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Innocence Lost

first-time karniverous 2018-12-04

They make out passionately, french kissing, Scott kissing her nose, her eyelids, down her neck, she moans and grabs his head, letting out gasps of pleasure. Scott slowly runs his tongue through her mouth as he squeezes Sara's tits. Scott lays flat on his back, his hand pressed underneath Sara's, firmly rubbing and squeezing her boob. "Yeah Sara, grind on me.", says Scott as he feels her pussy and ass push down on his dick, Sara lets out a deep moan of pleasure and arches her back as Scott rubs her vagina through her shorts. "Mmmmmm you feel amazing.", Scott says as he slowly pushes his fingers in a little deeper. Scott kisses the back of her head as he fucks her, his cock spreading her pussy open.

James and Lauren

first-time Carlo42 2018-12-04

His cock gets hard within a few seconds as he looks at the picture he has chosen and he slowly begins to stroke his shaft as thoughts of having sex with the woman in the picture run through his mind. As James begins to feel his excitement build he is suddenly interrupted when the door to his room is opened and Lauren walks in. He doesn’t want Lauren to feel bad like she didn't look good before, yet she, in his opinion, is not a raging beauty either. I will.” With that James bends forward and kisses Lauren on the lips as his cock grows rock hard again.

The Pagans

first-time Arcane 2018-12-04

"This is my tent," said Ryan, letting go of Jasmine’s hand to unzip the door. "You truly are a fortunate girl to have breasts as lovely as those," marvelled Ryan, who had finally taken the dress off of Jasmine. She felt her pussy stretch open to accommodate Ryan’s thick cock, wrapping around it like a bed sheet. Just when Jasmine thought it couldn’t get any more painful, she felt Ryan’s cock slide past her hymen; broadening it and tearing it in multiple places. Jasmine felt Ryan’s hammering cock push further into her, each throb pulsing against her pussy. Jasmine tightened her grip on Ryan with her legs as she wobbled and jerked, moaning about how good it felt.

Catching my friend

first-time kraftykid 2018-12-03

Haley came over with her parents (she was looking so fucking sexy; very short jean shorts and a bright pink tank top), we said goodbye and they left. Her hand is buried deep between her thighs and she is letting out soft moans each time she tweaks her nipple or runs her finger over her clit, just like the girl in the video. I look back just in time to see Haley lift her ass off the bed, pull her thong off, and throw it to the floor only inches from where I’m standing. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, ohh yessssssss fuck Troy I’m cummmmmingggg.” Was all she could get out before another orgasm took over and shook her whole body causing all her juices to seep out her pussy onto the bed.

Stories Of My Life: Chapter One

first-time kinkyartist90 2018-12-03

He told me there was one thing: if I still wished I could help, then tomorrow after work, before I got to his Jeep, I was to change into a plain white shirt. “You know my girlfriend hates giving head..." he said, sliding a hand down to his crotch. I glanced up at his face, to see him smirking; I blushed and looked back down to his crotch as I reached into his pants; I slid my hand in, encircling his already hard cock with my fingers, and pulled it out of the hole in the front of his boxers.  While I licked the tip of his cock, sucking gently on the head, I felt his hand slide up my back into my long hair.

The Geezer Makes Out

first-time senorlongo 2018-12-02

I could feel it start in my cock, then my balls took over and I came in a huge splurge of jism just as I screamed, “Oooooooh, Rachel!” I collapsed on her and lay there while Becky rubbed my back until Rachel said, “You know, G, you’re really heavy.” I was too exhausted to laugh so I just rolled off, grabbing both her and Becky in a long hug. Who would have thought that three simple, inconsequential and apparently unconnected decisions—to work as a sub; to take a job at the high school that I really didn’t want; and to seat the kids in reverse alphabetical order, a move that put Rachel and me in close proximity—would have such dramatic impact on my life.

Back To School

first-time Erotic_Writing 2018-12-02

“Yep, went to Richmond last year.” I replied as I popped a few strawberries in my mouth, it was probably the only appealing thing in our lunch. “Okay class.” She started, “As you may already know, I’m your new health teacher, Ms. Starr – and that’s with two R’s.” She pointed at her name written on the whiteboard. She began to bob her head in a slow rhythmic fashion, being sure to look up at me to see the satisfaction on my face. Mr. Starr caught her stare and asked softly, “You can join us if you want.” Ms. Starr lowered her head onto her sex and began to lick like mad. I turned my head and noticed Adriana fingering herself, making it harder for me to hold my climax at bay.

Losing virginity to to a strange foreigner - a beautiful, strange foreigner

first-time Keir500 2018-12-01

She seemed like a sensible enough girl, from what I had seen during my stay so far, and that she was wearing a dressing gown to keep warm, not for any more exotic reasons. As you may be able to imagine, being kissed (even though it was just on the cheek) every day, by a hot girl, felt amazing for a young teenager like me, who had never had this before. My hands were still firmly on her soft, drooping night gown - a juxtaposition of sorts - and she just let me lick her wet hole for what seemed like an eternity.

Tori and Amy

first-time ronniemcdonald 2018-12-01

Still chest deep in the bubbling water, I said “Tori, you know that I’m nude, don’t you?”   She giggled and replied “I told Amy that you probably weren’t wearing anything and she admitted that she had never seen an older man’s hard cock.   Tori spread her legs instinctively as I stuck my tongue into her already wet pussy and then buried it in her sweet ass.   Tori began to furiously lick Amy’s pussy and Amy returned the favor to Tori’s cunt.   As Amy was cumming, I planted my head between her legs, spread her ass cheeks wide and stuck my tongue deep in her asshole. Tori reached her hand under my head and began to finger fuck Amy’s pussy with one finger, then two, then three.

Never Seen A Guy Cum

first-time JustTK 2018-11-30

"How would you even know, you virgin!" Alisa playfully flicked her tongue at Victoria, then pulled off, heading to Sandra's. I think I'm gonna cum," Victoria exclaimed, as her pussy became wetter, stretching perfectly for Jax's erection. He seemed to read her body perfectly, pulling her back hard on his cock, holding his inches deep inside her as she moaned out loudly, throwing her head back. "Where do you want me to cum, Victoria?" Jax said through his groaning, her tight pussy making his cock eager to release. He stroked his shaft a couple times, and like a fire hose, his stiff dick sprayed cum all over her hand and Malik's semi-erect cock.

Armand and Ashley

first-time Midnight_Demon 2018-11-30

“ Hey, dumbass.” Ashley said, looking at Armand, making him smile at the nickname she'd given him years ago. Armand gently got up from the couch and managed not to wake Ashley, he grabbed the plate and took it into the kitchen and washed it, he heard footsteps enter the kitchen. Armand turned around and Ashley was walking to the fridge, she searched through it looking for something to drink, she bent over and he couldn't help but stare at her ass, especially since she wasn't wearing any underwear as her clothes were in the dryer. Armand removed the shirt that Ashley was wearing and his hands began to explore her body which caused a small moan to escape her soft, moist lips.

Teen Spirit

first-time BradleyStoke 2018-11-28

One morning, a few days later, when his mum and Pam were both out of the house, he sneaked into his mum’s room, something he rarely did, and noticed with some concern that the sofa bed showed no evidence at all of having been opened. Chris couldn’t help but notice an increase in the changeability of the relationship between his mum and Pam. There were moods that were pronounced in not only the intensity of their apparent mutual liking for each other, but also of something else that reminded him somewhat of the time just before his dad ran off with his secretary. There was one evening when Pam and his mum were shouting at each other in Mum’s bedroom and Chris was surprised to see Lottie shyly and nervously enter his bedroom just to sit with him.

Simple pleasures...

first-time xpassiongirlx 2018-11-28

"I want to do this with you, I love you." I could feel my virgin pussy get wet when I heard him say that, I bit my lip. "God your so innocent, I love it." He looked at me with such honesty I couldn't help it but turn in his arms and let my lips touch his so lightly. His kisses were getting deeper now, His eye' s more intent then ever! I felt his hands go under my top and I couldn't help but let out a gasp. "James, I want you" My eye' s were full of admiration, my hands were now passing over his strong arms. James kissed his way up to my lips again and looked at me lay in his arms, his hand went down.

The Woman Across the Street

first-time techfoo39 2018-11-28

My parents went on a 2 week vacation to beautiful Cancun, and I am stuck walking home in record level rain in San Diego. It is late October of my senior year of high school. I finally make it home. "Yeah your mom told me she would be leaving." she replied, "Hurry come in and I'll throw your clothes into the dryer and draw you up a nice warm bath. I turned and politely shut the door and followed Allison into her nice home. I got a half-chub and I didn't care if Allison saw it. Allison wrapped her hand around the base of my penis, and pulled down, exposing more sensitive areas of my manhood.

Let’s Go to My House

first-time LoveFemaleResistance 2018-11-28

It would be hard to wait as I took aim at her gushy wet hole, rubbing my cock all around her pussy lips, before finally pushing it into her tight, virgin cunt. Now, it’s time to kiss like adults.” During our fourth kiss I maneuvered my tongue between her lips and moved it all around her mouth. While I would have liked nothing else than to come inside that tight pussy, I still had enough sense to decide that probably wasn’t a very good idea. Normally, I wouldn’t blow this quickly, but just watching the pretty young face on my cock knowing that her little tongue was licking me up and down was getting to be too much for me.

My Two Bestfriends

first-time swlover1 2018-11-27

I passed the stage door and I heard what sounded like people whispering. I then saw Rachel and Daniel standing there kissing each other. "It's stupid I know!" she cried out,"but he's your bestfriend so I felt like somehow if I was with him, I was with you!" She began crying again. "I'm sorry, I guess I better go then," she said sadly as she headed for the door. I quickly got up and dashed up behind her before she got to the door and wrapped my hands around her and began fondling her beautiful tits. She let out gasps and moans every time I drove my tongue into her wet pussy.

CH 21. I teach another virgin

first-time LuvitAll 2018-11-27

I could sense he really wanted to feel it, so put my hand over his and guided it on, holding it and squeezing his fingers into my breast. I didn’t have anything to wipe up with, so I squatted on the grass and squeezed out as much cum as I could, then wiped the rest with my hand and rubbed it into the outside of my bum and thigh. I pulled his hand under my skirt, pushed two fingers into me and fucked onto them for a while. I didn’t think it would be a good look to be seen returning from the gardens with him, so I told him to wait there until I’d been inside for a while.

Princess Diaries (03): Cindy

first-time timojen 2018-11-27

I pushed into the room and closed the door to find Matt kissing Jeff Garcia. I’d completely forgotten about getting another kiss from Matt until Jeff invited me over. Matt got the hang of it, though, so Jeff moved up to point his cock in my face. Matt got on his knees and showed me how Jeff likes it. Since Jeff rudely covered me in cum, Matt made him lick and kiss my face clean. I broke off a kiss with Jeff and begged Matt to fuck me. I relaxed into the kiss and Jeff pushed a finger up my ass, sending me off like a rocket. Matt and Jeff are…” said Jasmine.

Just Typical Horny Teenagers

first-time hiddendesiree 2018-11-27

As soon as he saw me he jumped off the wall and pulled me in for a kiss. "Have I ever told you how sexy you look in your uniform?" he said, breathing heavily and kissing my neck. I want to love you in every way possible. It felt like heaven and I couldn't stop moaning. He pulled away and whispered in my ear, "Do you want to now?" Each time it rubbed against the clit I moaned in pleasure. He slowly started pulling his cock out and then in again while rubbing my clit. Slowly the pain started to subside just leaving pleasure. He started speeding up his pace and soon he was slamming it with such force that my head was hitting the seat.

Youngsville Part 3

first-time drfleisch 2018-11-26

A hand closed the door and the shadow walked in further closer to the bed. It was dark so I felt my way along the wall slowly until I reached the bed. I felt her hands touch my head as I made my way up her body and kissed her bellybutton. “Is everything okay back there?” she asked me as I felt her small hands play around with my balls. “Shhh…you better get out before my mom gets out of her room,” she said and looked up at me with her cute face, her cheeks were very big and round, just like her double D-size titties. I walked quickly to my cottage and I felt her eyes watching me the entire way until I reached the cottage door.

The School Bitch

first-time TheMW115 2018-11-26

In my rush to arrive on time, I'd completely forgotten to take the long route to my homeroom and as I feared, I saw Chandler Wilkins coming down the hall. "Okay, great," she said smiling, "meet me in the back parking lot after school." She then kissed me once again before exiting the classroom. After an eternity of me gawking over the scene in front of me, Chandler spoke, "Listen this may come as a shock, considering all those rumors about me, but I'm a virgin. She then pulled my shirt off, before kissing my body as she moved towards my waiting erection. It wasn't long after this had begun, when Chandler said, "I'm cumming.

Moms best friend

first-time teendreamer 2018-11-26

Why?" I started, "I wasnt sure.." She interupted, "Cody, honey, is there something wrong with me?" she said as she blew out some smoke and tossed her head back and stretched out her leg. "Cody, baby have you ever fucked a woman?" she asked as she stared into my crotch and flexed her foot in, tracing the outline of my raging hard on with the spike heel of her shoe. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her and yelled "You little stud where'd you learn to do th..OOHH!" She was thrashing about pretty good by now as I ate her pussy and yelled "DAMN!, whats your cock gonna be like?" I then slid my tounge up her belly and boobs and layed another sloppy kiss right on her.

Sea Foam Eyes

first-time bluish 2018-11-25

Wren reached his arm out and stroked my face, his large hands smooth and gentle. We both began breathing heavily, I could feel the bulge in his pants slowly growing and a wet spot develop in my lace panties. I shot Wren the most innocent glance I could muster then slowly withdrew my mouth from his cock. Wren admired them for a moment, then began sucking on my nipples. I rubbed my tits and Wren leaned down and began to suck on one of my nipples. Wren gently pulled out, and I could feel his come drip from out of me. I pulled Wren into my arms for one last kiss before we fell asleep together, entangled in each other's arms.

Syl's First Boy Love

first-time SylviaK 2018-11-25

"Syl," Kathy confided softly, "Rick said his college girlfriend is away for the summer. When I went into the house, my mom asked, "Whose car was that you got out of?" When I told her it was Rick who had brought me home from work she said, "Oh, he comes from a nice family. The next time we went parking, when Rick again reached up my skirt, I took a deep breath, asked myself whether I was really sure if I wanted to be bolder with him. When I saw his pre-cum, for the first time, I took the end of his cock right into my mouth and suckled the head of it while tonguing the tip.