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first-time SamHarper 2018-12-04

After rinsing back, I turned to face the wall, put my head under the stream and felt the hot water flowing through my hair and between my fingers as I washed my face. My whole body trembled as she slowly wrapped my fingers around me; I felt it pulse in her hand, straining to her touch. As my fingers probed her hot, soaking pussy I felt her hand gripping tighter and tighter on the back of my neck as she tried to somehow pull herself even closer to me. I couldn’t hold back any longer, my entire body shuddered, muscles contracted and I pumped what felt like several litres of hot, sticky cum into her eager mouth.

Best Night of My Life Part 3

first-time JDawg21 2018-12-01

I caressed and soaped her firm tits, paying special attention to her sensitive nipples which earned me a smile from Ashley as she enjoyed the arousal but kept watching the scene between Lauren and Sara as the girls switched positions. I returned to the hall bathroom, washed my face to keep my complexion clean, and then brushed my teeth really well (wouldn’t be nice to the girls to kiss them with my breath smelling like Chinese food!). Neatly styled hair, smooth face, he looks very sexy in those silk boxers, and I believe I detected a hint of minty freshness on his breath when I kissed him just a moment ago.” said Lauren.

Amnesty Program Ch. 04

first-time ambidentrous 2018-11-29

"Thank you," Professor Suarez said, looking over Jason's list first. "Excellent," she said, handing the list back, "that's going to work fine." She turned her attention to Rebecca's list and had a similar reaction, although Jason thought he saw her suppress a grin. "Thanks, Sandra," Professor Denton said, then addressed Rebecca and Jason. "Thank you, I think," Jason said, and tipped his face up to kiss her gently on her neck. "That depends," she said, taking Jason's hand and leading him away from the couch, "on whether you think losing virginity is the beginning of something special or just breaking the seal on a cup of yogurt." "You're lucky I already gave you a blowjob today," Rebecca said, gathering her clothes from the living room floor and heading back to Jason's room to change.

my 21st birthday

first-time sophirarose 2018-11-29

I start the coffee pot and head back to the bed room to get dressed when I enter my bedroom; I see him the man of my dreams tall handsome amazing eyes… of course he is on a poster; being that I live in a beat down apartment with two roomies. He shuts off the water and wraps a towel around me and carries me to his room; he then lays me on his bed and climbs on top of me and kisses my lips and then my neck and moves down to my collar bone. “Are you sure you want too?” he asks.  He lifts his head up and kisses my body up too my lips.

Newly-bedded Bliss

first-time iknowcence 2018-11-28

I swear a part of me still thinks that she planned it out this way because her eyes were twinkling throughout the entire ceremony and reception and she kept “accidentally” sliding her hand across my hard cock. Water running down her body, my hands rubbing soap over her soft skin, fondling her warm breasts and beautiful ass, sliding a finger up inside what I knew would be her tight pussy. If she wasn’t careful, her first time was going to be hard and hot instead of the slow loving she had told me that she had always imagined. Then she started to grind down on my finger, trying to position it inside her and I knew she wanted it.

The Biker and Me

first-time SeanR83 2018-11-24

When he saw me coming, he pulled off his helmet and smiled broadly at me. He slid his tongue into my mouth as he pulled me close, making me feel protected and wanted. Chase pulled me close, kissing me softly and touching me. He slowly pushed his cock till it was too deep for me, making me gag. He held the back of my head, slowly pushing his cock deep into my mouth. He pulled his cock from my mouth, letting me get a lungful of air. We kissed slowly and passionately, making me feel like we were the only ones in the world. He still makes love to me like is the first time.

The Trials of First Love Chapter 3

first-time BadGirl76 2018-11-23

Jeff groaned and said, “I have my hard dick out and I’m stroking it thinking about seeing your wet pink pussy, smelling how horny you are, and wanting to shove my fingers into you as you cum. “Yes I was meaning to talk to you about meeting for lunch or something, but didn’t know how to say it without sounding like a dirty old man,” he said. “I know you don’t like him and I guess that makes your advice good and bad, but I don’t think he planned on lying to me,” I said defending Jeremy. “Thank you, Jeff, I really needed the talk and I feel better now,” I said as sleep started to creep up on me.

The Trials of First Love Chapter 2

first-time BadGirl76 2018-11-21

I felt the tears start and took a deep breath to try to stop them before they could make it to my eyes. “You look very handsome yourself,” I said quietly as he kissed my cheek and took my hand. When Jeremy pulled quickly out of my mouth and I felt a warm wet sensation flowing down from between my breast I was confused. “Cum, Anna, cum for me,” he said over and over as he continued to push his finger deep inside me before pulling them out slowly. I took a deep breath, bit my bottom lip and as I exhaled I nodded my head; I wanted him to touch me, I needed it.

My First Time Part 3

first-time sexyfun77 2018-11-16

John kisses my lips once more and then uses his hand to position his cock inside my pussy. I must have been really far gone, because I didn't hear the door open and I didn't see John open the shower curtain and climb in, for the next thing I know, a pair of strong arms wraps around my waist and pulls me back into a solid chest. John takes me into his arms and kisses my lips passionately. John slides one of his big fingers inside me and probes until I start bucking against his hand. Just as I start to thrust back, he turns be around and takes me from behind while pushing me up against the wall of the shower.

Summer Of Firsts - Chapter 5

first-time HeatherHeathen 2018-11-14

I pulled back the shower curtain and felt the water’s temperature with my cum-encrusted hand. I lathered up the wash cloth sliding it over my neck and tits scrubbing all his cum off my body. He worked his way down to my lower back and onto my ass using one hand to wash me and the other he placed on my hip. He dropped the wash cloth and began to grab and kneed my ass with his hands. I pushed my ass back against him rotating my hips forward and back in rhythm with his thrusts, his cock now pressed firmly between my ass cheeks. I could feel his cock began to pump, shooting a few small arcs of cum between my ass cheeks and on to my tail bone.

A first touch in the shower

first-time Ghost 2018-11-13

"I know you were staring at my ass all day today." I must have started, because she put up her hands. "How come looking at my rear gets you going?" she asked placing her hands on her hips. My semi erect penis came into view and Erika stared. "We need a shower," she said sliding her panties down to the floor, "stop that and come with me." I leaned into her and rubbed my erect penis against her soft cool ass. "It feels like a hot poker," she laughed, playfully grinding her ass against me, "we better cool it off in the shower." Erika stepped back and looked down at my erect penis and smiled.

When Fantasies Come True

first-time misteryme 2018-11-11

I am sure he feels it is turning me on from my delightful moans, because he leaves my chest and pulls down my tights while he is on his knees in front of me. I am now so aroused that I pull him tight against me and kiss him with all I have, while he rubs my pussy like I have always wanted it done. I think this also goes through Nick’s mind, because he lifts me up on the counter again, pulling me close to the edge, and pushes my body back on the counter, so that I can lie down on it. Then I feel his big cock push onto my oh so wet pussy lips for the first time.

Ms. Woolson, Nikki and I Part II

first-time Conflicted_Feelings 2018-11-10

Nikki felt her insides churn when Robert parted and started to unzip his pants. “I saw you kissing Ms. Woolson yesterday in front of your house.” Robert looked at Nikki in the eyes. Nikki’s face lit up and Robert looked as the small Japanese girl leaned forwards to his crotch area and bit the zipper of his pants. Robert Grabbed Nikki by the head and pushed his dick deeper into her mouth. As the tension inside both of them built up, Nikki started to finger her clit while Robert pounded away at her pussy. “It’s okay, I need to be home soon too.” Robert waited at the door as Nikki got all her things together and then they went downstairs together.

Summer Lovin'

first-time honeybabee 2018-11-05

Stepping into the shower, I took off my towel and looked into the mirror that hung on the door. "You can use the boys showers if you want Sarah," Said Nathan. "Sure, sounds good." I smiled and we walked over to the boys cabins. Nathan pulled me into a deep, wet kiss. He took off my towel and began to slowly inch down my stomach to my aching pussy. He grabbed my by the breasts and pulled me up, and drove his cock into my pussy. "Fuck, I'm going to cum" I yelled while bucking against his cock.  He went deeper and harder as I came and my cum slowly began to drizzle down over his hard delicious cock.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Fourteen)

first-time John_Doe 2018-10-30

After a night of having my cock blown to the point of cumming in Julia's warm wet mouth, while at the same time I sucked on Amanda's succulent firm tits and fingered her dripping wet cunt until we climaxed at the same time, I awoke to find myself alone in the bed. As Julia gently eased her hips and weight up and down a fraction, causing the friction of her shaven mound to rub against my mouth as my tongue was delved deep inside of her wet cunt. Below, Amanda's mouth worked harder upon my cock as it thrust deeper inside of her warm, wet mouth as her lips locked tightly upon the length of my shaft and foreskin.

When My Husband Was Away (Complete Story)

first-time grevieby 2018-10-04

One day when we were sitting together in my sun room, Anne started talking about my body which surprised me a bit. Of course, by this time, with all the talk about sex and sharing my husband I was one horny girl and I assumed Anne was feeling pretty much the same way. We were sitting next to each other in the sauna, when Anne said, “You know, I have never had sex with a woman before.” As she said this she placed her hand on my thigh. “God, Jessica,” Anne said, “I cannot believe that soon the man I have been dreaming about, your husband, will be making love to the both of us.

My Boner Stops Time Ch. 02

first-time JeffreyFreemont 2018-10-01

Theodore began ramming Natalie hard, inserting his seven inch dick into her as far as it would go. Theodore suddenly grabbed Natalie by the hips and pushed her mouth down onto her friend. "What the fuck?!" She turned around and just stared at Theodore, she felt her pussy and the cum inside it. Sara moaned softly, her hips started rocking gently down onto Natalie's hand. Natalie grabbed a bar of soap and began ramming it up Sara's pussy, causing Sara to scream out of surprise and ecstasy. "That was pretty fucking good, now it's my turn!" Sara said as she shoved Natalie down on the ground. The excitement of being watched and cheered, threw Theodore over the edge; he came hard, filling her tight pussy with cum.

Tommy's Graduation Present

first-time Tender86 2018-09-29

I watched from the bedroom as Debbie taught Tommy the sexy way to kiss a girl, how to gently caress her bare breasts, legs and pussy. Debbie slowly turned to face him and Tommy's face was level with Debbie's pussy as he started rubbing the oil up the front of her legs. As her lips started to feel the pressure, she took her hand off his cock and Tommy's eyes bulged as the pink lips parted and his cock head slipped effortlessly inside. With that, Debbie gently pulled on Tommy's hips and he watched his cock shaft slip between the lips and disappear inside Debbie's pussy. Debbie could feel the rim of his cock head rubbing the inner walls of her pussy as his pumping was getting faster and with more intensity.

Ashley's Mix-up

first-time KittyFlower 2018-09-27

She pushed herself toward his dick but every time she did he would pull away from her not allowing himself inside of her. "Please fuck me Mr. Harris like Josh never has." With that he slid his dick inside her pussy fast. Josh walked up behind Heather and pushed his hard dick inside of her as if it was something they had done before. Josh tried to make Heather orgasm as well but he was not able to like Steven was with Ashley. Heather come here and clean off my dick for me before we start." Josh and Ashley both got dressed and left the house together.

Trip with grand dad-"it happend"

first-time TinyPetra 2018-09-25

The old lady asled if there was something more, and my gd went away to the papers, and when he got back I was a bit embarassed when he was putting two porno magazines on the desk. He went in to the shower and I started to undress a bit, not to complicated actually as I didn't wear panties or a bra under my dress. Stopped the shower and dried off a bit before I stepped out to my gd with the towel around my hair, and completly naked. He took a towel and cleaned the cream away and he was admiring what he saw, and I felt on my bald pussy and it was great..

The Shower Block

first-time Bodyartist 2018-09-24

You smile and wink to me to come closer, as you thrust three fingers deep into her pussy, well aware i could see everything, you spin her around as she gasps at the pleasure youre giving her, you wink and encourage me to play with her taught excited nipples, as your pace quickened with your fingers, i reach around and start to feel her soft ripe breasts , with those buttons standing proud, having stripped from my trunks, i press into her back so she can feel two cocks rubbing at her body, from both sides, a large one pressing into her back, and your s pushing her venus, brushing her clit as you guide it up and down her moist puffed lips, i guide mine up and down her buttock cheeks causing her to grid her self up and down against the urgent feel of two hard cocks wanting to push into her hard and deep as waves of pleasure flooded her head, sandwiched between two guys in the site showers, in full view of anyone entering.

Brotherly Love Ch. 03

first-time Myalyn 2018-09-24

Jaimie, talk to your Marky." Mark pushed my wet hair out of my face and tried to make me look at him. I think you're a pretty good kisser though." Mark was trying to tease me but it wasn't going to work. I couldn't look him in the face when he told me how many girls he'd slept with. Mark?" I frowned at him, not sure why he was acting a bit ashamed like he was. "If I tell you this, you swear it doesn't leave this room?" Mark's eyes pleaded with me to be gentle. "Yeah, okay, great." Mark stood up, clenching his towel tightly around his waist.

Uncut Gym Encounter

first-time uncut_ 2018-09-24

Usually after I get a really good hardon in the steam room I can start to control the bl**d flow to my cock a bit better, making it as easy as a couple quick pulls to bring it right back to attention. The uncut guy soon took the shower right next to me. I looked over to see the uncut guy pulling on his foreskin as well, and I heard him let out a mmm as he did. The uncut guy soon opened the door, and asked 'did you by chance grab the wrong towel? He asked 'so where you headed to next?' I smiled and said 'nowhere', and glanced down to make sure he saw me looking.

Jack's First Blowjob

first-time ozzietosser 2018-09-23

"Hey there, you're looking a little lost," the girl at the reception desk was cheery and Jack noticed, according to her name badge, her name was Charlotte. Go straight through and then the change rooms and showers are on the right," Jack could feel Charlotte's eyes following him as he walked through the door. By the time he was onto his fourth machine Jack had worked up a healthy sweat and his workout top was clinging to his back and beginning to outline his abs nicely. Jack finished his last set, grabbed his towel and headed through the empty gym to the locker room. Jack could feel himself getting close to orgasm but knew he couldn't reach climax while standing in the shower.