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History With Miss Martin

first-time Taverner 2018-12-04

We broke our kiss, and Katy glanced down at her boobs, and whispered, “I was kinda waiting for you to get to that.” She took a breath, kissed me again, short but very sweet, and said, “Girls really like it when guys touch them there.” I moved my hand up, gently feeling her soft breast through her clothing, and she closed her eyes and took a breath. She stroked my back with her right hand, as I lay on top of her, with my half-hard cock still nestled in her flooded pussy, and still a little breathless, Katy said, “Justin, that was fantastic!” She drew another breath, and said, “I knew you wouldn’t last long,” pausing for another breath, “But I didn’t think you’d make me come like that.”

The Beauty Within

first-time Taverner 2018-11-16

Ashley turned her head to the left, towards the wall between the granny flat and the rest of the house, and with a little smile, she said, “I don’t think they’ll be missing us in there for a while.” Then, she turned back to me, and said, “That was good, but if you stay here with me for a while, round two will be even better, I can assure you.” Then, she pulled my face down, kissed me again, and said, “Only, next time, I want to be on top.”

Falling for Susan

first-time Chelsea 2018-11-07

“Won’t he come back?” I realised we were on borrowed time “No. I said I’d go down to the waterhole once I felt better.” Susan’s look held my gaze. I pushed myself up on one elbow, tore my eyes away from the pink nipples on her mounded breasts, and let my gaze drift down to where a triangle of green swimsuit disappeared between her lightly parted thighs. Even though I’d seen women in “Playboy” – and Kim in the flesh only a month ago – it took nothing away from looking at Susan’s body for the first time without a stitch of clothing on it. As I stared at Susan’s lovely face a strange sensation came over me – I felt I was going gooey inside, as if all my internal organs had turned to marshmallow.

As If Out Of Nowhere

first-time Llama28 2018-10-29

Emma turned to me, but instead of being annoyed, like she was with David, she just started smiling and gave me a gentle and friendly push on the shoulder. I looked straight back at them “No that’s fine, I’m not gonna go home yet,” I said while trying to motion towards Emma with my head.  Emma giggled and started stroking my penis, and I slowly went back to kissing again and tried to concentrate on that. After some time I decided to start kissing my way down her body, taking some extra time around the nipples, always making sure my fingers were working her clit.

Teenage Fantasies - First Girl

first-time JiltedSavior 2018-05-10

During biology, she would talk to me that would make me so hard, asking me if she found this girl in class pretty and I said sure but she told me how slutty she was and how she gave hand jobs on the bus. I had to return the favor since I feel that I have to when people do things to me and in this instance I desperately wanted to, so I kissed her forehead and then she kissed my cheek again; now we did this over and over until when I leaned in she had looked up so our lips would touch.


first-time Turbidus 2018-04-26

"Not hard," I whispered, my eyes fixed to the hand resting atop her breast, "soft". I moved my hand and pressed my lips where I imagined her nipple to be, hidden beneath her shirt and bra. I remember having a hard time processing the sight of her hands tugging her own tee shirt over her head. She pulled her right leg to her chest, passing it in front my chest and face and pushed it between my body and the back of the couch. Her hands clutched at my shoulders and then pulled and pushed at my head, but I ignore her nipples. I pressed my hand against her left breast, trapping her nipple in the space between my splayed thumb and index finger.

Cold Outside

first-time mastermcavie 2018-04-21

Her face was flushed, beautiful hair a little tousled, and her eyes were now filled with such an irresistible mix of sweet vulnerability and hungry desire that I couldn't help but move in again, kissing her harder this time, holding her hands down on either side of her head where she'd placed them in a posture of passionate surrender. The sight of the beautiful hue of her hair, the smooth white curve of her back, the tight little puckered hole nestled between her toned cheeks and my hands gripping her sides were the last things i saw before I reached my explosive orgasm, gasping as a pumped spurt after spurt of thick, hot cum into her virgin womb.