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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 01

fetish DirtyOldBukowski 2018-03-05

Anne giggled to herself as she recalled earlier that morning when she spotted Luke struggling to conceal an unexpected and embarrassing erection in his boxer shorts - Margaret had unceremoniously bounced into the kitchen for breakfast wearing nothing but white cotton panties and a pale pink tanktop, her nipples clearly visible through the thin fabric. She had walked up beside Luke and leaned across the table directly in front of him to grab a piece of toast, and Anne laughed when she recalled poor Luke's eyes widening and his mouth opening as his sisters barely clothed and glorious buttocks appeared unexpectedly directly in front of his nose.

Milky Drips and Drabbles

fetish Pink_Milkmaid 2018-02-11

I call it "labor day." We both know how much I want to have Daddy's baby, and this is our little game. "Do you want Daddy to help you through it?" He tweaked one of my nipples hard, making the cramping closer to a contraction. "Looks like Daddy's going to have to help you," he said, reaching up to pull a nipple. "Daddy's going to get you ready first." Bending his head, he suckled me long and hard, harder than usual, making my nipples tingle and throb. We fucked like that for what felt like hours--him going slow and steady between contractions, hard to get me through the cramping, milking my nipples the whole time.

The Little Lady Earns Her Spurs

fetish lesliejones 2018-02-15

"We're going to let you start acting like a big girl and use the toilet, Linda," Karen said in a light-voiced way. Karen had indicated to Emily that she wanted to impose some added discipline and thought it might be best if Emily left the two of them alone in the bathroom, so Emily quietly absented herself while Linda managed to pull up the tight pair of little-girl panties. "Get your mouth on my shithole, sweetie," she said very sternly, "and be prepared to swallow whatever comes out now because I need to shit." Totally humiliated, Linda prepared to swallow whatever horrible-tasting poo Karen was about to excrete.

Michele's Slave Ch. 01

fetish Bernie54 2018-02-22

I did not know that I would love sitting on your face while you are on your back having the impression of crushing you under me when I rest my back on your bended legs and let you probe deep inside my asshole with your tongue even if I end up using the toilet after a while. She had tried to pee in his mouth once, a week ago and when he swallowed it, she had stopped her flow and said that it was disgusting to drink it trying to sound normal. "Michele I know that you said you did not really liked it when you peed in my mouth and that it is disgusting that I swallowed it, but I would like to be your toilet for the whole week end.

Emi's Fart Slave

fetish fucktoy99 2018-02-05

"Keep going, your almost finished," she said, when I started to hesitate, then ruffled my hair a little bit and called me a "good boy" when I continued working. I began to flail around as I felt it was starting again, and she shouted "lick my asshole if you ever want me to get off of you!" "Now are you going to behave this time?" she said while briefly lifting up her butt, but she didn't wait for a reply and simply plopped back down and ground her ass on my face. "Good boy, now here's the rest of my homework, I want that done by tomorrow." She then took the money out of my wallet and told me to leave.

A Bus that Runs on Pee Ep. 03

fetish Nowthisisunbelievable_123 2018-03-01

The vehicle's alarm system sounded urgently, alerting Nick's manager back in his comfy, air-conditioned office. Every other day, they got to see a driver lose control and piss his pants like a child. "I know that all what you want now is to unzip your pants, pull out your cock and pour out that flood from your bladder, but you know that you can't do that. "Oof..." he blew out in relief as his bladder and cock got more room to expand and accommodate the piss. "By the way, a Relief Officer works only during official working hours," she said with a smirk. Nick leaned back onto his seat and lifted his bottom off the seat as she continued to stroke his penis more firmly.

Rebecca’s Creamy White Toes

fetish footlover95 2018-02-26

She went to ask the rep what was going on, because boys and girls don’t share the same rooms. I said, “Okay.” I didn’t really know anyone in London, so I asked Rebecca if she wanted to go for a drink. I didn’t have to be told twice, I took hold of her feet and shoved her toes up to my nose, it was even better than her shoes and socks. I asked what she wanted me to do, and she replied, “I love it when boys cum on my toes.” I started to get up and she said, “I’m done yet, it’s time for your punishment for been such a bad little boy.”

Henry's Home for the Summer Ch. 06

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-01-31

"This naughty boy has started to pee in his panties," Kathy said sharply to Margaret. She then told Robbie he could pull down the panties, sit on the seat, and pee, but that he better not get the seat wet and he was not given permission to make a doody yet. "He definitely does need to go, Kathy," Margaret said to Robbie's sister, who was having a hard time restraining herself from giggling at the amusing situation of her brother being made to hold his poo in until given permission by the imperious governess. Kathy helped advance the progress of the occasion by reaching under her skirt after she had turned away from Robbie, still seated on the toilet, and pulled her lime green panties down and off.

Megan Ch. 14-15

fetish djubre666 2018-02-20

You should really drink more milk, your tiny little bones are so fragile." She spoke while the room echoed with the sound of the pelvic bones cracking under her weight. I'll take care of you, come to your big strong girl for a hug." Megan said bringing the head to her face, tearing it off the torso almost without noticing. off-course darling my muscles would do anything for my little man...mhmm..." and almost moaning out-loud, Megan hugged her breasts with both arms. It took some explaining why I wanted the ring to be 4 times the normal size, and the expression on the little tailor who came to take Megan's measurements was a Master-card moment.

Succulent Desires Chapter 10

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-02-05

Aidan and Missa engaged in some small talk with Missa responding like a little girl, but none of this registered in Alice’s brain. She was busy thinking of what she wanted to do later tonight and tomorrow with Missa and Aidan. She thought about their lips, kissing, and she thought about having a 3some in the shower with a candle or in the dark. Maybe in the morning Alice mused to herself silently. Once she realized Missa had stopped eating and was watching her, Alice turned and smiled. “Did you enjoy your lunch baby?”

Joe's Therapy Ch. 02

fetish Bernie54 2018-02-24

"Get your head under my dress, put your lips around my asshole and make a seal, I will push a stool in your mouth swallow as much as you can then bite it off, I will try to hold back, I do not know if I can, it is the first time I shit in a human toilet. He was already in position, so he nodded his head, he had dreamed about that scene often, so he put his tongue in her asshole and felt a stool coming, it was moving in his mouth, then it reached his throat that he open and he started to swallow.

Revenge of the Soriority Sisters - Ginger's Ale

fetish Orallee69 2018-02-27

“I think I can convince him that he can quit smoking by giving you oral sex,” Della said with a grin. “Frank, what would help reduce your urge to smoke, and what would make you able to have intercourse for a longer period of time and not be tired afterwards is to ingest pheromones from Ginger before you have intercourse,” Della said carefully. “I would suggest that you let her sit on your face and that you satisfy her orally in the morning and at bedtime, and when you have intercourse, you’ll see results regarding your smoking in a month or so,” Della proposed. “Well,” Della said, leaning back in her chair, “There is a quicker way, but you won’t believe it and I know you won’t want to do it.”

Wet Passion 2

fetish NicolasSix 2018-02-18

I started to stroke her pussy too, and she realised I was awake; she smiled and said good morning. As I started to lick the other, she said "Like I say, you must tell me if you want to me to stop. Then she started gently brushing her pussy against my face, not hard at all, but letting me smell her juices. I could feel her pants getting wet, and thought she had already started to pee but it was her pussy juices. She was so turned on, her pussy was dripping wet and soaking her pants. She immediately knelt in her own piss, and started wanking my cock with her small hands, occasionally licking the tip.

Liz takes charge

fetish Hard_and_Happy24 2018-02-27

What I had not considered, was that Liz was plotting and planning an elaborate week long sexual build up to a night of raw lust. Liz grabbed my hands and placed one on her tits and the other on the back of her head. Liz cuffed my left hand to the head board and grabbed something shiny. Removing the penis plug, Liz went back into the draw and pulled a cock ring out. As Liz climbed off of me a combination of our love juices flowed from her, all over the bed. She looked me up and down before heading to the shower, leaving me with the punishment of the cock ring still vibrating.

Pee Slut

fetish dreambitch 2018-02-21

Then, I put on my sexy, black 4" heels as I decided it was time I head out of my home to fulfill the task my mistress commanded. So, it was one of those days when my mistress had ordered me to do something for her and, of course, I was gonna follow her command. So, around eight in the morning, I got into my car and headed out. I pushed my inside in order to release my piss while I stood at a public place, at eight-thirty on a Monday morning. While she did that, she attracted a lot of attention towards us and I had around eight people, male and female look at me while I pissed myself in public, like the dirty bitch that I had become.

Cindy and Mindy Ch. 04

fetish djubre666 2018-01-30

"I just have to try out these bra's and then we can go, Sorry for bothering you with this shopping trip" Cindy said entering the dressing room, and in the sudden silence between the shopping mall music jingles I could hear the silent "splat" as the first drop of pre-cum fell from Cindy's cock. "Holy Fuck Cindy, that was monstrous, you must have been holding that I'm for a long time considering the amount." I said waking up to get and putting my shaking hands on the still spasming monster. "Oh, Chris sorry about that" Cindy said, I ignored her completely, letting my hands pass over the endless expanse of the Princess.

Foot Fetish

fetish LauraLee_sugah 2018-02-11

“There are people like you, Peggy Anne, who only want a pedicure. She removed the old nail polish, trimmed the nails and the cuticles and massaged in a soft lotion just like this was any other pedicure. Sissy began to massage my foot with an oil that warmed and relaxed my whole body. As I relaxed into bonelessness in the chair she placed my foot on her bare breast and began to massage up my leg. Her fingers continued to an area above my knee as my foot massaged her breast. She continued to massage and suck and kiss my feet until I was wild with arousal but had no idea what to do with these feelings.


fetish Cinner 2018-01-29

She cried but he didn't care, he held them like a vise and squeezed them until they were both painfully empty and she was breathing raggedly, begging him to stop; alternatively between declaring her innocence and desire only to take advantage of the unusually good weather and promising that she had learned her lesson. All the time he did this he held her naked form still, pressed up against his own fully clothed body, by massaging her firm round ass, squeezing it, kneading it like dough, slapping it, slipping his fingers between the cheeks to tease the hole to her anus and dig insistently into her tunnel.

Confessions of a Foot Fetishist

fetish MonsoonMicky 2018-02-19

She knows I have a penchant for ladies’ feet and always pads around the house bare foot, wiggling and splaying her toes in the air, fondling her soles and arches, taunting me with her adorable little tootsies. Her right foot worked its way up slowly to the tip of my cock before caressing the gooey head in a circular motion with the pad of the big toe, smearing pre-cum, smudging the slippery substance all over my bulbous helmet-head. I clamped Beth’s soles to either side off my cock and manipulated her feet, moving them in a circular motion, the pads of her toes stroking my helmet, the heels rubbing the base of the shaft.

Cindy and Mindy Ch. 01

fetish djubre666 2018-02-08

They had the same body type as their mother, and instead of being thin and lean which would be expected at their height, they had huge breasts even at their size, a tiny narrow waist which flared into wide shapely hips, and continued endlessly in long legs currently completely hidden by skirts. The bitch is now taller and has bigger boobs." said Mindy slapping Cindy's breast which wobbled wildly, to which I swerved wildly almost crashing. "Oh, he'll get a kiss afterwards for sure, but right now, we can give him something to look at." Mindy said, turning around and with a short breathy moan twisted in her seat kissing the surprised Cindy on her lips.

Chavs use ball gag and cuff me.

fetish Erocus 2018-02-19

Danny spread my legs apart and got in-between them and started to suck and lick my pussy and clit out while I was cuffed and gagged sat on the bed at the head leaning back on the headboard. He then pulled the gag back out and put his dick in my mouth fucking my mouth hard and fast while Danny was fingering and licking my now dripping wet slit. He put his huge cock up my tight pussy and fucked me hard and fast while Jake played with my tits feeling them up while Danny pumped my cunt. Jake then pulled the gag out and then put his dick in my mouth fucking my face hard and fast while Danny pumped my cunt.

A Joyous Ending

fetish lonewolf110 2018-02-10

She handed him the linens and instructed him to step into the small shower room and to wash his body completely. He began to feel his excitement grow as he felt her fingers begin to work the oils into his skin. He felt the oil hit the back of his leg and her hands quickly followed. Jasmine was rubbing her upper body against his skin, and he was certain he felt her bare breasts move up his back. He felt her fingers rub the oils into his crack and as her fingers past his anus, he gripped the sides of the table. She positioned herself at the foot of the table and work her hands up his legs.

CFNM, The third story

fetish Hampton 2018-02-22

Jan felt Sally’s juice leaking onto her hand and began increasing her probing, fingering her faster, “Do you want me to make you cum, Sal?” Being fucked while watching Mike fucking Sal. I want to watch him cum, I never tire of seeing a guys cock just as he spurts.” His hips were thrusting hard and Sally was encouraging him on, “Do me harder Mike, let me feel your cock moving in my pussy. Jan said, “Let me see you cum Mike, I want to watch you.” Mike groaned a little, he was panting heavily and with effort he managed to say, “I can see you looking at my cock Sue, and I know everyone is watching.

Princess Zahra

fetish footlover95 2018-03-05

I started by removing her shoes and the smell off her feet made me hard straight away, it took all my strength to hold back and not take a sniff. “I don’t know how you are massaging my feet, they are so sweaty and smelly,” she said. Try not to cum,” she replied whilst giggling and then started to rub my cock faster and faster. I was just about to cum and the bell rang, she stopped and said with a smile on her face, “Nope, I told you your feet don’t smell there beautiful,” I replied and just realised what I had said. She unbuckled my pants, started to rub one of her feet on my cock, and said,