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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Just a lil something

fetish ieatpussy96 2016-12-08

Tongues entwined with one another as her hands slid down my arms and her fingers locked around mine. She closed her eyes as I slid my hand up and down her body from her shoulders to her ankles. Her legs started squirming to escape the intense pleasure, but would only cause her to open her legs wider then close my hand between her legs making that attempt a failure. Her fingers wrapped around the bars of my bed as her legs wrapped firmly around my shoulders to fulfill her need to grab a grip on something. I kissed her gently to comfort the insecurities that she pushed out bit by bit with each breath and breathing in a new sense of freedom and confidence.

The Adventures of Penny Ch. 09

fetish mousemoonwalk 2016-12-08

The Decorator and the lad got up and carried on with the work, each had a smile on his face, while my poor face went red. The decorator went over to the window, looked out and shouted, "All right I won't be a minute!" He turned back to me, "It's my apprentice, he's come to pick me up." After he had taken most of his stuff downstairs he came back into the room, "Right I'll finish putting the stuff in the van and you tidy up here." I turned to see whom he was talking to and looked straight into the bulging eyes of the lad! The decorator noticed me looking back and shouted, "Face the wall and turn when you are told too!" I heard him walk towards me.

Online to Real Time

fetish sandraCD 2016-12-08

By the way, Bob has voyeuristic tendencies to the extent that he likes to show off Ann in public, and he should be proud to! Ann got good and ready to watch the show she was about to see, she hiked up her skirt, her pussy completely exposed and she went right to work on herself. So now, I have this big cock in my mouth, and my fingers in her hot pussy. I sucked, licked and needed them for some time, all the while, she was still playing with her wet pussy. A nice long deep kiss from Ann, and a great big hug from Bob. We agreed that we must do this again, but in a more comfortable place.

Cream of the Crop

fetish HookedonPhoenix 2016-12-09

"I'm going to let you in on a little secret..." Tara leaned forward, brushing a stray lock of hair out of the way as she gently flicked her tongue up along the entire length of Hallie's shaft. What do you want me to be tonight?" Tara turned her head to look behind at her, putting a lone finger on the tip of her lips and putting a pouty face on, "Am I just an innocent girl who had too much to drink? Am I your dominant bitch, who fucks you till you can't feel your private parts?" Tara grinded her hips against Hallie's cock, her lower lips lightly kissing the shaft.


fetish pantyboykristin 2016-12-09

I started thinking about a few girls I had met at one of the sororities, and before long I was imagining their (hopefully) shaved pussies, with swollen labia forming lovely vertical smiles, and hard clitorises begging to have my tongue tickle them. I pulled them down and down, gazing at my mom’s shaved and swollen pussy crack with yearning, and when I got the panties off, I slowly worked my mouth up her legs, kissing and licking them until I reached that crack. No, I stayed hard, and before long I was sliding in and out again, while her breathing got heavier and heavier, moaning “Kristi … Kristi … Kristi…” She was having an orgasm every thirty seconds or so, until finally I exploded inside her again, even stronger than the first time, with harder spasms.

Dirty Deception

fetish Arla 2016-12-09

Lara: *looks on eagerly, leaning her head back slightly as she spreads her lips and slides in a second finger, pumping them inside herslelf as se grabs her left breast with her free hand, rubbing it* Lara: yes sir~ *pauses, stunned that she is in this position with her master and gently wraps her lips around his head, sucking at it softly* Lara: *feels her pussy about to flow and begins to suck harder, wanting her master to cum at the same time as her, deepthroating him and twisting her head* Lara: *pulls up, still sucking at your head, not wanting to gag at her masters cum as she purrs deeply, pausing as she cums, crying out into your cock as she shivers*


fetish nataliafoster 2016-12-09

"Yes, I believe you can," was the response from the dark-eyed young man and within a split second, he had pushed his way through my door, into my apartment and had his hand clasped over my mouth. Catching my face roughly in his hands, he whispered two inches from my lips, "You are a dirty little whore, aren't you?" With that he forced his mouth onto mine. Again, his lips met mine and his hands held my bound ones above my head as he began to grind his pant-covered cock against me. My hands tenderly stroked his cock and without a second thought, lust overtook me and the words came tumbling out, "Yes. Yes, I knew you were watching the entire time."


Tinkle Bell Ch. 06

fetish Many Feathers 2016-12-09

"My kind of party," Bella said standing against the railing in the upstairs "playroom" as Derrick had called it, the ceiling literally open to the bright sunlight outside, though a panel could be electrically closed in case of inclement weather. "And speaking of amazing fucking...why don't we?" Bella asked giggling almost like a little girl. About the only time when she can actually wear me out!" That made me think...wondering, though perhaps having heard that, Bella removed her mouth long enough to turn her head looking back at me. Tracy still content to lay there between her legs, sucking, and finger-fucking Bella's cunt with an almost ferocious like intensity.


Corrupting Amber Ch. 13

fetish GuyintheTV 2016-12-09

Amber peered over at Matt who was doing his best to watch the road while also trying to catch every time she took a drag and exhaled a thick stream of smoke into the car around them. Matt was going to have to keep an eye on her, Amber felt as though her ravenous appetite for getting and staying high coupled with her inexperience made her an excellent candidate for an overdose. Amber and Matt hurriedly stepped into the dark, smokey haven of narcotic pleasure known as Kevin's single story flophouse and Kevin quickly shut the door, clearly happy to avoid the sun for the rest of day. She didn't get much time to continue teasing Matt though, as Kevin placed his hands on either side of Amber's head and began facefucking her with considerable force.

Sperm Party - The Cuckold 2

fetish KCUM 2016-12-09

"M, why don't you start?" Caroline suggested."Start wanking Jim's cock for him, Jenny and I don't want him wasting his energy in arm movements." "Here buddy," Jim offered his dick to M placing it pleasingly in profile to Caroline's gaze. "Well it is good enough, but you know what buddy, I'm here to donate my semen to these two lovely ladies and I reckon I'd be happier if I had young Jenny's soft little fingers wrapped around it." "He's right Jenny," Caroline answered, "you wank him off, M can collect the donation, and all of you, move up closer, I want a ringside seat." M watched as his s****r Jenny's soft delicate and slim fingers curled sensuously around Jim's thick shaft.

Chocolate Syrup & Berries Ch. 02

fetish luv2flirtamswf34 2016-12-09

I use the tip of my tongue to tease the slit on the head, making you groan in pleasure. Feeling my lips tighten around you as they slide back towards the tip, sucking on you harder. You slip completely from my mouth and watch as I use my tongue to lick the head. Remembering how you squirmed when I allowed my tongue to tease your asshole, I slip one hand out from underneath you and slide it down to my pussy. Feeling your hot cum splashing inside my mouth, coating my teeth and tongue on the way down my throat. You can feel my mouth pulsing around you as I suck harder, trying to collect every drop.

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 15

fetish milfleglover 2016-12-09

Susan now pulled the face to her crotch, slamming her mouth to the piss-soaked suit bottom and held it there by clamping her powerful old thighs around Laura's screaming head. "Holy fuck!" Brett screamed, arching his own back to meet the increasingly fast strokes of Susan's fist clamped around his cock as she jerked him and he watched his mother suck piss from the old lady's suit and the orgasmic gel mixed in with it. Susan laughed and let them both go, Brett crashing back into his chair watching his mother sit back trembling on her haunches, her face soaked with piss, swallowing what was left in her mouth, the rest sheeting out of her lips to run down her front, drenching the top of her sensible one-piece bathing suit.


A Sissy Shopping Trip Ch. 03

fetish cwsissy 2016-12-09

He said he wanted to help you personally." She winked, and scanned Cindy from head to toe, lingering briefly on her low-cut top and micro skirt. "Ah," he chuckled, "Does the little girlie want a taste of cock?" With that he pushed forward a bit more, allowing his penis to just brush against my painted lips. I was desperate to taste him and when his cock came over my mouth I opened up wide and pushed my tongue out to capture it as it went by. I felt the top of the chair dropping as he ordered me not to move, "or you'll smear your polish." When it felt like my head must touch the floor and I was looking up at my cock standing proud above me it stopped.


Manisha's First Girdle

fetish Learningfast 2016-12-09

From behind her, I reached to her head and gently held her hair, raising her eyes to look into the mirror, and smiled a very open and near-laugh into her reflection. I took one hand from her eyes and placed it on my shoulder as I was kneeling, to steady her as I lifted the second foot a little further. Slowly the girdle moved into position on her abdomen, with the front suspenders correctly placed, and the zip fastener wide open, waiting for me to do up the hooks and eyes. I ran my hands up and down her corsetry again, feeling at the seams, the bones over her abdomen, the taut bottom edge between the front suspenders, the flat firmness over her midriff and waist.


Spilled Milk Ch. 01

fetish mr_incognit0 2016-12-09

Kate's use of Molly and Ecstasy was borderline addiction, but only twice did here parties bring her to the E.R. Despite taking a considerable beating each weekend, her ass and vag maintained a pleasant tightness, much to the arousal of her many partners. Kate's reign of terror started in middle school, when Helen spilled milk on her even-then large rack. She began to repack her bag when Mike, Kate's latest boyfriend, took control. Though her ass had seen action that night, it was no match for Mike's thick cock. Mike's enormous cock grew whilst in her ass, adding another inch in length. Helen and Mindy were best friends, and they had devised the plan after Kate's most recent attack.


fetish Irishqt1980 2016-12-09

“Making sure you don’t get burned.” I replied as I slid a hand just under the bikini bottom and gently squeezed. A moment later I moaned as her lips pressed against mine, her tongue stroked mine and my hands moved from her hips to her hair. “Alex, fuck.” She hissed as I squeezed her perfect ass firmly, she moaned as I slipped a single finger into her snatch pushing up on her spongy center. “Please what Mrs. G?” I said moving lower, my tongue rimming her ass. I slid into her pussy to lubricate me before slowly easing two fingers into her tight ass. “I’ll be gentle.” I said as I eased the head of my cock into her tight ass.

Tricked Sluts pt.5

fetish 2016-12-09

But it’s rare to find a busty Asian girl man and we found her,” said Josh clinging onto Shawn’s arm with joy and smiling real wide. Josh started to zoom in on Kagome sucking Shawn’s massive dick. He kept going back and forth from her sucking and slurping down Shawn’s massive cock to Shawn groping her gargantuan breasts. Both Shawn and Kagome started sweating promptly as the tit fucking got faster and faster. “That’s the plan baby,” said Shawn as he started thrusting away at Kagome’s pussy. Kagome was pretty much rocking on her tits beneath her like a rocking chair as Shawn continued to pound her pussy harder and harder.

A walk in the park

fetish polarbear1983 2016-12-09

About 10 minutes into the drive, casual conversation and a few laughs, things started to take a turn, they got quite sexually charged and the fleeting exchanged glimpses at each other, soon got physical...still on the way down to where ever we were headed, she reached over, at first and to my surprise rubbing my leg while she was driving along, as we reached a red light, she beckoned me over to her, "Come here." she said leaning across the center console. I spanked her again and after vigorously taking me as deep as she could, she pulled back, doing her best to catch her breath, before she herself realized she was being watched.....and with a bashful look and cheeky smile, put my cock back in my pants, fixed herself up and gave me a long wet kiss, before looking back at the guy who had been watching, simply saying to me "Guess its time to go then, hey?"

Paddle Party

fetish drsalt 2016-12-09

"I know you've wanted it a long time." I was a little disappointed that this was a "women only" party. Maybe you can ask them if they want you to bring a good paddle hand next time. When it got over, Carla told Vicky to drop her pants." I wasn't too surprised to feel my cock reviving already. Still, I got into it and Beth had a screaming orgasm by the time I was done." She looked at my face and hesitated. But when I told her how good you are at spanking she seemed like maybe she was interested." She got that sheepish look again when she added, "Maybe we can just invite her over some night and we can see what happens with just the three of us."

Brazilian Beauties

fetish mshsrfc 2016-12-09

At the Pavella mansion, after Floriella had been helped to change into her best day dress (which she had the maid lace an inch smaller to 21" thinking to make matters slightly better), she was shown downstairs to the drawing room, where Senora Incita Pavella and Ernesto were waiting for her. To that end, she had ordered lower heels and dresses with lower and looser collars; she had also tried to relax the lacing on her corset, but had found that while standing, her body was so reliant on the tightness, that any relaxation felt as if her backbone was collapsing and caused her severe pain, although she found that that the stem could easily be reduced by two inches to relieve the continuous pressure on her ribs and hipbones.


Rhiannon: A Story Of Being A Girl

fetish Sateema Lunasi 2016-12-09

Looking up with large blue eyes, Rhiannon beheld in front of her, a long black limousine with smoked windows. No answer still, just a look away and a graceful and gloved hand splayed over Rhiannon’s knee and thigh. The door opened and the graceful and beautiful creature of a man stepped out first, followed by Rhiannon. There in the mirror, was the body and frame of a beautiful woman...tall and slender with small, but perfectly rounded breasts, long legs and graceful lines to her body...and strapped carefully at her hips was the intricate workings of a fake cock, currently being pumped into Rhiannon’s anus at a deafening speed and fever, behind a golden thatch of quite womanly pubic hair.

Violating mummy

fetish shemmy 2016-12-09

"I'll...I'll let you move in," Jenny said, breathing as Dillon's cock inched its way into her pussy. "Fuck, you have a big cock," Jenny said, groaning as Dillon started pumping in and out of her pussy. "That's enough," Dillon said, slowly pulling his long cock out of Jenny's pussy. "No more!" Jenny cried, trying to squirm and crawl away, but Dillon held onto her hips and yanked her back, impaling his cock deeper into her ass. She fell on her side, rolling over on her back in exhaustion, her legs falling open, her ass and thighs covered in white lotion, while her pussy looked red from its brief meeting with Dillon's fat cock. "Sorry I fucked your ass so hard, Aunt Jenny," Dillon said.

Roger and I and an unexpected quest

fetish xhamporn 2016-12-09

My tight little pussy began to twitch and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as I closed my eyes and pictured myself squatting down on Rogers throbbing hard cock as Freddie’s hot fat cock probed and pushed past my tight pink anal ring and how I bit down on Roger’s shoulder as his cock slipped inside of me. I flicked my tongue out and licked my lips as I thought of looking up into his eyes while on my knees and slowly taking his hard thick cock deeper and deeper into my hot wet mouth until I felt him slide down my throat.

What I Was Born To Do

fetish powelldonovan 2016-12-09

My right hand grabbed the base of Jeff's cock and pointed it at my mouth just in time to capture the next stream of thick white sperm. I rubbed his balls and licked his shaft until I found the sensitive place under his head, and then I let him have it, licking and rubbing that tender place, then enclosing his whole cock in my mouth again while still running my tongue there. And so it was, in that sleazy room, in September of my first year in college, with the smell of come in the air and all of Jeff's semen in my belly, that I dedicated myself to hunting down stiff dicks and making them spurt, to finding the wild cock and drinking down all of its gooey goodness.