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A Persian wife is not what you should dream for

first-time affairmaster 2018-11-29

One day, while having a cuckold fantasy during sex with my wife, I showed a video that I took (without the knowledge of the owner) from one of the client's front yard and gate to my wife, before I develop the story and in this video, the face of the guy and his figure, appear for 2-3 seconds, before I shut it off. So, the guy, quickly put the pizza and the bottle of pop inside and came to pay me, but he pretended that he cannot find his credit card, so he turned to my wife and said: "I'm terribly sorry, I think I misplaced my wallet. There was no way back for me and I did exactly as he asked for, while my wife stared at me through the mirror and continually said: "You want sex, you need to bring me here once a week or give me a divorce." ...

Camara on Camera: A Live W(h)OR(e)LD Event!

first-time ballstothewall 2018-11-08

He clicked on her profile which featured a headshot of Camara, displaying the biggest brown eyes Robert had ever seen. Is this the—,“ Camara began to ask the driver, but was interrupted by the driver taking her hand and quickly placing her in the back seat. I can’t wait to—,“ Camara excitedly began to exclaim before Robert interrupted I know you need to be noticed in order to be happy,” Robert informed Camara. “How did you--,” Camara began to ask Robert. Robert pulled out a black leather briefcase and popped it open to display it to Camara. Ten minutes passed before the limo came to a halt and the door opened for Robert and Camara to exit.

Here Cums the Bride

first-time DKerr8047 2018-09-28

One good friend, named Iris, especially seemed to go through boyfriends pretty frequently, and would tell Carla all of the salacious details of the sexual activity she was having with them. Carla told me that they had dated several times and she became comfortable around him. At the same time Iris was telling Carla about all the fun she was having with her boyfriends and well, you can guess the rest. On one of their dates, the young man asked Carla if she would like to go see his apartment, and she said yes. There would be two more trysts of this sort before her better judgment kicked in, and she decided to stop before something unfortunate happened; her gentleman friend wasn't the type to use condoms.

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 01

first-time jacktar48 2018-08-16

I closed my eyes and concentrated on coming as I stroked my dick with one hand and clutched a pair of Jennifer's panties in the other, inhaling deeply of her musky scent. This is what I would do when I finally fucked her...pull out at the last minute and drive her wild with my tongue as my hot load spurted onto the sheets between her legs. She was close to the truth, although Jennifer had never actually sucked my cock, she had once pulled it out of my pants and stroked it a few times. As her hot slippery mouth closed around my cock I nearly fainted, and as my knees started to give way I caught myself by clasping my hands behind her head.

School Girl Gets Punished

first-time Promiscousgyrl 2018-08-14

This last time I "accidentally" blew-up our science lab, which unfortunately resulted in me being taken to the head masters to be expelled or so I thought. I usually like to be the center of attention, but the way he was staring at me was making me squirm in my seat, which in turn made my pussy lips rub together. He started to pull my panties down, and as he was doing this, he told me that he was going to reward me as the only way I deserved. "I want you to lay back down again on my desk, but this time on your back, with your legs spread and raised".

Faster Than a Minuteman

first-time newmember7 2018-07-13

I had been walking around all day with a raging hard on, which I didn't have to worry about anyone seeing, and I knew that when it came time to consummate the marriage it wouldn't take long. As I began to pull up my pants, one of the brothers yelled out "My five year old is more of a man than you are!" and another said "It looks like a large mole!" From then on I was known affectionately by her and her family as "Mole". About the same time one day, I overheard Ashley tell a friend, she didn't know I was outside the room, that she felt like she was still a virgin.

The Lady in the Red Coat

first-time HisLittleDoll 2018-06-06

He walked back into the room, his eyes staring at Victoria, causing her to become, once again very embarrassed, turning that reddish color, which had almost been a second skin to her this evening. Victoria quickly wiped the tears from her eyes, and rubbed where he pulled her pubic hair, attempting to decrease the pain. Victoria felt her hand slowly become out of her control as it moved its-self between a place no-one had ever been before just a few moments ago. "Yes master." Victoria said, her voice was quite and full of fear, as the razor ran against her skin removing the last few strands of hair.

A Lesson for Teacher

first-time DutchCourage 2018-06-01

The teacher's cleavage, made thick and pert by her black cotton dress. He gave attention to himself, the cool smooth keys on his fingers, her warm chest beside his head, the light on her flank where the sun and the dress clung to her figure. Your parents are paying a lot of money for this and I'll give you your money's worth, even if I have to tease it out of you." Two slender pianist fingertips, painted her lips' natural red, touched her chest. The teacher touched his thighs, delicate and controlled. When her lips touched his base, they moved with her moans. "Come on." Bill stood, clutched her by the sooty arm, walked her to the window and yanked the curtain open.

A Little Drama

first-time Hornsup 2018-03-03

If Jeff's approach to Meredith was a little callous, it was because he had just had a messy breakup with a girlfriend of nine months. Finally, after a couple of hours of cat and mouse Jeff came up to Meredith and brushed her shoulders with his fingertips. She didn't look bad at all, but to Jeff her quick-change seemed like a fence of femininity erected to standardize their "relationship." It wasn't enough to put him off, though, especially since for the first time he had a really good view of her magnificent cleavage. The only girl he had dated with breasts near this great had strung him along for weeks letting him fondle her without even removing her heavily laced bra.

Music Soothes the Savage Breast

first-time Pornguin 2018-02-26

Like Mike, I ride my bike to and from school, and take a shortcut along an isolated dirt path, with a creek/drainage ditch on one side. Seeing that Aimee was taken care of, I motioned Mike to follow me back down the trail where the rest of the Savage Breast were. I took pictures of Stacey and Marene; even now, Mike is going to upload those pics. You used to be sweet; for that I'll let you go and not be embarrassed." With that, I began to leave her and started playing my flute on my way home. Thinking I found it, I began to use my tongue, and then started to play her clit like I would my flute. "No Aimee, you need your penance, just like Stacey and Marene.


first-time 4inchBoy 2018-01-14

Jeff talked to the guest house owner and arranged to use another room that adjoined house through louvered doors. Then I heard him belly laugh and say something like "well my dick is going to have to work twice as hard then". I stood there on the landing and I realised I had to see Jeff in action, so when my girl went out to the shower down the corridor I sneaked into ensuite bathroom that was between the 2 rooms, which had the louvered doors on either side. Time seemed to slow down as they got more aroused and Jeff's member popped out of his pants and started to move relentlessly upwards towards his tummy button.

The Boy Next Door

first-time JeanCFNM 2018-01-11

Cynthia then leant over and grabbed Allan's cock and Allan told Mick that he was theirs to play with. I told him to slowly turn so that all the ladies could see him properly and by the time he'd gone through 360 degrees he was quite hard, probably as much as Allan but not as thick. Mick jumped every time they touched his cock or balls and even more so when they played with his butt crack. After he had recovered a little I told him that if he came into the garden and was alone he should always strip if he saw me and that he should visit my house often and would be expected to be naked.

Sexual Awakening of Daniel

first-time Egmont Grigor 2018-01-08

"I thought we were doing what was best for you Daniel," said Susan but am now left wondering how could we gang up on you like that. "No, I agree," Nancy said while Ewan thought Daniel's brother-in-law's birthday lunch was the more important engagement. Rachel answered the doorbell and smiled beautifully at Daniel and said, "I knew you would come." Rachel feels I'm the right sort of guy to enhance her social development because I've very positive about shyness and in turn she measures up to what I have been looking for in a woman, an impressive conversationalist, tremendously dedicated to her work, is modest and not going on about sex all the time like so many of her contemporaries."

Humiliation of Niece

first-time 2017-12-03

He brought her to within a yard of me, tilted her chin so she looked into my eyes and told her to tell me exactly what she had done to deserve punishment. She did then he asked me to sit down and he made her bend down in front of me and told her to show me her backside and the red cheeks. Turning to me he asked if I would deliver ten strokes with the thicker cane please ,I want her to remember this day for a long time. I was not going to raise my arm just using the wrist action would be enough to mark her for a few days so I did and told her to count them out and to apologise to us both after each one.

Kenny's College Humiliation

first-time Mister_Magnus 2017-11-17

His orgasm had actually liberated so much cum that when he landed, it made a little splash, and much to Miss Jones' continuing horror, a small amount of Kenny's ball juice splattered right across her exposed legs. Everyone knows you're supposed to cum on the girl's face, not your own!" This of course caused a fresh wave of laughter to course through the classroom as Kenny finally got his legs moving and made his way into the hallway and to the nearest bathroom... She was scrubbing her legs so fiercely they were starting to turn red, and when the door opened and she saw a cum-covered Kenny walk in her face quickly took on the same shade of scarlet.