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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Before We Say "Good Morning"

fetish 2017-11-28

I turn over to look at that delicious fat ass, and my cock is stirring. Your peachy ass is so warm and big that the cheeks swallow up my dick that way it swallows up any underwear or short shorts you wear. I start to kiss your shoulders and rub my cock between your warm asscheeks. The warm sensation of my steamy creamy seed shooting unrelentingly inside you makes you cum so hard again. We're both screaming in pure pleasure and ecstacy as you cum on my cock while it empties my nut inside your honeypot. We're both shaking, you turn your head and make out with me while my cock slowly softens inside you.

Porn addiction

fetish 2017-08-28

It could lead to you feeling dissatisfied with your behaviour or how you look, attempts to introduce sexual practices that your partner is not comfortable with, a compulsion to act out fantasies that put you at risk, financial outlays that put you under pressure or eschewing real life experiences in order to live out fantasies online. If you’re not sharing an aspect of your sexuality (i.e. your porn preferences) with a partner, it’s harder for them to be on the same page as you, and increases the chances of a rift forming over time. If you’re in a relationship, and believe that porn addiction is affecting you or your partner, then this page from Relate’s website is a good place to start reading, or you can call them on 0300 100 1234 to begin the process of talking to someone either together or on your own.

Punished by the Head Teacher

fetish 2018-01-22

Taking the long length left dangling you tied it around the leg of the vaulting horse, firmly ensuring should I try and straighten the leather would choke me back into place. ‘You are making far too much noise young lady.’ With no more ado the cane is placed into my mouth, pushed right back between my teeth until the sides of my mouth hurt. The leather end of the crop lands directly on the raised welt and feels like a hot poker on my flesh. I know you are about to cum, loving the ragged sounds of your breath as we kiss, pushing myself down harder on your shaft until every inch of you is inside me

Invasion of the Buxom Babes from Planet B.B.W (Big

fetish 2018-04-20

"I am unsure Mistress, these seem like the men of prophecy...the ones to end your rule..." Mombie bent over Havana using her mind and whipped her several times leaving more marks on her round pale ass. "And let me guess there's a ship behind me isn't there." The President mouth open nods up and down, Dr. Shlong slowly turns and jumps back as he sees the ship door open. I am Queen Mombie of Planet BBW, we come in peace and good fortune!" the men lower their weapons and the President approaches them. "Lead the way sir." the President leads Mombie and the others away, but Havana stays behind to talk to Shlong.

Water you waiting for (Fetlife repost)

fetish 2018-04-20

A cool splash on my face as i am hit with the after effect of the cannon ball some k** has done near my spot at the water park, a quick glance to see who did it and got my iPad wet yielded no results. I went under the water and began to lick and suck her pussy. I began to violently pound her deep, i could feel her big amazing ass smash against the hot tub walls. I pounded faster and faster as i took her breast in my mouth sucking hard on her nipple, she couldn't hold back she let out a loud moan which almost gave us away.

Mom's Sunday Night

fetish 2018-05-08

It was obvious that Gerald was fucking her doggy style in the back seat and intended to pull out and come on her luscious curvy size 5 arch wrapped in those sheer dark suntan pantyhose. I had already spilled so much cum over those sex ravaged pantyhose, and that Gerald had fucked mom in her car, spilling most of it on her so sexy feet. There they are in the back seat, mom on her back with her sexy nyloned feet in the air, Gerald kissing and licking them as he humps like a wild a****l, mom moaning to his oversized cock stuffed inside her. Finally he groans with pleasure as I see his mammoth cock slide out spewing cum loads across mom's pantyhose ass seam as he takes aim for her tiny size 5 foot.

Church Mom

fetish 2017-07-01

It was obvious that Gerald was fucking her doggy style in the back seat and intended to pull out and come on her luscious curvy size 5 arch wrapped in those sheer dark suntan pantyhose. I had already spilled so much cum over those sex ravaged pantyhose, and that Gerald had fucked mom in her car, spilling most of it on her so sexy feet. There they are in the back seat, mom on her back with her sexy nyloned feet in the air, Gerald kissing and licking them as he humps like a wild a****l, mom moaning to his oversized cock stuffed inside her. Finally he groans with pleasure as I see his mammoth cock slide out spewing cum loads across mom's pantyhose ass seam as he takes aim for her tiny size 5 foot.

My night of disappointment

fetish 2017-12-26

Mission 3 would be in the evening and promised a load. 6 loads, my heart skipped a beat at the idea and desire to be cum d***k by the end of the night. I see mission 2 walking towards my house and I can feel my mouth water. A few hours pass and I feel my hunger aching inside me, needing to be fed. It's mission 3, a brief and easy "I'm ready, come over?" I grin with excitement, knowing the cum monster inside me will finally have it's relief! My mouth starts to work on him as soon as his cock makes it's appearance. Twice more I could feel him right on the edge.

friends house

fetish 2018-02-20

He said it don't matter and leaned down to kiss me, his face got near mine and instead of pushing him back I licked my lips. Yep your inside I reached up putting my fingers on each side of his face and told him to look into my eyes and kiss me while he's fucking me.i could feel his body contracting from feeling so good to him. Maybe ten minutes go by from the time he first penetrated me and he started moaning, aaahhhhhhhhhh so I moaned with him mmmmmmmmm oohhh yessss baby aaahhhhhhhhhh cum in me sweetie"""" I think I now we are laying there and I get up to go clean up as I'm half way down the hall he grabbed me and said LAY DOWN"""""" OK I did so right in the hallway.

The Office Sex part 2

fetish 2018-02-23

He did this many times loving her licking the milk from his cock. He shoved his big cock in her warm hole and started to fuck her hard. as he fucked and sucked, his mouth filled with the warm milk. He loved fucking some one full of milk and it made his cock so hard. "If you keep nursing me, my milk will stay in even after I no longer nurse the baby as he is ready to quit nursing." "OH sweetie, I love that tittie milk on my cock and you licking it off. I will do whatever you need to keep your huge tits full of milk." "Now let me nurse those big globes one more time."

The Anniversary Gift

fetish 2018-05-20

The blonde began to work in earnest, teasing and tickling Jeannie from head to toe, running light fingers or harsh nails over every inch of her beautiful skin, with special attention to her nipples, pussy, and ass. The blonde used the clenching of Jeannie's ass around her thumb to gauge when to back off with the vibrator, bringing my wife right to the very edge of an earth-shattering orgasm over and over again, but expertly denying her the final push. The blonde stopped with the Hitachi, put a ring gag in Jeannie's mouth, buzzed her clit for ten more seconds, and then turned to me and said "She's ready, Sir."


fetish 2018-02-26

The woman's head turned towards Nick as I walked off faster then him.About three stores He had the most serious look on his face and told me to hand him my bra.I was nervous this isle.I grabbed my bra off the shelf and walked back to Nick.He had his phone out recording of the food court we stopped.Nick let go of my hand and walked over to this line of massage Nick walked back behind me,I turned back but he told to keep facing the wall.My heart was looking around before I finally did.Holding it balled up in my hand Nick told me to drop it. his pocket.I walked back to Nick,Before looking back to see the man watching us and smiling.

Another CD story

fetish 2018-05-14

looked me in the eyes and told me to relax she wasn't dinner she looked at me and said "ok we are going for a Jessie headed for the toy rack and told me to go find a Jessie was at the car shortly and told me to head home. at the couch looking thru the cross dresser magazine licking the head of the cock and slowly started taking She told me to stop sucking her cock and to get on my With me in a nighty Jessie told me she would check. inches from my mouth and Jessie told me to suck it, I started working his cock deeper and deeper in my mouth The clerk got dressed and Jessie walked him back to the

X-Mas Eve 2

fetish 2017-10-29

Hls legs pushed hlm lnto me really hard and lt made me wet and he could hear my breathlng get deeper and a lot faster then he started klsslng me all over, golng down on my tlts, then my neck then my llps. he stood there llke that so l had to tell hlm afew more tlmes before he got closer then he grabed the back of my head and pulled me to lt, l started sucklng on lt even though lt was very uncomfortable plus snow was falllng on my face and tlts. l felt llke l was ln Hlgh school agaln even though lts been a long tlme and even then l never dld anythlng wlth a blk guy but l knew now



fetish 2018-05-13

- Don’t let him masturbate or touch his cock without Your permission at any time. Have him kneel with knees spread naked in front of You while You read or watch TV, occasionally nudging his balls or penis with Your shoes. - Tie his balls off to something behind him so he has to tug on them to smell Your panties or kiss Your ass…stay just out of reach. - Make him masturbate for You, make him beg for permission to cum, don’t let him, punish him if he does. - If You think he’s earned an orgasm, make him cum on Your feet or Your ass and then make him lick You clean.

Naughty sissy dream!

fetish 2018-02-04

Red lips nice makeup, black bra, Red g-string, short skirt, lingerie, nice long heels and I look amazing. One day I was scrolling around the internet and found out my old pictures and someone copied them to the internet and poeple trying to find me. This people offered me to meet them in return deleting my pictures. Checked in and I shaved, put some Red lips nice makeup, black bra, Red g-string, short skirt, lingerie, nice long heels and butt plug as the pictures. It was 20.00 and dark outside and heard some knocking my chest was beating, felt butterflies in my stomach as I opened the door there is no return. He said this will be a long night as we kissed and grabbed my ass.

Merry Christmas Babes

fetish 2017-10-31

And even though it's exciting walking into the bathroom when a particularly attractive girl is only wearing a couple drops of water and an ill-placed towel, it's not fun feeling like I have to hide my own goods all the time. Then we would really get going, her hands would tug my head up so my eyes were level with hers, and she would move in his her lips, puffed from arousal, and my breathing came tight, my nose closing off and we melded together. All leading up to a week later, when Alexa came knocking on my door, tiny camera in hand.

True story of how I got my nickname "Squashto

fetish 2018-01-07

As our marriage wore on these sessions turned more into punishments rather than the fun foreplay it started as. She knew that although I loved to be pinned down my limit was about 30 minutes, so her "sittings" became longer and more inventive. My wife told her she was teaching me a lesson for disobeying her, but got off me and sent me into the kitchen to make them coffe and do the washing up. This was the start of many sessions where my wife would crush me for this friends amusement and often got her to join in the games. If you like this true sory I will post more of the later events which included lots of heavy facesitting with f***ed oral worship on both my wife and her friend.


fetish 2018-04-28

What I didn't know is that my friend & I would be the only two males in the class,...with over a dozen of the finest looking babes in the school making up the majority in attendance. Well, I'd noticed that the women's dressing room had a sauna like the one in the men's...I had sneaked in there -after the girls all changed and gone out to the pool- to get an idea of what their dressing room was like. Years later my friend confessed that he had ejaculated onto the crotch gussets of the 'clean' pair of panties they'd put on after swimming, that he had watched several of the babes put on these cum-filled underwears without noticing the dollops of spooge on the crotch, some he said actually would dig it in after putting them on.

150 Ways to Humiliate Your Husband

fetish 2017-10-12

Make your husband watch as you prepare for a night out on the town with your married and/or single friends which includes dancing, drinking but mainly picking up other men to have fun with. Tell f****y or friends you fuck other men and how your husband likes it. Tell your husband you had sex in your car with one of your lovers and for him to go clean the cum stains off the back seat. Take photos and video of your husband sucking dicks and getting ass fucked by lots of other men, then store them securely and threaten to use them in court if you ever need them or threaten to show to his f****y and friends.

Danielle is a SLUT (Day Two)

fetish 2018-04-20

He pumped his fingers inside her as his mouth continued with her clit and pleasure and agony mixed together in something Danielle had never felt in her lifetime, before her body had time to register the changes her juices spurted out of her like a fountain, covering the man. He wanted to push her further, he positioned his thumb against her ass hole and slowly pushed it inside, her gasp made it obvious she'd never been touched here before and he relished in her body melting into the couch below as she relaxed to allow him in, his other hand snaked it's way up her back and towards her head, gently grabbing a fistful of her hair he pulled her toward him and began to nip at her, leaving small marks coating her neck and shoulders the sheer combination of all the pain and simultaneously pleasure her body felt sent another orgasm to tear through her body, blurring the line between pleasure and pain, and triggering the man's own orgasm, his cum spurted inside her filling and coating her insides.

Moms UPS Delivery

fetish 2018-01-17

Mom worked for a local law office, so she always dressed the part, business suits with short skirts, pantyhose ( vintage seamed or RHT nylon stockings on Fridays, which is another story in itself). I noticed my mom dressed in dark tan seamed nylons and 5" stilettos in the morning as we ate breakfast. I saw my moms hot stilettos that she had on this morning in the middle of our living room floor, as if she had kicked them off while walking. I hurried to my bedroom and shut the door as I heard mom and the young well hung delivery driver getting dressed and giggling as they walked down the hallway.

Wet & Wild with Amy Schumer & Kristin Wiig

fetish 2017-07-01

Looks like somebody's excited about playing a lesbian." Amy ran her pointy finger over and around it, while seductively gazing into Kristin's frightened eyes. Kristin barely gave her excuse when Amy took her own half full glass of wine and slowly poured it over her friend's other breast, as if it were a wet t-shirt contest. "It looks like your little titties are dying to be set free." Ignoring Kristin's meek protests, Amy pulled the wine-soaked top over her head, exposing her small, firm breasts with the abnormally huge nipples. Amy reached down and rubbed Kristin's pussy right through her soft white undies, causing the slim brunette to shudder and moan in frightened excitement as she continued to squirm and sway.

HW Casino Action 2

fetish 2017-10-04

I could tell she was slowing down a little bit so I decided to thrust up as she came down and when id did that she dropped down onto me wrapping her arms around my neck letting me tease and nibble on her nipples we ended up coming a few more times that night before we both ended up exhausted and falling asl**p when I woke up the phone was ringing my 8: 30 wake up call she was still asl**p her head on my chest her pussy looking ready for another go, but it thought she seemed a bit sore after the last round I drilled her with her shoulders on the floor her bent over as I blazed her p**** hard for awhile.