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Summer Of Firsts- Chapter 1

first-time HeatherHeathen 2018-11-08

I finally got annoyed and told her she didn’t know shit about sex and to quit acting like she was the damn expert, and if I wanted sex advice I would ask my sister or watch one of my brother’s porno movies. I reached up with the arm that was pressed into the bed and placed my hand on her breast outside of her camisole and massaged making small circles. “I am so fucking wet right now,” I said, as I slid my hand down, my fingers dipping into the juices gushing from my pussy lips. My other breast cupped in her hand being massaged till she pressed her fingers together squeezing the nipple, causing me to moan.

Summer Of Firsts - Chapter 7

first-time HeatherHeathen 2018-11-03

It was a small pink vibrator that had two attachments that slid over it like a sleeve, one was dark purple and shaped like a dick, the other was yellow and had a long 5 inch tip on it that looked like a thick antennae. I pushed the full length of the attachment inside me till I could feel the tip of the vibrator underneath press against my opening. As I pulled the toy three quarters of the way out the sensation diminished slightly, my breathing relaxed bit and my leg muscles relaxed. Once again my legs began to twitch my pores opened from the heat my body was now generating, I felt slightly itchy as some sweat began to break on the surface of my skin.

Summer Of Firsts - Chapter 8

first-time HeatherHeathen 2018-10-31

As I watched the cock slide all the way into her ass, I glanced over at the thin yellow antennae attachment and the KY jelly. I pressed the tip into me until I could feel it wedge me open it started to hurt a bit the further the cock shaped head spread me open. I took in a deep breath and pushed the entire rubber cock inside me, letting all the air out of my lungs. I alternated fucking each of my holes, pushing the cock into my pussy while pulling the antennae out my ass and vice versa. I removed the vibrator from my pussy, the feeling of pain and relief occurred in rapid succession as the tip slid from my body with a wet sound.

Jenny Meets Sam

first-time Twilightlove 2018-10-05

Encouraged by Sam's winning smile and focussed attention Jenny began to talk freely about herself, her excited anticipation of her approaching university experience, about chess and her thoughts on her future career. Sam gave both breasts some attention, while Jenny looked even more dreamy and began to breathe more heavily. Jenny's was heavier, her head was back, her eyes closed, lips parted, her face flushed, as after a few quiet seconds inside her he began to slowly withdraw and commence thrusting. Sam ejaculated uncontrollably and relentlessly with surges of extreme pleasure which, like Jenny's uncontrolled contractions, thrashings and cries, went on for some time. Jenny lay back, completely spent, blissed out by the pleasure of Sam's still rock hard member filling her warm wet hole.

I Want You, Mr Brooks

first-time miss_tamara 2018-09-25

Natalie walked up to the desk, breath fast, and tried to look him directly in the eyes. In a boldness she could barely believe was her own, Natalie leaned over the desk, placed both hands on either side of his face, feeling the roughness of his stubble, and kissed him hard on the lips. His cock felt hard and insistent in her, and his growls and low moans were making her leak more juices until she could hear her wetness every time he moved. His eyes were wild like an animal's, roving all over her body; her school skirt wide open revealing her pale breasts, hair falling in disarray over her shoulders.


first-time Beejayne 2018-09-06

She wondered if a man's penis looked anything like a horse's, but realized that it couldn't possibly be that big. "I was looking up your dress when you sat eating an ice-cream cone." She didn't say anything, it was him, the tall man, and her heart started to race. "Hold it with your hand." Elsie heard the man say softly, and she pulled it down into the socket where her neck and shoulder met, her head still turned so that it brushed her lips with each stroke. Mom glanced back a couple of times, and saw the nice man, who she didn't know, still standing behind Elsie.

Behind Convent Walls Ch. 03

first-time Scot1234 2018-08-22

She tore her eyes away from the mirror and watched as her right hand, seemingly with a mind of its own, slide down her body until it reached what Father Thomas had called her "hairy pussy But, although she didn't have a clear view of what happened, Sister Maria's bobbing head and Father Thomas' moans of delight told a very obvious story of a man having his cock sucked. She had rushed out at that point, knowing already what Father Thomas had in mind for the girl's knickers, even if Sister Maria didn't. Forcing herself to remember that she needed to have a shower, her hands quickly removed her sticky thong, sticky and wet with the juices that had flown as she had watched Sister Maria being used in the church.

Short Shorts Ch. 02

first-time Selena_Kitt 2018-08-21

His eyes were still between her legs and Lindsey could feel the pull in the seam of her shorts and knew they were riding up between her pussy lips. "Condoms," Fred squeaked, and Lindsey used her not inconsiderable pussy muscles to squeeze his cock hard, making him jerk inside her and eliciting a low groan from his lips. Putting her feet up on the dashboard, Lindsey pulled her shorts aside and plunged her fingers into her pussy. "Oh yeah, fuck me hard, baby," she moaned softly, looking out the window, still watching for her mother with half-closed eyes. She could feel her mother's silence and Lindsey quickly covered, opening her eyes and saying, "He's not my father.

Krista and Lia

first-time CanisMajor 2018-07-22

On her back laying on her bed, her arms covered her small, pert breasts while Lia's hands had grasped onto the waistband of her panties, the only article of clothing on her body before she'd be completely naked. Lia moved in closer again and gently lay her hand against Krista's pussy. "Very warm," she noted and started rubbing her hand against Krista's pussy, "warm and wet." Lia trenched a finger between Krista's lips. Lia climbed into the bed at Krista's knees, and she looked into Krista's eyes while gently spreading her thighs apart, kissing her way to her pussy. Lia's tongue and lips worked up so many new sensations in Krista's pussy.

Health 101 -- Introduction

first-time jacktar48 2018-07-13

So, by popular demand, here is the beginning of the continuing class notes of Professor Crumpet, BA, MA, PhD, MD, and licensed sex therapist. I try not to base too much of my final decision on the student's physical appearance, but in this case...I guess I have to admit that I really looked forward to seeing Amber naked and engaged in the various sexual exercises I would require her to practice if she chose to join my class. "It really feels very nice." She began moving her hand up and down her pussy rhythmically, and I noticed tiny beads of sweat beginning to glisten on her alabaster forehead.

Pastor Cole Ch. 02

first-time JBowl1376 2018-07-10

I knew that my secretary had left for the day and would have locked the building of her way out, so I closed the blinds on my office windows, shut my door, sat down at my desk, and began to undo my pants so I could relieve some of the pressure that had been built up. I closed my eyes, placed my feet up on my desk as I leaned back in my chair, and began to slowly stroke myself as images of Suzie and her mother danced around in my head. "You want some help?" Suzie asked and closed the door as I tried to shove my extremely hard cock back into my pants.

Amy's First Time

first-time kokoleona 2018-06-01

Both Jonay and Theresa then ran their fingers lightly around her small breasts and then stroked her nipples. Jonay and Theresa looked at her and Theresa said "It's the best place to touch yourself." Amy didn't look too sure. Jonay had leaned over and started sucking hard on Amy's nipple. Theresa leaned her breast over to Amy's mouth and said "try it". Jonay pulled and pinched her nipples while Theresa continued licking her pussy. Amy saw her put her fingers in Jonay since she was breathing so hard she couldn't lick anymore. Theresa and Jonay got ready to leave and Amy started to get nervous. When the Jonay and Theresa touched and licked me it was so different." Amy said.

The Shopping Trip

first-time mcds566 2018-05-27

You lean back in the seat and start to slide your hand down your taut and toned body until you reach the hem of your skirt. You pull your lips apart, and with resistance plunge two fingers, deep inside yourself. You spread your lips, pulling back the hood, exposi You are pushing hard against your clit; the two fingers of your left hand are racing in and out of your sopping pussy. The door of the cubicle closes I turn, and before my eyes can focus on your beautiful face, I feel your tongue brushing my lips, so I open them, welcoming your tongue inside my mouth.

Talk To You After Class Ch. 02

first-time Quenton2123 2018-05-08

Just as Jake was starting to think that he couldn't handle any more without exploding he felt Mary shift slightly, her hands silently sliding around his waist and undoing his jeans, he could hear her breath coming in raggedy gasps and her hands were shaking slightly as they reached in and pulled his dick out from his pants. It was at this point that they heard the sounds of Ms. McPhillips turning off the shower, dressing and leaving, after which Mary, no longer worried about getting caught exploded with a tirade of moans and gasps, her breathing coming in short ragged pulls as his tongue slid up and joined his fingers on her clit, while simultaneously sliding the index finger of his other hand up and into her tight hole.

Cool Summer Shower

first-time My_Turn 2018-04-22

The cold water rinsed the sand and salt and I moved my hands slowly over my skin the shower lotion causing them to slide easily into every crevice. I looked at her, tracing her body with my eyes, down from her big brown eyes, over her small pert breasts, nipples hard in the cold water, down over her stomach, down to the brown hair waiting below. She licked and sucked, she dived in and out of my waiting cunt with her tongue, with her fingers, then she started moving her hand up and down my crack. Turning she licked my clit, then slowly she kissed it gently before starting to suck it, she sucked and moved her hands inside me.

Lacy's Crush on Her Teacher

first-time LazyDays1221 2018-03-28

"Please, Mr. Gibson, tell me I can have that big hard throbbing cock shoved deep into my tight wet hot pussy?" Suddenly, his fingers tried to pull my cunt open wide and I felt his cock crash almost savagely into my hot wetness again. "Jesus Christ - I've never fucked so much at one time before -- you've got such a tight cunt my cock almost hurts from the grip of your sweet young pussy." He kissed me fiercely again. A long slow lick starting almost at my ass hole and lapping eagerly to the top outside edge of my pussy, a deep penetrating thrust of his tongue into my cunt, then a light teasing flick of my red swollen clit.


first-time litcalurker1 2018-03-23

I turned 18 in February of my senior year, I was still short for my age and most people who didn't know me probably thought I was a freshman, and it was becoming evident that I wasn't going to lose my virginity until I got to college. ...However, Brynn is based on a combination of couple of different girls from my high school, but one of them that she's based on did have the largest breasts I had ever seen, or have seen since. I remember one day early in the school year, Brynn was absent and the teacher was reading the attendance, a kid I sat near said,

Anymore? Ch. 02

first-time Tangledskein 2018-03-22

I could feel the first tremors of an orgasm which soon came to realisation when I looked across at Geoff to find that he had his erect cock out of his jeans and was gently rubbing it. Geoff rammed his bursting cock into me again and again as I deep-throated Clive. Geoff came first; his moans of pleasure heightened my excitement as for the second time this evening, white-hot come splashed into me. Geoff had pulled out of me and sat between my legs watching proceedings, so with some trepidation, I began to caress my clit, bringing myself to my final climax just as I felt Clive’s shaft stiffen and another surge of semen entered my body, pumping down my throat.

"Friends" Ch. 01: Rings

first-time SylentWriter 2018-03-16

But her allure went beyond that; her sensuality beguiled me: a hand on my thigh when she laughed, a well timed arch of her back, unpadded bras with thin sweaters, a vocabulary that thrived on wet, hard, long, and come. Kris sat with legs crossed, but after a minute shifted and lifted the blanket up a bit. I rested my hand on her bare lower stomach and my little finger met the smooth part of skin between her stomach and pubic bone. Kris moved her hand to my inner thigh, her palm pressed down on the top of my cock through my jeans. My hands explored her breasts, her warm body slid against me, and her fingers squeezed my cock.

The Concert

first-time LoganXsummers 2018-03-10

I liked to touch myself and I pushed my hips down harder on my hand. His hands gripped tighter around my waist and I could feel his cock go even harder as I slowed my grind against it. I place a hand behind his head and rubbed my butt harder against his rock hard cock. Each time I touched it, his breathing got heavier and his cock would twinge wanting to break free from his jeans. He slowly moved his right hand down my body and stopped at the top of my denim skirt. I placed a hand over his cock, cupping it against my pussy. I could feel his veins on his cock throbbing and new he was going to cum soon.

A Midnight Dream

first-time MaliceNBandarland 2018-01-19

I try to focus my attention on the city lights and the water out the window but before I can focus on anything Dannie suddenly yells, "It's too hot in here," and arches her ass where it rested half on the stove half on the counter and slips off her jeans. Her mouth pushes into mine and she blows her smoke into my mouth and makes the barest of contact with her tongue and my lips before she lies back down dropping my hand in between her closed thighs. Keeping one hand on Dannie's boobs Thomas uses the other to squeeze my left breast and I moan into his mouth and redouble my pumping into Dannie's pussy.


first-time Daveindenver 2017-12-09

God it was hot: watching Rachel finger herself, breathing in through her soaking wet panties, and stroking my cock. Rachel stood -- she could have easily just sat back down, this time right on my cock, and I would have been powerless to stop her -- and backed away just enough to bend over and plant a little kiss right on my cockhead. The first thought that popped into my mind was 'I'm going to fuck him someday.' I think my pussy was instantly soaked, and I could feel your eyes on me all the time. My hands were all over her body, squeezing her ass and feeling her back and waist and neck, holding her face in them and kissing her mouth and face.

A Walk in the Woods Ch. 01

first-time daringlady007 2017-11-18

She stroked and teased her breasts a little longer until she couldn't wait any longer to touch herself between her legs and slid her hands down over her tummy combing her fingers through the dark curls that covered her swollen mound. Just the thought of their childish play, how it developed into something more intense for them, and how aroused it had made her feel that very first time she'd noticed the whippet leanness of his body when he stripped off to his shorts to swim in this same Pond... When her breathing and the pounding of her heart slowed a little, she wantonly spread her lips with one hand again and ran a finger up and down her wet slit and throbbing clit again.

Educating Ella

first-time PurpleButterfly 2017-10-28

"Okay, what you want to do is to start with light strokes, like this" Janet demonstrated on her banana, running her finger tip up and then back down the banana's length. Have you done this to Adam?" Ella's hand still wrapped around the base of the banana, her question caught Janet off guard. "No, but you might want to spit on your hands before you start." This time Janet couldn't hold back the giggle "Put some on your hands before you start, and I swear Aaron will love it." Janet was pleased to see that Ella was loosening up a bit; she appeared to be approaching this exercise as a game, enthusiastically rubbing the banana up and down.