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Easy Money- 3

first-time ColletteXx 2018-11-26

I pinched my nipples and massaged my tits as I ground my cunt into James's face I looked at Toni, mouthing obscenities as he lapped at my clit, his fingers dipping in me. "Wanna clean her up?" he said, and Toni moved up the bed, her tongue touching my skin as she licked up James's cream. He winked, and mouthed 'Good job.' We shared a deep kiss, James tasting Toni's juices on my lips and tongue. James pumped his long cock into her wet hole, her tits bouncing beneath me, and I felt behind me and grasped at her nipples, pulling them gently at first, then harder.

Paula and Ian - Cherry

first-time fetishdoll 2018-11-10

“Why so glum, chum?” Ian said coming up to my table. I mean I’m like really in love with Tina.” I said. “Tina is just like being nice to you.” Ian said. “Ok, I gotta admit that this is the first time I’ve ever seen this much boob action in this car.” Ian said. “You want me to come in?” Ian said. I didn’t care about Ian like that, I was just trying to feel something. Ian covered me again and with the jeans gone I could feel his cock pushing firmly against my little clit. “Ian, I want you to cum inside me.” I said and reached down for his smooth cock. “Oh god.” Ian said.


first-time brokendarkone 2018-09-25

I began whispering in her ear, "I remember you telling me you like this? I pulled back though and then continued to watch the melting ice cube as it drifted down her body I ran the ice cube down to her belly button where I let it swirl around, then drifted it back up to her left nipple. She swallowed, looked directly into my eyes, "I want to feel your tongue on my pussy." I slid forward and began running my hard cock over her slick center, "Put your hands back on the spindles," I said as I noticed her trying to use her hands to slide away from me.

No Good Deed.....

first-time AJWriter1 2018-08-15

Liam drove slowly down the street out in front of the high school he saw a group bullying one girl, who no matter what they did, all she did was try to leave. Liam looks down at her breasts, and he fondles them one handed, pinching and twisting her long fat nipples and piercings making her moan and grunt more. Liam getting out saying "Let's go inside and get washed up, then I can really take care of you the right way." Kelsey reached for her things but before she could grab anything Liam said "just leave it and come on in, I live alone, and I'd prefer to see you as you are if it's all the same gorgeous."

Punk Rock Princess

first-time Draga21 2017-12-19

After a few minutes, she gave me a concerned look, "Luke took your car home for you, I guess he thought you would be going to the hospital." I groaned and put out my cigarette. I chuckled, "I guess you have a pretty open lifestyle then huh?" She shook her head, "no, I'm actually a virgin, but everyone loves irony, so they call me slut." She seemed embarrassed, and her cheeks turned a rosy red. After a few minutes, I felt an orgasm building, and tried to pull her off, not wanting to be rude and cum in her mouth. After another minute of kissing I began to stroke her through her pants, causing her to sigh.

The Adventures of Andrew Ch. 01

first-time jklazarus 2017-11-27

One time, as a joke, he pointed to a girl called Melissa and said with a wink, 'How about her?' I went red. I heard a few 'Happy birthday!' calls on the way, so I guessed Paul had told everyone what the party was for. I'd had lunch with the other two guys before at Paul's table and I knew that two of the girls were cheerleaders. She smiled and said, 'Great kiss, birthday boy.' I knew they were all just being nice, but I thought maybe she had liked it too. I was still checking out Abi and I felt a pang of jealousy when Paul kissed her, but realized I was just being stupid. Paul French kissed some other girl, then it was Abi's turn to spin.