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Naughty Bad Girl's First Time

first-time Naughtybadgirl 2018-12-01

I pulled his cock through the hole in his boxers and started moving my hand up and down his cock. Sliding all the way in with one thrust, I felt tears spring to my eyes. After a few times, I moaned and Patrick started speeding up his thrusts. I want you looking at me when you cum for me, baby," he said. "Cum for me baby," he said as he thrust hard and deep. He started moving his hips in a circular motion and I came, hard. Returning his kiss, I took the time to really expore more of that buff body. He pounded my pussy with his cock, then he thrust deep and came.

Teens experience first time while parents are away

first-time Billyb97 2018-11-25

Lauren glanced at John and saw that his recent workouts had his body in good form and his cock must have grown, because it looked nearly 8 inches and thick. As soon as Lauren's bra hit the floor John started to decisively suck, bite and pinch hard at Lauren's nipples making her moan in pleasure. Slowly John started kissing down her stomach and once he reached the waistband of Lauren's pants, he ripped them off her with intent. John started with missionary and pounded Lauren's tight virgin pussy with his cock. Lauren's orgasm started to build until she was pushed over the edge when John pressed all of his engorged manhood into her.

My first blowjob. More sweet than bitter...

first-time Paul87 2018-11-22

Kristen squeezed both of my inner thighs rigidly with her small hands, stretching the crotch of my pants firmly around my enlarging erection. I trembled wonderfully beneath her touch and I could feel my ballsack tighten around my testicles and all of the blood in my body rush to the tip of my noticeably rocking cock. She kissed slowly up my rod and wrapped her wet lips around the crown of my cock, my head disappearing beautifully in her warm mouth. She began to work faster, supporting her quickly moving upper body with her hands which were pressed hard up against my pant covered thighs. Kristen quickly removed her mouth from my cock at the same moment the first thread of cum discharged from my spit covered member.

Chapter 2 - Finally Getting What I Want

first-time SexyMama19 2018-11-15

Charlie takes the phone from my grasp and puts it to his ear with one hand, still feeling my body with the other. I move into a comfortable spot so he can slide off my pink thong with his teeth. He then takes his two fingers and slowly strokes my pussy, getting me as wet as he wants me. He slowly takes two fingers and pushes them inside me. I squirm with excitement and tilt my head back in pleasure. He slams his cock deep inside me, I feel the head of his penis rubbing my G-spot which makes me moan in pleasure. "Ahhh fuck!" he screams out in orgasmic bliss, I feel his cock pumping his creamy cum deep into my pussy.

Cassie’s First Time Is With Her Best Friend

first-time Banes1 2018-11-09

I feel my nipples stiffen and my pussy gets wet as flashes of Pepper sitting naked next to me, fill my thoughts. Pepper turns to hand me a bottle, gives me what I can only describe as a seductive look, and I realize she is staring at my rock hard nipples pushing the material of my bikini top outward. “Oh yes, Pepper, lick my pussy!” I moan out as my finger pushes past the swollen lips and into my pussy. Just as I am about to come, I feel a pair of soft lips kissing my neck and an arm reaching around my left side with the hand resting on my right breast.

Me and My Girlfriend

first-time B12 2018-11-03

I felt her hand wrap around my cock, pulling me in closer to her face. Suddenly, my cock popped out of her mouth and she let out a squeal, her crotch puched into my face. We got upstairs and started to make lunch, and as she leaned over the stove, I came up behind her and grabbed her around the waist and stuck my cock between her legs. She started to grind away on my cock, moving her hips aound in little circles, while she furiously rubbed her clit. Then she moved her hands down to grab my shoulders, and looked deep into my eyes.

The One I Love

first-time dragonhunter171 2018-11-02

My hands slid up the back of his shirt and slowly I ran my nails lightly down his back and he moaned into my mouth. He started to push my head down harder and started to lightly thrust his hips slowly. He slowly started to push into me and even though this was my first time it didn’t hurt too badly because I had already broken my cherry one time by fingering myself too hard. I started feeling his cock press all the way in me, balls deep and I moaned at the sensation of being filled up and then I felt a wave of pleasure come over me and I knew I was about to cum.

The Beach Picnic

first-time jayjay123 2018-10-31

She had decided to wear one of my hoodies that she'd borrowed from my house, and some yoga pants, which she insisted were warm enough. She came back as I lit the last candle and excitedly said, "James, this is amazing, no one has ever done anything like this for me." "Why don't you come lay with me over here and we can look at the stars and ocean for a little while before we head out," I said. Sonya lay between my legs, her head on my chest. I decided to undo her hair and play with it, brushing it through my fingers, running my nails softly along her scalp. She nibbled my ear and whispered, "James I want you to cum inside of me."

Virgin Morning Wood

first-time Unavailable 2018-10-31

It felt so warm and so right, I could feel my entire body relax as I again let a moan escape my open mouth. I thought it could not possibly get better until she wrapped her entire hand around my cock and began thrusting up and down the entire length of my now fully erect penis. She pumped her hand around my dick harder as she began to rub my balls faster. Her hand continued to thrust up and down the length of my shaft, causing two or three more spurts of cum to erupt from the tip of my dick. "Believe it," she said, as she leaned down and kissed the head of my penis.

Coming Home pt. 4

first-time BattleRavyn 2018-10-30

Faith watched the group of guys, and laughed and cheered them on with the girls as the game got more heated and the rules became more ludicrous. Most of the girls laughed and clapped at the declaration, but Faith got a queasy feeling in her stomach, as the guys were all joking about who they would kiss first when they missed. “I’m guessing it’s because Jenna took the kiss too far, and we’re all a little drunk, so emotions are high,” he said. Faith sucked in a breath at the invasion, but it didn’t really hurt like she thought it would, especially since he had spent so much time priming her, making her wet and ready for this.

Happy Birthday!

first-time deathscythe425 2018-09-24

Running a hand through the tangled obsidian mess that was his hair, Kyle blushed at the sight of Sky in such a provocative outfit; she usually dressed so conservative she made nuns look like strippers. With a blush, Sky brushed a lock of golden hair away from her eyes and looked up at her boyfriend, then replied "Well... Kyle brushed her neck gently with a finger and murmured "Are you sure you want to do this?" Blue-green eyes shined up at him as Sky nodded in consent. Sky's cheeks blazed red and she stammered "I- I..." Before she could say another word, Kyle kissed her again, gently caressing her curves. With a blush, Sky sat up and fiddled with her fingers as Kyle looked up at her expectantly.

3am 3some pt.1

first-time sexybeast23 2018-09-20

I was half asl**p with a rock hard cock. My girlfriend stumbled to the bed and whispered in my ear "I want to have a 3some and I have someone here, now". I quickly woke up and took a quick peek. My girlfriend was rubbing my hard cock as she convinced me into the 3some. Our new friend entered the room and I could already see her hard nipples through her top. Her and my Girlfriend started to make out and slowly move to the bed. The gently took off their dresses revealing two moist panties. I'm just watching and rubbing my hard cock My Girlfriend looks over at me and comes over and pushes me to the bed...

kissing my girlfriend for the first time.

first-time sopayne 2018-09-17

It was New year eve and my girlfriend and I didn't have our men around so we decided that we were going to go downtown and see some fire works. all the things girls do before going somewhere special. Then It was time for us to head out of the door around 10pm. when the fireworks were going off my girlfriend turns to me and kisses me on the mouth in front of hundreds of people! Wow not just a peck on the lips but tongue kissing. OMG it was unexpected and wrong, but right at the same time. Now I want to go further then just a kiss and I'm working on that. That was me very first girl kiss.

A special day at school..

first-time sapino 2018-09-14

She partly turned her upper body and head talking to the teacher and she seemed to relax a little as the conversation went more or less normally, which just made me start fucking her with my finger again, looking down at her with a teasing smile. Lifting her head she looked at me with wet eyes and a mix between horror and pure lust, and as she started to tell me how bad I was I could see she couldn’t stop smiling. I didn’t expect her to put up a resistance and as I realized this cute little girl, my boss at school, wanted my sperm in her mouth I couldn’t hold back anymore, shooting my warm fresh cum into her mouth with a muffled roar as my own orgasm surged through my body like a primal f***e

My Sister's Boyfriend - 2

first-time john1195 2018-09-12

my room studying when Josh came in and asked me to go to the gym with On the way to the gym, Josh told me that like me, he couldn't sl**p help him to have a better look at what I got, I took my cock in my hand and On Wednesday, I came to the swimming pool and saw Josh. Josh put his right hand on my head and messed up my hair like a that Josh would finish his swimming, I changed clothes and walked into the sexy stranger, I walked out of the jacuzzi and came in the sauna room to Looking at me straight in the eyes, the stranger took his cock in

this weekend i was a lesbians first

first-time hornybiguy88 2018-09-07

In short, after her words/confession, she sat on my laps and hugged me and started licking my lips with her tongue with small kisses, I said I hate this you have a partner, don't like doing anything with someone elses girlfriend/wife etc. She said I don't care she likes me and wants to stay on my laps arms around me, For a bit didn't kiss she rest her head on my chest almost fell asl**p her. \I said are you sure you are just lesbian, you seem to know how to suck a cock good. She said from strap on,, I wonder, but I didn't care at that point, I got laid good and now she says wants more.

The Party

first-time dep258s 2018-09-05

"Yeah I heard about it, but how the fuck what to go to a party with some stale white boys." Jerome told you, and even though you felt offended, you also felt rather relieved that he wouldn't be coming. "Take me to your bedroom, I want to fuck that sweet ass of yours in that fool's own bed." Jerome told her, which made you feel so weak and inferior, knowing that he was going to have his way with your girlfriend in your very own bed. I thought you would be bigger than my boyfriend but..." You then heard your girlfriend say which made you feel so inferior, as you then looked inside the bedroom, and as Jerome turned, you saw a glimpse of his huge black cock.

Mother In Law

first-time mrlolgg 2018-09-05

By the time I was done decorating her room I decided to snoop in my girlfriends panty drawer.. My mother in law came into my girlfriends room barging in catching my smelling her daughters panties. I then told her I knew how stressed she was from working two jobs and feeding her c***dren that she has no actual time for herself. My cock was pumping with bl**d ready to penetrate her but knew it wasn't going to happen unless it was what SHE really wanted. I fuck her holding her wrist as she was holding onto my hands and I pull out before I cum inside her and cum from her pussy all the way up to her face.

My Very First Time - losing my innocence

first-time matureamateur 2018-08-31

I felt his engorged erection moving up and down until he was sure he was in position, I nodded in agreement and said "yes, that's it" and felt increasing pressure and a stab of pain and he relentlessly started pushed against my pussy, the head of his cock resting against the gossamer tissue of my hymen, I started to panic and was gasping for air, my skin felt flushed, I was getting frightened and tried to wriggle away from him but he reached down and pulled me back towards him by my hips really hard, there was no escaping him now, I screamed out in pain, my breath being f***ed out of my lungs as he expertly pushed into me breaking through my hymen in one powerful thrust as his cock broke through into my virgin cunt, I gasped as he held me tight to stop me moving away and I remember biting his shoulder as he f***ed his way inside me, I was crying now - I just wanted him to stop.

Lost Loves Surprise

first-time writermike 2018-08-27

"Yes…!" I exploded then calmed as Michelle put her hand on mine and continued, "So I would try to get her to cum on my face and at least pleasure her that way and not because I felt I had to either; I wanted to. "She was and is an exhibitionist." Michelle started, "She was really into exhibitionism; and me, I think what a couple share should be kept to them selves, unless the two of them want to like Lanai and her new friend. "I have an idea!" Michelle exclaimed, "Lets go to your place…" she paused a broad grin beamed as she looked around took my hand gently then whispered, "lets go to your place I want to suck your cock, and get your cum in my mouth." Then she giggled impishly and held my hand.

My Girlfriend's Sister

first-time 8inchesofsalaami 2018-08-23

At the same time, the kink of being with a woman almost 8 years older was fantastic. This one time we nearly got caught -- her husband came in merely 10 seconds after we dressed. Doing sisters had been one long-time fantasy. Kinnu had a four year old daughter. I took Kinnu out for a couple of movies, being careful to avoid places where I would be recognised. It is acceptable if your sister looks like that, not someone you want to ball. Kinnu did not know about her sister's affair. I stoked myself a couple of times and shot my wad inside Kinnu's mouth. Sangeeta was livid with Kinnu when she came to, "What is the meaning of all this?"

My first CD/TV experience

first-time witdacandy09 2018-08-19

Secretly i used to fantasize about sucking cock as a k**, i dreamed of the day that i could. HE commanded "come on man, deep throat it!", i complied and could feel his pleasure as his cock expanded and throbbed. Eventually i talked him into fucking me, THe first couple of times were aborted. Once we finally got it in me i found a feeling i've never known. i got on craigslist and put out an add for someone who wanted to fuck a crossdresser. It took months to finally get an opening, my girlfriend and c***d were gone for the weekend and i had a guy ready to come over.

It All Began With a Kiss Pt. 04

first-time G00dV1brati0n 2018-08-19

"Hey babe, I didn't hear you come in!" She said before wrapping her arms around me and giving me a big kiss. She quickly jumped up and turned to face me, just wearing knee-high socks, and a thong (what a sight) "you gotta catch me first baby." She said before taking off to her room I sat back up and smiled, watching her catch her breath again with a completely red face, "have fun?" She quickly sat back up and straddled my lap, as she guided my throbbing erection into her dripping wet pussy, "I want you to cum in me, I want to feel all of you."

Porn Theatre Adventure

first-time unicornhunterxx 2018-08-15

Our sexual curiosity got the best of us and we decided to stop in and look around before heading home. The section you walk into when you go in was all porn dvds and through another open doorway to the left was all sex shop stuff. On our way up trying to find our booth an old man that was easily in his 70's started to talk to my girlfriend. So while we decided on what movie to watch I throughly looked the booth over for any cameras, glory holes or anything that could surprise us when we didn't expect it. I sat on one bench while my girlfriend sat on the other and I looked at her, smiled and said you ready to do this?