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All in Time, part four

first-time Katje 2018-12-04

His tongue slid out, and his eyes lifting to hers, cupped and lightly stroked the dark pink tip. Diondre cupped her face in his hands, and smiled softly at her before leaning in and taking her lips in a deep kiss. The thought barely had time to register in Sammi’s mind before she felt him pulling it away from her body, and the weight of her breasts met his bare chest. Sammi was breath-taking as her full body moved, and he gritted his teeth when her eyes flew open, blind, and nearly came against her thigh as her orgasm shook her. Diondre knew he’d come soon, and moved his thumb faster, a little harder, and froze as she came.

Brenda And The Mango Man

first-time Tallguy222 2018-12-04

Max disappeared into the greenery with his sack, while Brenda lay her beach towel out, stripped down to a yellow bikini and settled down to read her book and soak up some more rays. Brenda opened her mouth, and Max gently poured the inside of the passion fruit onto Brenda’s tongue. Max then sliced up the guava and gestured for Brenda to open her mouth before he slowly placed the fruit on her tongue; again the fresh flavours sent her taste buds into raptures. Max knelt down and slipped his fingers inside the sides Brenda’s bikini and slowly slid them down her long slim legs, sliding them off her feet and throwing them to one side.

My Laotian Neighbor's Daughter

first-time NuDude49 2018-12-04

Keymie calls my name, tells me it’s OK and somehow gets me calm. She says, “I’ll sleep here, lay down please”  My left arm wraps over her hip and my hand is balled into a fist on top of her pajamas, on her sternum, neatly between her breasts.  After a week I notice the way Keymie helps me in the shower. While Keymie towels me off she says, “You…; It gets hot at night, I don’t think that you need your pajamas tonight,” her cheeks are bright red and her eyes are slightly downcast.  On her hip my hand finds that my mind is playing tricks, Keymie is wearing panties. Keymie bucks her hips a little and moans as I reach the piece de resistance, her clit.

Danny wakes up

first-time aychtrj1 2018-12-03

His father, though, became an alcoholic and a philanderer after he lost his job, pushing Danny’s mom to do all the work of raising a son and running the house. After they got to her place, the woman began unbuttoning Danny’s shirt. He kissed all around her belly button, on the stretch marks and then pushed his nose inside her belly button, sniffing it and breathing out the air while kissing her lower belly. The woman grabbed Danny’s hair and was pushing his face inside her belly now. He then got up a little and pushed his tongue into her deep belly button and began sucking hard. As he got dressed before going out the woman wrote her phone number on his chest with her lipstick and gave him a deep kiss before waving him goodbye.

TiaLing's Excellent Adventure

first-time Buddybear 2018-12-02

Tia's belly muscles uncontrollably tightened, and she curled upward and held her breath.  She was looking straight down between her thighs, watching the most incredible sight of her life:  a huge brown man's cock penis appearing out of her most intimate bodily orifice and then disappearing back inside.  Again and again very fast!  She couldn't breathe as wave after wave of sweet celestial pleasure washed over her, blurring her vision.  She felt the walls of her pussy cavern clamp down tight around the thrusting tree trunk shaft.  She heard the boy grunting loudly, and the sound of his flesh slapping into her thighs.  She felt a new feeling, a very warm, full feeling, deep inside her, and guessed that it was the boy filling her up with his lobster sauce!  Oh, she hoped so!

3 Guys 1 Virgin(part 2)

first-time CocoKissX 2018-12-01

Brandon's brother who he called "Tay" stood at the edge of the bed while Brandon started putting on his boxers and pants then left the room closing the door behind him. When his dick got good and hard, he got on the bed and pushed my legs up towards my face. I just as I started to feel my pussy numb from the pain, he pulled his dick out breathing hard as he slowly backed off the bed. I thought to myself that I didnt think I could take another dick but then my inner slut told me that I could and that it would be sexy to see his locks bounce across his face.

The First Time Never Comes Twice

first-time xhardx13 2018-12-01

Then in a voice filled with guilt, I said, "Look Mr. Flynn, I don't watch porn, but my mom left it in the player and I was curious." The thing was, the girls at school said they didn't like their first time. Sometimes we met in our family room with my mom away like the first time or at his place when no one was home. He scooped it up with his fingers and had me lick it off. I gave him a wink and licked the last creamy drops from my lips as if to say, "Yummy." I was just pretending to be like the woman in my mom's video, but that's another story. Mr. Flynn smiled, then gave me a deep romantic kiss.

First Time With The Golden Tongue

first-time Quell 2018-11-30

I was hoping he couldn't feel just how wet and hot my pussy had become. Well, we kissed and touched one another for a bit longer until he decided it was time for him to hit the shower.   I will never forget when he looked at me looked at the bed and said damn that spot looks like the  messenger we both laughed and went right back to pleasing one another. It was 5:00 am and the sun was shining when I walked out of the room with a smile on my face and a very satisfied body. He had made me feel so good I swear I felt like I flew home instead of driving all I could think of was until the next time.

Eva's Rising Secret

first-time top_spin 2018-11-29

Eva's eyes popped when she saw his cock; not yet hard it looked beautiful, just like in her dreams. Seated on the edge of the wall Eva moved between his legs, she began pumping his cock, twisting her hands in corkscrew manner as she kissed the head. Her lips made loud sucking and popping sounds as his cock slipped in and out of her mouth, at times she would smack the head of his prick on her tongue. Returning home on the bike Eva gently stroked Tre's cock keeping him nice and hard the whole way.

Black High School Friends Convince Me to Suck Them

first-time edlangston 2018-11-28

Darrell and Tyrone were talking trash the whole way there, mostly saying how much white girls liked fucking their big, black cocks. I didn’t know how long I had been sucking him, but it definitely seemed like a lot more than five minutes, when Darrell said, “Holy shit, Justin, I was mostly kidding around, and never thought you’d actually go through with it. Then Darrell said, “You know, Justin, we can’t afford to keep paying you to take care of our cocks, and I’m betting that you’ll want to suck us for free anyway. We reminisced about our high school football team for a few minutes, and then Tyrone dredged up my past cock sucking behavior, saying, “You know, Justin, we’ve all stayed pretty close over the years, and we wondered what happened to you.

Katie and her Landlord (Part 1)

first-time kaylane88 2018-11-25

“Please, please don’t stop, sir!” She’d never been fucked with three fingers before, let alone a cock, but the way Mr. Carl slammed her into the table was unexpectedly driving her insane. “That’s my good little girl.” Mr. Carl drew his fingers out, quickly shoving them in Katie’s mouth, watching her hungrily lick the cum off this time, a far cry from the tentative girl he’d watched earlier. Katie didn’t realize that it aroused Mr. Carl even more to treat her like a dirty slut by forcing her to pick up her clothes off the floor and head back to her apartment naked with his cum dripping out of her.

A Good Workout

first-time accepting0 2018-11-25

I don’t know what turned me on more about her get-up; the way the white fabric seemed to accentuate the smooth dark chocolate complexion of her skin or seeing how the crotch of her shorts had slipped between the lips of her cunt. I never imagined that a black woman’s pussy tasted so good,” I said, licking the foamy smears of sticky, white girl cum from my lips. Trisha laughed and said she didn’t know as she had never tasted the flavor of another woman’s pussy. When I gazed between her legs, seeing her hairy crotch covered with cum as thick white wads of my seed dripped from the pouting lips of her hot black cunt, my cock immediately grew hard again.

The House Sitter Chapter 1

first-time _O2_ 2018-11-22

Dave let Samantha and Lani know Karen would be a few minutes, suggesting that they check up on the dogs who could be heard but not seen. Lani smiled after looking to see what Samantha was doing, she noticed some slight tan lines around Samantha’s breasts and smiled to herself. “You have nice boobs too girl, I know some who wouldn’t mind having those.” Karen reveled in the way Lani made love to her breasts, it didn’t feel odd at all having this beautiful young woman enjoying her body the way she was. Lani had offered her the couch if they over indulged, which both Karen and Dave liked hearing since they didn’t want Samantha drinking and driving.

This one time at diabetic camp

first-time Diabeticpower 2018-11-22

Camp Horn works exactly like the Wizarding World but instead of magic, it is type one Diabetes. I have been going to the Camp Horn for 10 plus years and I have been a type one diabetic since 1992. She lets go of me and begins to walk off she blows me a kiss and screams out, We walk a good mile up the hill to a place known as Meditation Mountain, a place at Camp Horn you remember all the campers that have passed on through the program. I flip her over and I stick my dick into her so fast; she let out a loudest scream in life (maybe because I broke her cherry).

Cocoa Delight

first-time TheCaptain21804 2018-11-19

She tells me how horny she is and wants to know if I would like to come over to her place. She enjoyed my stroking her throbbing clit and slipping inside her love tunnel. She knelt on the bed, wrapping her hand around my throbbing shaft and stroked it a few times, then proceeded to lick then suck it deep into her throat. I asked her if she would like me to eat her pussy and she happily straddled my face and I slipped my tongue between her pussy lips, finding her hard clit. I slipped a condom on and she straddled my hips, guiding my long, hard cock into her tight, wet pussy.

A quick learner

first-time SirSpewalot 2018-11-19

Distractedly she saw Flora stretch out beside Ned and begin stroking his now much smaller cock as they kissed, but when Ned’s hand reached between Flora’s thighs and she spread them for him, Arlene was seized with a flush of desire and exulting anticipation and moved to the other edge of the window, almost into the bushes on that side, to see what Ned was doing. Sorry, she thought to herself, I have a different pussy to rub now, and after she caught her breath she looked inside to see Flora thrusting upwards as Ned had done, ass off the bed, thighs wrapped tight around his head and over his back, and she could hear Flora’s groans as she began climaxing.

Coming of Age Part I

first-time Oscuro78 2018-11-17

Louis was getting ready to leave to go home when Ms. Chatman approached him. "Hi Louis, I was wondering if you could come help me with some stuff sweetie." She said to him with a smile. Louis was surprised at what he saw so he minimized the picture because he did not want to show that he had a stiff cock.  Ms. Whitney came downstairs into the room where her computer with an outfit tht was more revelaing. "Looks like someone wants to come out and play." She said as she licked her lips.  She then took him and sat down on the couch.

Duped Myself Into Becoming a Cock Sucker for My Black Boss

first-time edlangston 2018-11-16

Then I wrote about the same situation that happened to us in real life, where Malcolm explained to Mike why he was reading stories about white men sucking black cocks. After seeing Malcolm at the urinals and watching him masturbate in bed while reading, Mike comes to a point where he thinks he would like to suck Malcolm’s cock. After what seemed like about the right amount of time to finish my story, Kevin looked back at me and asked, “I’m just curious about something, Ed. Have you been reading any of the stories on the web site I told you about?” Maybe I’ll look for a story on your site about white husbands being cuckolded by big-cocked, black men that will convince me to get Linda to try it.”

Lifestyle Parents

first-time NVMii 2018-11-14

Danny's mom, Jill, met Becca's father, Marty, at a “meet a friend” party. I felt Danny's fingers spread my pussy lips and his tongue teased my inner labia. I had a good view of Jill's pussy and Ty's cock as he moved up on the bed. Jill started to move her ass, she was fucking Ty. I saw her pussy pull his cock side to side. When I felt the heat of his cock on my pussy, I begged, “Fuck me Danny, take my virginity and fuck me.” Danny moved his hips forward, I felt the heat of his cock touching my pussy. I wanted to be fucked again, I loved the feel of Danny's cock in me.

Oh, Yes Father John

first-time goodgirlgonebad001 2018-11-13

One afternoon, while sitting down next to Father John to review some school notes, Lolita noticed that Father John was rather close to her, and their legs were almost touching. You have so much to offer the other girls and the world around you,” said Father John, as he gently put his large manly hand on top of her left thigh. As Father John gently squeezed her leg, she felt the warmth growing and feelings going out of control. Lolita closed her eyes as she could feel the sensation building again, then he took his other hand and touched her cheek, “Let me know if there is anything I can do for you, morning, noon or night.

24 hours with Jake

first-time Lexy 2018-11-13

To tease myself I would stop, pinch my clit then rub my nipples, but when I could feel myself getting close to the edge: I sat down on the rim of the bath tub reached up and unhooked the shower, not before setting on high pressure cold.  He didn't say anything to me just kept looking down at me, so hands shaking and in a rush for things to happen I pulled down his board swimming trunks; his manhood released into the cooling afternoon air. I tried to pull back some more, so he grabbed my hair and started to grind himself into my face, thus face fucking me, while he was doing this one of my free hand went to wet pussy the other back and forth between his balls and my nipples.

Calming Mit's Fear of Boys: Part I

first-time Luckymann 2018-11-12

She continued, "The boys we know are good guys, Dad. Most of them have come to our house." Tiffany said she couldn’t remember how many times she had asked Mit to go with her to the mall, the local burger joint, or just come over and join a pool party. "I don’t know, Mit. Tiffany and I have been very open and have talked about the changes her body has been going through for a long time. "Mit honey, you are a beautiful young lady with a wonderful pair of breasts." After giving her tits a squeeze and gently tweaking her nipples, I asked her, "Now, what do you want to know tonight, Mit?"

Summer Storm

first-time seeker4 2018-11-10

“Not bad, Simon,” she answered brightly, looking up and smiling at me, “Looks like I’m headed for an A in summer school English.” “If you’re indirectly asking if I’m a virgin, the answer is ‘yes’,” Chloe answered, “I’ve gone to first base a few times with one guy that I really liked.” My fingers slowly massaged my hard cock as I envisioned myself kissing her naked body all over, ending between her spread thighs where my lips and tongue pleasured her drenched pussy. “That’s good, baby,” I said quietly, my fingers idly caressing her hair, “Take it in a bit deeper and use your tongue as you suck.”

Calming Mit's Fear of Boys: Part II Mit's Final Request.

first-time Luckymann 2018-11-10

Mit looked down at my crotch and the hard cock held in my pants. Please Lucky, make love to me." Mit then laid her head back on my chest and hugged me tightly. I again kissed her forehead and agreed, "Alright Mit, if you want to give me your sweet cherry, I’ll accept your gift. I want this to be really special for you like it will be for me." I then pushed down her body and my cock pulled away from her inviting hole. Then, hugging her tightly and kissing her tenderly, I pulled my cock back until only the head remained inside her unexplored love tunnel. As I pounded my spurting cock deep into her hungry cunt, Mit yelled out, "Oh God, Lucky!