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Save It For A Rainy Day

first-time sexy_story_tella 2018-11-22

Minutes later I had rubbed all the gray dirt off my fingers I sat down to watch some good TV. If you are an Indiana Jones newbie we better start off with Raiders of the Lost Ark." After another half an hour I felt his hand on my leg, and this time when I looked over, I saw that he was staring right at me. He looked down and started massaging his hand up and down my legs, giving me gooseb gs and umps. "I know you are excited Rosie but I feel like you are not excited enough." He ran his hand through his thick, uneven, brown hair. I closed my eyes and suddenly felt his warm hands addressing my shoulders.

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 06

first-time jacktar48 2018-08-20

"Yes, I'm sure, Jacky, and if this is going to work I think you had better start calling me 'Anna.'" She giggled girlishly and patted my thigh. I clenched my eyes tight and whispered, "I love you Anna, and I want to come in your pussy...I'm going to come inside you, lover...I'm coming inside you right now..." The come rose slowly in my shaft as I continued to fist it desperately, concentrating on pretending I was about to shoot my hot load into Anna's grasping pussy, and at last I was rewarded with a watery spurt of pre-come which I directed into the crotch of Anna's panties.

Madrid Mystery Woman

first-time swollenbell 2018-07-11

To which Maria responded looking me in the eye: "No need, my husband here can help me just fine." With the nurse gone, Maria said to me: "I hope you don't mind staying with me a little longer. Soon enough Maria was transferred with my help onto a wheelchair and we were whisked away to a triage room where we transferred her onto a bed. Can you help me, husband?" Maria asked. "I think you should be taking advantage of your husband rights, don't you?" said Maria. I then went in to Maria's room and saw she was much recovered after a day of full rest - no longer prey to my constant molesting of her nubile body.

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 08

first-time jacktar48 2018-06-28

"And even if I tried to peek, which I didn't, I couldn't see anything with your head in the way." After more cautious licking, she opened her mouth and took the head of my cock in, moving her hand up and down, trying to jerk me off into her mouth. I held her pert ass in my hands, guiding her as she slid back and forth along my straining rod, feeling my cock head bump her clit with each stroke. That was the most exciting thing I have ever done." I licked the come off her throat, continuing down to clean up her breasts and belly, finally pulling her hips up to my face for a thorough tongue bath.

A Dirty Moment from My Role Play

first-time moo73 2018-06-06

S~ *sighs* if you insist...*kisses her lightly as he removes her dress, revealing only simple cotton panties beneath* *sucks in a deep breath* you're absolutely gorgeous, you know? J~ *eyes begin tearing up as she pulls down his underwear, releasing his stiff long cock* Scott...I don't want to... S~ ssh ssh...don't worry...*kisses away her tears* you've waited long enough...*lifts up Jammea's legs and wraps them around his waist, the tip of his member rubbing against her lips, slick with her own juices* are you ready? J~ *begins wiping up his hot semen off of her body, eating it all* You're delicious Scott...*after getting every bit off, stands and pulls her dress back on and fixes her hair*

Niece Fantasy

first-time curiousaboutthat 2018-05-21

One hand slips under your bikini top to caress your firm young breast. My hand follows the fine hairs that lead from your navel to the place of wonder that waits beneath your still-damp bikini bottom. I slip my finger into the warmth and I know that the wetness I find has nothing to do with the Jacuzzi waters. My lips hold your swelling clit and I know by your rapid breathing that I am awakening feelings you never knew you had. I position my cock on the lips of your vagina, the warm wet touch begging me to enter. By the time your parents return, we are back in the Jacuzzi, our shared secret expressed only in our smiles.

Pounding the Maid

first-time mscheergrl 2018-03-22

He is thinking about his dick replacing his lip in my mouth and I can feel it swelling against my hips. My pussy gets wet as I feel his hand graze my inner thigh. Before I know it, I feel his hard dick slide into my dripping pussy. He pulls my hips to his mouth and begins to flick his tongue into my pussy. It's your pussy baby, please fuck it like you own it!" With that he pushed my face down into the pillow and pulled my hips up to meet his dick. He's fucking me better than any porn star I've seen and I scream, "JUSTIN!!!" He is beating my pussy up so bad, but I want more!