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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Charlie and Megan Wilson

fetish Matt Moreau 2017-10-05

Indeed, during that time, Marissa had been my exclusive date at The Chateau where she worked as a dominatrix. They will be slow ones so that you'll have time to really regret your choice," she said. "You're on time," she said, "a good sign. Not finding one, probably a good thing, I got up, slipped into my robe, and headed for the front door. "She's wondering why you haven't seen fit to talk to her after your date a couple of weeks ago," he said. Who knows, maybe you can turn her into a one man woman or something close to it," he said. I'm not a dominatrix like your Marissa—and yes, she told me about your last visit there: kind of impressive, I mean one hundred!" I said nothing.

He Finally Takes Control

fetish Une_Erotique 2017-10-05

He unbuttoned his pants as she lay restrained on the ground and he pressed the tip of his throbbing cock on her tight wet pussy. As his teeth pulled her nipples away from her body, her screams continued from his thick long hard cock thrusting harder and deeper into her. Her pussy clenches his hard cock pulling it deeper inside her. They moan together as his mouth takes her nipples, his teeth clamped on her nipples as his cock explodes inside of her. He spanks her curvy ass, pulls her hair, and takes his spit covered cock and slams it into her cum filled pussy. He pushes deep inside her, one hand pulling her hair, the other spanking her and tracing her tight ass with his cum covered fingers.

Aimee - My Secret Passion Ch. 01

fetish slipman2010 2017-10-05

'It's OK, Mr Henderson,' she smiled reassuringly, 'I shall leave a length of about a foot -- it will still be quite long and I'll get it styled to look pretty -- you will still love my hair, I'm sure.' 'Oh Aimee, yes please,' my voice came out in a croak as I grasped her gently to me and proceeded to rub against the soft nylon. And then astonishingly, came this urgent and uncharacteristic plea from this lovely young girl, looking up at me adoringly, her soft flowing hair cascading around her, 'Fuck me, John, oh fuck me hard,' she moaned, 'fuck me through my soft slip -- oh, you love my silky soft slip on your hard, hard penis -- let all your spunk come oozing on my petticoat.

Cum Party

fetish Many Feathers 2017-10-05

It's pretty simple really Dan. The whole point of our getting together like this is to simply enjoy that erotic visualization, and well as the sensation of watching and sharing in one another's wet orgasms. I had no sooner finished removing my clothing and had retaken my place next to Dick than he'd stopped fingering his wife and told me to take over, actually taking a hold of my hand. "Holy shit!" I said once again as she continued to spray, now thrashing, bucking and humping her ass up and down against the pillow as her own hand now frigged her precious clit sending even more streamers of girl-juice spurting out of her cunt, though I did notice that they had now become more like Christy's original juicings.

Valerie Finds Her Man

fetish escriterra 2017-10-05

This is an EXTREMELY lucky day, Valerie thought, drinking in the sight of Connor's powerful legs and rounded ass working through his squat routine. She made up all manner of time-wasting activity (a drink from her water bottle, adjusting her shoe, smoothing out the towel on the seat of the machine) to allow her to take in the fantasy-inspiring sight: Connor Washington, back arched and butt thrust out, followed by the ntoxicating aftermath in each repetition which was his gym shorts riding up into the furrow between his cheeks, smoothing the material tautly across the rounded globes of his delicious butt.

Carving Her Initials Ch. 01

fetish Abdulbenthere 2017-10-05

The cab driver enjoyed the show so much he turned down his tip." Sue was Hank's wife, Angie was Bill's. She planted a kiss on my cheek and whispered "You might want to look the other way" then shoved a washcloth into my mouth. She set the tools on the nightstand and turned back to me, planting a kiss on my lips and forcing her tongue into my mouth like she wanted to lick my eyeballs from the inside. Gradually her right hand dropped down to her pubes to pull her clit hood back so the clit made better contact with me as she moved. She pulled herself up next to me and planted a kiss full of my jizz right into my mouth.

Sweetly Ruined

fetish FloatingPumice 2017-10-05

Frankly, the boutique looked so uptown she doubted they'd hire her, but the owner -Mrs Jansen- said she was pleased with her warm brown eyes, her down-to-earth style and "ability to connect" and she would bring balance to her co-worker's 'strictly fashionista' attitude. "You know, I should have you run a class for Otto right here on how to communicate and make the sale" Mrs Jensen said half-smiling. "I dunno" Marina said, "all I do, is walk up to the customer and tell them what kind of outfit would look good with whatever shoes it is that they're trying on". His angry red shaft was bobbing wildly, beads of precum running down the shaft as Marina took off her other shoe, one hand on the crates for balance.

A Little Help for a Friend

fetish DrLit 2017-10-05

WOW, Matt wore panties and evidently got fucked in the ass by Julie if the strap-on was one their toys. Then Jessie said, "How about the three of us go out to dinner next Saturday and we return here so Jason can wear your pussy out? I want you two to put your new panties on in the limo and then I plan to suck Jason's thick cock on the way to your house. Julie said, "I really want a cock in my mouth, but a couple orgasms to start the night sounds even better." Julie said to Jessie, "Let me rest for a minute, then will you fuck me doggie style?" Jessie licked cum off Julie's tits and gave her a big, long kiss.

But I Love Her

fetish kleincox 2017-10-05

She began to grind her hips against my butt, "Now bend over and pick up my clothes." As I did she started thrusting against me like she was trying to fuck me from behind. "No. I don't need to go to the bathroom." SMACK "Then why the hell are you peeing on my clothes and the floor!" She clamped down hard on my penis and I realize that she was right, I had been peeing without knowing it.

Angela and Vonda Ch. 02

fetish carvohi 2017-10-05

I see what you wear, and I can certainly wear and feel comfortable in anything you think I'll like." That Angela thought ought to trap Vonda into a full retreat on everything she said both yesterday and today, but to her surprise Vonda took her up on her suggestion. Brandon sat at the head, with Vonda on one side and Angela on the other. "Well Angela, I believe you said you wanted Vonda to help you choose a new wardrobe? In fact, tonight she would take Brandon down a new sexual path; a path where Angela would be able to gain what she believed would be even greater control over her emotionally besotted husband. Angela took her chained hands and opened them, palms up, toward Brandon.

Karen's Feet

fetish Atgod 2017-10-05

Where usually I would just do it without thinking but now each time I forgot and rubbed my feet together or flexed my cute toes I got a bit aroused. I slipped my feet out of my loose flats flexing my toes rubbing my feet against each other trying to reduce the hornyness I felt. "Karen" I said curling my toes in my flats to try to stop the arousing feelings. He frantically undid his jeans and exposed a large bulge in his white boxers I felt his cock closer flexing my toes over it pressing feeling the unbelievable pleasure I could now feel though my feet. Shawn moved my feet back a bit so only my toes were on his hard shaft.

Suprise Visit

fetish lata54us 2017-10-06

As I reach the juncture of your two legs, I quickly pull my hands out from below your skirt, bend you forward hard and focibly. "Lets get something straight here, you will adress me as 'Master' or 'Sir', and when I enter the room you will be expected to be in posithion 1:Legs spread wide, hands behind your head, chest out, eyes down. ř, 6, 7" by now I am beginning not to feel the pain so much which you see and so step it up a little, Ŝ,9, are you ready slut?" U caress my ass and reach your fingers down between my leg and feel my wetness.

Lightgirl's First Adventure Pt. 03

fetish Mouselegend 2017-10-06

The crowd was cheering for every new piercing she received, while Samantha was close to tears from the pain and unfair questions. The red skinned devil woman gave her a smile and said " You're going to be so tired tomorrow, little kitten. Fingers with fingernails that looked more like claws suddenly pinched her nipples and Samantha groaned into the villainess mouth. Encouraged Samantha let her tongue glide over the devils big clit a few times before sticking her tongue deep inside her pussy and swirling it around making sure to hit all the spots that made the devil quiver and moan right into her muff. A whim came over Hellheel and she stuck a heeled foot into Samanthas face, who had no choice but to breathe in the scent.

Discovering Charlotte Pt. 02

fetish twynn2257 2017-10-06

The sounds she makes, the way she looks, the feel of her skin, the taste of her mouth, the smell of her body. Charlotte's pussy is so wet it makes a slopping sound as she makes her way down to the base of my cock. Don't you fucking cum." She practically screams these words at me and spittle from her wet lips fly at my face. "It smells like my Charlotte and I fucking love it." This time, I can't stop myself. "I'm gonna cum now baby." I pump even harder, but she's not responding with her own thrusts yet. Just then she leans down and whispers into my ear, as if telling me a secret, "I like smelling my ass on your face.

Dave Disciplines Kristen

fetish hotladyvanessa 2017-10-06

I arrived home a bit early from work and thought I would surprise my husband of fifteen years. Strangely, and embarrassingly, I was also feeling very turned on by the sight of my husband spanking that beautiful young girl's bare ass (evidenced by my sopping wet panties!). He said that he wasn't having sex with her at all, only spanking her bare bottom and providing discipline. One thing that came out of this is that Dave admitted that the reason our sex life has been so amazing in the past year is due to these sessions; they have helped him become a better lover.


fetish Theif_00 2017-10-06

Then, as we got onto the bus, a girl, I guess who Katie knew, cut in front of her. First I did a palm strike," I said as I demonstrated the move almost hitting Katie in the face but stopping short. "I've always wanted to see what's it's like to be fucked up the ass," Katie said. As we stuck the carrot between us and slowly eased it into our pussies, I popped the grape into my mouth, then locked lips with Katie. After resting for about ten minutes in which time Katie went to the bathroom, I grabbed the chocolate syrup and hid in the closet.

Shoe Salesman

fetish Swamp Rebel 2017-10-06

Once, as he lifted my leg to place yet another shoe, he pulled my foot into his crotch and rubbed it around. I spread my legs slowly so that he could get a good view up my skirt and into the crotch of my panties. My legs were spread open, my skirt had risen way up my thighs, exposing the tops of my hose, my garters and my pantied crotch. Although I loved that hard cock in my mouth, I wanted to feel it in my pussy. I felt it ooze out of my mouth and onto the shaft of his pulsating cock as I continued to stroke him.

Take it Like a Man

fetish luvgoth 2017-10-06

While I removed my lower half of clothing, she put a cigarette between her lips and sat down in a chair, staring me down. My dick stood tall and hard and I couldn't keep myself from touching it. Her fingers grabbed onto my face as she gripped my chin and threw my head back. An unexpected smack to the face came my way. Hungrily I licked at her wetness as her hand forced my head forward. It felt like she was ripping it out of my head as she pulled and smacked my face. "Not bad," she exclaimed as she got off my face and slowly sat down on my hard cock. If three fingers hurt your poor little ass, be ready for a lot of pain bitch."

Space Girl at Halloween Party

fetish clawfngr 2017-10-06

As I got closer to the punch bowl, I realized that the girl had a hand between her legs and was stroking the guy's exposed cock as he opened his black robe slightly. His friend looked down at him as he moved towards the girl, "Dude, seriously, not cool." The friend wore a pig costume and had left the head on the pool patio near the diving board. I thought to myself what a strange party as I slid my fingers between my legs and start playing with myself as the bear fucked the school girl. I stopped and looked at the piggy and his handsome cock ready for a rider and thought about his friend, the bear, fucking that unconscious girl.


fetish klammer 2017-10-06

Tim grabbed the base of my cock hard, and with his other hand he started I could feel Tim move, and then I felt his cock at my mouth. 'Mmmmm, good boy.' Tim pulled away from my mouth. 'I said no boy' Tim took his hands off of my and ripped the vibrator out. 'You need to focus on me more Markboy.' I could feel Tim getting up, 'I said hold it boy!' Tim's hand didn't stop though. resisting, I felt Tim lean over me and whisper in my ear, 'Ok Markboy, cum good boy' Tim said as he unhooked me and carried me away. Help me turn this sofa into a bed, boy.Are you going to unlock my cock

Sharing Her II + III

fetish TG12 2017-10-06

He managed to pin an arm behind her, and held her there for a long time, his tongue penetrating her mouth, r****g the kiss from her lips. He continued kissing her, twining his fingers in her blond hair, thrusting his tongue into her unresisting mouth, even as his other hand slipped across her chest and began cupping a breast. And the sensation, the incredible sensation of sliding your hard cock inside her steamy, freshly fucked pussy, filled with someone else’s cum, so slick and hot, and fucking her until her eyes glaze over with lust and her cunt is spasming around your dick, milking it, working it until you shoot into her, making her legs stiffen, her pretty feet point and curling her toes, there is nothing else like it.

Former Student Matures into Hot Nymph

fetish biguy52x 2017-10-06

A picture came through of Krystal with a scoop neck blouse on and I could clearly see that her tits were not burdened by a bra. We got to her apartment and she turned to me as she opened the door that I needed to kiss her for real if I wanted in her apartment. Krystal told me that she had camera set up and could see into the woman's bedroom she wanted to watch fuck her. We walked to the door and Krystal was still naked we kissed passionately and she said very loudly by daddy. I smiled and said slut know when you see me from now on that your tits cannot be in a bra and that you will kiss my cock as a sign that you are my slut.

ravished on the bus (of legal age)

fetish Philosophette 2017-10-06

Having for once to take a different bus to my schoolmates I decided to sit at the back and in the corner, curling up on the seat. I lay content to just look out of the window for the rest of the journey, absently staring at oncoming traffic. As his one hand stroked his prominent organ, his other inched along my sensitive inner thigh and disappeared under my plaid skirt. As I did this the bus stopped and the stranger got off. He didn't bother to glance back at me, and when the bus set off again he didn't look up once as I peered through the window. As he walked, he looked down to the ground, with his hands in his pockets, seemingly lost in his own world.

Arabian Plaything Chapter 7

fetish Victor-Bruno 2017-10-06

This is to say, when a Pony was harnessed close-carriage (this will be explained later) the ‘crop’ used would be a foot-long, inch-and-a-half wide strap attached to a six-inch wooden handle, since the Pony’s hindquarters would literally be at arm’s length to the driver. This form of ‘chariot driving’ with the Pony’s hindquarters in close proximity, and within easy reach of the ‘crop’, is most popular and these small ‘chariots’ are generally used when Pony Girls are being raced singly against each other. Incidentally, when Pony Girls are at work, whether it be Exercising, Jaunting or Racing, they wear little bells attached to small rings threaded through the nipples.