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The Pagans

first-time Arcane 2018-12-04

"This is my tent," said Ryan, letting go of Jasmine’s hand to unzip the door. "You truly are a fortunate girl to have breasts as lovely as those," marvelled Ryan, who had finally taken the dress off of Jasmine. She felt her pussy stretch open to accommodate Ryan’s thick cock, wrapping around it like a bed sheet. Just when Jasmine thought it couldn’t get any more painful, she felt Ryan’s cock slide past her hymen; broadening it and tearing it in multiple places. Jasmine felt Ryan’s hammering cock push further into her, each throb pulsing against her pussy. Jasmine tightened her grip on Ryan with her legs as she wobbled and jerked, moaning about how good it felt.

The Saturday Girl Ch. 01

first-time rogerbig 2018-10-02

I have gone from pretty naive girl to a self-confessed submissive slut and experienced some incredibly sexy adventures, a few of which I may live to regret, but hey, life is to be experienced and there is no point in becoming closed and cynical just because some guys may have used me a bit more than I was comfortable with at the time. I took to dropping in to the studio after school some nights, partly to avoid home, and partly because I think I was developing a bit of a crush on Roger and liked being around him. He took on quite a bit of catalogue work, usually for ladies and mens clothing, so there was a steady stream of models coming in to be photographed for next season's fashion catalogues and such like.

Dee Becomes A Woman

first-time eymach 2018-04-13

Thus in order to live up to their dubious honor a secret ritual had been developed and passed on through the years that involved the defloration of the "golden" pledges. Even though it was common knowledge that the privileged girls would willingly sacrifice their virginity during their first pledge year, nothing existed in writing that described or documented the very secret ritual process. On the other hand the best reason for a young man to keep the secrecy involved their participation in the great sex rituals. Jill welcomed Dee into the sorority and informed her that she was personally responsible for her successful journey through the training planned during her freshman year.

(For my Queen ) queenie73

first-time Cyberbeast 2017-12-19

The gown covered her breasts and fell to her feet in soft green folds, her back left bare to her lower waist. A c***d that would bring you and your wife wealth, prosperity and the love of the people around you." Princess lowered the cup and stared into its depths. Hands lifted Princess and carried her away, back to her tent to rest for the few minutes she could spare before the coronation demanded her attention. His hands waved over her body and a tingle worked through her, a remnant of the intense pleasure she had found in the night. No man was allowed within arm's reach of the new queen to ensure that the c***d swelling her belly was the product of the Midsummer rituals.