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Candy Cane

first-time navyjamie 2018-12-04

It's the most sensuous thing, the way you blow the smoke from your hookah into my mouth, your lips so close to mine, yet not close enough to touch, or to kiss me passionately the way I’ve secretly wanted you to for all of these years. We both know you've wanted me for a long time now, everything from my short blonde hair, my big green eyes and soft pink lips; to my natural breasts, slender waist, and round ass; you crave all 5 feet and 3 inches of me, just as I crave all 6 feet and 2 inches of you.

My Best Friend’s Cock

first-time LustyVirgin 2018-11-29

My best friend stands in front of me, his hard cock arc-ing above the waistband of his boxers. I like the feel of his cock in my hand. “No. That felt good,” my best friend whispers as he guides my hand back. I feel my body contract around his hard cock. I sit motionless for a moment, feeling my best friend’s cock snug inside me. I slide up and down on my best friends cock, feeling him fill me again and again. I fall asleep happy, knowing that we will be able to share more times like this and I realize that I might never be able to get enough of my best friend’s cock.

Rob's Birthday Surprise

first-time ugacouple 2018-11-28

I know he’s your best friend and that we’ve had that conversation, but I think it was inevitable that we’d eventually fuck. I mean, I know he’s your lacrosse teammate and I’ve seen him naked so many times and we’ve watched him with other girls, but look at how tiny I am on top of him. I thought I would have some kind of control over this and be able to have fun like he was clearly having every time he gives you the “thumbs up” or looks at the camera while fucking me. I’d just had some of the most intense orgasms of my life about two hours before delivered by your best friend and fellow fuck star, Lake.

My Two Bestfriends

first-time swlover1 2018-11-27

I passed the stage door and I heard what sounded like people whispering. I then saw Rachel and Daniel standing there kissing each other. "It's stupid I know!" she cried out,"but he's your bestfriend so I felt like somehow if I was with him, I was with you!" She began crying again. "I'm sorry, I guess I better go then," she said sadly as she headed for the door. I quickly got up and dashed up behind her before she got to the door and wrapped my hands around her and began fondling her beautiful tits. She let out gasps and moans every time I drove my tongue into her wet pussy.

It Hurts

first-time StillUndecided 2018-11-25

I had been the recipient of many late night phone calls and texts from Sam when he would turn up drunk at her door, demand to be let in, kiss her and leave. I've had to tell the few that have asked that she is my best friend but that there was some drunken kissing on a night out and I think things went wrong then. It didn't hurt me that she didn't talk to me, text me or look at me throughout the lecture...what hurt was when I turned my head to the side to glance at her through the other people on the row, and I could feel pain in my chest.

My fantasies cum true

first-time Valdis55 2018-11-19

As I took him in I lost myself a little and he kissed me again, pulling me back to reality. He kissed the lips of my pussy, licked my clit, sucked on it, and stuck his tongue in my tight little hole. “From the looks of it I don’t think that’ll be a problem, I had you going there.” I rolled my eyes “Psch you’re telling me, that was amazing.” His smile got even bigger and he took off his pants and briefs. I trailed kisses down his chest and stomach and stopped right above his hard waiting member. We were both biting our lips with our eyes closed, enjoying every second when I grabbed his dick and guided it to my little hole.

Losing It

first-time sunshinegal 2018-11-19

Closing my eyes, I lose myself in him and how it feels like it is just us, but soon, the song stops and Mark pulls away from me. “Oh, Beth, no,” Mark says, pulling me closer and wraps himself around me so he can carefully bury a hand and his nose into my hair, so it looks like we are having a private moment. Pulling my arm back, I quickly tuck it under the side of my body and close my eyes so it looks like I’m asleep. I mentally prepare myself and try to quieten my trembling breath, but I soon feel his lips press against my shoulder and a hand run slowly down my back, causing me to exhale loudly.

Cassie's First Time Is With Her Best Friend - Part 2

first-time Banes1 2018-11-14

"Fuck me, fuck me with your tongue!" Pepper cries out, pulling on her restraints and pushing her shaved pussy against my mouth. Using my tongue like a hard cock, I fuck her very wet pussy with abandon as my hands ply the flesh of her breasts. Pepper tightens her pussy around my fingers and her ass clenches the dildo as her orgasm rips through her body. During this time, I am eventually able to slip both my fingers from Pepper’s pussy and dildo out from her ass. I clean her lips and chin of my juice and I share the nectar with Pepper as we continue to kiss, our hands caressing one another.

While they were gone

first-time kornslayer1 2018-11-14

“Uh Jack, mom wants to know if Sam is gonna stay for dinner?” I asked. “Well, what do you think Jack meant when he said to make sure we just talk and nothing else happens?” I asked. But it's weird that you are asking; you are my best friend's sister,” Sam said. “Yes, I really want to know if you think I'm truly sexy as those models in there showing off their tits and everything else,” I said. “Well yes, but after I see you naked, is it gonna be weird between us?” Sam asked. “Yes. But this is wrong, I couldn't do this to Jack,” Sam said. “Well, it just happened and we have chemistry, Jack,” Sam replied.

A Friends Discovery

first-time Hot_momma_46 2018-11-12

“You really like this magazine, huh Sheri?” I asked, sliding my hand along her thigh and leaned in for a better look at the centerfold. I felt Sheri squirm around a little, and then she grabbed the magazine with her one hand while she slid her other hand down to her pussy. Sheri looked up at me with a very naughty smile, as she ran her hands up my legs, sending goosebumps and a shivers over my entire body. My hips and ass lifted off the edge of the hot tub, and then I heard Sheri gag a little as I felt something strange work its way out of me.

First Time With My Brother's Best Friend

first-time fatbabe 2018-11-10

I was definitely ready, because my panties became slowly very wet. I felt my thong becoming wetter and wetter by the second, I had a hard time to contain the moans I so desperately wanted to get out. I slowly massaged his cock over his pants and felt him harden under my touch. I've never felt anything better, I was moaning loudly, telling him to go deeper and faster. He pushed his cock in and out of my cunt, fucking me as hard as he could without hurting me. He kept thrusting and my moans got louder and I felt my orgasm reaching its high. It felt amazing to feel his cum inside of my pussy.

it was her first time part 1

first-time longcock90210 2018-11-08

Fran was a sight to behold, wearing a tight light pink blouse that accentuated the beautiful breasts which lay beneath in a almost visible red lace bra, and a skirt which cut off around mid-thigh and shaped her firm round ass perfectly. She then started taking my t shirt off so I helped her by raising my arm then it was my turn, luckily I have had plenty of practice with buttons so I simply flicked my thumb under each button on her tight blouse an flicked it open to reveal the intoxicating seductive red bra and the soft firm mounds beneath, after admiring the half naked view in front of me.

My Best Friend

first-time VirginalViet 2018-11-06

Cindy told us her boyfriend could give her several orgasms and that he could make her cum just from his tongue and fingers like four times before he even went inside her. I was too embarrassed to try to stop Stephy at this point, but I didn’t know if I was ready to have a girl touching my pussy? I could feel myself coming to the edge again and I was expecting Stephy to pull her finger away just like all the times before. As my orgasm subsided (I mean it had been so intense it was like I was floating down from a cloud) but Stephy kept her fingers moving just a tiny bit and she kept kissing me softly.

Sleepover Surprise

first-time avidreaders 2018-11-06

Half way in the movie, a really funny part came up about a girl who made an orgasm face and moaned. Her brother came in the room right at the time. "Awkward Zac!" He left the room for some unknown reason and Katherine asked me to go make popcorn for her and me to share. The movie had just ended and Katherine and I started playing truth or dare. I could feel a climax rip through my body and muffled moans escaped. Zac removed his fingers and started licking my pussy clean; which intensified my orgasm. He lifted his mouth and stared at me before slowly inserting his cock inside me.

Two Best Friends (chapter one)

first-time xBlair_Joshx 2018-11-04

Seeing his best friend on a site like this, he started getting hard, just by looking at her face. Hearing Blair's moans, his cock hardened even more that he took his hands and set them on her shoulders, pushing her to the floor. She knew what he wanted, and removed his underwear, to reveal a throbbing eight inch cock. "You estimated correctly." she said as she started stroking it with her hand, lubing it with the pre-cum already leaking out, "You're loving this aren't you?" she asked. Blair heard Josh moan and she started licking up the shaft then suckling on the head. This sent Josh over the edge, his seed squirting onto Blairs face and into her mouth, some dripping onto her breasts.

My Best Friend Pt. 01

first-time Nakedturtles 2018-09-22

He told me that he didn't want to go through high school looking over his shoulder, worrying if someone would flick his head or throw paper balls at him or put spoiled milk in his locker. When high school started he was very very nervous on how people that used to go to our middle school would react to his new look. "I think I can pull it off," he said jokingly, and started to imitate the movement I was doing. He spread my legs and I felt like I could orgasm right then and there. I guess he did too because he stopped and said " I want us to cum together." I sat up and got on top of him.

Playing in the Woods

first-time treegirl92 2018-09-17

Kaylee pulled her fingers out and by placing her hands squarely on my shoulders, pushed me away from Adam and down to the ground so I was leaning against an old tree stump. Adam moaned loudly from underneath Kaylee as I thrust him deep inside me one last time and I closed my eyes and came to a shattering finish, my muscles clenching around his shaft and a yell escaping my open mouth. Adam pumped his warm seed inside me as he brought Kaylee to her second climax by penetrating her pussy with his fingers and furiously rubbing her clit with his tongue – giving her an almighty orgasm.

The Best Blow Job Ever

first-time Anne08 2018-09-03

"You know, Jake, you have grown up a lot in these five years I've known you," Her hand trailed slowly up and down my leg, and I felt like I was on fire. While we were making out, she was slowly grinding her hips against mine, pressing my erection hard between her legs, and I swear I could almost feel her wetness on the head of my cock. I was about to beg her not to stop, I was so incredibly horny and my cock was rock hard, but instead of getting up to leave, she slid down the length of my body and whipped my boxers off.

Bad Dolly

first-time bad_kitty22 2018-08-06

I'd lived at her house just as much as I had my own over the last six years, but I'd only seen her father a handful of times, as he worked out of state. 'Well, it just so happens that he's coming down for the weekend, so you can ask him then.' Amber's face lit up and she began jumping around the room like a dork. I opened the fridge door and pulled out a bowl of roast pork, when I suddenly felt like I wasn't alone. Then he moved, I wasn't sure if it was just my imagination for a second, but when I saw him come into the light of the moon, I knew it was real.

Empowered Ch. 01

first-time failedlove 2018-06-20

You know you are going to pass," April said, placing a hand on his shoulder. Nick wrinkled his eyes and nose, a quizzical look if ever she saw one but she flashed a smile and whispered a thank you and it was replaced with a huge grin and a set of perfect white teeth. Nick gave them a nervous smile, April held his hand in hers and they started walking towards the display board, although for most of it she was dragging him with her. As expected, April was the top of the class, putting Nick into second place, Steve just about managed to pass the class.

My Best Friends Mom

first-time snaillover69 2018-06-01

Cheryl said that feels nice Tom, and moved her thighs further apart. Tom just watched as Cheryl moved her mouth over to his cock and stuck out her tongue, licking a drop a pre-cum off the end. Tom's cock started cumming right away, and Cheryl did her best to drink his load. Cheryl spread her legs wide and said "Tom, I want you to lick my pussy". Cheryl started cumming, she shoved Tom's head down into her crotch and felt the waves of pleasure wash over her body. Cheryl had Tom lay on his back, she grabbed a jar of lube from her nightstand and smeared it all over his hard cock. Tom's Mom thought it was alright to stay over his friends house as long as Cheryl didn't mind.

My Best Friend Stacie Ch. 02

first-time sensuallystricken 2018-05-11

Your parents must have heard us!" Stacie said quickly crawling up the bed and underneath the covers. "Why'd you have to cum so loud, Stacie!?" I said quickly pulling the covers over us. "Holy shit that was so fucking close," Stacie said throwing the blanket off of her and getting out of bed. I think I'm over Karen now." I said looking at Stacie. "Hey...I wanted to make good on the promise I made last night." Stacie said getting out of her desk. I just want to feel it blast straight down my throat." She said stroking my dick fast in her soft hands. "Does my mouth feel good on your cock?" Stacie said.


first-time artimisschild 2018-05-03

Sylvie's eyes roamed up from Jace's large hands up to his beautiful profile. Sylvie's mind went back to Jace's drawing. Mutely Sylvie shook her head and set the mail down on the counter clutching the acceptance letter in her other hand. Sylvie laughed despite her self, she couldn't help it, Jace did that to her. Jace watched as Sylvie's golden braids disappeared into the new spring greenery. I'm sorry if I sounded like a dick earlier." Jace told her, a hand resting on her knee. However her tee shirt underneath came with it and she was left looking down into Jace's dark eyes clad in only her bra and lounge pants. Sylvie watched Jace's dark eyes half lost in his gentle caresses.

My Best Friend Stacie Ch. 04

first-time sensuallystricken 2018-03-28

"Wait until everyone is ready to eat, Stacie." Mrs. Scott says closing the refrigerator. I didn't know about any project." Mr. Scott says not looking away from his plate. "Just...studying the anatomy." Stacie says grabbing my cock through my pants under the table. it really hits the spot, Mrs. Scott." I say as Stacie lightly rubs my cock through my pants. Isn't he a kind young man, Stacie?" Mrs. Scott says smiling at the both of us. "You still haven't picked your fork up off the floor, dear." Mrs. Scott says to me. "Yeah and I do because it's all fucking dumb...but I still wanted you to ask me so I could say 'yeah, I guess I'll go with you to this lame dance.'" Stacie says shamefully.