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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Brian's Dream

fetish Bernie54 2018-01-09

The previous night he had refused to move to the next level of his training as a toilet slave, he did not have problem drinking her piss but he had been sick when she fed him a small stool, during an intense ass worship session. He nodded yes, and grabbed her hips and pulled her on his face he was licking her crack going over her asshole, which he started kissing more intensely. "The most pleasurable position for me was you seated on my chest and coming in my mouth, therefore I wanted more and I did not know what would please you, so I grabbed your gorgeous hips and pulled you on my face.

The Longest Hold

fetish Nowthisisunbelievable_123 2017-12-24

The last time he took a piss was at around 4.30 in the morning and now, the lower abdomen and part of his crotch ached as his bladder continued to fill up with each passing minute. The door began to slide shut again and Mark's hand shot out to stop it. Jasmine watched his predicament and felt so turned at his desperate need to use the loo. She teased his desperate member, rolling her tongue over the head and sucking the tip before watching it thrum and tremble with the equivalent need to piss and cum. "But I'm not sure for how long it's going to last." The need to piss was slowly beginning to return, sending pangs into his bladder.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 04

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-01-09

As she peered down through the toilet seat at Claudia's immobile face, Mistress Eva began to explain. Claudia couldn't believe what she was hearing, but Mistress Eva went on regardless, "In addition to Robert and me, you'll also serve my 22 guests and come to realize that this is your only purpose in life; it's what you deserve." Back down slammed the toilet seat as Mistress Eva returned to the house to prepare for her party, while Claudia was left to stare at the barn ceiling to dwell on these new revelations. Master Klaus, a tall fair-haired man, dropped his trousers and began masturbating above Claudia's face as the Mistress continued her commentary.

Black on Black Pegging

fetish Samuelx 2017-12-16

The big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent groaned as I fucked him in the ass with my thick strap-on dildo. And I like to fuck Black men in the ass with my strap-on dildo. And the perfect sexual submissive turned out to be a church-going young Black man from a deeply conservative Haitian-Canadian family. I berated Stephan while slamming my strap-on dildo deep into his asshole. Laughing, I smacked Stephan's ass some more and thrust my dildo even deeper inside of him. Fucking Black men in the ass with my strap-on dildo is so much fun. A club featuring dominant Haitian women with strap-on dildos and the Black men who love them?


Long Haired Lucy Submits to Nicky

fetish Maverick710 2018-01-05

Without wasting a moment, Nicky quickly grabbed Lucy's wonderful braid of long hair with one hand and placed the other on her head. Now Nicky increased his grip on her braid and putting some pressure on her head with his other hand, he fucked Lucy's face. Without releasing his grip on her braid, he grabbed a handful of her on the crown of her head with his other hand and increased his speed two fold fucking her face violently. Then he released her nose and gave her ample time to breathe and then without warning, he increased his grip on her braid intensely and also grabbed a handful of her hair at the crown of her head and started thrusting his cock in her mouth, face fucking Lucy with a violent fury.

Kitty Girl Goes to the Beach - Part I

fetish sprite 2017-12-30

I tried to think of safe thoughts, but was unable to come up with any, so I quickly gave up and enjoyed the sight of her adjusting her lush breasts in the mirror, her ass swaying erotically with her every movement, stray thoughts of peeling her bikini briefs down her thighs, my head under her dress, exploring her cunt with my tongue, my face smeared with her beautiful nectar… I became so lost in the feeling that I barely even noticed Kay stroking my hair tenderly, leaning over and whispering in my ear, calling me a good girl and promising all sorts of things if I came for her.

Giving Daddy What He Wants

fetish JuicynSweet00 2017-12-21

It wasn't much; it had barely grown back enough to wax, but Daddy noticed when he slipped his hand into my pink panties upon his return. I'd vowed not to let Daddy down tonight, and though I was nervous, I was excited at the prospect of giving him something I knew he'd wanted for a long time. Daddy groaned and gathered my hair in his hand, pushing me down further as he thrust his hips. "Sweet girl, you've made Daddy very, very happy tonight." With a gentle kiss, he took me in his arms and carried me towards the bathroom, where he ran a warm bath as he murmured sweet words in my ear.

A Desperate Nudist

fetish lunaswift 2018-01-04

After getting used to the idea Caroline often found herself wondering what the lifestyle was actually like and that was how she'd eventually ended up here at this holiday camp, naked in an aerobics class, trying to stop her boobs from bouncing around too much as the instructor at the front jogged on the spot. He pushed her up against the wall, Jenny staring silently as his hand slid between Caroline's leg, feeling her wetness. Caroline moaned and spread her legs slightly allowing his hand to better rub her clit and press against the entrance to her pussy. Caroline moved her hand to her clit and began frantically rubbing it, knowing he wouldn't last long, the noises he was making told her he was close to coming already.

Wet Passion 2

fetish NicolasSix 2017-12-14

I started to stroke her pussy too, and she realised I was awake; she smiled and said good morning. As I started to lick the other, she said "Like I say, you must tell me if you want to me to stop. Then she started gently brushing her pussy against my face, not hard at all, but letting me smell her juices. I could feel her pants getting wet, and thought she had already started to pee but it was her pussy juices. She was so turned on, her pussy was dripping wet and soaking her pants. She immediately knelt in her own piss, and started wanking my cock with her small hands, occasionally licking the tip.

A Squirt Here, A Squirt There - Chapter 2, Part 1

fetish Miss_Iris 2018-01-13

Sending a order to her brain, she felt the feeling rush to her bladder and soon enough, her pussy lips spread and her pee-hole began to squirt out hot, honey-colored urine that soon drenched the plant in her pee. She let out a soft, blissful sigh as her pee continued to water and rain down on the plant and felt the relief flush her body hot and her nipples to pucker and tighten more under the shirt. The patter of the piss hitting the metal was turning her on as she continued to let her pee rain freely and she reached a hand under her shirt to roll a pebbled nipple.

Living Doll

fetish PervyStoryteller 2017-12-19

Trixie climbs on top of me, bouncing up and down on my cock while her husband feeds her his, but all three of us are staring at the machine between Doll’s motionless legs, imagining the slow, steady, relentless thrusts of the dildo inside captive Doll. Cindy soon finds herself being spit-roasted by John and Thomas, who always work together, but all three of them stare at the machine between Doll’s latex thighs, imagining the steady, relentless, unceasing thrusts of the dildo in Doll’s cunt. Doll remains completely still and completely silent, eyes covered where she’d otherwise stare straight at the ceiling as the machine whirrs and the dildo keeps up its inexorable, steady, relentless thrusting.

Karen and I, parts 1-3

fetish BlueEyedNick 2017-12-19

My first thought was: sure I can wear them under my boxers and no one will ever know but that plan went out the window when Karen specified with a giggle and that special smile she had - like poison come to dinner - that I was to wear no other underwear than those panties. Of course, I knew that this was somehow all related to the surprise reward she had promised for completing my birthday dare and the thought of what Karen might have planned for us kept me in an aroused state all through the school day. Having said this Karen took Molly by the hand and led her into her mum's bedroom, pushed her roughly onto the bed and pulled the yellow summer dress over her head exposing her naked body to me before climbing on top of Molly.

Caught short

fetish The_Original_Shyboy 2018-01-01

‘Nice cock by the way,’ she added, winking at me and watching as my own reflection showed her my jet of hot yellow piss hitting the porcelain sink and gushing down the plug hole. Never one to deny a lady her pleasures I pushed my prick inside her gaping pussy lips and heard her satisfied grunts and moans as I began to fuck her, slowly at first, gradually building up speed until I was buried up to my balls in her hot cunt, the loud squelching of her free-flowing juices the only other sound in the confined space of the disabled toilet.

You Want Me to Call You, What? Ch. 02

fetish SirNathan 2018-01-12

"Don't think for a minute that I'm going to let you act like some kind of slut in my house, baby girl." Of course, none of these thoughts were going through my mind as Stephen's slick cock head settled on my tongue and I closed my mouth around it, sucking up every little pulse of precum as my fingers started fucking my horny pussy. In fact, as my now free hand settled over my clitty and started rubbing hard in time with his thrusts, I realised that the mood dictated that I be treated like a little horny whore, and the thought made me rub harder and harder. "Harder baby girl, show Daddy how hot you are, fuck that wet little cunt for me.


My s****r Beth and her satin panties

fetish tcg 2017-12-11

The next morning I laid in bed and waited for Beth to wake up. those big blue eyes and said, "Scott, I want to see you cum in my Jenna giggled, as the girls in the movie did a 69, Beth said she was getting hot, she felt her panties starting to get wet. to my panties and bra, Jenna only lost her T-shirt, shoes and floor , took the cum filled panties from me and put them on, while rubbing the cum coated crotch deep between her wet pussy lips, just kept staring at me like I was the only girl he might see naked walked up to him, making sure to rub my feet in his cum and gave

Cordelia's Feet 8 - The Queen Bee's Pet

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-01-12

Melinda kneeled before me, stark naked, the huge nipples on her slightly sagging big boobies stiff like small cones, red islands in milky-white triangles of a bikini tan, her pussy, which was - to my surprise - crowned by a patch of neatly trimmed blond hair and shimmering with moisture at my eye level, and she held up a thick, short, wet carrot like a trophy. My whole face was covered in tropic heat, but I leaned forward and ran my tongue wetly all over the eastern beauty’s toes, tasting the familiar mix of gritty, sweaty sweetness and feeling my pussy juices greet the shaming act with a burst of wet joy.

Wet Weekend Ch. 05

fetish Naxos 2017-12-29

Once Sue had got her breath back we swam side by side to the shallow end of the pool and climbed out to kiss passionately on the side naked and unashamed. "Sneaky little bitch!" Sue called after her, "I'm going to drown you tomorrow -- I really will this time!" Turning back to me she said, "Sorry about that, I didn't see her creep in. Traci was almost to the shallow end but she was not able to keep one last sexual insult contained, "Sue", she called, "When Mike's hard cock was in your big mouth, were you able to suck ANY air through it?" Sue climbed on top of Traci to hold her under in the warm pool water.

The Latex Gown

fetish VirgoGo 2017-12-16

If I’m back before all your clothes are off, you’ll suffer.” I marched out of the room with my new garment in hand, leaving Henry to scramble with his suit. Henry gave me a look, and then scampered over to his briefcase from which he retrieved a bottle of spray-on latex polish and a buffing cloth. I think you’ll be safe, Jacqueline.” It wasn’t my well-being I was worried about, but Henry didn’t need to know that. I draped my right arm over his shoulder, letting him run the cloth and his hands over the surface of the dress. I pulled my hand back and then rubbed his cum all over the front of my dress, leaving smudges and streaks on the just-polished latex.

At My Domme's Table

fetish Orallee69 2018-01-01

The application required clear descriptions of acts which I would NOT do; Mistress Angela does not believe in the use of “safe” words. My buttocks rest on the edge of the table, allowing Mistress Angela complete access to my cock, balls and anus. Occasionally Mistress Angela will leave me bound on the table all day when she is out running errands, and the tube allows me to relieve my bladder in her absence. Mistress Angela designed and required this table to specifically use me for her entertainment and very often her own pleasures, while she satisfies my need to be dominated. In the past Mistress Angela has allowed me to tongue fuck her juicy pussy and lap at her wetness while she jerked me off.

The saleswoman that just had to pee (Part 2 of 2)

fetish pomman 2017-12-09

"I have just gotten myself a new boyfriend today, Mr. Pipp-Thompson," said Jenny; she had never thought about what had happened earlier that day as a way to capture a man, but it had worked just fine — at least in Mr. Pipp-Thompson's case. With a smile Jenny added in her thoughts, "— with his mouth," but did not say that because it looked like Penelope had had enough for one day. "It's time to taste your pee," he said and placed his mouth on her pussy where the stream had come out. Jenny thought of the time when she and Penelope had, as little girls, compared the taste of their own pee with the flavour of the other's.

Rebecca’s Creamy White Toes

fetish footlover95 2017-12-24

She went to ask the rep what was going on, because boys and girls don’t share the same rooms. I said, “Okay.” I didn’t really know anyone in London, so I asked Rebecca if she wanted to go for a drink. I didn’t have to be told twice, I took hold of her feet and shoved her toes up to my nose, it was even better than her shoes and socks. I asked what she wanted me to do, and she replied, “I love it when boys cum on my toes.” I started to get up and she said, “I’m done yet, it’s time for your punishment for been such a bad little boy.”

A Surprise Ass-fucking in Panties Part 2

fetish hummmph 2018-01-05

The once hot cum in the front of my panties is now cooling against the front of my crotch as I try my best to walk, still weak at the knees, down the street. I have a panty crotch full of cum here, which feels fucking horny I must say - cold, but horny!” I exclaim. “Well, if that didn’t work, Humph, then I am going to have to go to a little bit further to sort you out because I want you hot and ready when we get back to yours,” Emmy says with a hint of wryness. We just hold each other in a strong embrace the entire time Emmy is pissing through her panties onto my already wet and messy crotch, enjoying the taboo nature of what we are doing.

More than a Lodger…Part 3

fetish DarkSide 2017-12-23

I had actually thought that Laura and Jerry had gone out together until I heard a shout from somewhere in the house. I raised my hand to knock, when I heard Jerry shout out the words “Oh Fuck!” I didn’t know what I was thinking of by wanting to knock. Although Jerry was supporting Laura and Tom on top of himself, he did his very best to pump his cock into Laura’s arse. Suddenly the licking stopped as Jerry laid back on the sofa and fucked his cock as hard as he could into Laura’s arse. Laura climbed onto the sofa and licked the spunk off Jerry’s face, scooping it up with her tongue and sharing it with him.

Rudimentary Porno Routine

fetish Rupert 2017-12-11

We called the crew back in when things were starting to happen but I had to resort to talking dirty to myself otherwise I’d never be able to last the distance and as I viewed Nadia’s gorgeous body I thought, “She’s a dirty porn slut and she likes to have people watch her wide open pussy being filled by cock” , “fucking dirty whore, she’s splayed for everyone to see, she likes getting filled in company”, now I realise it seems a little extreme, but this private silent abusive tongue wagging inside my brain lashing out in fantastical smut seemed to work a treat because I was inside her once more, the camera was clicking away, and her delicious thighs were whetting my sexual appetite like a warm tide.