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The Pagans

first-time Arcane 2018-12-04

"This is my tent," said Ryan, letting go of Jasmine’s hand to unzip the door. "You truly are a fortunate girl to have breasts as lovely as those," marvelled Ryan, who had finally taken the dress off of Jasmine. She felt her pussy stretch open to accommodate Ryan’s thick cock, wrapping around it like a bed sheet. Just when Jasmine thought it couldn’t get any more painful, she felt Ryan’s cock slide past her hymen; broadening it and tearing it in multiple places. Jasmine felt Ryan’s hammering cock push further into her, each throb pulsing against her pussy. Jasmine tightened her grip on Ryan with her legs as she wobbled and jerked, moaning about how good it felt.

The First With Martin: Part One

first-time tangerinelove 2018-12-03

This is my first story, I would appreciate it if you guys would put remarks about it. After a couple minutes, he turned to me, bit his lip and whispered in a sultry, deep and sexy voice, "Babe, I want you." I cringed, my pussy having that distinct feeling when you know that something amazing is going to happen. “You know how much I want to fuck you?” We continued until his hands reached under my camisole, to my bra and then grabbed my tits—groping and making circular motions around my nipples. I wanted to feel every inch of him thrusting deep inside of me. I wanted to ride him I wanted us to enjoy and use one another’s bodies to strengthen our special bond.

I am a man...

first-time BoldDanny 2018-12-03

“how do you no I’m hungry” Claire says I respond only with a laugh and grated some cheese, she looks at me smiles with her eyes and says “tomorrow me and john are going out for a while care to join us” my heart broke for a second my shield was down I was weak for that split second were I was laughing and she sticks a knife into me. Claire looked away from him and told him it was over The Great John however took four large steps forward so he was right next to her and brought his knife up to her chest and said “ What the fuck did you just say” Claire clearly nervous said “ Get the fuck out of her “.

Teaching Svetlana

first-time frogprince 2018-12-03

She had left her house, but by the time she got to my place the roads were closed and there was no school. We were sitting side by side and I could feel the heat coming off her body. She started to remove her shirt because it was so warm. “No I have never kissed a man, who was not related to me?” Svetlana replied. I sensed that she wanted to learn more about kissing and men than she did about studying for mid-terms. We sit down and I start to kiss her lips. She touches my nipples and they grow hard, but nowhere like hers. “I thought you would never ask.” I replied, removing my shorts and allowing my hard penis to appear.

My first

first-time musicandmuffins 2018-12-02

His long fingers cautiously made their way down into the back pocket of my jeans, and I gently pushed against his hand with encouragement. I saw the corners of his mouth twitch as he gently traced his fingers over my ass, and slowly turned his head to look into my eyes. I pushed his hand past the waistline of my jeans and into my thong, feeling his long fingers trace over my soaking wet pussy. I grabbed hold of two of his long fingers and shoved them into my cunt, moaning as they pushed past my g spot. Every motion felt incredible, and his breath became ragged against my mouth, getting turned on by my moans every time he plunged his fingers into my tight wet hole.

Economics with Mrs. Sparks

first-time cougarmama5 2018-12-02

Finally, Mrs. Sparks finished, at a pretty inconvenient time, “Ok, I am done with this stack, did you find out what you needed help on in chapter one?” She said as she got up and sat at the desk next to me. She then began to bounce up and down on my cock, making me wanna spew juices all over the inside of her body now, but I refrained, holding off for as long as I could, though I knew it was going to happen soon, I could feel it. I let out a soft moan and closed my eyes as I felt it flowing through my cock at a insanely fast pace, like water in a rushing river.

TiaLing's Excellent Adventure

first-time Buddybear 2018-12-02

Tia's belly muscles uncontrollably tightened, and she curled upward and held her breath.  She was looking straight down between her thighs, watching the most incredible sight of her life:  a huge brown man's cock penis appearing out of her most intimate bodily orifice and then disappearing back inside.  Again and again very fast!  She couldn't breathe as wave after wave of sweet celestial pleasure washed over her, blurring her vision.  She felt the walls of her pussy cavern clamp down tight around the thrusting tree trunk shaft.  She heard the boy grunting loudly, and the sound of his flesh slapping into her thighs.  She felt a new feeling, a very warm, full feeling, deep inside her, and guessed that it was the boy filling her up with his lobster sauce!  Oh, she hoped so!

A taste of you...

first-time tommmkat 2018-11-30

Half a bottle later, I stood up to get some beds ready for them - an upstairs bedroom for the girl, the downstairs sofa for Chris. She was lying on the bed, her head lost in the darkness, the light through the open door highlighting her nude legs and belly and her hand - obviously busy between her legs. When my nose touched her bush just above the slit she moaned and closed her legs but opened them again fast, making sure not to push me away from her.  I pulled back slowly and moved one of her legs, making sure he got a good view of her pussy and my fingers spreading her open, my thumb massaging first her clit, then her entrance, finally pushing into her in one stroke.

The first time

first-time HornyBBW 2018-11-30

Right there in the front seat of his car, in a quiet country lane I lost my virginity to man twice my age in an amazing way.I was wet a moaning for more, I wanted it harder and faster although I'm not sure if it was even possible. He was fucking me so good, I didn't want him to stop, his hands all over me, his cock pounding my virgin pussy.Eventually with one last great grunt he shot his load into my freshly fucked pussy.He moved back to his seat as I felt his juices mix with mine and drip down onto the seat.

The Bucket List - Riley

first-time fantasygirl8 2018-11-28

“Of course I will give a good mark to a smart little girl like you.” He snakes his arm around Riley’s back, pulling her body close to his. Feeling he should move on, Joe parts their kiss and pulls his hand out of her leggings. He gathers her hair in one hand, tugs it, and pulls her upper body off the table; all the while spanking her tight little ass. Holding her by her pussy and under the arms, Joe pulls Riley’s tiny body off the ground and carries her straight up out into the hallway. I never knew I could have so much pleasure!” Riley says as Joe pulls up her stained leggings for her.

Rick and Mia at the bar

first-time frogprince 2018-11-27

There is a family run bar near my apartment. Our lips meet and there seems like an electric charge running through us. We kiss for a long time, our mouths opening and tongues seeking each other. My cock is rock hard making a huge tent in my shorts. She rips my shorts down to my ankles and my cock hits her in the face. I push my cock at her mouth. Her tongue wraps around me and she bobs her head up and down on my rock hard cock. She is so ready that I just take my hard cock and push it in her wet pussy. Her pussy is grabbing onto my cock and she is about to explode real hard.

The Creek - Part One

first-time Arcane 2018-11-27

Sophie and Maggie squealed as Logan resurfaced and shook his head like a dog. Logan looked up and saw Sophie and Maggie trying not to laugh, their hands over their mouths. Logan felt his cock get stiffer as he watched Sophie’s tits press up against Maggie’s. Logan saw out of the corner of his eye Maggie unbuttoning her shirt and Sophie taking off her shoes. Sophie slid a hand down Logan’s back and ran a single finger down his spine. Logan noticed that Maggie was more petite than Sophie and had smaller tits. Sophie pulled her legs toward her body so that they resembled a frog's and Logan copied Jeremy’s style, using Sophie’s hips for support.

The Night's Not Over Yet

first-time Arcane 2018-11-25

An hour passed as I continued to chat to my friends, Sophie in my arms smiling shyly when I said something funny. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Sophie remove her flannel shirt and pull her tank-top over her head. Sophie sat next to my body and inspected my semi-erect cock that was slowly stiffening in the cool air. Sophie wrapped her hands around the base of my cock as she held the head in her mouth, circling and flicking it with her tongue. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down against the lips of Sophie's pussy. As I continued to enter her, Sophie raised her legs towards her hips so that she looked like a frog ready to spring.

It Hurts

first-time StillUndecided 2018-11-25

I had been the recipient of many late night phone calls and texts from Sam when he would turn up drunk at her door, demand to be let in, kiss her and leave. I've had to tell the few that have asked that she is my best friend but that there was some drunken kissing on a night out and I think things went wrong then. It didn't hurt me that she didn't talk to me, text me or look at me throughout the lecture...what hurt was when I turned my head to the side to glance at her through the other people on the row, and I could feel pain in my chest.

Our First Time

first-time humanalien 2018-11-24

As his hands reached up to pinch my nipples Nick began to eat me out, his tongue sliding in and out and all around, licking up and down my soaking wet pussy and all over my clit as I moaned louder in heightened pleasure. Then he switched, sliding two fingers in and out of my dripping pussy as his tongue fucked my ass, all the while as I panted and moaned even louder and squeezed harder on my breasts. But despite the pain I wanted desperately to be fucked by this boy, so I fought tears as he began to slide in and out very slowly and gently, still squeezing my breasts and kissing me tenderly.


A First Time to Remember

first-time Room101 2018-11-23

Quin leaned forward and began placing light kisses against her tears, soaking them into his lips. Quin reached forward and grabbed the bottom hem of her skirt and began pulling it slowly up her body. He moved his hands around to the sides of her skirt and began to slowly pull it down her hips; teasing not only her, but himself as well. Quin lifted his head and looked into her eyes before saying “I can’t wait anymore, Lizzy. He stopped moving for a moment and she looked up at him, her eyes wide and he whispered “I love you” before thrusting his hips with intent and pushing through the bridge to her womanhood.

My first creampie

first-time Boston31 2018-11-22

As we were kissing, Lisa reached her hand up the leg of my shorts. At the same time she pulled her hand out and unbuttoned my shorts, quickly releasing my hard cock. As I ate her sweet pussy and fucked her with my fingers her moaning and breathing got deeper and harder. I grabbed my cock and placed the head at the base of her wet pussy. Lisa said, "Cum inside me baby." “I love your hot cum inside me” Lisa said. Lisa had her legs wrapped around me with my cock buried deep inside me. In no time I had my tongue pressed deep inside her wet pussy. I quickly pushed my head forward as Lisa began pushing my cum out of her sweet pussy.

This one time at diabetic camp

first-time Diabeticpower 2018-11-22

Camp Horn works exactly like the Wizarding World but instead of magic, it is type one Diabetes. I have been going to the Camp Horn for 10 plus years and I have been a type one diabetic since 1992. She lets go of me and begins to walk off she blows me a kiss and screams out, We walk a good mile up the hill to a place known as Meditation Mountain, a place at Camp Horn you remember all the campers that have passed on through the program. I flip her over and I stick my dick into her so fast; she let out a loudest scream in life (maybe because I broke her cherry).

First Time With a Swimmer

first-time AmberLove 2018-11-22

The reason Chloe always looked forward to the middle of the week wasn’t because she didn’t have to get her hair wet, it was because Josh always took his shirt off when he lifted weights. “Sup Chloe.” Josh said without looking at her. “I was gonna practice a couple more flip turns to get ready for the meet this Friday.” Josh explained, stretching his arms behind his head. “Anyways, I’ll see you at practice tomorrow,” Josh smiled and walked to the guys locker room. Josh smiled and said “well still, thanks for staying behind.” He got up and walked closer to her. He pulled his cock out of her quivering pussy and Chloe took it into her mouth, caressing it with her tongue.

Swim Coach (chapter 5)

first-time MindSparks 2018-11-20

I had no idea why I’d come beyond wanting to talk to Matt, or maybe just to see him. As I left the Bodega and began to walk back towards Matt’s place I reconsidered what I was doing and decided that showing up on Matt’s doorstep, unannounced, wasn’t the best idea I’d had. I walked over and congratulated the swimmer as well, trying to act cool around Matt though I felt nothing like cool. When it finally came time for my big race I was really nervous, but still in control and brimming with energy. I look at Matt, then Beth, then Sally, and then the blood decides that my brain has had enough of it and completely leaves my head.

The Geography Fieldtrip - Part Two

first-time Arcane 2018-11-20

Anyway, that means you have to share with Lauren tonight; I hope you don’t mind,’ said Adam, clearly no giving a toss whether or not Ian minded. Ian used his index finger to run up and down Lauren’s soaking pussy lips, gliding with ease and lubricated from her juices. Ian licked from the bottom of her pussy lips right to the top, and back down again; passing over Lauren’s clit. Lauren’s pussy got sharper and she placed her hands behind Ian’s head, forcing him in further into her groin. He thrust his body forwards; his cock slowly gliding into Lauren’s soaking pussy. Ian fucked Lauren at a steady pace, slamming his cock into her pussy and making a satisfying slapping sound.

She was different

first-time College_Guy6288 2018-11-19

"Why are you reading literature in a science class?" Miranda asked, looking at the book in my hands. "What makes you think I don't want to be your partner?" I asked, looking directly into her eyes. "You are like, really smart," Miranda said, after the teacher came by and complimented her on a job well done. She whimpered, so I broke our kiss, looked her deep in her glazed, lustful eyes, and pushed my finger in her pussy. I leaned down to kiss her boobs, she moaned and wrapped an arm around my head, refusing to allow me to stop. I put my hand to her face, wiped away her tears with a finger, kissed her gently and said, "It's going to be okay, Miranda.

My First Lover

first-time PunkyPet 2018-11-19

Ever since school started, we had been walking home together. I looked at him, my heart pounding and thinking that he really did love me. Before we went inside though, he pulled me into a kiss. He pulled his finger out and started to take off his pants. He pulled me closer to him and started to rub my vagina with his cock. The he pulled out and pushed in again, thrusting his huge cock into me. My hands grasped the bed sheet as I gasped and moaned from his thrusting. Then I felt his cock shiver and he gave a loud groan, squirting himself into me. I felt it fill me up inside as I gave one last, loud gasp.

Swim Coach (chapter 3)

first-time MindSparks 2018-11-19

More giggles from the phone line, “I think you got a bit juiced for him Amy, you know like when you touch yourself.” The dreadful date with Richard, the thoughts and feelings I’d experienced with Matt, Beth’s admonition to start exploring my sexuality. I didn’t know what to think and was very confused by the fact that Matt’s image in my mind had driven the feelings I’d just experienced. I’d gotten most of my coaching from Sally during that time but as the end of the season started to come closer and the significance of the meets became greater she kept suggesting I talk to Matt about some of the problems that had been creeping up for me.