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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

GFS Bestfriend pt.2

fetish 2017-01-27

He pushed her panties to the side, exposing the crack of her ass, but also the swollen lips of her beautiful pussy. Charmaine was just walking into the store, having no idea that at that instant her boyfriend's face was buried in her best friend's ass, licking at her helpless cunt! Liz grabbed the other side and helped him push them down, exposing her sexy ass and helpless pussy. Charmaine was walking by the neighbour's house when her boyfriend slid his penis all the way into Liz's vagina and came. Liz scrambled off the counter, pulling her panties up her legs and grabbing her shorts. Danny managed to avoid kissing his girlfriend until he could wash the smell of Liz's wonderful cunt off his face.

Guys 40/50 10 Ways to Have Fun With A Granny

fetish captjim51 2017-01-27

Then one day I was in an upscale bar in Tucson and noticed a group of about twenty-five well dressed and obviously wealthy older men and women talking and having a great time. 2. Take time with your granny, they have old fashioned morals, it may take two or three dates or even longer to start getting laid. 8. If it is the first time with a particular granny use plenty of lube on her pussy, she may be tight from not being laid for years. 9. Granny’s love cunnalingus, eat your grannies pussy before you fuck her or after your have fucked her but haven’t cum in her yet.

Draguette Ch. 03

fetish stacey_lynne 2017-01-27

The man had been forced to model, just like she had, on a platform, he had been auctioned off among a huge crowd of Chinese women, the Mandarin princess had made the overwhelming bid to purchase him, and in the mayhem he had peed and lost his senses. The Mandarin princess said something to the translator; he passed it on to Jane, and she told the tattoo artists what to do. With that single drop of super glue, Liam's lovely, perfectly beautiful, and tiny hypo-penis was firmly attached to his navel by the foreskin! His small, beautiful, perfectly shaped hypo-penis struggled against the super glue that held his fan-like foreskin to attain its normal hypospadias curvature.

Shiny Red Stilettos

fetish Savage_Henry 2017-01-27

I was looking at my skinny white hairy legs, thinking about how to get my cold anus off the floor, when between my knees appeared a wonderful pair of gloss "candy apple" red stiletto heels. Up my eyes went to smooth as silk calves, sweet enough to kiss knees, warm looking thighs I wanted to put my face in and then the hem of a short black skirt that was maybe an inch under her muff-line. A perfectly shaped ass in a short black skirt, with long sexy legs, and the hottest red stilettos on earth walking ...

Mistress Rules: 1st time in pantys

fetish 2017-01-27

In it was an array of sexual aids- a black basque, stockings, a pvc bra and thong set, heels, dildos of varying size from 8" to 10" and different thicknesses. She instantly said, strip off, put on the stockings, the pvc bra and thong set and send a picture of yourself to me. I quickly hung up, took my clothes off, pulled on the stockings carefully, slid up the thong and fastened the bra. She ordered me 2 send her a picture of sum dirty underwear and demanded i lick the stained gusset. Desperate to cum, I stroked my cock to the point of orgasm but refraining at the last moment until I gained permission.


fetish Boomerang7 2017-01-27

Thursday I wanked again, with less pain from my balls, then on Friday I stayed chaste in anticipation of having sex on Saturday morning with my wife before going off to my exhibition in Birmingham on Sunday. Saturday morning my wife touched me and teased me, but said that she wanted to leave having sex until the early evening, so I didn't have to do without for too long. Saturday morning I was awake early, going through hell with my cock continually trying to get erect, not helped by the fact that the only subject I could think of was sex.

The Doctor is In Ch. 04

fetish NurseSally 2017-01-27

So now, as my own brother stood in front of me with his panties down around his knees and his throbbing erection swaying no more than a few inches away from my face, I was completely ready to set aside my feelings on incest and act on my desires with his magnificent cock. Ted did as I asked, and once he turned and his tight buns were right in front of me, my desires took over and the next thing I knew, both of my hands were on his ass and I was feeling him. Then, holding my panties loosely in my left hand where I knew my brother would easily see them, I leaned toward to the head of the bed, pulled the big, fluffy pillow out from under the comforter and dropped my panties right on top of the pillow.


A Night Full Of Dicks

fetish cooljohn 2017-01-27

It was pretty exciting & was very much glued to the screen & all of a sudden I realized that the person sitting next to me had his cock in his hand & was pumping it very hard...I got very excited with this & felt like holding him. I kept sucking his cock till he came in mouth & I took every drop of it & was very happy to taste my first come of another man......BUT I was not through..I wanted more.. The moment I got straight to see what was happening on the screen, the 2nd gentleman just came in front of me & pushed his dick in my mouth & started coming .........This was the third come of the night....

Fay's Dirty Discoveries Ch. 10

fetish toocold 2017-01-27

She came in a moment, her body rigid, moans of pleasure escaping her throat, the last trickles of urine running into her soaked, smelly panties, her bum grinding in the puddle that made it obvious that a the curvy, 22-year old girl had just deliberately wet the bed and then shamefully brought herself off in it. Her pussy was as hot as ever, and she started to press her face and breasts into the wet bedding, grinding her boobs and sucking at the sheet so that her mouth was full of the heavy taste of Nadia's piss. It was so filthy, but it tipped Nadia further over the edge, and second orgasm followed the first as she writhed in pleasure, her flatmate's head between her legs, in a piss-soaked bed, being eaten out by a girl who'd just shit herself.

The Fetish Club Ch. 01

fetish PsychobettyQueen 2017-01-27

The bartender walks over and asks, 'excuse me, but why do you girls keep jumping around and yelling two years?' the blondes look at each other and the first one answers him, 'well, we were doing this puzzle and it said four to six years, but we finished it in two years!'" and then I burst into laughter. When I first turned on the light he had been laughing, but when he saw the far wall covered in heels of all styles and colors his smile suddenly melted off into a look that resembled horror, but to my relief it was simply what he looked like on his way to slack-jawed awe.


The After-Party

fetish IrishPapa 2017-01-27

Anna came to stand next to me as Connor, Nick, and Samantha stripped and stepped into the tub. I glanced over; Nick had one of my wife's titties in his mouth while Connor was leaning back, watching Anna while Samantha's hand worked beneath the bubbling water. The four of us - Connor, Nick, Samantha, and myself - sat in the steamy water, sipping our drinks and taking turns stroking my wife's pussy. I dropped to my knees and she stepped forward, putting her cunt right on my mouth I stuck out my tongue and began to lick her pussy, focusing on her clit and slipping my tongue up and down the length of her lips.

The First Fisting

fetish taylorreynolds 2017-01-27

She had never believed that she could come without being touched, but with every bit of warm breath that skimmed her clit, she felt closer and closer to orgasm. Disoriented from the blindfold, all of her other sense refocusing to compensate for the lack of vision, when she felt one large finger slide into her body she wanted to scream. She wanted to explode, was so very close to orgasm, but he played her body like a virtuoso and could keep her on the edge for hours. More pressure, more air, so much that her skin burned like fire and her stomach muscles clenched, yearning for release. He locked his lips around her aching clit finally and as her stomach clenched in orgasm, his hand glided into her body.

Changed For Life

fetish cool_person 2017-01-28

Soon after I got on the bus was empty except for me, Jase, a guy in my year I didn't really know, and the driver. "The people in school are right, you are kinda feminine." He said. Soon I was receiving a great blowjob from a hot guy on a deserted bus. I blew in his mouth eventually and as he sat up I said "That was great, I had no idea guys could be that good." He nodded and said "Your turn now." I was shocked. I decided you'd look great as a chick so I kept you drugged for last 6 weeks while the hormones took effect." I made another noise around the gag. I kept massaging my tits and Craig was giving great head.

I Jizzed in My Pants Ch. 01

fetish Mixedwritings1993 2017-01-28

When Professor Haley was done with inspecting our asses she smirked, slapping each of our asses a few times before joining Professor Caroline facing us, smirking down at our erections openly and as our cocks throbbed beyond our control we only wondered if being naked before two women older than our mothers was capable to shame us this much just how much worse it would be to be naked before other students, our classmates and our crushes. I mean Professor Haley already had inspected our butt cracks and cocks yet Professor Caroline ordered, "Boys move your little hard-ons a little and let us see the base of your cocks, then lift your ball sacks and let us see under them and then finally turn around and spread your ass cheeks wide to expose the puckered buttholes to us.

My Fantasy My Bride

fetish Chastebob 2017-01-28

One thing changed during the engagement, she wanted me to agree to no masturbation and no orgasm without her permission, even though I would be bringing her to one (or more) every time we were together. "Well that would be a chastity device for you, and if you weren't willing to go along with that, then I guess we'd have to call off the engagement," she said matter-of-factly, then added, "But I really hope you'll be agreeable, because I don't want to lose you, and I know if you trust me I can make us both extremely happy." I didn't quite understand how Brenda's rules made her feel less like I was having sex with another woman, but whatever made it possible for her to help fulfill this fantasy was OK with me.

Arab Prince and Milk Maid

fetish Randy4Sure 2017-01-28

Hamdan made arrangements to travel to the United States to escort her back to the island and Nessiba began making the other arrangements that were necessary for me to enjoy her in the manner that I desired. Pamela was a beautiful but unsuccessful girl with a hundred thousand dollars in her hands on an exotic island with an Arab Prince and an unheard proposal. The next time you fill up your gas tank just think that thanks in part to you I am in bed with a young beautiful American woman sucking on her swollen tits and savoring her sweet milk.


That Thing with the Cup Ch. 01

fetish gaminegrrl 2017-01-28

Cupping your testicles in one hand, I wrap my long, French-manicured fingers around your stiffening shaft. Looking up at you, I run my tongue slowly across my lips and smile. I turn my head sideways, glancing up at you in the corner of my eye, and pretend to bite into your erection, my teeth resting firmly on your flesh. Hearing you groan, I then lick my way slowly, delicately up your shaft, my favorite popsicle in all the world. As I reach the tip, I envelope your glans in my mouth, sucking your velvety head with my pouty lips. Then, looking up at you, upside down, I lick my lips slowly, leaving my mouth open. I close my eyes and caress my breasts, waiting for you to fuck my mouth.

Is Three A Crowd? ....Part 2

fetish Croozer 2017-01-28

"Yeah Trev...that one is one of my favourites, too," she said, "Come on...let me see you jerk with it." I wrapped the slip around my penis, and slowly began to stroke it. "With my figure, I need a bit of help when I wear a you like my girdle?" I nodded, and wanted to explode into her incredibly silky slip, but held off. As she pulled the slip up her thighs, she put her finger into her kitty, and said, "I'm so damn wet..." I stood up, embraced her and began kissing her mouth, neck, ears, and breasts as I rubbed my penis gainst her slip covered belly, thighs, and ass.

Ms Coney

fetish realbigsid69 2017-01-28

I mean continue with the touch experiment and let me have a think" Evelyn said to him, smiling as his tongue resumed it's oral toil. "I need to note some of this down so I'll keep you out of sight and out of mind for now" Evelyn said and let her skirt cover his head, hiding in between her thighs. I mean, for example, the next session will be about alternative response then the next one is positional response so I've got my work cut out" Evelyn said in mock resignation. Okay, I have my doubts on the taste test so continue with this one for the time being" she said and let her legs rest on his shoulders again while he ate her pussy.


Kim & Kate Ch. 02

fetish cuckoldwishes 2017-01-28

I had just spent the day with a beautiful 18 year old girl and now I was going home to my wife, who knew everything and encouraged my affair. Kim was not just "some slut" and for this to work I needed Kate to be more submissive, more controlled and more horny than she had ever been in her life. I ran my hands down Kate's naked body, careful to avoid her pussy. She also wore a pretty high pair of wedges that made her ass looked even better." I felt for Kate's clit with my index finger. Kate already had a good idea about how many time Kim and I had had sex. I told Kate nearly every detail of mine and Kim's relationship.

Baron Buff vs. Johnny Angel Pt. 01

fetish BigBuffChamp83 2017-01-28

Being the more level headed of the two athletes, Baron decided against his suspicions and let his friend slide; maybe it had been just an off night for the younger Johnny: after all, he had just finished winning his OWN grueling match moments before. At the very next fight night, Baron Buff would defend his title belt in a rematch with Becerra; but this time, it would be without any support from his now distant friend. Things would only get worse, as soon the "Heavenly Body", was announcing himself as the real champion; claiming his knockout on the "Big Dick Champ" Baron Buff, was legit; if only recognized by himself.

Panty Jumped: Full Version

fetish Subtext 2017-01-28

Steve was always polite to her and never tried to show her up by hanging on Alice in her presence, but it was still hard for Callie to have to smell him when he came over. Steve yelled into her panties again and tried to pull her hand away from his mouth, but Callie was in a hyper state of arousal now. "Oh Steve, I know you understand how hard it is to go around all day with these feelings." She told him as she gazed into his eyes, "I hope Alice doesn't ever make you suffer. Callie pressed her hand back down over Steve's panty-filled mouth and raised a finger over her lips.


The Dominissive part 2

fetish Stretchmefillme 2017-01-28

Ginny comes back a short time later, handing me the towel and a fresh shirt, some capris and a pair of sandals from her closet. Up to you however, don't want to keep you from going home to sulk or anything.” God, it was like he knew me without having ever known me. I felt pretty strange being offered to shower, in this flat, and wear some other girl who happened to be in a spreader bar's clothing. He clears his throat, pushing the door open, as I try and cover my wet slit with my hand. “And this girl, is a bidet.” With that, he turns and walks out the door, leaving me straddled on the bidet wondering what in the fuck had just happened to me.

Sarahs chastity

fetish stig1963 2017-01-28

I said, "Because it's going to be on you for a very long time!" I put a small box against the front of the belt, and pushed a button. And she said she didn't want to - she liked the idea of never meeting the man who was going to push needles through her body. I stood between her legs, put my hard cock against her new pussy shield, and said, "I bet you'd like me to thrust into here!" I could see her trying to thrust her hips forward into my cock, but it would do her no good. Sandy said to Sarah, "So you have to wear the gloves all the time he tells you to? Sandy said, "It's times like these..." then she stopped, looked shocked for a moment, then smiled, very satisfied.