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Fantasies for Her

first-time Rembacher 2018-12-04

I broke our kiss, pulled my hand out, and climbed on top of you, positioning my cock at the entrance of your pussy, and staring into your eyes as I entered you. When I got to my room, you were both naked, lying on the bed, and running your hands all over each other’s body while locked in a passionate kiss. There were so many places I could have looked: your beautiful tits heaving with each deep breath as you felt the passion run through you; her head, as it moved about your sweet pussy, working to give you pleasure; her ass, as it pointed directly at me; but the thing that drew my attention, and kept it throughout, was your face.

Nerdy Girl Spying on Me

first-time Tanksdad 2018-12-04

“I have always gone to all girl schools, even college,” she said again looking at my still half hard cock. “Why on Earth are you wearing that heavy sweater in May?” I asked. “They are jealous, forget them,” I said my eyes feasting on her creamy huge tits. I grabbed her hand and yanked her skirt down her shapely ass and legs. I kept rocking until Ruth was breathing quicker and bouncing in my lap. I grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted and dropped her onto my dick as we continued rocking. She was just getting her huge old fashioned bra over her gorgeous breasts when my wife entered the bathroom.

Introducing My Neighbor to Sex

first-time Green_Man 2018-12-03

After the girls came home from school each day, I would spend hours watching Clara as she primped around her room. She started learning where to touch herself around her pussy for the best feelings. Then, when her little pussy started leaking fluids, it surprised her. When Clara had begun to really know her body, I decided to introduce her to a man's body. I started pushing the prick into her pussy and slowly came to the hymen. I pulled my now flaccid cock from her bruised little pussy and rolled beside her to cuddle and talk of what had just happened. Then she licked a little and tasted my come on the head that was still oozing out the hole. Now she got serious and put the whole head in her mouth.

The First With Martin: Part One

first-time tangerinelove 2018-12-03

This is my first story, I would appreciate it if you guys would put remarks about it. After a couple minutes, he turned to me, bit his lip and whispered in a sultry, deep and sexy voice, "Babe, I want you." I cringed, my pussy having that distinct feeling when you know that something amazing is going to happen. “You know how much I want to fuck you?” We continued until his hands reached under my camisole, to my bra and then grabbed my tits—groping and making circular motions around my nipples. I wanted to feel every inch of him thrusting deep inside of me. I wanted to ride him I wanted us to enjoy and use one another’s bodies to strengthen our special bond.

College Roomate (Chapter II)

first-time Safire 2018-12-03

His fingers explored my crotch, and I moaned as they rubbed my pussy lips, spreading them apart. “I’m gonna slide my big, hard cock into your tight little cunt,” he whispered, dominantly in my ear, “and I’ll fuck you so hard and deep you’ll be begging for me to cum inside you.” I moaned and he pushed his finger in harder, “I’m going to make you see stars when you orgasm, you’ll be gasping for breath,” “Then fuck me!” I cried, and almost instantly his cock was buried inside my pussy. He fucked me hard for a few more minutes before I felt his cock start to convulse again inside my pussy.

Anne Makes the Grade Chapter 2

first-time NOLANCMike 2018-12-02

“Well, that’s where I was. That’s how it goes.” “That’s fine hon. “Sweet dreams hon.” He worked in and out of her bare pussy for several minutes as the scene switched from a top view to a bottom view giving Anne a clear look at the bottom of his cock and balls. Let’s fine one of a girl playing with herself.” She clicked play and the scene opened to the girl lying on her bed…. She released the pen and watched it slowly slide out of her pussy. She placed the mirror on the cushion and spread her pussy open with both hands. “Stoooooop iiiiit,” he slurred. “Owwwccch.” He slurred again. Her softly accented words were musical, sweet. “What the hell is a Puma?”

My first

first-time musicandmuffins 2018-12-02

His long fingers cautiously made their way down into the back pocket of my jeans, and I gently pushed against his hand with encouragement. I saw the corners of his mouth twitch as he gently traced his fingers over my ass, and slowly turned his head to look into my eyes. I pushed his hand past the waistline of my jeans and into my thong, feeling his long fingers trace over my soaking wet pussy. I grabbed hold of two of his long fingers and shoved them into my cunt, moaning as they pushed past my g spot. Every motion felt incredible, and his breath became ragged against my mouth, getting turned on by my moans every time he plunged his fingers into my tight wet hole.

Field of secrets

first-time GigiLovesIt 2018-12-02

A tear rolled down her cheek as she stood in the small hut that was home. She walked outside and looked onto the meadow. For weeks Ava and Anna had spent roaming the fields and discovering each others bodies, creating new secrets every day. She'd let her fingers roam up and down, drawing the wetness from her slit to her clitoris and sighing as she'd concentrated on rubbing there, feeling her muscles contract, recognizing the feeling Anna gave her when she licked her the day before. She shook her head as she thought back to the previous day. Ava walked back to her hut and saw the sun had risen, feeling the soft glow on her flustered cheeks.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Ten)

first-time John_Doe 2018-12-02

As Amanda continued to jerk me, Julia leaned forward and still playing with my balls, stuck out her tongue and began to flick away at the swelling purple head of my cock. Amanda's hand continued to jerk the length of shaft of my cock, harder, faster, picking up speed with each twist of her wrist. My swelling head of my cock being sucked on hard by Julia's wet lips. Amanda's hand continued to jerk me as I cum hard with a loud groan of ecstasy of orgasmic state. Julia's hand cupped my balls and gently squeezed, as my cock continued to be jerked hard and fast to get every drop out.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Four)

first-time John_Doe 2018-12-01

“Since you let me play with your cock last night, would you like to touch my boobs?” She asked me. I leaned forward a little, as she took hold of one of my hands in her own soft grasp and raised it towards her boobs. My cock felt wonderful in the softness of her fingers, still stroking it back and forth as she looked up at me with a soft smile. She leaned forward a little, and upright as she took the tip of my cock and very gently tapped the tip against the firmness of her naked boobs. Her hands rising up, and her fingers touched the cum on her chest as she gently rubbed it into her skin, and down over her boobs, giving a soft glistening to their appearance.

Teaching Me The Chemistry Of Love

first-time WetGirly 2018-12-01

My friends started making jokes about it, because we shared lots of things in common and I think I was the one who he used to talk to the most from the class, so whenever we found him in the hallways and greeted us, they giggled and told me funny things about the situation. Sometime later, I got to the conclusion that it didn’t mattered if he was practically 13 years older than me and he was a teacher at my own school, but someday I had to get really close to him…and it happened. I can tell you that I like you a lot and I really want you…and after seeing this…I think I can say I love you…- I felt I was blushing, but at the same time I felt kinda peaceful.

The First Time Never Comes Twice

first-time xhardx13 2018-12-01

Then in a voice filled with guilt, I said, "Look Mr. Flynn, I don't watch porn, but my mom left it in the player and I was curious." The thing was, the girls at school said they didn't like their first time. Sometimes we met in our family room with my mom away like the first time or at his place when no one was home. He scooped it up with his fingers and had me lick it off. I gave him a wink and licked the last creamy drops from my lips as if to say, "Yummy." I was just pretending to be like the woman in my mom's video, but that's another story. Mr. Flynn smiled, then gave me a deep romantic kiss.

Teacher teacher

first-time Taggerdoo 2018-11-30

I'd see the popular kids looking so relaxed and carefree, laughing their asses off and basically just having a high old time. It went along in the same vein until almost time for class to end when I started to get this zipper busting spontaneous erection! I told her I wasn't involved in any afer school activities and that I usually went home and did my chores. I can't let those little things go neglected!" She giggled a little at that and she looked like a teenager herself for just a moment. She grasped the back of my head with one hand and ground my face into her pussy as she came. She sat up and grasped my cock in her hand and started to jerk on it with abandon.

Eva's Rising Secret

first-time top_spin 2018-11-29

Eva's eyes popped when she saw his cock; not yet hard it looked beautiful, just like in her dreams. Seated on the edge of the wall Eva moved between his legs, she began pumping his cock, twisting her hands in corkscrew manner as she kissed the head. Her lips made loud sucking and popping sounds as his cock slipped in and out of her mouth, at times she would smack the head of his prick on her tongue. Returning home on the bike Eva gently stroked Tre's cock keeping him nice and hard the whole way.

First Time Threesome

first-time TattedGoddess 2018-11-29

He moved down to my neck and I tilted my head to the side so he could proceed to nibble and suck along my neck, eliciting moans from my lips as I closed my eyes and got lost to the pleasure. I pulled back from the kiss just so I could suck on her nipple, her hands twisted in my hair held me in place as she moaned. I kept sucking on her clit as I slid one finger over her ass crack, down to the tight little puckered hole before slipping it into her hot and wet pussy. Finally I felt the orgasm hit and I let out a loud, long moan as I came again, this time squirting all over the shower walls and floor.

My Next Door Neighbor - Part One

first-time scotth 2018-11-29

She looked directly into my eyes as she reached the hand holding the wand up and slowly moved it across her breasts. With her free hand she began to touch and then to spread her pubic lips, opening them to the light of the wand and to my voracious eyes. Slowly, steadily Christina moved her wand closer to her pussy, which she was now holding open with the splayed fingers of her hand. When she began to move her wand into and out of her pussy my hand sped up its actions and my hips began moving back and forth as I was imagining that I was thrusting my cock into and out of my neighbor’s glorious pussy.

The Drive Home

first-time stockingluvr 2018-11-28

I love the feel of stroking my legs and feet with stockings still on and get hard pretty quickly all the while knowing that if someone really looked as they passed my truck they would probably get an eyeful of my naked cock. To prolong the enjoyment I simply stroke my stocking-covered legs until the urge to cum has subsided to a tolerable level and then I tilt a little to one side and start to work the plug slowly in and out at a nice easy pace. I reached forward and quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out a beautifully hard average-sized cock and started to slowly stroke it. While I was stroking his half hard cock he reached down and started to slowly work the butt plug in and out of my ass.

Caught in the Act

first-time henrygatewood 2018-11-28

He had stopped thrusting to turn his head and shout at me, and I heard the woman – I think it was Katy, from finance – moan something to the effect that she would very much like him to continue. Every time I opened them I saw the back of Amy’s head, heard her gentle breathing, and found myself thinking about that big red bra. Amy drew my hand gently away from my dick, then straddled my chest and pulled the long t-shirt up over her head. Our bodies moved like two parts of some sensual machine, there on the enormous bed in the moonlight, every motion perfectly balanced and ecstatically surreal.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Five)

first-time John_Doe 2018-11-28

The water, the heat and the sight of Julia began to become a little too much as within moments my cock began to rise to attention. It does involve cards but is quite easy, and I'm sure you'll love it once you get into the hang of the game!" she said enthusiastically as she stepped over and picked up a deck of cards we had used the previous night. "Alright, what's the question?" I asked her, unsure of what she may want to know about me. How many times do you jerk off in a day?" she said with a soft giggle of knowing I couldn't not answer. "You sure you haven't sorted these cards so you win all the time!" I asked with a smile.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Seven)

first-time John_Doe 2018-11-27

I went downstairs and entered into the living room as I stepped inside to see Julia sat on the sofa, next to her friend. As we cooked, and then sat down to eat, Amanda told me a little about herself, and how her and Julia were best friends and her boyfriend had hurt her by breaking up with her. I laid there, regaining my composure and growing weary and tired from my jerk off experience as I closed my eyes and before long, my sexual lust taken care of I softly fell asleep on the bed. It looks like you were a little busy last night before you went to sleep" she softly whispered to me as she pointed down to my body.

How I Lost My Virginity - An Unexpected Threesome

first-time leppy80 2018-11-27

Sam and Chris had been out the night before and had ended up bringing two sisters, Sarah and Edith, back to our house. Moving forward a couple of weeks, to the evening before the night that it all happened, Sam and I headed to the pub straight after work. Sarah looked hesitant, pausing and looking at me, and then back to Sam. Suddenly she slid down off the couch and sat on the floor, spreading her legs, revealing her pussy to me for the first time. Sam stood up and slid my couch against the door, and walking back to Sarah, positioned himself between Sarah's open legs and slid his now erect again cock into her pussy.

Service With A Smile - Part II

first-time KJessica 2018-11-27

Sitting there watching both girls he could feel his strength return, so he told Lauran that he’d ask Judy if she would like to come to his room, hoping that she would give herself up to him. She watched as Judy got wetter and wetter, and Lauran reveled in watching her friend squirm in his arms as he gently pushed his erection, still red from its earlier fucking, into Judy’s awaiting pussy until he was all the way inside her tight virgin pussy, where he stopped momentarily to get her used to the feeling.

A Whole New Place

first-time LaPetiteFleur 2018-11-27

Alicia longed for her home city with the friendly neighbours, and the little Christian school she had attended as a child. Alicia lay comfortably on her bed trying to study. She lay completely silent feeling the blue satin bed cover between her fingers. Slowly she began massaging herself, by fluently moving her hand back and forth on top of her white panties. Alicia sat by her computer consulting an online English-Russian dictionary, when an ad popped up. Alicia directed her attention to her hand and though she might be late. About two hours later Alicia was walking through the dark streets. Alicia heard the beating of her heart and felt his warm breath on her face. Alicia sat back in her chair and clicked: Browse profiles.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Twelve)

first-time John_Doe 2018-11-27

My eyelids slowly closing from the feelings erupting inside of my body of my cock slipping inch by inch inside and out of Julia's warm and dripping wet mouth, as Amanda's tongue flicked and licked away upon my balls. The last few drops just breaking out from the slit of my cock as Julia leaned up and wrapped her lips upon the swelling head and sucked upon it, as I felt myself being drained of every drop I could let go as it slipped into her mouth and onto her warm wet tongue as she took every drop inside of her mouth.