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Lost Keys

first-time Jasonrhodes 2018-12-04

I want you to imagine slowly pushing your cock between my pussy lips and feel my wet, hot, slippery lips slide all the way down to your balls.” Before I could tighten the string again Lara sat down against my belly button and purposefully slid her butt cheeks down my stomach onto my cock which was now almost fully hard. “How does this feel?” She placed her hands over mine and then started to slowly grind her hips backwards and forwards against my cock. I pulled Lara hard into my lap and thrust my cock as deep as I could into Lara’s hot tunnel. I can feel your cock twitching inside me.” Lara started guiding my hand back to her pussy.

Once Upon A Summer: Part 1 of 2

first-time Stormdog 2018-12-04

For some unknown reason, perhaps simply because it seemed like the right thing to do, I leaned forward and bent down to take one of her hard nipples into my mouth, suckling at it eagerly; she moaned and tangled her fingers in my hair, holding my lips to her breast. It’s just you and me, and I very much want to see your cock.” She stared into my eyes for a moment, a moment during which I marveled at their clear, beautiful sea-green color and was extremely aware of her closeness and her bare breasts and erect nipples, aware of the soft, sweaty, feminine scent of her and the heat radiating off her body, and then her hand dropped from my lips to my waist, where she tugged at the button on my shorts.

Fixing My Roof

first-time pigluva 2018-12-04

He said he had started to just go ahead and climb up on the roof and get started working but he stopped and watched me for a few minutes and by then his cock was so hard and he started rubbing it and just knew he had to at least try and touch me. He finally sucked my little cock into his mouth and slowly started running his tongue over it. My husband leaned down and started sucking on Steve’s cock, taking him all the way in his mouth and throat. Finally, I could hold it no longer and my pussy and ass started clenching both of their cocks and squeezing out the last of their cum.

Something Strange In Iowa, Part Three

first-time BrassRing 2018-12-04

As her hands moved out and down his arms, she came closer, looking deep into his eyes, and kissed the center of his chest. Ellie knelt there and looked at his body, from his feet up to his muscular thighs, his penis and tight scrotum underneath, up to his abdomen, chest and arms and finally his eyes. "Cain," she said breathlessly, "This is so sexy." She devoured him again, moving all the way down his cock to where her hands both held the base. Ellie's whole body was vibrating and as Cain began shooting into her, she sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck, forcing a violent kiss and screaming into his mouth.

Summer of Regrets

first-time Juliewife 2018-12-01

Ann felt his penis rub her clitoris and didn't try to stop Tom as he again massaged her breast through her dress. As she felt Tom's hard penis rub her clitoris, Ann couldn't help but wonder what it looked like and how it compared to Don's. Saturday morning Ann was nervous as she prepared for her date with Tom. She felt guilt about enjoying his attention, but didn't want to stop the good feelings she had from her time with him. As the movie progressed, Tom slipped his hand inside the top of Ann's dress and she enjoyed how it felt and how it made her feel all over.

The first time with Helen

first-time styxx 2018-11-30

I guess Helen was at the point in her life when she looked critically at herself and realised that time had passed her by and if she didn’t do something quickly, she would be too old to find that spark of excitement she read about in magazines. Helen went to the B&B with her boss, which complicated things a little and meant some frantic text messages asking me to wait and then having to change plans so that we arranged to meet at Victoria Station. I was hoping that, by doing things a little more slowly, she would have time to savour the delicious feelings her body could provide.

Erin and her boss

first-time XTrapnel 2018-11-29

Brian suspected Erin fancied Jack, and if he was honest with himself the thought turned him on somewhat. As he snuggled up to his girlfriend in bed that night his cock swelled as he imagined her being fucked by her boss. Erin blushed as her boss, temporarily free from the concerns of work and family, enjoyed the company of his attractive young colleague. Jack gasped as Erin stood before him, her suspender belt framing the soft golden curls of her pussy hair and her large breasts pushed upwards by her bra. Erin, with a silent prayer of thanks that her boss was so well endowed, sunk to her knees and began to fellate him but, fearing the excitement would get the better of him, he took her shoulders and gently pulled her up. 

Library Virgin Part 1

first-time secret_sexaddict 2018-11-28

"You look beautiful in the warm light," said a deep voice from the shadows. Whilst in the staff room Brad couldn't stop thinking about this tiny little woman, "Her eyes are so big I could drown in them, but so timid and scared.” he thought. She was in her favorite place with an open fire, listening to the sound of rain and wearing only her bra and panties. It was a situation that would normally have her running into the storm just to get away, yet she felt odd. He removed her bra taking in the sight site of her perky, sweet breasts and erect nipples. He straddled her, and then slowly kissed her soft skin, collar bone, and stomach. She closed her eyes as he removed her panties. He parted her legs and then softly kissed each of her thighs, moving closer and closer to her soaked, aching pussy.

A Good Workout

first-time accepting0 2018-11-25

I don’t know what turned me on more about her get-up; the way the white fabric seemed to accentuate the smooth dark chocolate complexion of her skin or seeing how the crotch of her shorts had slipped between the lips of her cunt. I never imagined that a black woman’s pussy tasted so good,” I said, licking the foamy smears of sticky, white girl cum from my lips. Trisha laughed and said she didn’t know as she had never tasted the flavor of another woman’s pussy. When I gazed between her legs, seeing her hairy crotch covered with cum as thick white wads of my seed dripped from the pouting lips of her hot black cunt, my cock immediately grew hard again.

The Camping Trip -2

first-time Lesbianslutgirl621 2018-11-24

"Well good morning sleepy head!" she said to me as she teasingly put her small tits right at my eye level.  Mia let out a few moans as I felt her hands discover my rock hard dick. Your turning me on so fast!" Mia said while kissing my neck and anything else in sight.  "You owe me." I said confidently as I gave her one single kiss, zipped up my pants, and walked away.  Ashley and I held hands the whole way and talked with Matt (and Mia a little). I was getting turned on and I guess Ashley felt it because she started grinding her crotch onto mine through our clothes. You were moaning for more and grinding like crazy." I said starting to walk closer to her.

Scandalous Behaviors - A Business Trip (Part 2 of 4)

first-time xhardx13 2018-11-22

Before leaving for the restaurant later in the morning, Stan said, "Look, I didn't tell you before, but I brought along a bottle of Lust Vodka. I said, "Simone, I want you to turn on your hands and knees. Simone's pussy was swollen and her fuck hole was wet and slippery, but she was so very tight it took some patience to get my cock head in. "You know Alex, that tiny slit on your penis looks like an eye. The first thing she said was, "Let's fuck." It was so unlike the Simone with whom I sat on the plane flying to Nevada. Simone said she wanted to know how it felt to have morning sex.

The seduction of Emily

first-time mter100 2018-11-20

A few seconds later Mr. Davis began to caress the rest of Emily's body with his hands. A few minutes later Emily’s body began to tremble as she felt Mr. Davis kiss her on the back of the neck. Mr. Davis quickly ripped open his pants and dropped them to the floor as he pushed his cock into Emily’s mouth. Emily did her best as she held tightly onto the book shelf as she felt Mr. Davis’s cock penetrating deep into her pussy. A few minutes later Emily cried out loudly as she started to cum all over Mr. Davis’s cock. Emily grabbed each of her tits and pushed them tightly together as Mr. Davis pointed his hard cock right them.

Opening Laurie

first-time Luckymann 2018-11-19

After dinner, Terri left Laurie and I to play chess while she took a shower. As she lay on her left side with her head in my lap, Laurie began rubbing the inside of my right leg. To make sure Laurie knew what she had started, I reached down, grabbed a hand full of jeans-covered ass and squeezed firmly. Laurie, in the mean time, had rolled onto her right side and started rubbing my dick through my pants. I continued slowly stroking her pussy, and she began firmly squeezing her own tits with both hands. As I came deep inside her newly opened pussy, Laurie arched her back and used her legs to pull me deeper into her freshly devirginated hole.

My Belated One Night Stand

first-time SexyVixen27 2018-11-19

sorry if I disturbed your sleep,'' I put a shy smiley face at the end of the message, then pressed send. No you didn't wake me it's going to be hard getting to sleep with that image in my head!'' He replies. Josh sent me an image, I opened it up and it was a picture of his cock, looked huge, thick too. He moved his hand down into the waist band of my leggings and gave me a real squeeze and grabbed my hand with his other hand, placing it on his rock hard cock which was bulging against his jeans. He came so deep, moaning quietly, gritting his teeth, holding his cock in place as he calmed down.

The camping trip

first-time Lesbianslutgirl621 2018-11-18

We made a promise in ninth grade that we were going to wait until graduation night before we had sex for the first time.  Were going to be at your house in an hour!" Ashley said all excitedly.  I went into Ashley's tent to kiss her goodnight. I removed my boxers and so badly wanted to put my cock 6 and a half inch in her virgin pussy but I decided to start by fingering her. I felt her about to cum but before she did, I stopped finger fucking her and though I felt her disappointment, she started taking over and starting stroking my cock faster and faster.  Oh my fucking god!!" Mia said freaking out.  Things like this happen." Mia said while stroking my cock. 

My First Time As A Boss

first-time Pubtales 2018-11-16

I smiled right back at her and pulled her close to me, looking deep into her eyes and could she how much she wanted me. Her lips were so soft as she returned the kiss and my hand moved down to her ass, she let out a little moan as I cupped her ass cheek and gave a little squeeze. This time, before we could start kissing again she explained to me that she found me really attractive and wanted me as her relationship with her boyfriend wasn't all that good. It didn't last forever, she gave me a lift home and, although we kissed when we got there, she explained that she didn't know what she wanted to do.

The Pool part 1

first-time taylorsam 2018-11-15

At the end of the night Scott’s dad was urging Scott to walk me home; I knew he wanted to try to get a kiss or more. “Don’t you like feeling our bodies rubbing against each other?” I asked Scott kissing him. Looking right at Mrs. Fredrick, “Tell me how good your cock feels in my pussy, did you like licking my pussy before you put you dick in me again.” “Mr. Fredrick I didn’t fuck Scott for you to pay me,” I said handing him back the envelope. “Mr. Fredrick I have to go now but we can talk later about you and your cock getting inside my pussy again.” I walked off toward my house putting the envelope in my back pocket of my jean shorts.

The Girlfriend Experience

first-time Jasonrhodes 2018-11-13

It’s nice to know that you want to look and that I’m turning you on,” she said, “but It’s annoying if I’m having a conversation with somebody, and they spend all of the time staring at my tits.” I actually felt your cum shooting into me.” I held her ass as she rode up and down my length again, “Your cock also feels nicer, there is more sensation without the condom.” She rose up until only my cock head was in her pussy and then slid all the way back down, “I’m loving how full your long cock is making me feel.” She stopped riding me and held my cock deep in her pussy.

Truth is Better than Fiction - Part II

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-13

As much as I liked Riley, I couldn’t get Samantha out of my head, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got an unexpected call from Riley’s cell a couple of days later and heard Samantha’s voice. “I had one, but all he wanted to do know,” Samantha replied, taking a sip from her beer. I slipped over to the side of the pool and stretched out my arms on the edge of the pool deck, facing Samantha, who stood chest deep in the pool water about arm’s reach from me. Samantha rolled on to her side and slipped a leg over mine, her head and hand resting on my chest.

Privates - Stand Two!

first-time Simon66 2018-11-10

My arms were under Pam’s legs with my hands holding the tops of her legs where they were bent up and I pulled her onto me, that half inch increasing on thrusts and withdrawal as I started to pump my cock into her delightfully warm, loose cunt. I felt intense sensations building at the base of my cock for the second time in the last half hour or so and I fucked her, as she’d demanded, my strokes becoming shorter and sharper as I released my load, the contractions in my cock forcing my fluids deep into Pam, my motions slowing to a stop, my breath rasping from me as I noticed Pam’s did her.

A Dream

first-time xfallingxangelx 2018-11-08

I know we’re not supposed to act any differently, so that no one can find out what’s going on between us and tell him, but I’m having a hard time keeping my mind off the thought of your tongue on my clit while my thighs squeeze tighter against your head. As I am stepping into the truck your hand brushes against my pussy and shivers run up my spine, the twinge is back and I can feel myself getting wet again. You carry me into the bedroom where you lay me down, kiss up my leg from my ankle to my waiting center; your lips hovering over mine, your tongue slowly probing my folds as your hands circle around to cup my ass and pull my hips to you.

My First Time

first-time AbigailThornton 2018-11-08

The words made my body stiffen… and inside, I felt that wet slick of sexual excitement whenever Mr Cooper spoke to me in an adult way. Suddenly, I was so embarrassed; as though a switch had flicked inside me. My legs slammed shut around Mr Cooper’s hand as I tried to hide myself from him. I felt so stupid and inexperienced – I bet that every other woman in the world knew to wipe herself to protect the sheets. All was well with the world when Mr Cooper licked me like that and I had to concentrate on not coming, just so that I could enjoy the emotional connection of having my pussy loved for a few moments.

Manmoirs: Remember The First Time

first-time Manmoirs 2018-11-07

I didn't know it at the time but I felt comfortable playing along since I knew nothing was going to happen (rookie logic). One day she decided since her parents were out at a Banquet one night, that we'd all come over to work on some King Lear assignment. "Dean you know I think you're hot, right?" She opened the condom and placed it on my extremely hard cock. She started twitching and began saying the magic words, "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!!" She let out a scream and I couldn't hold it any longer, letting out a serious load of cum that surprised her. She started working my cock so with her mouth, hand and tongue.

Single and Expecting

first-time KrystalM 2018-11-05

During most of this time my friend's father showed me a lot of attention. I told my friend and her mother that I would bring them something back if they didn't want to leave the beach to which they said okay. I went back to the cottage and was in the kitchen gathering things to take back when her father came up behind me and kissed me on the neck. I ask him what that was about and he told me he had always thought I was beautiful and he kissed me on the neck again at the same time putting his arms around me. I got the things I had gone back for and returned to the beach.