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Brenda And The Mango Man

first-time Tallguy222 2018-12-04

Max disappeared into the greenery with his sack, while Brenda lay her beach towel out, stripped down to a yellow bikini and settled down to read her book and soak up some more rays. Brenda opened her mouth, and Max gently poured the inside of the passion fruit onto Brenda’s tongue. Max then sliced up the guava and gestured for Brenda to open her mouth before he slowly placed the fruit on her tongue; again the fresh flavours sent her taste buds into raptures. Max knelt down and slipped his fingers inside the sides Brenda’s bikini and slowly slid them down her long slim legs, sliding them off her feet and throwing them to one side.

A Well Deserved Break

first-time flytoomuch 2018-11-17

Anne’s lustrous dark hair was falling down over my head tickling my neck and chest, the taste of her mouth, the playfulness of her tongue, the feel of her incredibly tight pussy walls constricting on my hardness, her young body shivering as each inch went deeper inside her filling her never before filled cavity; it was beyond exhilarating and I almost came as I was assaulted by all these intense sensations. Looking up and seeing Anne’s beautiful slim and tanned young body straddling mine, her legs spread, beads of sweat forming under her small pale breasts and along her chest, my thick cock sliding in and out of her tight young vagina; my senses were overloaded and I could feel my balls ready to constrict and shoot my load.

Antronella’s Passion to Be Desired

first-time misteryme 2018-11-15

It’s just after nine in the morning as she notices a tall, broad-shouldered, handsome body making his way out of the sea. It’s not often someone as good looking as you would stare with no reason.” She comes on a bit strong, and clears her throat. “I think you are hot and sexy, comes to mind.” “I’ll do that if you don’t mind!” He starts from the middle, working his way up, while kissing her soft lips. “You were great,” she says, turning on her side to look at him, and running her fingers up and down on his chest. Looking up at him with a smile, she starts with the one-hand-and-mouth technique for a little while.

The Object Of Our Holiday's Desire Part 1

first-time Un4toldsins 2018-11-14

We actually chatted for a long time, he must have known how turned on you were as on a hot summers day your nipples were hard in your costume and you were shuffling or should I say squirming from leg to leg, one thigh brushing against the other and I know the wind was blowing my way, I was sure I could smell your sex. "Do it baby, show me how hard you want Jeremy to fuck your pretty little cock sucking mouth." Taking a deep breath and you put one hand up against my stomach as you feel me pushing forward.

Ski Trip

first-time jasmine89 2018-11-09

I was lying on my back with my thighs apart, and he was kneeling beside me, his mouth back on my nipples with his hand inside my soaked knickers. Whilst he rubbed my clit in circles, I slid my hand into his boxers and pulled out his cock, which was solid and thick. I began stroking him, rubbing his pre-cum around his shaft so it slid between my hand more easily. “I want to cum in your mouth.” I wasn’t sure I liked the idea of that, but wanting to please him, and not wanting him to think I was a rubbish fuck (although he knew I was a virgin), I continued sucking him. His tongue found my clit and he began licking it, causing me to thrust my hips forward and moan loudly.

Holiday #195

first-time WatchingCloud 2018-07-07

Pete took his eyes off the desolate country road just long enough to cast a glance at Amy, his best friend since grade school, where she rode shotgun with her bare feet up on the dash. The way she said it, Pete got the impression that her seeing him naked was very much part of the reason she'd chosen for them to celebrate this holiday. Pete looked up, startled, having turned his attention away from Amy for a moment in the final disrobing.

An Unexpected Holiday Experience

first-time manofkent 2018-06-11

You had never done anything more than kiss a girl whilst drunk at uni, but not you were in no position to protest as you felt the hands move up your thighs and slide your dress up further. Upon completion she climbed on top of you, you felt her breathing move towards your face and tried to look away not wanting to kiss the women that had just taken the cock that should have been yours. She moved until she was over your mouth and told you to clean her, you felt my cum start to drip from her open pussy into you waiting mouth, she carried on pistoning the dildo into you faster and faster until you could take no more and cried out in orgasm.

An Innocent Holiday

first-time MellisaPutain 2018-06-07

Feeling risky, I sat up a little and let my tits hang a bit to tease him, flashed him a smile before laying back down facing the other direction. As the elevator doors closed I pressed my body against his, furiously making out with him as my hand slid inside his pants, stroking his hard cock. I grabbed his boardies and pulled them straight down, his hard cock bouncing out as his pants fell. He pulled my ass up into doggy style but pushed my head down into the bed, he stood behind me above my ass and pushed his hard cock down, deep inside me. I push down so his cock fills my pussy and I rest my legs either side of his hips as I grind on him.

First Holiday

first-time tony090909 2018-05-19

On the Thursday we went out for an evening walk on the seafront and two lads, who introduced themselves as Tony and Dave, came up and started chatting to us. Then Tony took Trudy by the hand and said he wanted another look at her room. He began to fuck me with slow, deep strokes and as his prick slid in and out of my cunt I started to respond and my love juices began to flow. He groaned and pushed deep into me and for the first time I felt a mans prick jerk inside me and the lovely warm feeling as he fired his load into me. His mouth clamped onto one of my breasts and as I tried to push him away his hand went between my legs.

From Essays to Ecstasy

first-time branda 2018-05-10

Alice started to walk back to the kitchen to start cooking the pair something, but Matthew grabbed her hand and pulled her down on the couch and told her to just hold off a second. Moments later, she started sucking hard and licking quickly on Chrystal's nipples as Matthew took her skirt and panties off and began fingering her dripping pussy. Once again eating her pussy, Alice was experiencing the same intense pleasure from before, but this time, Matthew was fingering her with one hand while working his cock with the other. As Alice continued eating Chrystal's pussy and Matthew ate hers, they were both just seconds from spewing their love juices all over one another.

The Buzz Pt. 02

first-time snail13 2018-01-29

No. Megan hadn't said "bring half a dozen friends too." Plus, what if they got in the way? Though it had sounded from outside like there had been many girls in here, I only saw Megan and the blonde girl who had opened the door. It wasn't just the dark room or the candles, but there were magic symbols and creepy looking books sitting about as well. Having had enough of talking about magic with the blonde girl, I got up and went to sit beside Megan. On the bed below was a cute looking blonde girl, slimmer and less intimidating than the one I'd met earlier. The cute blonde girl leaned in, trying to get a good look.

My First Time

first-time miramani 2018-01-08

I really did want to meet guys, but it made me nervous just talking about it, even with my best friend. The next day I took a tour bus and saw a few more sights, and met Adam again in the evening. Adam sucked on my tits again, and slid his fingers up and down my slit. "I want you to suck it," said Adam. "That was great!" said Adam, and went into the bathroom. Adam positioned his cock at my pussy entrance, and began to push in. Adam moaned as I felt his balls touch my skin. Adam cried out and pulled himself into me one last time, and I felt the heat as he came.