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Beth's First Massage

first-time Billfrank1955 2018-06-26

She heard him pumping something from the bottle into his hands and then felt him begin to work on her shoulder and back muscles. Even the touch of his hands changed as she began feeling each of his fingers. Her nipples began to stiffen as he continued to toy with them, so he changed his method to massage her breasts by placing them under his palms and moving his hands in circles on them. Brian then straddled one of her legs and began running his fingers and palm up and down from her clit to her ass while pressing down on her lower abdomen with the palm of his other hand.

The Massage

first-time AlexanderNow 2018-06-15

I haven't experienced anything like it since; the only time I can approach it is by my self, when I can close my eyes and visualise the scene - she lying there, my hands massaging her beautiful brown breasts, her faced screwed up in beautiful agony of orgasm, her high panting grunts, and her squirming shoulders, with beads of sweat starring to form on her shoulders, and that tiger tattoo staring at me while I exploded inside her. As I opened the door, I looked back to see the woman who I had just shared the most erotic moment of my entire life waving at me with that still same sly, sumptuous smile that lit up that dark space beyond the beaded curtain, I waved limply back and walked outside into the humid heat and then into the airconed hotel, up the lift into my room.


first-time SexyVixen27 2018-06-13

“We need to fold your towel small so it covers only your bum,” she says, “don't worry, I shall turn around if you want me to.” I turn around so I'm showing my breasts, walk back up to the bed, look at Mei, who's smiling at me and I lay down on my front. I feel her move my hair out of the way, hearing another squirt, she begins on my back, rubbing away and all that I can think of is her breasts, how perfect they are, I want to touch them. I take some lotion on my hands, I massage her legs and 'accidentally' brush along her wet pussy a few times, her head is thrown back.

First woman to entice me

first-time Rubz 2018-06-09

You gasp in excitement as you feel the heat of my breath tickling your sodden pussy, my hands holding your hips firmly to the bed to stop you rising up to me as I drag my hot tongue firmly along your sex, tasting your excitement and hearing your primal moans as I flick across your exposed clit. I pull my tongue down to your opening, and slowly push it deep inside you, feeling you tense before moaning in pleasure as your body relaxes, just your tight little hole clamping onto my tongue, pulling it deeper into you. I just use my tongue to slowly clean your juices, licking from your opening up to your clit, your body jolting as I touch your sensitive, post orgasm sweet spot, making me smile.

Consummation With A Massage Included

first-time bava12 2018-06-04

Usually she wears a skirt during travel, so I just put my hands between her thighs and started massaging and pushed aside her panty and started finger, she was just closing her eyes and trying to suppress her moans, and she came in my hands. I moved to her belly and then to her inner thighs and finally started massaging her pussy from out to in and took my time to rub her clit and fingered her slow and finally she came a lot with a load moan and was panting and gasping for air. She took off the blindfold and started to kiss me hard and pushed on the bed and brought some Chocó syrup and poured it all over me and my cock and started to lick me fully.

I have a crush on my best friend

first-time Mysteria27 2018-06-01

Tina was kissing me deep and passionately and her hands were cupping and massaging my breasts. “Oh God. Your hands feel so good on my breasts. Tina then spread my thighs and worked her tongue all over my pussy lips. She looked so amazing with my fingers up her cunt and her hands all over her beautiful breasts. I didn’t want to not do a great job and look foolish in front of Tina. Tina was playing with her breasts and rubbing her clitoris, while she rode the pizza guy. I really wanted to know how it felt to have a cock up my vagina, but wanted my first time to be with somebody other than the pizza delivery guy.

An adventure at the spa

first-time EvelynLi 2018-05-28

When I told her I hadn't she said, “I think you'll like it, you're in for a treat.” She had some warm oils which she rubbed on her hands and then started to massage my arms and shoulders – it felt so good to have a firm hand pressing into my flesh like that and I started to drift away. Flicking my tongue up and down her wet slit and teasing her hard clit felt so amazingly good – I pulled her pussy lips apart and drank in those hot juices which were now flowing so freely from her aroused cunt.

Massage with an Explosion

first-time jasperk 2018-05-26

Things started to get a little more personal here, as Matt would occasionally brush his hand against my cock and in my ass crack. I agreed, and with that, I felt Mike's hand grip my cock and balls from behind. Out of nowhere, with a swift move, my towel was quickly pulled off of me and Matt's hand was firmly around my cock. They felt just as hard as I was, and they didn't stop me, so I moved my hands up slightly to their waistbands and pulled their pants down, revealing their throbbing cocks. Mike walked away and grabbed a warm towel to clean me up, as I had three loads worth of cum on various parts of my body.

Introduction to Lust

first-time bad_mann_ers 2018-05-26

She laughed and said, "Okay, if that's how you want to play it." With a challenging look and an honest smile, she added, "Let's see who gives in first!" This time I saw that as I worked to get the right pressure to my hands, my chest was moving close enough that some of the hairs were teasing on her very erect nipples. "The first thing that I saw that made me lust you," she said as I was finishing the massage, "was the way the muscles in your forearm rippled as you touched my ribs and shoulders." She took my hand in hers, and caressed the lines on my forearm.

Save It For A Rainy Day

first-time sexy_story_tella 2018-05-24

Minutes later I had rubbed all the gray dirt off my fingers I sat down to watch some good TV. If you are an Indiana Jones newbie we better start off with Raiders of the Lost Ark." After another half an hour I felt his hand on my leg, and this time when I looked over, I saw that he was staring right at me. He looked down and started massaging his hand up and down my legs, giving me gooseb gs and umps. "I know you are excited Rosie but I feel like you are not excited enough." He ran his hand through his thick, uneven, brown hair. I closed my eyes and suddenly felt his warm hands addressing my shoulders.

She turned me into a nympho

first-time nightgirl45 2018-05-24

Kim laughed and said " Yes silly...This is a free experience for couples and singles" She said " there is so much sexual energy here that every thing is so natural "      Well look at the time lets get back and have some dinner and then we can sit by the fire.      Then the music muted again and Kim said that Saki was going to give me a hair cut and give my pussey total exposure. I thought about the button then l said to myself " What the hell lets have the whole nine yards."      I could now feel Kims hands on my breasts and she was treating each one ever so softly and using both hands on one at a time.

Asian Massage Parlor - First Visit

first-time Franchise11 2018-05-09

I must admit it, it was a bit strange to be lying alone, naked, in a strange place, with an out-of-control erection knowing that in but a short time a woman would touch my penis for the first time and bring me to orgasm. Just a few seconds later, she poured a generous portion of warm oil on the underside of my dick, applied more to her hands and began to stroke away. Finally, she asked, "I get all cum, right?" in a tone so clinical it was sexy itself, giving my penis a few final strokes, putting some extra pressure with her thumb against the frenulum.

getting my back waxed

first-time 2018-05-07

He started to massage my back working down to my ass he then massaged my ass cheeks slowly rubbing them then i felt him rubbing my ass hole it felt nice so i let him keep doing it i then felt one of his fingers pushing in my hole he started working it in and out he said to me get on all four's so i did as he said he come behind me and started to rim me my cock instanly got rock hard he then said go with him in the other room he striped his clothes off and we started to kiss each other he pushed me on my knee's and said suck his cock it was my first time sucking an other mans cock so i took my time slowly sucking.

First time massage

first-time 2018-05-05

Kloe left to exit the leisure centre and walk home – it was at this point the next few days started to take an unexpected change. Kloe then felt the towel being slowly folded down her back – she was glad she had worn nice underwear – it was her favourite pink bra – although still very self conscious of a man she knew she found attractive but did not know at all getting this close to her. The strokes were varied – when all of a sudden she felt his hands move slightly under the towel and onto the top of her knickers, it made her shiver slightly but she was no so relaxed she didn’t ask anything.

Her first massage

first-time skanless 2018-04-27

It really does.” I reply “that’s good” he tells me “I’m just here to make youfeel good.” With that statement, his hands movebetween my breasts and massage my ribs. Arching up to his hands, I canonly say “yes.” His mouth moves to my nipple and suckles there whilehe continues massaging. Finally his hands stopped teasing and slipped under the sheet to cup my bottom gently, then getting bolder with each stroke from my shoulders until he reached completely between my legs to feel me lightly, teasing the thin curls there. He then bent to my breast closest to him, his mouth closing over my nipple, I arch up for him and his hand moved again between my legs under the sheet.


first-time DavBoo 2018-04-20

She then moved onto my lower back and gave me a good deep workout, saying that she could feel the tightness in my muscles, after a period of time she gradually moved higher up till she got to my shoulders and the injury that I had, she once again commented about being able to feel the difference and proceeded to give this area a good long massage. As she worked lower she removed the towel that was covering my bum and started to massage me there, as she worked she put plenty of oil on her hands and went right down between my legs spreading them apart, she then proceeded to work down my bum with her finger tips just lightly tickling my balls, as she did this my dick started to respond and start to grow a bit.

Massage with Indian AUNTY

first-time ranasangram039 2018-04-16

Night I went to her apartment and asked her shall we start massage and she said wait for fifteen minutes, I will do bath and come and I have said her to collect some fruits and make an juice . She removed her panty and on same procedure I kissed her pussy with my mouth and started licking her pussy and she said he is so happy so have such type of massage and started sucking my cook and after some time I kept my penis in her vagina in doggy style.

Another business trip (True)

first-time 2018-04-15

We kept talking, flirting, our hands brushing up against arms, legs as we chatted, then out of the blue I just suggested we go up to my room for more drinks. I started with warming the oil in my hands then slowly massaging her shoulders and neck. Finally I took more oil on my hands applied it to her sexy ass, it was round, beautiful and totally proportional to her body. I kept licking lower, over her belly button, both her hands were on my head and my fingers deep inside her began to move faster. I resisted to tease her then finally I reached out with my warm wet tongue and licked her clit while I continued to finger her.

The Appointment

first-time rjamesc74 2018-04-14

receptionist said that your usual doctor was fully booked but that you’d always been attracted to beautiful women and the girl who had You had felt yourself attracted to her the instant you saw her and the fact she had intimately massaged your whole body had only added tall, blonde, doctor, similar age to yourself looking every bit the professional man.  For the second time that day you felt the pull of attraction and jumped up quickly, perhaps a little bit too corridor and also felt an instant attraction to you.  Although I doctor and the thought of me probing and entering you added fuel to moaned in reply, ‘Yes...cum inside me...give it to me....take me!’.

First Male Massage

first-time maxfuckedher 2018-04-12

This was a little difficult with my head down in the hole of the table, so I let it drop and started to relax with the soft music and prepare for the massage. I heard another noise like when the towel hit the floor but could see nothing new through the hole in the table and went back to enjoying his wonderful hands on my lower back. I was looking down through the hole in the table trying to think what might happen next when I felt his skin touch my ear. I was overcome by how good his cock looked and even though I had never really thought about it I was curious as to how different it felt in my hand and how soft but firm it was.


first-time HJVento 2018-04-05

I eventually slide my hands between your thighs and let them run up, stroking over your now very wet and swollen pussy lips and over up, over your asshole, letting my fingers gently massage both your exposed orifices, especially your little asshole, teasing the sensitive area and feel you tense ever so slightly and moan in pleasure into the pillow as I gently slide a finger inside of you. When I feel how you clamp down on me as you get close to another orgasm I stop moving and let you ride through the build up and then start again until I feel you were loose enough to slowly slide my thumb inside you as well, gently pushing in all my fingers inside of you, slowly work my whole hand inside of you.

Massage club

first-time ruggerboy 2018-03-24

He started at my head and after washing the oil off his hands gave me a very relaxing head massage. As his hands started to massage my hips and side of my buttocks I realized my vagina was totally exposed to him. He worked from my hips this time and when he reached my breasts he took one in each hand and squeezed gently rolling my nipples between his finger and thumb. I couldn't move my head up the shaft so I started pulling him towards me which made him slowly thrust his penis in and out of my mouth.his hands were back in my breasts by this time and my nipples were aching.

Tiffany's first kiss part 1

first-time dragonstoneprincess 2018-03-21

"Jade, what are you doing, this is really weird.." "Tiffany, This is what boys will do to you, and I'm going to teach you, so you know what to expect and you won't be scared, you don't want to be a virgin forever do you?" I sighed a soft "I guess not.." "oh my gosh, Jade this feels so strange.." "You're going to love it, you'll see.." she gasped pinching my nipples. this feels so good" I said gasping with pleasure she continued on like this for another half hour then heaving she said "Tiffany, when we get pregnant and start lactating promise you'll let me breastfeed.. I let out a loud moan it was the first orgasm I'd ever had with someone else as I climaxed I pinched and twisted her puffy little nipples, she seamed to love that.

Massage made her horny

first-time bedlam54 2018-03-20

I had to use two hands to massage her inner thighs and with each stroke I moved my hand closer to her pussy ever so slightly grazing past it, she knew what I was doing but she didn't mind. She moved her arms down her self a bit more and pulled her knickers down all the way, revealing a fat perfect pussy and perfect looking slightly hairy arse hole. She jumped and turned her self round and as she did this her tits threw them selves round with her and made an almighty slapping noise which made me so fucking horny, I began to lick her pussy all whilst looking up at her, she grabbed one of her perfect tits and put it in her mouth sucking on it, then the other she began to play with her nipple.