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US Army ROTC Camp

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-12-04

In the past, we had mixed bivouacs, but because of issues with the guys and the girls ending up in each other’s tents, Army Command decided to separate the bivouac camps, by sex. She knelt down on her knees and crawled on to my sleeping bag beside me, slipping her hand across my bare chest and on to my shoulder, as she snuggled up close to me. She slipped her lips over the end of my throbbing cock, as I grabbed her blonde hair and squeezed it in my hands. She pressed her hands into my chest, and bit down on her lower lip, as she worked her hips back and forth, my cock buried deep inside of her.

How I Lost My Virginity!

first-time Cugarluvr 2018-12-02

The worry about what others might think began to creep in to my head, I considered not keeping our date but the need inside me was too strong, and I knew no matter what others thought or said, I was determined to lose my virginity. Putting her arm around me and gave me a hug and said something like, "That's OK, you'll get over it, and it will get better" and putting a hand on my cheek turned my head towards and kissed me. At last I could relieve myself and before I was finished I felt Norma's arms around me, she placed a cheek against my back and waited till I was finished, then kissed me and went to make us some lunch.


A Guard Shift To Remember...

first-time mixedchocolate 2018-11-26

Her breathing started to come in shallow, and short bursts, and she pushed her hips up, and grabbed my head and mashed my face into her pussy as she began to rock and moan in pleasure as she orgasmed. (Going 'balls deep' was a big deal for me, because while I am by no means a monster, my cock was too large to completely fit inside most of the other girls I had been with.) At this point I told her that I wanted to fuck her from behind. Even though I knew I wouldn't be able to cum again, I didn't want it to end, so I kept pumping, just enjoying it, and too my surprise, soon I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and she threw her head back and moaned that she was coming again.

Sleep Well, My Soldier

first-time CarrieJames 2018-07-26

a pocket of her mind had closed itself off, had resisted melting, so that it could record every touch, every smell, ensuring that later she would be able to conjure up the soap-anise scent of his skin, the heat of his breath on her face and the ragged edges of his scars beneath her fingertips, the precise moment his smile contorted into a gasp, the sinews running through his shoulders, flexing under her palms, and the tendons in his neck straining like cords as he draped her dress over her shoulders and craned his head to kiss her naked breasts, exciting her nipples into hard buds with his tongue, as hard as the button of flesh between her legs where his thumb rubbed in a circular pattern too exact to be improvised.

Her Night with Him

first-time theisland26 2018-07-20

The conversation took a more upbeat turn and suddenly the young Marine had forgotten that he was speaking with this woman of simplistic, yet raw beauty -- shoulder length black hair and rich white skin that bore the tint of the slightest sun kissed color, big brown eyes, round, mesmerizing, piercing all in one -- and the two became lost in talk of movies and music, which evolved into his confession of a passion for acting and her inquiring further about the life of a man of whom she'd only thought in passing.

First Time for a Marine

first-time NiBimise 2018-01-09

She asked me, "are you ready to give me that massage?" I shyly answered "yes." I climbed onto the bed, still fully dressed and straddled one of her legs which were slightly spread. Soon, her hips rose off the bed and SHE was rubbing her pussy over my hand. She grabbed and guided my cock to her pussy and told me "slow." I rubbed the head up and down her slit like I had read about so many times. I stayed still for a moment, until she said "go ahead." I slowly started working my cock in and out of her. I felt her hand come from between her legs and grab my cock. Soon, her pussy was grabbing my cock tighter and I quickly emptied my load into the condom.

Climbing a Fence

first-time serephina265 2017-11-17

I'm your neighbor, I'll help you fix your camera..." his voice was husky, and his muscular hands under my chin sent shivers down my back. He pulled my face down like he was going to kiss me, and he parted my lips with his and blew the smoke into my lungs. That night I thought about his dark green eyes, his curly black hair, his tan skin, his abs, his muscular arms, hands, and legs. His hands pushed my hair back and held my head, ran down my body, yanked off my shirt. I lifted my hips so he could pull them and my panties down, then he slid his hand back up my thigh and immediately his finger began massaging my clitoris.

My First Time & With A Hotwife

first-time ONOURL8 2017-11-16

I hadn't done anything all the way with a woman and here were these women, ladies in their 30's and 40's not girls, calling and wanting young studs to fuck. But then she explains that Frank just wasn't a good fuck, his cock felt good but that was about it, she said that Eric was much better and may have been the best lover she had yet. When I moved my cock repositioned itself and, like my hand earlier, it found its own way into her hot and wet pussy. Eric came into my room with a couple of could beers, handed me one, and said "She's a hell of a good fuck.