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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Racquel Darrian Takes Tokyo!

fetish Rick Deckard 2018-06-21

The two men continue to suck on Racquel’s tits as Niko, dick still erect, asks Racquel if she had watched the film she was requested to view. Racquel begins to perspire as Niko grabs the cockroach between his finger tips and slowly navigates the beast on top of Racquel’s pussy. Racquel, feeling relaxed now, stays seated as Niko gets on one knee and opens the box to reveal two HUGE sewer roaches that are scurrying around trying to get out. After several long minutes of watching, Niko reaches inside her panties and grabs both the male and female sewer roaches and places them back on Racquel’s pussy hair – sealing them shut.

Wet Weekend Ch. 02

fetish Naxos 2018-06-24

Martin released her at this point and Traci shot to the surface gasping - although with a grin on her face as she turned to grab at her brother. After they released him and he kicked back to the surface, Martin's frenzied gasp for air echoed round the pool area. Towards the end of Martin's second long dunking, I felt hands clamp on my shoulders and only had time for a quick breath before I too was plunged underwater. At nearly a minute and thirty seconds the surface foamed with bubbles as Traci was obviously at her utmost limit and was losing her lungful of air in an enormous column of bubbles.

Mercy's legacy

fetish Nathan 2018-05-24

Its just you grannma, you see worse daily i knw that said alice and walked away to the kitchen. .nothing granma, i fart a lot now a days, i try to control it but it gets stinky said alice with a sad face. Its happening with you too Said granny and smiled. Its not a big deal honey, all your aunts even your mom has the same problem.alice was listening to her granny and was still in shock." What do u mean grandma, why should i worry if aunts fart and i know about mommy. I can understand kid, said mercy and got up. "imagine that happening when a guy is down on me" said alice.

College SPH

fetish J902213 2018-06-27

Alex whispered to me "If you wanna fuck Lilly tonight you're gonna have to be more confident, order something strong but don't get wasted." Not good enough for that woman, I just watched as Lilly couldn't stop laughing."There's no way I'm fucking that, but I guess I can give you something else, trust me you'll enjoy it but first let me get picture." "You're a very sweet guy, that's what makes me want you as my boyfriend but because you'll never please me with that stub I need some one else, like Rob." She began to caress Rob's huge cock. After my eighth load Rob finally pulled out his huge cock and release a giant load all over a Lilly and even I got a fair bit on my face and body.

Mermaid Ranch Ch. 01

fetish Naxos 2018-06-17

This incredible vision went on and on and a small timer in the corner of the screen showed that the girl was underwater for over 2 minutes and showing no signs of needing air! Not that she could stay underwater forever, as the timer moved into the 3 minute range and approached 4; she started choking on the water and appeared to be drowning! As he was on the surface a naked woman swam down and gave her air before she started to drown for the second time. This time the man and the woman started fondling each other leaving the girl trapped underwater begging for air with her eyes.

My Wife's Mom - Pt.2

fetish heelzanpearls 2018-05-22

Andrea called me Wednesday morning and asked, "Ray, what's a good time to come over for lessons?" "Andrea, how about me pushing those glasses up from the bottom of your bra?" My thoughts are of having my way with those hot looking boobs, feeling their smoothness and the lace of her bra as well." Seeing Andrea looking at me over the tops of her black half-square glasses gets me even hard and past visions of us sitting across from each other at the doughnut shop seem to get me even harder. "Later on, I want to have you cum these for me," Andrea says as she jiggles those black half-square glasses by the beads, the room light throwing bolts of lightning on them as they jiggle.

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 01

fetish mceh501 2018-06-17

One day I got an email from an old high school friend, a girl named Zoey, reading, "Hey Tim I haven't seen you in like forever! Back in high school, I heard stories from a few different guys who said she got around, but when I asked her she said she only had sex once, and went down on one of her old boyfriends a couple times. Besides, I think it's kinda cute." I didn't know what to say, I felt so mixed up.I wanted to be angry at her for being so insensitive, but at the same time I realized she was really my only chance of getting laid since most girls didn't like me.

Pantyhose sex on a sunday

fetish mugs101 2018-06-14

Not too hard but enough to get my attention, when I looked up to her she moved slightly to her left stepping away a bit then took her right heel and planted it on my face. I let her shoe drop and she planted her foot square on my face, My nose nestled against her sexy high arch and her toes flexing a bit on my eye and my lips busy kissing the underside of her foot. I slid my cock between them and she trapped it between her calves holding me there, as I slowly started to fuck her hose covered legs. She slid her foot up pressing my cock into me and took the toe of her shoe up the underside of my cock milking me a bit.

One for her....Local Hotel

fetish uliveonce 2018-06-27

Teasing you as my finger traces its way downwards, followed closely by my lips planting gentle kisses, right down the backs of your sensitive legs to your ankle. I lick and kiss before gently running my tongue along your wet pussy..exploring you..tasting your juices. Your so close to cumming, as you feel my tongue run from your clit, slowly...downwards...along your pussy....exploring inside...then going lower..lower! You feel my tongue and fingers run gently across the soles of your feet, savouring the silky smooth sensation of the thin nylon stockings stretched tightly around your feet and legs. Your legs either side of my head as you feel my tongue flick against your ass hole, before going up to your wet pussy, licking and tasting and then back to your tight wet anus.

A Slave To My Fetish

fetish UtahBrit 2018-06-22

She smiled as she lifted her foot again, sliding it up the inside of my legs until the toe pushed between my cheeks. "Did you want that nibble now Jerry?" she moved her foot higher and rested it on my chest as I resumed my kneeling position. I held it in front of my face and gently slipped her shoe off before bring it to my lips, kissing her toes then letting my tongue brush over her sole, over the deliciously curved arch of her instep to her rounded heel . I nibbled, kissed and sucked eagerly on each of her pretty painted toes, my fingers scraping gently up and down her instep, caressing her foot. She urgently pulled her dress up to her waist, spreading her thighs wide apart and sliding the tip of one finger up and down her slit until it slipped between them.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 05

fetish Doctork053 2018-05-26

After quickly relaying the details I returned my attention to Phoenix, who was smoking as she prepared more coke. As I finished my turn and handed off the dick Phoenix deepthroated him exposing a condom as her lips slid off. I was again layed on the bed as Phoenix offered her pussy to the stranger. Phoenix would walk with me to work as, I was way to fucked up to drive, we would grab a carton of smokes on the way, and then meet at my house at two. "Sorry Tim I took some Sudafed so I thought it was safer to walk to work today." Said the angelic coke whore who just did lines in the bath room.

Megan Ch. 02

fetish djubre666 2018-06-19

And as the sofa was about two feet high, my legs were hanging a few inches above the floor, while her knees were slightly above our sitting position, and her massive thighs were taking up all the space under the table. On return, before I had a chance to think where to sit, Megan grabbed me and placed me onto her lap, my legs between those monstrous thighs, firmly pressing me into her body, her breast into my chest, and planted a big kiss on my lips. I didn't even notice the sound of his ribs cracking, I loved the way my huge thighs surrounded his body, and I loved it even more when I placed his tiny head against my sex.


Choose your fetish wisely

fetish Whitebeard 2018-06-02

“What delightful housework is my sweet cuckold doing on his day off work?” Mary said, surveying the mess of clothes spread across the children's beds. I got a second job when you said you wanted to give up work to be with the kids. I can't work two jobs to have my kids looked after by some random nanny when Leonard wants to screw you. I know I said I wanted me time with the kids, but I wish you were here." She reached for her phone, held it up in the air above them both and took a picture clearly showing the words on her skin and Simon hard at work between her legs.

The Education of Richard Part 04

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-06-08

I'd like to say I was a more active participant in what happened next, but the fact of the matter, is that Richard skillfully used me as he pleasured me, his hungry mouth sucking at my little button and each of my pussy-lips in turn, his arms moving at the same time to effortlessly jack himself off between my still bra-clad breasts, his precum still seeping out to coat my white blouse in a nasty, nipple-revealing wetness. Richard swung his cock back and forth as he jacked it, shots flying wild over both my shoulders and head, then he was aimed at my tits, one huge shot after another coating them in such a thick layer of gooey gunt that my poor hooters visibly sagged from the sheer wait of it, like some strange bra-in-reverse of white cream has been slapped on by a mad tailor of fuck-fabric.

Marthas Gas

fetish flash 2018-06-19

I was walking down the hall to get some coffee when i heard a huge moaning sound from marthas room. I did not have a fart fetish anyway but the width of her ass had got me..i wanted to fuck martha in her butt and make her fart so i told her "but i l sniff yours on one condition.. "do u have any left, you just got fresh and i heard you farting in the loo too,i said" you do your job kid, get your nose between those cheeks and wait. What ever you swallowed had just come out of her butt dear i said and sat down more hard on her while she kept eating my farts.

My Favourite Netball Player

fetish scotty792 2018-06-06

This took the form of us playing with each other, me with my hand up her school or netball skirt and between her legs, feeling and fingering her little pussy through her knickers till they started to get wet while she would stroke me through my jeans. Being an extremely responsive little girl, Susie was soon writhing against the fingers playing with her nipples, so keeping one hand on her nipples, I slowly slipped the other down over the front of her short skirt then under it, not stopping till my fingers were against the lovely soft smooth white cotton of her knickers.

The Secret is out?

fetish graham397 2018-06-04

I've been in a stable relationship for six months with a beautiful girl, called Sarah. I feel like crap that I don't turn you on, that I'm not good enough for you," Sarah raged, "I'm so pissed off!" "Do you WANT me to be your Mistress, little one? Because I thought you pathetic enough to submit, I prepared some rules, especially, for you, Graham. I am a good Mistress, little one." She said with an evil smile. "Yes, Mistress Sarah!" I replied. Even I am not used to such power, in our relationship and must also learn the ways of being your Mistress," she said, with a dawning realization and a smug smile that was to become a common fixture on her beautiful face.

A black Mistress at Helena's house

fetish Anitaslut44 2018-05-30

I started to take my clothes out and Helena smiled when she saw my hard erection: “You are a fucking pervert, my little Victor…such a horny bitch…” It was the giant sized red rubber cock strapped into her black harness that pulled my eyes from her perfect round firm breasts, full hips and slim waist. Our eyes met in the mirror and she smiled at the look on my face as she held her hand still, her finger deep inside me. And with that Tamara pushed the hard rubber cock harness deep into my ass and our hips slammed into each other violently…

Double crossed by my wife , and happy

fetish woreout 2018-06-09

My wife spoke up and said no, Becky was just explaining to me how she and Ben have a cuckold relationship. She said I just told Ben and Becky while you where gone how I'm wearing a lace up corset and lace top stockings held up by eight garters and no panties. Ben said let me put you at ease, When your wife starts coming home after spending the evening in another man's bed the the sex with you is intense. Becky came and took my wife's hand and they walked to the front door together as Ben was unlocking it. I looked back at Ben and before I could speak he nodded his head, yes your wifes pussy is being taken by a thick black cock.

Black on Black Pegging in Canada

fetish Samuelx 2018-06-10

It contained dozens of hot, non-downloadable images of me wearing sexy Black leather outfits while carrying a riding crop, handling a whip and always sporting a strap-on dildo. He was really good-looking with his curly Black hair, light brown skin and light green eyes. A lot of biracial men of African and Caucasian ancestry tend to marry White women. Just like Black men with Black wives or Black girlfriends lust after certain White women. Black folks don't like to admit it but mixed-race people have it easier than most of us due to their lighter skin. Scott Banker surprised me by calling himself a brother instead of labeling himself a mixed-race person. Both of them are highly successful men, they're both mixed, and they love Black women.

Emmy's Games (Chapter 2)

fetish hummmph 2018-05-22

I step on gingerly, being careful not to expose my stockings and suspender belt or let my cum filled condom slip off my cock, butt plug still vibrating away in my ass. As I see them part the light comes on in the house and I can see Emmy standing on the other side of the window, wearing very little, her legs spread apart slightly in a Wonder Woman-like pose, hands on her hips. The doors slide open slowly in front of my face and Emmy takes up position beside me, her fingers reaching down my ass crack giving my cummy asshole a little rub. I can feel the hands holding the panties release my ass and the cock slowly pull out of my asshole.

Web Cam Girl

fetish komrad1156 2018-06-19

From that point on, he'd found himself more and more interested in girls and women who wore the kind of things he liked—form-fitting sweaters and knit tops—and especially those who also smoked. As Anderson thought about how small his potential circle of eligible woman was, he also knew that unless they also enjoyed sex—a lot—there was no future in it so at some point it seemed like he was hoping against hope to win the sexual-fetish lottery the same way he'd won the actual lottery. He'd thought about her final comments a thousand times over the months that followed, and his only answer was to quote Popeye, "I yam what I yam." Trevor liked women who smoked, and it seemed unlikely in the extreme that would ever change.


Roger's auntie becomes his mummy

fetish arbymore 2018-06-06

She was wearing black shorts and she said, ‘take your dressing gown off and lay across my legs, you’re going to get a good smacking.’ I did as she said and I have to admit that I liked the feel of my cock against her legs and then she smacked three or four times in quick succession. She stood up, her hands on her hips and glared at me and said, ‘You want to suck auntie’s tits, who do you think I am, your mother? She stood up and said disgustingly, ‘You want me to masturbate you, your auntie, you want your auntie to masturbate you, next you’ll be asking to suck my tits,’ she replied.

Black On Black Pegging: Haiti

fetish Samuelx 2018-06-22

I'm not afraid, I told myself as I spread my ass cheeks for my sexy girlfriend Wendy Posse as she applied lubricant all over my aching and rather tense asshole. Then she pressed the strap-on dildo against my asshole and pushed it inside. Lying on my back, I looked at my beautiful sexy girlfriend as she resumed fucking me in the ass with her strap-on dildo. Grimacing, Wendy stroked my cock while pushing the dildo into my asshole. While fucking my ass with her strap-on dildo, Wendy pressed a special button in it. Wendy smiled wickedly and told me that her most naughty fantasy of all time was not only to sodomize me with a strap-on dildo but to also 'cum inside of me' as well.