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Nerdy Girl Spying on Me

first-time Tanksdad 2018-12-04

“I have always gone to all girl schools, even college,” she said again looking at my still half hard cock. “Why on Earth are you wearing that heavy sweater in May?” I asked. “They are jealous, forget them,” I said my eyes feasting on her creamy huge tits. I grabbed her hand and yanked her skirt down her shapely ass and legs. I kept rocking until Ruth was breathing quicker and bouncing in my lap. I grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted and dropped her onto my dick as we continued rocking. She was just getting her huge old fashioned bra over her gorgeous breasts when my wife entered the bathroom.

Popping Cherries

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-11-29

"Come here, we'll start with your mouth and take care of everything else this afternoon." Smiling encouragingly, he could feel his dick pulse as she knelt in front of him, hesitant, "Hold it in your hands," he used his own to guide her placement, "Now lick the head." Tentatively, her pink tongue came out and gave it a soft, exploratory lick, with that first touch she became a little more confident and licked the pink crown again. Looking down at the pixiesh brunette in front of him, he stroked her curls and smiled tenderly, "Clarissa, you are going to be one of my best students yet." Pleased and proud, she let his dick fall from her mouth as he leaned down and kissed her lips gently, "Lunch is almost over, get to your next class and meet me back here at the end of the day."

Losing My Religion and My Virginity

first-time TheDedicatedOnanist 2018-11-27

I turn to my right and this brunette chick says “Hi.” At one point she tells me that I look like her cousin and her friend agrees. Just as she begins to walk off, she turns back to me and says, “Do you want to come back with us?” and I beat them to their car. We spend what seems a long time fucking and sucking in many and varied positions and eventually Samantha takes a look at her clock. She sighs and says, “I am exhausted, I need some sleep and I have to go water skiing with my brother in three hours!”

Penetrated Her Hymen For First Time

first-time bava12 2018-11-26

She gently pressed my thighs and got her hand near my dick and she told “seems like some1 has grown big”. She grabbed my dick harder and said ” u are gonna b my first inside my pussy but u r not the first in my hand ” that got me even stiffer. And I pulled her over door of the bathroom and started licking her neck and grabbed her ass and pressed my hand in her ass crack. She took my one hand and placed it on her boob and started pressing her melon it was getting denser as her nipple was getting hard. Licking her navel she was going crazy pleading to fuck her I then went down and smooched her pussy with her panty.

My Younger s*s Was Still A Virgin

first-time bava12 2018-11-25

I then put my fingers inside her panty side elastic and rubbed her pussy with my thumb above her pussy and she gave a slight moan which confirmed that she’s awake and my little s****r which was never into sex was ready to make love and surrender to her elder bhaiya. It was no looking back and I kissed her lips more passionately and gave little bite on her lips, she started responding and we strengthen our b*****r s****r bond by opening our mouth playing with each other tongues and I put my hand inside her panty rubbed her clitoris with my thumb and she crossed her legs.

Gina Continues Ch. 06

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-11-25

Turning to Lauren she smiled down at the struggling captive, "Well look honey, I'm sure you remember Jason? Worse than anything else was that her pussy was so sensitive from the orgasm that Gina had given her, that even Jason's inexperienced licking was starting to turn her on again. Turning back to Lauren, Jason started running his hands all over her body, touching her breasts and her ass, pulling on her nipples so that it almost hurt rather than feeling pleasurable. His eyes bulged when the mushroom of his dick found its way into her body, it was so tight and hot and wet, the absolute best feeling he'd ever had. Lauren was frantic, her pussy was on fire with need but Jason wasn't hitting any of the right spots...

Horsing Around For Halloween

first-time tcg 2018-11-22

that Sandy would just nod the head of the horse "yes" "Good thing I'm inside a horse suit" horse started asking questions again and Sandy had to right hand out of the horses head, snaked it around pretty good job, and then went right on to the head of panties aside and pushed the head of my dick right up next thing I knew the head of my dick slipped right Sandy's head came up, like she was listening to she started nodding the horse's head again, like she got out of the suit Sandy just stood there, clothed pulled back and started pounding her like I was trying her pussy lips pulled apart a little bit, like they

My first Pussy-sort of...

first-time mahuluvr 2018-11-20

I really didn’t know what to do with them, but eventually I pushed them together to where they were almost touching and started sucking them at the same time. Well, right now they were somewhere between the pain and agony of trying to get my dick into a hot, wet, waiting pussy and me not knowing how to put it in there. She started really going fast and the bottom of my teeth were biting into the bottom of my tongue but I just let her do her thing as she had a death grip on my head and my face was not going anywhere.

Rescuing My Friend From Sadness

first-time bava12 2018-11-19

I looked at her for some more time before she noticed the silence and got startled when she could see my spectacled eyes boring into hers. But I remained silent.The pause continued for some more time when she gave up.”Fine” she said.”Roy rejected me”. She then stopped and whispered ” Don’t you also dare to reject me.” and continued kissing me.Our tongue wrestled, Saliva filled our mouths. I was also digging into her pussy with the fingers of my other hand and my tongue all this time. I pulled out my wet dick from her whore pussy and and we both dropped exhausted on the bed. After that day we got chance to fuck a few times in her house(with condom and it was too risky in my home).

Innocence Lost PART ONE

first-time youngasiansensation 2018-11-17

It was just a week before Highschool and I had been talking to a guy I had a crush with in Middle School on IM. He went out with numerous girls in Middle School, and I was just the type who could only dream of having a boyfriend. I then started to talk to this guy I also had a crush on in Middle School. Later that day, I went home and told my boyfriend. Al went inside my closet and stayed there while me and Mary are dancing. Al asked Mary to stay outside the room for a minute because we needed to talk. He wasn't feeling up my ass!!  Feeling up the wetness of pussy, he stopped kissing me.

Sexiest Lady On The Earth

first-time bava12 2018-11-17

we came to the house and she went to her room and I came to my room and in my mind I got happiness and my dick started at its peak thinking that she will end up in asking me the help and atlast having sex with her. I took the black transaparent(Totally Transparent) sarees..which costs around 50k and I told the tailor to stitch the blouse back less with very low cut such that her 70% of her boobs should come out..and I took the petticoat and told the tailor to stitch such a way that it should start six inches below navel and I took the most sexiest bra for her breasts..

Jessie's Even Wilder Ride

first-time Tanksdad 2018-11-11

I moved behind Jessie and pulled the lace between her perfect ass cheeks cinching the chrome ball into her honey hole just below her clit. Jessie slipped her fingers into her waist band and tugged the bow releasing the ball letting it slip away from her sensitive clit. Jessie shoved her friend back onto her bed and crawled between her friend’s long thin legs kissing her way up to Rachel’s cum filled love tunnel. After the girls caught their breath and had several more orgasms, Jessie told Rachel that I had fabricated the belt and I could make her one too if she would like me too. Jessie slid down and started sucking Rachel’s clit softly as she pumped the chrome dick into her friend.

Tales of Preston Ch. 01

first-time kimberlykitten 2018-11-11

Preston stopped looking at the menu and ogled at the jiggling pair of her huge spherical-shaped tits that jutted from the center of her chest beneath her brown McDonald's thin t-shirt taper into her black jeans. His cock was a full erection and Preston couldn't help but to reach inside his jeans and stroke it while he watched the female employee walk back towards his way, right in front of his pickup truck, and back into the building with her huge tits bouncing to their own rhythm. Johanna smiled and kept watch below as she fondled her clammy hand over every rock-hard inch of Preston's dick. Oh fuck!" moaned Preston, with his big balls arching and his hard dick drowning in her flowing pussy juices.

Wanna Bet?

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-11-10

She should probably stop him, the only time that he'd ever gotten to play with her tits was when she'd lost a different bet, but it just felt so good... Trying to ignore the sensations that made her want to concentrate on her own needs, Kerry leaned forward and flicked her tongue against the head of his dick. "Feel free to play with yourself," he breathed as he watched her pink tongue start to lick along the sides of his dick. Kerry shot him a look, no way was she going to give him the pleasure of seeing her pussy AND her play with herself while he was already getting head from her.

Mommy Teaching Me To Fuck Her

first-time bava12 2018-11-08

And I was so damn happy and horny that I grabbed her boobs in my hands it was so soft and a glory effect she kissed me deep while I was pinching her nipples and feeling her ass with another hand then she started stroking my dick and then took it in her mouth saying oh my god yours is good fucking good Then I went back and forth slow it was great having my dick in her warm pussy I started stroking hard and suddenly I saw that my friend was in front of us; looking at us and mom was like oh my fucking god.

Beautiful Firm Boobs Of Married Colleague

first-time bava12 2018-11-06

As planned we reached Chennai and she told since it became early in the morning and just few hours for shift asked me to stay back at her house itself. Then she pushed me near her and gave a kiss one more time on my lips and out of my control my both hands grabbed her boobs and started squeezing. One fine day we traveled back early in the morning to Chennai and reached her house, we started kissing and squeezing. From that time whenever we kiss, squeeze boobs she automatically grab my dick and play. That was there in my mind for a while and the next day while we were doing smooches, she was holding my dick on hand slowly I removed my pant zip and pushed her had inside.

Blackmailing Leads To Horny Sex

first-time bava12 2018-11-04

He started fucking auntys pussy from behind through doggy style and she was moaning in pleasure. Then i entered the kitchen and i saw aunty was still in the same position holding the sink and she was fingering her pussy and her eyes was closed. I was m*****ing her body like a wild a****l i sucked both her boobs one by one and then i slowly started licking her stomach coming down. Then i stretched her legs and started licking her milky white thighs and biting her thighs slowly moving towards pussy. I started fucking her hard moving my dick in and out. I inserted my dick in her pussy from behind and again i started fucking her moving my dick in and out.

Hotel sissy slur blowbang

first-time hornyTVluvr 2018-11-04

In the 'showoffs with webcam room' ill call him tom as im not sure he and his friends would want me using real names on the web. He was totally into the kinda stuff that gets me off (sissy humiliation and cum eating) so eventually i cammed for him he watched me dress up girly, toy my ass and finally blow my sissy load into my cum cup before guzzling it down like a crazed slut. "Fucking hell tom...the fuckin slut is eating your asshole" he said Tom....who had been wanking the whole time i was eating his ass...suddenly spat "fuck im cumming" Harry was sat next to him at the top of the bed grinning ear to ear, tom said 'jesus baby....i think im in love with you"

The Camera Incident

first-time badpussy 2018-11-01

Moving the opening slit to one side he pulled his semi erect dick out and began stroking it looking at his beutiful friend on cam. He looked up at her realising how badly he wanted her and how badly she made him wanna cum slowly he moved so that his 7inch dick was in full view moaning as he stroked his cock over and over. She couldnt control herself anymore and let her slim manicure hands slide into her thing pussy lips as she moved them back and forth aroused by her friends massive dick and how good her pussy felt against her fingers. A few houses down Stu lay in bed thinking of Graces perfectly shaven pussy her fingers slipping in and out as he stroked his dick wanting so badly for hands to be stroking it.

Tori's Secret

first-time ronniemcdonald 2018-10-31

  One rather mild day this past summer, I was changing the filter in my jacuzzi tub on the patio and Tori was playing ball with her dachshund, Frankie (his AKA name is “Frankfurter”).   By this time, my rock hard cock had found its way out through the pee slot in the boxers so that when Tori sat on my lap, my dick nestled itself snugly in the crack of her ass.   Tori slowly moved a hand down into the water and began to caress the head of my dick.   Tori kissed me one last time and squeezed my cock as she got out of the tub to dry off and get dressed.

Big Brother No More

first-time wombat76 2018-10-05

"No I don't want the hassle." She replied. You'll pay for this Stuart, I'll see to it that you do." He screamed at me through his hand that was trying to stem the flow of blood from his nose. If you didn't try to protect me, you wouldn't be here now." She said in between sobs. Tears welled up in my swollen eyes before I quickly nodded off to sleep. "Don't forget me." She whispered in my ear before standing up straight. Then she vanished around a corner. "Yeah, really." I replied back. We both broke out in laughter; the tension between us had vanished. What about Alice?" I said, shocked at what I knew she was trying to do.

Morgan's Mistakes Ch. 02

first-time TodtHill 2018-10-04

As Morgan wipes her tears away she notices Layne putting his hand down the front of his pants and rubbing his penis. She choked on his finally erect cock as she felt Chris' familiar dick slide with ease into her wet pussy. Morgan projects a high picked gasp as she feels a half erect, 11-inch black cock be smacked on her stomach. Even soaking wet, Morgan's pussy feels like it is being torn apart trying to take even a few inches of the man. "Phil come try her mouth, she could use a little stretching!" He guffawed and pulled on Morgan's hair. Just as she thought the feeling couldn't grow anymore inside of her, she was lifted up, quickly removing Chris' cock from deep in her asshole.

My Uncle's Cock

first-time ndamood4sum 2018-10-04

My dick itself is a decent size, but I loved watching videos of guys with huge cocks and tiny girls sucking them or taking them up the ass. "Hey, Joey, I thought you guys went out to dinner" I said nervously, hoping maybe he didn't notice. "Hell, I don't know how I got anything done when I was your age" he said "the amount of time I spent alone in my room with some dirty magazine or comic book." and he started laughing and I laughed back. Laughing nervously "It's okay; I never thought I would see one like this." Then without thinking I said "You have a very nice dick." and immediately thought that was a little too forward and revealing.

Rida Having sex with office Prince Rohit

first-time 2018-10-04

After some 30 mins she came out of her room,wearing a body fitted t-shirt and shorts,she sat near me,looking at me she said "u workout every day" I said "yes" she replied "i can see it",she sat very close to me,i hold her waist and asked her "so what is the plan now" she replied "u tell me what u want to have in lunch and dinner,anything special u want" I said " I already got special, i asked "u have condom" she replied "just put it" I inserted my dick in one go inside her,she screamed loudly "aaahhhhhh", I bent over to her kissed her and said "liked it" she replied "hmmmm",i slowly started fucking her with a little pace,while my mouth was kissing her body.after fucking for a while, I made her stand on her leg and made her bent forward and fucked from behind,