out one of the steel halves, slipped it inside the eye and used it as leverage to unscrew it from the plank floor. "Why did my sister want to keep this beautiful thing locked all the time?" She said quietly. If it wasn't for the hope that Deb gave him as a potential new mistress he'd probably be crying uncontrollably in some cheap hotel room in an attempt to come to grips with her actions.

The Belladonna Sisters Ch. 06

fetish Eosphorus 2018-08-16

We set out the next morning helping prepare Bonnie and Charlotte for Cupcake Battle as best we could. "Oh, fuck," Bonnie said. "Key Lime Pie Cupcake," Bonnie said, nonplussed. Then we'd all open up a bottle of wine and work through the possibilities, hours every night for a month on end brainstorming Bonnie and Charlotte's possible responses. We'd all just fucked and, sexually satisfied, could concentrate on making Bonnie and Charlotte Cupcake Battle Champions. "Okay, I'm off," Bonnie said, kissing me goodbye. Olivia's beautiful big tits sat atop a fine, soft belly featuring a pierced belly button. I had one hand on her huge ass, the other fingering her pussy as my mouth sucked her tits hard.

The Adventures of Madi Ch. 02

fetish sexualrelief7191 2018-01-27

I got the same wet feeling between my legs as I did when Natasha's toes were in my mouth, being sucked on with gusto. Ripe with sweat and that unfamiliar scent, I brought the toe in my mouth and my tongue danced around it like it was a little candy. My pretty soles were smooth and soft from my recent pedicure and although not as gorgeous as Avery's, I think someone with a foot fetish would love them, just as much as I did. "Well, if you hate touching my feet, I have a better idea." I brought my big toe on my right foot, dug in under my sock on my left foot, and lifted the sock off.

Me and Teen Mistress at Barnes and Noble Part 1.

fetish stanlok 2018-05-11

I was in the Barnes and Noble reading a book when i looked up and noticed a cute goth girl with long black hair and the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen. I couldnt believe it, she looked like a well developed girl, her tits werent big about the size of tennis balls but still 14? "Well i can see why she threw you out, you are a pervert." she started." I have a question though, Have you ever seen the panties a 14 year girl would wear? I figured she was leaving to tell on me but a few minutes later she came back and handed me her blue bikini cut panties. "But I tell you what I will let you jack off your puny cock and cum on my panties, OK?