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Candy Cane

first-time navyjamie 2018-12-04

It's the most sensuous thing, the way you blow the smoke from your hookah into my mouth, your lips so close to mine, yet not close enough to touch, or to kiss me passionately the way I’ve secretly wanted you to for all of these years. We both know you've wanted me for a long time now, everything from my short blonde hair, my big green eyes and soft pink lips; to my natural breasts, slender waist, and round ass; you crave all 5 feet and 3 inches of me, just as I crave all 6 feet and 2 inches of you.

Losing my my best friend's brother!

first-time SexMadGirlXXX 2018-11-22

Just then, Melissa came out of the shower and David and I shared an embarrassed glance as he left the room to order chinese for all three of us. He was gonna make me cum with his tongue as he pushed it deeper and deeper inside me, while his hand was stroking his 8inch, hard cock. This thought was pushed out of my mind as David continued to pound his hard cock into my pussy, making me scream with pleasure. We all turned to sleep, Melissa having no idea what had just happened, and David lowering his hand to rub my clit, giving me that last bit of pleasure before I drifted into sleep, unaware that this moment had made into a sexaddict.

My Best Friend's Brother

first-time LovelyInLeopard 2018-11-10

When I arrived at her house I wasn't expecting her parents to be home so I was wearing some shorts that showed off my perky ass and a low cut tank top. "I couldn't let my sister know about me liking you," he said as he begain kissing me some more. I couldn't take just kissing him anymore so I stopped, looked him in the eye and said, "Fuck me please Chris." "No, not yet," he said as he stopped and pulled his 10 inch dick out of his shorts and put it right at my opening. Give me more daddy please!" I said looking him right in the eye. "Chris, I'm gonna cum!" I said in the loudest voice I could muster.

Sleepover Surprise

first-time avidreaders 2018-11-06

Half way in the movie, a really funny part came up about a girl who made an orgasm face and moaned. Her brother came in the room right at the time. "Awkward Zac!" He left the room for some unknown reason and Katherine asked me to go make popcorn for her and me to share. The movie had just ended and Katherine and I started playing truth or dare. I could feel a climax rip through my body and muffled moans escaped. Zac removed his fingers and started licking my pussy clean; which intensified my orgasm. He lifted his mouth and stared at me before slowly inserting his cock inside me.

My First Time Pt. 02

first-time BondiLisa 2018-07-13

Eventually my brother told me to get lost because it was late, and as I got off David's lap I put my hand in his lap to keep my balance, right on his erection, and I had a good feel and squeezed. I was in a total daze, and now I knew for sure he was hard, I could feel his erection pressing against my wet pussy. I wasn't going to leave until he knew that I liked seeing him naked, hoping this would encourage him to come in while I was in the shower. That night, I couldn't wait until the usual time for my evening shower; I was too excited at the possibility of Rob seeing me naked.

Born Beautiful, Rachel's Story #17

first-time SusanJillParker 2018-06-23

"Depending on what they run into, they return home unexpectedly at different times every day," she said knowing full well that once they're working the fields, too far to waste their energy traveling back and forth, they only returned home for food. After what happened the night before, witnessing her mother stripped naked and forced down to her knees to service her brother, while Rachel watched before running to her room to masturbate, she was ready to lose her virginity, that is, so long as he was man enough to take it. She wondered if he was the same type of a man or because he was educated, if he was different from the way that her father and brother behaved towards her and her mother.

My Cousin, My First Time, and More

first-time ChiLisa 2018-06-22

My friends and I were talking about our "first time" over the weekend for some reason, and I always tell the story of my boyfriend and what it was like. I remember looking around the car, as my virginity was being taken, and thinking that this is not what it was supposed to be like at ALL. He always thinks it's odd to have beers with Paul at any family get together knowing that he is the guy who had sex with me first. What my husband does NOT what happened at a family wedding 3 years ago. The wedding was a lot of fun, and at one point Paul came over to talk to me. All of a sudden he said "do you want to see my new car?"...and gave me a look.

Isn't Technology Great?

first-time GenghisSwan 2018-01-26

One day in late June, the girls were tanning by Kim's pool when Kyle pushed open the sliding glass door holding the phone. Kyle gave her a confused look, then saw where Aislinn's eyes were and pulled a pillow onto his lap. Aislinn grabbed his hard cock through his boxers, and Kyle danced his fingers along the hem of her panties. Kyle pulled her off the carpet and bent her over the arm of the couch so that her ass was turned up towards him. His left hand still held her wrists, but he took his right and began to rub her ass cheek gently, feeling the smoothness as he slipped more and more of his cock into her.

The Sleepover

first-time EvelynEden 2018-01-16

I slowly pulled the covers off myself, looking over at my friends sleeping form. A hand snaked around and grabbed my mouth, pulling me against their hard body. We whispered in the dark as we drank and several times I had to cover my mouth in order to stop from bursting out laughing. I turned my head to see Sam behind me, a strange expression on his face. He looked me in the eyes, his warm breath reaching my cheek as his puffed hard. I gasped at the feeling of him entering my body, I closed my eyes hard as I tried to breath through the small spikes if pain. I started to gasp and Sam stopped, looking at me with concern.

A Red Letter Day

first-time jacqui_hills_uk 2018-01-08

As I reached the top, I could see my bother and his friend – I think he was called Andrew – in my room watching a video. I was kneeling between them and I quickly took each of their cocks in my hands and I said "want some help, guys?" I tasted the cum around his cock and slowly took him deeper into my mouth. In response, Andrew put his hands on my face, gently pulled me towards him and licked off his cum from my nose. I had a short denim skirt on and as Andrew continued to lick me, his hand started to undo the top buttons at the side of my skirt.

Summer Rain

first-time Unykorn 2018-01-04

A friend that, after realising that the attraction was mutual, had stopped coming home with my brother and had moved to another city then stayed away for 6 very long years. Dane knows precisely why I'm heading back to the house and his look lets me know that my avoidance won't work forever. But what I really want to know is why you bothered coming back after all this time, why now?" Dane straightened up and prowled towards me, pressing the stop button on the cd player as he went past it. Hoisting up the basket of washing I head back to the house and hear the rumble of the trucks coming back, they are early so they must have finished.

My First Time

first-time besitoscaramelos 2017-12-18

Before I could say anything, Marc was already mid sentence "Ashley was feeling light-headed so I told her to lay down until she felt better." He looked at me and his eyes glinted as he said my name. "I didn't know you were that selfish Ashley," Marc started "I thought you'd at least let me watch you play with yourself after I taught you what a body shot was." His face was right by my hips and my hands grabbed the bed sheets as his tongue started fucking me. He looked at me for the first time in a genuinely loving way and said "Ashley you have no idea how badly I've wanted to do this with you.

I want To Get Laid

first-time Ashson 2017-12-02

Andrew took a step closer, put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me back until I was lying on the bed. Andrew pushed me back to lying on the bed again, but this time the rotten sod pressed me back with his hands covering my breasts. Well, I guess I was sure, in that I'm pretty certain I was expecting and wanting his cock, but I just didn't know what it was going to do, other than come inside me. The playing with my breasts felt nice, but it faded into insignificance compared to feeling Andrew inside me. "And besides," said Andrew, smiling, "if you're in my bed, Cathy won't be offering you to Simon as a sacrificial lamb.

First Time

first-time dave_emtp 2017-11-30

Looking her in the eye I figured the hell with it, I would tell her the truth and said, "Honestly, Jenny, it makes me horny as hell. Jenny leaned over and put the palm of her hand on my cheek, "that has to be rough to deal with every time we go out." Her hand felt like flame on my cheek, I nuzzled into it, enjoying her touch. Her hips began pumping into her hand and I noticed her eyes were still glued to my cock. Jenny then leaned over and took me into her mouth after licking my hand, she wanted all of it. Jenny had enough muscle control to make it feel like she was milking my cock as she moved.

Getting Ditched

first-time ShatteredPortrait 2017-11-30

I spread my legs just a little bit, and ventured my hand down, sliding my fingertips along my thigh moving closer and closer to my soaking pussy. My hand pushed back the sleeping bag just a little so I could touch myself again, the soft pressure of my fingertips against my clit through my soaking panties made me moan a little louder. I felt the sleeping bag get pushed a little farther down my legs and I looked over at him nervously. I slid my hand down pushing my fingers into my cunt fucking myself as he came in my mouth. I dug my fingertips into his shoulders and moaned "I'm cumming." He pounded into me harder and faster and I felt my cunt clenching his cock.

A Teenage Rake Ch. 04

first-time Angel_n_Whore 2017-11-12

These hesitations slowly began to fade away the more time I spent around Mal. His tight jeans, thick workboots, and that oh so delectable build that comes with years of working in construction just drained away my resolve to do nothing but fantasize about the man my daddy called a friend. Mike and I often find ourselves bored around the house, which is why most days saw my brother spending time down at the rec center trying to get in some girl's pants, or hunting. I spent a lot of time at the mall with my girlfriends shopping at all the right places that liked to sell clothes to little girls like me that guaranteed every dirty old man within 5 miles would want a taste.


first-time Ashson 2017-11-03

"I like it fine enough," she said, still sounding completely casual, "but I don't think Paw would." "Well, idiot, perhaps you can tell me why your hand was on Cindi-Lou's leg. "Paw and Ben were a bit rough on Sally-Ann at the start. She took one look at me and said in a very judicious voice, "I think Ben has a bigger one. If you're scared of possibly getting hurt a little you may want to change your mind." Cindi-Lou had her head lifted and was watching avidly as I pressed more firmly against her. Cindi-Lou had deliberately swallowed a scream, I could tell, determined to show herself superior to Sally-Ann who had kicked and squealed.