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Best Night of My Life Part 4

first-time JDawg21 2018-12-04

They wasted no time, Ashley engaging her in a full mouth kiss and then starting a serious make out session while Lauren was basically straddling Sara while kissing and sucking on her breasts and nipples. Ashley leaned down to kiss Sara softly on each breast, and we all knew this was her first time doing anything like this with another girl. I stood up and looked down at Ashley, laying there on the bed, completely nude and covered in sweat and her own juices, breathing heavily and her eyes closed in complete contentment. Previously, Sara had been the loudest of the girls but this time was different, as she reached her climax in complete silence, her entire body shuddering but no sounds came from her lips.

Best Night of My Life Part 3

first-time JDawg21 2018-12-01

I caressed and soaped her firm tits, paying special attention to her sensitive nipples which earned me a smile from Ashley as she enjoyed the arousal but kept watching the scene between Lauren and Sara as the girls switched positions. I returned to the hall bathroom, washed my face to keep my complexion clean, and then brushed my teeth really well (wouldn’t be nice to the girls to kiss them with my breath smelling like Chinese food!). Neatly styled hair, smooth face, he looks very sexy in those silk boxers, and I believe I detected a hint of minty freshness on his breath when I kissed him just a moment ago.” said Lauren.

Best Night of My Life Part 2

first-time JDawg21 2018-11-21

I took a deep breath and exited the pool as Sara smiled at me and walked back in, giving a little wiggle in her step as we passed each other and I took a closer look at the first fully bare female ass I had ever seen. We continued to splash around and play wrestle, which I certainly enjoyed since I had 3 topless cheerleaders clinging all over me and after a while the girls were pretty much openly just grabbing and patting my bare butt and said they liked a guy with nice, firm buttocks. I had planned to reach around and grab her ass as I had with the other girls but I saw that Sara and even Lauren were each massaging Ashley from behind.

Best Night of My Life Part 1

first-time JDawg21 2018-11-02

We ordered some Chinese, and while waiting for the delivery Sara looked in my direction and said “You know, Jeff, I’ve always wondered why you never told any of the guys about that incident in the closet.” Lauren and Ashley looked over at me expectantly as well, showing no surprise. I was surprised that they were talking so openly about this stuff with a guy from their school right there in the room with them, but it was a rare peek into the thought process of The Teenage Girl so I listened intently while taking mental notes.


first-time Slickman 2018-07-17

Note from Slick: Things were going so great for Ryan and Sarah until a new boy from California moves into their Illinois town. Sarah smacked him easily on his arm and gave him a quick kiss before opening the door and walking into her home room. Sarah and Matti watched David moving outside. Sarah saw one of the other cheerleaders looking their way and quickly pulled her fingers back as if they were touching hot flames. As he drove away Sarah turned and started walking towards Ryan's beat up black Honda Civic. "Amber lives down this way," Matti said making the first right turn. Matti dropped Sarah off at her home and was surprised to see Ryan's car in the driveway.

Agatha Allbut & the Bimbo Squad Ch. 01

first-time Ldy_Sea 2018-01-26

The only two people who had even tried to befriend the shy girl, were sisters who were new to the school, and decided they wanted to avoid the heat Agatha was getting and avoided her like the plague. Lars laughed, "That does fit them," Then his voice dropped to a whisper and he said, "I want you to know you are welcome at any party I have, until you leave for college. The bimbo squad is off the guest list, PERMANENTLY!" Lars let her arm go, and before she could move he leaned close to her ear and whispered delicately "You're one hell of a kisser, and you do have a great allbutt." He quickly turned and walked away whistling.

Losing Virginity To Each Other

first-time HoneyIShrunkTheKids 2017-12-11

As the cheer team went onto the court, Ben couldn't help but stare at Megan and Jamie. Later on that day Ben received a call from Jamie asking if she could come over for a study date. Jumping into the bed he pulled the covers down embraced Megan in a long, passionate kiss before she bent down and began stroking his cock. Megan was thinking the same thing or something along the same line as she began to scream, "OHH GOD YES...I'M CUMMING...DON'T STOP....YES...YES...YES!!!!!!...." Ben collapsed into her breasts as he recovered from such a terrific climax. "Do you think you can still satisfy Jamie too?" Megan asked while glancing down at the cock still buried in her.

Naughty Cheerleader Goddess

first-time iggyspear 2017-11-11

Her low cut cheerleading top exposed an almost criminal amount of cleavage, and Alan loved those moments when her skirt would flip up during routines so he could catch a glimpse of her perfectly formed ass covered by nothing but tight red panties. Sitting in the locker room, it was awfully difficult for Alan to focus on the game at hand while his coach gave a speech to fire up the team. Alan had missed their halftime performance, but he was hoping the cheerleaders routine would be like the one earlier when he'd caught a glimpse of Shauna's pussy. With one hand Shauna massaged Alan's balls, and with the other she reached under his legs to grab his ass.