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3 Guys 1 Virgin (part 1)

first-time CocoKissX 2018-12-04

I sucked him long enough to get him rock hard then he laid me back down and pull my pants and panties off and fingered my pussy to get me wetter but he didn't do it long enough because I wasn't wet enough, but when he put his huge dick in my pussy I felt like I was going to split in half but it from the pain but I also felt a little pleasure as he roughly fucked my virgin pussy. But then he asked me did I want him to stop and since he wasn't wearing a condom I said yea and he pulled his cock out just before he came in me and squirted out a little bit of cum onto the bed.

Car Park Handjob

first-time DarkSide 2018-12-04

At times, my partner and I have fun with other couples, it’s called swinging, and on this occasion we met Brigitte and Steve for a drink one evening at a fairly local pub. Melissa and Steve, up to that point, were having a normal conversation while watching the smile develop on Brigitte’s face. Brigitte was concentrating on talking to Melissa and Steve as she tugged on my cock. I even looked at Steve for reassurance and he was just smiling; watching Brigitte’s hand pump my cock from inside my jeans. Melissa and I stood by the car as we watched Brigitte and Steve walk to theirs, get into it and drive off.

3 Guys 1 Virgin(part 2)

first-time CocoKissX 2018-12-01

Brandon's brother who he called "Tay" stood at the edge of the bed while Brandon started putting on his boxers and pants then left the room closing the door behind him. When his dick got good and hard, he got on the bed and pushed my legs up towards my face. I just as I started to feel my pussy numb from the pain, he pulled his dick out breathing hard as he slowly backed off the bed. I thought to myself that I didnt think I could take another dick but then my inner slut told me that I could and that it would be sexy to see his locks bounce across his face.

A New Beginning

first-time sammyboo 2018-11-27

I felt the bulge in his pants as he began to kiss me on my neck. I found my self-answering his question as he pushed it all he way in and began to pull it out and back in rhythmically. Jake got on top of Lena and started to fuck her hard, I got wet just from seeing it. And then I felt the increasing pressure, Paul was fucking me even harder then Jake had only minutes before. Paul and Jake were rubbing their dicks watching as Lena lowered her mouth on my vagina. Paul was pounding my ass while I was getting fucked in the mouth, and getting pussy licked and fucked by my best friend with her tongue and a vibrator.

3 Guys 1 Virgin (part 3)

first-time CocoKissX 2018-11-26

I got up off the bed and Brandon came back into the room to see if I was okay then Tay noticed that it was a light, quarter sized amount of blood on the bed. We discussed things I was thinking about like me loosing my virginity to him and how he didn't know that the other guys were going to try to fuck me, but he said he kept checking in to make sure I wasn't doing anything I didn't want to do. We stopped half way then he ask me do I know my way to my place, I did and I felt safe because there were a lot of lights so he gave me a hug said and told me to text him when I got in then we went are separate ways.

First Time Swingers

first-time smartyparty 2018-07-04

We met this couple, Steve and Demi in a restaurant nearby, it was a warm night and we both were anxious for our first time. Demi was getting a bit anxious about of her uncontrollable situation and started moving but the ropes held tight and restricted her movement. I removed Demi's blindfold and she could see her partner already involved with another woman which was not the first time for her as an experienced and bisexual swinger, but a new, and beautiful girl must have an effect. my turn to kiss and caress Demi's body and slowly find my way to her pussy. I place my hands around her neck, which gives her a feeling of being dominated, and start to fuck her hard.

The Free For All

first-time MissAyda 2018-05-18

She probably thought I would be disgusted by it, but to be fair: sure, Jenni was a bit promiscuous, and I was still a virgin, but I didn't really find sex disgusting - and definitely not sinful. Rob's cock was right underneath my pussy, and I could feel it slightly twitching as I started to gyrate, caressing it with my wet pussy lips. I felt Rob's cock starting to grow, slowly pushing its way inside of me. It felt as if Rob's cock had grown even larger, as he lifted my thighs up slightly and started to slam his cock inside me, now reaching even deeper than before.

The Unexpected Loss of Virginity

first-time frankland 2017-11-18

One night, we're out for a drive and she asks if I want to stop by her friend Monica's (nod) house. It was a little strange to be locked in a basement (albeit finished) with and by somebody I'd just meant, but I just wanted to go where Rachel went, so I shuffled in without a word. She got off the bed, and I noticed Monica had left the couch where she and Pete were doing their thing and the two girls started making out. Then the girls split up and Monica came to me, and Rachel went to Pete. Before long, I felt the intense, growing pressure and Monica frigged her clit so we came at the same time.