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Lost Keys

first-time Jasonrhodes 2018-12-04

I want you to imagine slowly pushing your cock between my pussy lips and feel my wet, hot, slippery lips slide all the way down to your balls.” Before I could tighten the string again Lara sat down against my belly button and purposefully slid her butt cheeks down my stomach onto my cock which was now almost fully hard. “How does this feel?” She placed her hands over mine and then started to slowly grind her hips backwards and forwards against my cock. I pulled Lara hard into my lap and thrust my cock as deep as I could into Lara’s hot tunnel. I can feel your cock twitching inside me.” Lara started guiding my hand back to her pussy.

Sexual Awakening: First Trip to Europe

first-time Crazyd69 2018-12-02

He continued to probe the depths of her sex with his tongue while he rubbed steadily on her hard nub with his left thumb, his right hand stroked her leg with the lightness of a feather. He paused a moment, letting her enjoy the feeling, and then continued to stroke in and out, each time pulling out to the rim of his broad head then back in to the base. His cock sinking deep within her, stimulating areas she didn't know could be stimulated as he nibbled on her neck and the finger of one hand gently fondling the rim of her ass.

Back To School

first-time Erotic_Writing 2018-12-02

“Yep, went to Richmond last year.” I replied as I popped a few strawberries in my mouth, it was probably the only appealing thing in our lunch. “Okay class.” She started, “As you may already know, I’m your new health teacher, Ms. Starr – and that’s with two R’s.” She pointed at her name written on the whiteboard. She began to bob her head in a slow rhythmic fashion, being sure to look up at me to see the satisfaction on my face. Mr. Starr caught her stare and asked softly, “You can join us if you want.” Ms. Starr lowered her head onto her sex and began to lick like mad. I turned my head and noticed Adriana fingering herself, making it harder for me to hold my climax at bay.

The ins and outs of clothes shopping

first-time Krystall 2018-11-29

One hand continues to tease your tiny Asian breasts while the other hand slides down your body and past your hairless pubic mound and comes to rest over your crotch. As soon as the moan escapes your mouth the finger slips inside you and begins to slowly rub up against your hymen. The man's finger slides out of you and begins to gently pinch your itsy-bitsy clit, slowly applying pressure. With his free hand he cups your left breast, and then you feel his hand sliding up and pinching your nipple while he continues to thrust. Harder he thrusts and louder you moan into his hand as you feel an orgasm building inside you.

first gay experience

first-time leoalxnder 2018-11-24

I love gay sex, bukakes, anal, blowjobs all of them I do it all the time. I loved sex and I slept with girls all the time. There was one place were every guy knew he could have sex any time he wanted. I thought she only did it because I wasn't wearing a condom and she didn't want me to cum in her vagina. There was so much, my cum started dripping all over the place and I pulled out and a second later I saw a dick in the whole. I wasn't trained like I am now so I couldn't get the whole thing in my mouth, but I tried. After that day I started having sex with both guys and girls.

Fun at the County Fair

first-time countrywoman_xoxo 2018-11-21

Blaring bass from the concert in the main arena could be heard from miles away, and a group of friends sat in the dairy barn enjoying the music and some alcohol-cleverly concealed in bottles of gatorade and coke. He had warm green eyes that lit up when he smiled and a pair of strong hands that gave Addie the strangest of sensations when they so much as brushed her arm. Pressing her lips to his, Addie gave Amos the deepest, most heated kiss of her life before taking a step back to look at him again. Taking the time to squeeze both of her deliciously round cheeks before picking her up to straddle him as they walked, Amos couldn't help but smile.

A Long Hard Look (part 3)

first-time RainNymph68 2018-11-20

I was a virgin, sure but I was so attracted to David that it didn't matter. As I took off my coat, I could see Dave shaking a little bit. The thighs in his jeans became a lot tighter and his breathing became harder. "Your breasts are amazing, Judy," he said. "Fucking beautiful." David did not hesitate to unclasp the restrictive bra that bound my breasts together. Once the hook was undone my breasts flounced apart, free and obviously very excited to see him. My dusty rose nipples stood at complete attention. They swayed as I moved up and down and finally my tongue went straight for those lips I've been longing to kiss. "Here let me do that for you," David said, gently pulling me to my feet and replacing my hand with his.

Step one: Giving In

first-time classifieddivafiles 2018-11-15

“Yep we’re going to have a great time.” Withdrawing his finger he slapped my vagina and said “Get in.” I moaned in displeasure. I couldn’t even imagine what I looked liked spread eagle on the hood of his car, my dress wide open all around me, the fingers of one hand stroking in and out of my pussy, and my other hand in my mouth sucking my juices off my fingers. “Now it's my turn.” He pulled my hand away rubbed the head of his penis against my vagina before shoving his penis inside and shoving my fingers in his mouth. Breathing heavily he said, “It’s going to be along night.” Smiling he pulled his penis out, slapped my vagina again and said, “Get in the car.”

My Goddess

first-time SubmissivePet95 2018-11-14

“If I were wearing panties, how would you be able to finger-fuck me under the table?” You reply, the corner of your mouth twitching into an almost-smile. The waiter is walking towards us, but you just glance up and smile charmingly at him, all the while rubbing my hard cock under the table. I’m staring straight ahead, like a zombie, concentrating only on not making any noise while you rub my shaft under the table. The only thing I’m concentrating on is the feeling of your hand rubbing my hard cock through my jeans, and when the waiter leaves I slowly slide my hand up your thigh. It’s clear I’m not concentrating on my work, and so you give my cock a squeeze through my jeans to send me a message.

The Girlfriend Experience

first-time Jasonrhodes 2018-11-13

It’s nice to know that you want to look and that I’m turning you on,” she said, “but It’s annoying if I’m having a conversation with somebody, and they spend all of the time staring at my tits.” I actually felt your cum shooting into me.” I held her ass as she rode up and down my length again, “Your cock also feels nicer, there is more sensation without the condom.” She rose up until only my cock head was in her pussy and then slid all the way back down, “I’m loving how full your long cock is making me feel.” She stopped riding me and held my cock deep in her pussy.

In Public

first-time LeaAnn 2018-11-10

Another great set of music started up and I was ready to run to the floor, poor Scott's knees were killing him and he wanted a break, Scott asked Kyle if he would dance with me and he jumped at the chance to go dance and not be alone on the floor. Kyle unzipped his pants and I now had a massive Rock hard cock in my hand slowly stroking him while Scott was licking my clit hard and fast until I came all in his face. After two or three min of grinding on Kyles cock while Scott was back to sucking on my clit I felt another orgasm cumming on when Kyle Fired his load inside me.


A Long Hard Look (part 4)

first-time RainNymph68 2018-11-09

I can't believe you've never done this before!" David exclaimed, starting to wipe off the sticky beads of cum that laced his penis and my tongue. I clean up his mess with my chest and let it dry on there so I'll have an exquisite icing dessert after my tea (yes, I can actually lick my own breasts). The tea shop is not far at all and I have a very good feeling that my dad's waiting for me. Like David, Dad had a working-class Liverpool accent. "Spinetti's it is then!" Dad looked at me hard. They're heavier than what an eighteen year old boy sounds like. Ross is just a skinny kid, I hardly heard him when he answered the door.

Camara on Camera: A Live W(h)OR(e)LD Event!

first-time ballstothewall 2018-11-08

He clicked on her profile which featured a headshot of Camara, displaying the biggest brown eyes Robert had ever seen. Is this the—,“ Camara began to ask the driver, but was interrupted by the driver taking her hand and quickly placing her in the back seat. I can’t wait to—,“ Camara excitedly began to exclaim before Robert interrupted I know you need to be noticed in order to be happy,” Robert informed Camara. “How did you--,” Camara began to ask Robert. Robert pulled out a black leather briefcase and popped it open to display it to Camara. Ten minutes passed before the limo came to a halt and the door opened for Robert and Camara to exit.

My First Time

first-time echopomp 2018-11-05

I was at university and had been out for the night with some friends, we were in a club drinking heavily and at about 2am, decided to leave to head back to a flat for more beer. Lara decided to join us, so the five of us wandered back to Max and Sally's flat. Without a word she took my cock in her hot wet mouth and started to bob her head up and down. So I knelt between her legs and started to nuzzle her wet pussy through her panties. I slowly slid up her, our mouths met and then my cock was up against her pussy. I could feel her heat, as I slowly pushed into her, mmm this was good.


A Night Out

first-time lugnut1369 2018-11-03

He was just about to lay some queer out to turn around and see the gorgeous green eyes of his new lady friend, Tammi. In a hushed voice Tammi says, "How can a man your age go to a comedy show with all of that built up tension?" Ed moved down and started to worship Tammi's ample breast by taking her left nipple in his mouth. Ed had resumed his assault on her nipples and now one of his hands had worked its way from her ass to her inner thigh. Tammi gently grabbed his shaft and begin to lick from the base of his testicles up to the tip, and Ed's worst nightmare came to realization.

Amnesty Program Ch. 03

first-time ambidentrous 2018-10-29

Rebecca started laughing in the hallway, holding Jason's hand and running for the outer doors. "No problem at all," Jason said, surreptitiously starting the recording on his phone, "I'm going to ask you a few questions about someone. "Well," he said, evaluating Rebecca, "she has great skin, she knows how to carry herself, and she can make a plain grey dress look fantastic." Rebecca kissed hungrily, letting her tongue slip out of Jason's mouth and let her lips wander his chin, his cheek, the tip of his nose. Rebecca opened her eyes and slid Jason's cock out of her mouth slowly, leaving him clean and slick. Rebecca put her hand on Jason's arm, a huge smile on her face.

Eighteen Holes Ch. 03

first-time lusthammer 2018-10-04

Alex bit my lip in response and I could feel my cock starting to leak pre-cum all over my leg. "You like that, do ya?" said Alex, here eyes never leaving the head of my cock as her hand started to pump me. God it felt so good, like an electric current was running through my cock to her mouth and then out through the skin of her teenage ass into the palm of my hand. Alex smiled up at me and then turned her face back down to the impossibly hard cock in her hand. I let out a deep exhale and tilted my head back as I looked down at Alex's hair -- her face still hovering over my slick cock.

Virgin Beauty Nude n Bedroom Window

first-time Alluring_Crimson_Shifter 2018-10-01

Donnie found a patio door open and quickly went inside looking over his shoulder to his left. "Right here," said one of the first men spanking Donnie's ass, and cock slapping his face. One of the men ran his fingers through Donnie's hair and said, "You are a great bottom, you can come any time." Donnie looked up and saw it was him in the movie with a cock in his mouth. One of the men took a whip, and whipped Donnie's ass good, "Let's put those panties and high heels on him!" He looked Donnie in the eyes, and let his hand slip under the panties and stuck a finger in his ass.

Two, Please

first-time Cutipie 2018-09-30

I feel his cock at the entrance of my pussy and I smile as he has chosen the correct hole. Jon slows enough for me to unbutton the ushers pants and pull out his ever eager cock. My mouth twists around him and my tongue does laps up and down his shaft as Jon takes no mercy on my hole. My hole clenches over and over around Jons cock as he watches the usher and I climax it takes him over and I feel him fill me. I know we will never forget our first time together and by the pain I feel on my ass and in my hole I don't think it will be our last.


first-time Erectocrat 2018-09-20

My hymen had been broken roughly and it sent a wave of pain through my body, but I also couldn't help but loving the feeling of Spider inside me. I hadn't planned in it, but now I wanted to be fucked hard, to feel the impact of Spider's whole body on mine as he drove his dick deep inside me. As it reached the top, it drop again, but this time, Spider had a better grip on the bench and had the head of his dick on the soaked lips of my pussy ready to slam inside like before. Cause I got fuckin' soaked," said an older drunken man with his back turned to us outside the door.

The Fun of Being Naked Outdoors

first-time hotangel3x 2018-09-14

Sometimes I'd stand in front of the full-length mirror that hung on the wall and stroke my breasts, wondering if they were ever going to get bigger, but enjoying the way in which my pink nipple used to get hard as soon as my fingers touched them. I'd peep down and see the gentle bulge of my breasts, and slip my hand down between my legs, enjoying the sensation of putting a finger up inside my pussy and making a gentle squish, squish, squish noise as it dabbled in my wet juices. Feeling every more excited, I slid it down my legs too, and suddenly I was sitting on the grass in just my panties; plain white to match my bra, clinging tightly over the plump bulge of my mound.

First Date Blows

first-time maddamdelight01 2018-09-05

Just as I was about to get to my feet, a woman so hot, that fire looked like it would be jealous, came through the door. Too beautiful to be looking at me like she was right now, or walking to my table. "Oh God don't let this be her" I didn't want to have to explain to her, how the way she just looked at me, almost made me cum in my nicely fitted jeans. A pressure in my balls started to build up, telling me, my release was close at hand, but I didn't want to cum too fast, I didn't want it to end yet. Either Beverly wanted this woman to leave, or she didn't like the order I just placed for her.

No Good Deed.....

first-time AJWriter1 2018-08-15

Liam drove slowly down the street out in front of the high school he saw a group bullying one girl, who no matter what they did, all she did was try to leave. Liam looks down at her breasts, and he fondles them one handed, pinching and twisting her long fat nipples and piercings making her moan and grunt more. Liam getting out saying "Let's go inside and get washed up, then I can really take care of you the right way." Kelsey reached for her things but before she could grab anything Liam said "just leave it and come on in, I live alone, and I'd prefer to see you as you are if it's all the same gorgeous."

The Team Completed

first-time Ashson 2018-08-13

Leading the way Michelle and the team headed up the stands to confront Rick. "I just happened to run into some of the team last night, and I thought it might be interesting to watch them in action," returned Rick, blandly. "Do you seriously think I'm going to let you do this," asked Michelle, feeling helpless, watching his erection pushing against his open fly, and realising that she was feeling incredibly aroused by the whole scenario. Michelle could feel her own breathing moving her gently against the invader, little ripples of sensation slowly snaking their way deeper into her. Michelle started fantasising about telling Rick to just sit, after she jammed one of the sports departments Indian clubs up his arse.