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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Lisa's G-Spot Is Found

fetish PLJ 2017-05-21

She stood in the middle of living room, and looked into Marks eyes, she started to blush a little, and then the unmistakable sound of her pee’ing into the diaper. Mark took Tammy in his arms and his hand made its way down the front of Tammy’s jeans and then inside her diaper. Mark lifted Tammy a little off the couch and pulled the diaper from under her. Mark pulled her away just a little, looked into her eyes, and said “Yes Tammy, cum for me now.” Marks hand moved to the top of Tammy’s diaper and then down between her legs again inside the diaper.

He Hooks a Good One! Ch. 02

fetish rmlooker 2017-05-21

She forgot to hold her legs grabbing her breasts as she came and the left leg just fell against the wall the table was next to and the right fell down against Rob. J's orgasm and her moving her upper body around just caused it to flop around and finally as Rob calmed down he was able to control it with his left stump. After Sara left, they decided a shower would be the easiest way to get the plaster off of Rob. J washed him good and she spent a lot of time washing his cock. Rob used his stump to wash her good and after a good rinse, sat down on the shower floor and stuck his head between J's legs pushing them out of the way.


Meeting Cammy

fetish Ha275 2017-05-21

Joe was shocked to see her standing nude with only the signature red army cap that the Street Fighter character Cammy wears on top of her head. "Alright rookie suit up and get ready to earn your reward." she said with her hands on her hips covered in oil and some paint which Cammy has just like the video game. They looked at each other when Joe crouched and held Cammy up with her crotch and his face stuffed together. The oil and her pussy set off an odd and seductive aroma which made looking anywhere elsr impossible for Joe because all of his senses for invested in what he was doing with Cammy. Joe tried to wriggle away but Cammy grabbed his head and started smothering it with her breasts again.

Stocking Tops Pt. 03

fetish Egmont Grigor 2017-05-21

Returning home Lee went to his father's study to collect a copy of the last annual report of Peach Group Consolidated Holdings plc where he found Mrs Martha Islington-Scott was listed as managing director of the textiles division comprising clothing, embroidery, knitting, yarn manufacture, woven fabric manufacture, dyeing and finishing. The more Lee studied the report the more he could see it appeared to be an incestuous division, with Martha's daughter being director of operations and a granddaughter Paula being general manager of a company called High Street Fashion. Her grandmother was ordering her -- not asking her -- to take on a distant relative called Lee Peach, very distant as according to Martha, Paula's great-great-grandmother Amelia Scott had married Oliver Peach.


Pretty Feet

fetish NymphWriter 2017-05-21

"You sure did make quite an impression on Mr. Cagaha," said Ciera with a smile. you never know," Ciera said, touching my leg gently and she gave me a sly smile. I began to think about what Ciera had said about the impression I had made on Mr. Cagaha and what he would want to talk with me about. As Ciera finished up, I asked, "Do you think I bothered Mr. Cagaha with my Groupon the way I did the receptionist?" Mr. Cagaha's office was modestly decorated, with a dark wood desk, book shelf, computer, and off to the side was a salon chair with a foot bath. I grabbed my purse and began to leave when he said, "Don't forget your money, Pretty Feet."

the tranning of a slave

fetish harmrm 2017-05-21

Lil tells me she has something that would be perfect for you and leads us to the blouses hanging near the back wall. I tell her I will look for a skirt that will accent the blouse. You and Lil head to the rooms while I walk around looking. Once in the room Lil tells you to remove your blouse. I tell you how great you look in the blouse and you smile again. As you step out of the skirt you look at Lil and she is looking at your clit in your lace panties. Lil opens the door and tells you to walk up and down the aisle.

Cuckold shortcut

fetish klammer 2017-05-21

charming smile and said, "I know there won't be any problems." I couldn't wait to bed my gorgeous wife and let off the steam that was The way she said that got ME thinking about it non-stop. Then she looked down at me sympathetically and said, "You can feel penis was, remembering what she had said about no woman wanting me as a My wife nodded toward my crotch and the woman, Estrella, went wide-eyed, looked to my wife for support, to be told I didn't have to demean myself Back at home I could see that my new life wasn't going to end. went out the door, Lupe said, "Have fun clubbing with the other girls.

Nigel's Pet Ch. 05

fetish SDcowboy 2017-05-21

Ali had moved back as Jen widened the angle so she could get the expression on Jims face as Bob worked his cock deeper inside brother's ass. Ali reached down with both hands to open her pussy wide so Jen could plunge her hot tongue inside deep and clean out all of the cum that might have been left behind. Jen was close to Cumming when Nigel withdrew his hands from her and replaced his fingers in her up turned ass with his hard cock. Ali put both hands on her ass cheeks and spread them wide so Jen's tongue could clean out all of Jims cum that was still trapped inside .


Wet Nipples

fetish rheineck1 2017-05-21

Having said that, Ivonne was an intelligent, hard working young woman who had a French Canadian accent that made my cock twitch every time I heard it. Watery coloured milk was gently pushing out from around her nipples, and started dripping onto the bulge of her pregnant tummy. She was still crying a little, and every time her diaphram contracted with the pain a little spray of milk jetted out from both breasts, covering us both. Ivonne put one hand behind my head and used the other to lift her left nipple directly into my mouth. About this time Ivonne started to thrust her crotch in against mine while groaning with delight as her burden was lifted.

Smoke Dreams

fetish GeorgeTyerbyter 2017-05-22

Yes. Every time I've experience the sight, sounds and smells of women partaking, i.e. women lighting up, the sight and sound of the pop inhale as they take deep lung-expanding drags, and especially the beautifully arousing sight of said women exhaling their smoke in a pleasure-laced-but-totally-natural fashion—whether it was happening on TV, in movies, or in the flesh—my tent has pitched, and has always pitched big! In my heated thoughts, different men, totally aroused men desperately wanting release, would be popping stiff boners inside their trousers while watching these hot women dragging innocently on there cigarettes and then exhaling their smoke through provocatively pursed lips. Had I imagined my aunts or cousins being taken abruptly; these once in-control, smoking women would suddenly find themselves being forced to jack off the nondescript fellow's stiff dick (or my own) as a result of their incessant teasing.


Confessions of a Blowjob Addict

fetish oraldave39 2017-05-22

Now don't get me wrong I can look very "girly" when I want to and have been asked out more than my share during my adult years, but when I wanted to shoot basketball I would try to dress as much like a boy so that I didn't have to hear "no girls allowed on our court!" which I had heard several times before. Carl pulled down his pants and underwear in one motion to reveal a rock hard cock that looked slightly smaller than Tom's. "I am going to cum." He said as he started to pull his cock out of my mouth. Steve rented a VHS porno tape one time and it showed women going into a adult book store and sucking cock through a glory hole.



fetish nyslutboy 2017-05-22

I begin to turn and yell but a ball gag is stuffed into my mouth and quickly strapped shut. I soon feel hands stroking my quickly engorged cock. I am shocked but in not too much time I am fucking back onto the cock and licking my wife's pussy like it was my last meal. I open my mouth and say "Thank you for spitting on me mistresses." My wife says, "Louder." I inhale deeply to yell over the music as the spit keeps raining down on me as I stroke. I keep going, stroking faster and faster and I feel my balls begin to tighten.Then I am hit with something else.

Annette and the Professor

fetish Dexicreon 2017-05-22

"Do you have my recommendation ready? "I might as well go, too." Fortunately for me, she left the room before I got out of my chair, which solved the problem of the protuberance sticking out of my trousers. "But do we stink down there to boys?" Sweat, stale pee, and female odors filled my nostrils and my imagination: I got erect instantly, and my pants tented out. I even wrote something nice to you on the back." "Ready for another round?" "A half an hour?" "How about two hours, at my house. "Very nice. She scowled at me and said, "In your bedroom, facing your bed so it's the last thing you see before you go to sleep."

Fucked in the Backyard by Wendy

fetish fossie123 2017-05-22

I took a deep breath and relaxed, Wendy patted me on my ass and said "good boy" One hand on my hip and the other holding her cock she lined her cock up and pushed, I was so excited it just slipped in. When Wendy's hips hit my butt she pulled hard and I heard her let out a moan, she shudder and her hot cum washed down my ass, she kept giving me these short little strokes that were hitting me just right. She sensed I was close and started giving me long hard strokes that made her hips slap against my ass and push me forward.

My own whore house

fetish nicecock56 2017-05-22

and if u tell anyone she will be sold in a sex slave auction he was about and be gone for ever as a fuck pig for who ever want to bust a nut in her got it.. I tell them look life is gone be like this your cunt bitch hubby and dad owes me 45,000 dollars your gone pay it now. I got on Kate the wife and was pumping hard and I begun to yell AAAAAAAAA FUCK YAYAYYA FUCK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and shot my cum all in her whore pussy. kate rolls over and gets ben by the hair and holds his face and mouth on her cum filled pussy.

His two girls.

fetish mrdexs 2017-05-22

As I sucked Derek's hard cock, I felt my ass jiggle as my head moved back and forth, my wife behind me slapped my ass again I felt my wife's soft lips plant a kiss right on my asshole. After what seemed like just a minutes, Derek pulled out, I couldn't believe that all of that cock had been up my ass, Nikki laughed and said "that's a lot of cock you took slut." I turned around and Nikki pulled the back of my head against her wet pussy. It took a while, but eventually, I had licked up all of Derek's cum from my face and lips, Nikki smiled and said you are one of the girls now, she then began feeding me all of his cum and my own cum from my chest, tummy and panties.

When Dave met Sally

fetish inkman 2017-05-22

She untied the blindfold and I looked at my finger, I sat there looking in silence, my wedding ring finger was tattooed with a most intricate pattern, it looked like a series of intertwining knots which were multi coloured, blue, red, black, green, I lost count, but the tattoo reached completely from the knuckle to the first joint of the finger, it was huge, and it went all the way round my finger, not a gap, not a speck of normal skin colour, my mind was going ten to the dozen, ranging from work, friends, family, Sally, "well, do you like it", I looked at her still in a state of shock and said, "I love it", and kissed her and gave her a big hug and we just made love on the tattoo parlour reclining chair, after we had finished making love she looked at me and said "you are mine now".


The Toy and The Actress Ch. 01

fetish ARoissy 2017-05-22

"This isn't good at all", I slap her crotch hard, "Sorry Sir, I don't have any cotton ones and I thought you'd like these, they're my husband's favourite", "You need to fucking learn to do as you are told" I whisper in to her ear as I pull the crotch of her knickers up hard between her lips, so hard she moves on to the balls of her feet to take the strain. I go round to see how toy is dressed and of course she is properly attired, the white cotton only spoiled by the wonderful stain in between her legs, "Good, you may put your hands back by your sides now too', she drops her navy skirt and put her hands down, I know she feels really pleased with herself.

Never Too Much Pregnancy Ch. 01

fetish ZotDragon 2017-05-22

Most women would have been a bit nervous, I suppose, but Justine was cool and calm even when the doctor asked, "Do twins run in your family?" She looked at my wife with a big smile on her face. Justine always took a little too much pleasure in that while I liked watching her fuck other men and the idea of her getting pregnant by someone else excited me (even as I drove home I had a hard-on), I didn't especially like the humiliation she liked to exploit of letting others know that she fucked around. "My husband never wears a condom when fucking other women," Justine told Wendy whose eyes went wide with this small revelation.


Tinkle Bell Ch. 18

fetish Many Feathers 2017-05-22

"You mean watch mom and Bella going down on one another?" I said a lot more easily, seeing the relief in dad's eyes when he heard me come right out and say that. Sue noticed when she turned back to face Bella, smiling, though purposely looking down Bella's blouse as she leaned forward a little, obviously flirting with her. I noticed that she was wearing a small imprinted name badge over her right breast with the name "Sue" engraved on it, though dad spoke for everyone, still glancing at his menu, not really taking the young woman in the way Bella had, and the way I obviously was now.


Dull No More

fetish devoutmalesub 2017-05-22

"Harder, Bitch." Mark heard the words escape Sandra's lips and he fucked her harder, pounding into her pussy. "Shut the fuck up and let me enjoy this Mrs. Baker." There were no more knocks as Sandra rode Mark to several vigorous orgasms. Nothing was said and Sandra and Mark hadn't fucked. "Mark, there is something that I want, my little cum slut." Mark makes a noise like humming- but he is actually purring as he enjoys the feeling of the cock in his ass. "Ohh, yeah you Cunt," Sandra abruptly says, "this is how he is going to fuck me. I'm going to let him fuck me anyway he wants to with his big cock.


Alice Pantyhose in Wonderland Ch. 07

fetish nylonleglover 2017-05-22

Gazing at the dress again as her fingers idly pulled a pair of blue tights across her knuckles, Alice closed her eyes and rolled over onto her back again, and with her arms, legs and almost all of her torso under pantyhose tights and stockings she made fists with her hands grasping something in each greedy claw and held it up above her head. Sitting up abruptly on the side of her tiny Barbie bed, crossing her legs conservatively, toes pointed and holding up the two pairs of nylons to hide her lovely breast, Alice flipped her hair forward dramatically to cover one eye, looking slightly like Marilyn Monroe as she arched her naked back and with a sultry Catherine Hepburn style voice said, "Oh...


Between a Cock and a Hard Place

fetish SlaveHeartt 2017-05-22

I pushed back into her bulge and felt it getting bigger. She kept short thrusting her Cock to work it into my tight ass. Once she was all the way inside of me, I could feel her pushing into another organ. I kept gyrating on her lap with her Cock buried 8+ inches inside of me. I really wanted to know what it felt like to have someone cum inside me. Her tongue worked hard to lick up her dried cum and my inner juices. I felt her Cock enlarge to stretch deeper into me until it hit my rectal ceiling. It was amazing, my cock was hard and flowing pre-cum that I felt on my belly underneath her weight.

Swallowing Cum

fetish Anal Slave 2017-05-22

I love it when my wife makes me suck her boyfriend (whom ever it is that night) until he's hard and ready Then I guide his cock into her, after licking her till she's wet, which she usually is after watching me suck "a real cock". One night while we were out at a club a bunch of men held me down and raped my ass and mouth while my wife watched sucking on a big black cock. She told me to let you all know that she would be happy to let me suck any men off who would like to fuck her in the ass or pussy after they shot their load in mouth.