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The Pagans

first-time Arcane 2018-12-04

"This is my tent," said Ryan, letting go of Jasmine’s hand to unzip the door. "You truly are a fortunate girl to have breasts as lovely as those," marvelled Ryan, who had finally taken the dress off of Jasmine. She felt her pussy stretch open to accommodate Ryan’s thick cock, wrapping around it like a bed sheet. Just when Jasmine thought it couldn’t get any more painful, she felt Ryan’s cock slide past her hymen; broadening it and tearing it in multiple places. Jasmine felt Ryan’s hammering cock push further into her, each throb pulsing against her pussy. Jasmine tightened her grip on Ryan with her legs as she wobbled and jerked, moaning about how good it felt.

My first

first-time musicandmuffins 2018-12-02

His long fingers cautiously made their way down into the back pocket of my jeans, and I gently pushed against his hand with encouragement. I saw the corners of his mouth twitch as he gently traced his fingers over my ass, and slowly turned his head to look into my eyes. I pushed his hand past the waistline of my jeans and into my thong, feeling his long fingers trace over my soaking wet pussy. I grabbed hold of two of his long fingers and shoved them into my cunt, moaning as they pushed past my g spot. Every motion felt incredible, and his breath became ragged against my mouth, getting turned on by my moans every time he plunged his fingers into my tight wet hole.

Young Lust, First Lust. Sweet Devotion (Lush rev)

first-time DirtyMartini 2018-11-24

As time went on and the school year accelerated to a close, my yearning for Kate only got stronger. The end of the school year finally approached and the last time I saw Kate was at a sixth grade graduation party hosted by the parents of a fellow student. Before the summer I would have thought there could be nothing more attractive than the way Kate looked. As anyone who lives along the coast can tell you, a house down the shore in the summer time is a real good thing. It was towards the end of the summer and I was staying with Kate and her family at the shore house for the weekend.

The Italian Affair

first-time sugarsweet1259 2018-11-24

He began to cut the cheese, finally Arabella got a good look at him. “Surely you wouldn’t mind if I corrupted you a little...” Without having much of a choice, and being unable to resist her innermost desires, Arabella held in place as he clasped her face in his grasp, leaned in and locked his lips with hers. You sexy young bitch, fuck yes!” Uri gasped as he stroked her face in one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. Feeling her body turn tense with amplified arousal via his dick, Uri began to kiss her cupped face. “Do you feel like a woman now?” Uri asked his young mistress.

Making the Teacher

first-time TopGun 2018-11-15

When the weather turned warm I started wearing a condom to class because I always shot off a couple of times during that hour-long class. I started to hand her, her keys but she walked around and slid into the passenger seat. Maria slid further down on the seat, spreading her thigh wide apart, her left knee resting on the transmission hump. Pulling off the road, I lifted Maria up out of the passenger seat and lowered her fiery hot pussy down on my throbbing shaft. Our orgasms kept building and when I finally started shooting my wad deep inside her clenching, milking pussy, it felt as if I would never stop cumming.

Rookie of the Year Part 1

first-time Sandrine 2018-11-15

Seventeen year old Ashley Martin and eighteen year old Hideki Ito sat on the bed before the reporters. She walked to the small conference room where the other reporters stood waiting for the rookie to arrive. When Hideki entered the room with his translator, the seasoned reporters rushed to greet him. When the press conference ended, the group followed Hideki to his room as Ashley followed behind. The young man paused and replied with a mischievous smile, “I want to deflower a virgin on the baseball field. “Instead of a baseball field, why don’t you do it in a hotel room?” another reporter joked. Hideki slipped his hand underneath Ashley’s blouse and rubbed her breasts in a firm, circular motion.

Thalia, the Muse of Comedy

first-time silverdragon 2018-11-13

I sat still for a long time after she was gone, looking at the picture in front of me, a picture of a lovely and lovable young lady by the name of Thalia. We stood in front of our bed for a long time, kissing, holding each other tightly, Then our happiness of the moment overwhelmed her and she started to sob quietly. I gripped the window sill's inside edge with my left hand, while my right was groping for the rope hanging outside. When I told of the rope dropping me Thalia made a serious remark for a change, "Oh my god," she burst out loud and then held me so tight that I thought she was trying to crawl into me.

Fun at the Ice Cream Parlor

first-time Mysteria27 2018-11-13

Jerry liked working at the ice cream store. She'd come to the shop right before closing and would order a strawberry ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles. Jerry couldn’t believe the girl was talking to him. He couldn’t believe this hot babe wanted to suck his cock. Jerry couldn’t believe this little witch was going to let him fuck her. Jerry got on his knees and just looked at her neat and tidy pussy. Candy was squeezing her tits together while Jerry licked her neat pussy flower. Candy was coming and screaming while her pussy dripped her hot juices. He was stroking his cock while he licked her sweet and tangy juices from her warm pussy pocket. Candy bent over the counter and Jerry got behind her.

Turning Anna into a Woman

first-time TxSwinger 2018-11-08

Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw Anna shoot us a look of hate, but when I turned towards her she was staring off into the water. "You have beautiful eyes" (that I'd love looking up at me), "and nice full lips" (that would feel great wrapped around my cock). Tentatively, Anna squeezed, rolled, and gently tugged them while her mouth placed a kissed on the head of my cock. I gently but firmly grabbed her hands and pulled them away, getting my first look at her amazing pussy. The thought of betraying my wife crossed my mind, but my cock convinced me that if Anna laid on my side of the bed then it was OK.

Jake and I have an amazing first time

first-time Angelshields 2018-11-07

His hands started to explore my body and slowly he lifted up my shirt and tossed it away. Soon he was rubbing and feeling my soft skin and he lightly pinched my nipple and then slowly bit and nibbled and sucked on my hard nipples making me moan softly and whimper. He rubbed my clit in a circle with his thumb, as a result I moaned loudly and gasped his name, "ohhh Jake." He then slid a finger into my tight pussy and worked it around then shortly after another, curving upward to make sure he hit my g-spot. He started kissing me and my neck as he lined himself up, then slowly trying not to hurt me he pushed in a little at a time.

Loving Zach

first-time romancefox 2018-11-04

He gasped, and then, I drove the full length of his cock into my mouth, and sucked harder and harder, faster and faster, when- “Kels, I’m going to cum!” Zach said breathlessly. “I’m on the pill, and I want to feel the ropes of your cum warming the inside of my pussy.” His cock wasn’t entirely hard still, and he looked at me expectantly. The hot, steamy water was unbelievably refreshing, and it wasn’t long before Zach powerfully shoved me up against the wall and began to fuck me so hard our orgasms were explosive. However, before the throbbing could subside, Zach swooped in and pushed the showerhead back into its place, murmuring, “Baby, I want you to come.” Not long after, my sweet juices puddled on the chair, and I convulsed in powerful orgasm.

Thanksgiving, oh how he was so thankful.

first-time Troian 2018-11-02

Her hair fell into loose long curls which looked so lusciously shiny that I wanted to run my hands through her beautiful head of hair. Not that I'm bad looking; tall, bright blue eyes, light brown hair and in good shape. I couldn't help but watch, as her tight little dress moved its way up her thighs, getting shorter and shorter, as she continued to climb. I just want to see," she said, placing her small hand on my thigh. The sensation of her soft little hand and the thrill of her looking at me, almost sent me over the edge. I've never even kissed a boy before, let alone a man and certainly not this" she said looking at her hand which was still stroking my penis.

Loni's story

first-time ThePhantom 2018-09-25

The bulge in his suit pants grew as she began to unbutton her blouse to reveal a white silk bra holding her pert tits in place .She stood there looking at her teacher with the undeniable look of lust and wanting in her eyes. He lowered his head and began to kiss her breasts and lick her extended nipples and she moaned louder. He stopped her only long enough to recover a condom from the strip that was hidden in the storage cabinet. Loni just watched wide eyed as he slid the protective sheath on his cock. Loni placed her hands across his upper back and begged him to fuck her again.There was a pause before he began to push his cock insider her. A minute or two later Loni began to push herself upwards forcing her teachers cock deeper insider her.

I'm His Now

first-time thickthighs_prettyeyes 2018-08-21

Hitting the red button, I stepped off of the treadmill before it even stopped, stretching my arms above my head, shirt lifting to show my flattening stomach. Using his free hand, he slides the curtain shut behind him, my body pressed against the cool tile as he crowds the small shower. I got the hint, and the hard look in his eye, and closed my small fingers around it. Strong fingers grip my fleshy hip, holding me steady, while the other hand lines his thick shaft up with my quivering, virgin pussy. By the time my breathing is almost back to normal, he's slipped out of the shower, grabbed my towel, and walked out the door.

A Meeting by the River

first-time princeof_parties 2018-08-03

He watched with wide eyes as she reached down and her arms pressed her breasts together, pointing her nipples straight at him. Slowly she began to cup water in her hand and run it over her perky breasts. He felt huge, his head slowly rubbing against the soft fabric of his trousers and when he looked down to see the bulge he was creating his eyes widened at his own size. Very carefully, he leaned his back against one of the trees he was hiding in, his pelvis jutting out in front of him and slid his hand over the fabric of his trousers. Slowly her fears of being watched seemed to ease and she cupped her breasts in her hands and shook them, looking down at the way they bounced.

Online Becomes Real World

first-time Rede772 2018-07-28

His body was long even when he sat in my small car, and I couldn't wait to finally hug him and feel his arms around me. This girl that can kiss a guy like that—this girl that's going to fuck him! My eyes fluttered closed as I trailed my hands down his hard chest, his stomach, and finally caught the edge of his shirt. "I loved the thong," he said between kisses down my chest and stomach. "I really want to taste your cum sometime," I whispered in his ear, "but right now I want your cock inside of me." Fuck me harder!" My head fell back, and he kissed my neck almost frantically as he thrust deeper, harder, and faster inside of me.

Brown Eyed Stallion

first-time blondiecakes99 2018-06-13

He said coyly "hi." When he smiled, he got these little wrinkles around his eyes that made him look much older and wiser than he was. I moaned myself feeling so excited by this fat cock that was filling up my mouth. He moaned again as I gave one last little suck at the tip before pulling my mouth away. I was so incredibly turned on by him and the way he was making my body feel, I wasn't ready for this night to end. I could feel a slight "pop" when the fat head of his cock pushed through my opening. I wanted to taste his soft, full lips, feel his strong arms wrapped tightly around me, but didn't know that I would.

The Adventures of Andrew Ch. 02

first-time jklazarus 2018-05-06

I wasn't sure if it was the beer, or what happened in the closet, or the party atmosphere in the garden with the music and the coloured lights on strings hung around the place, but I felt somehow very relaxed in her company. I couldn't take my eyes off her pert little ass moving with each step beneath her short skirt or the smooth flesh showing just above her striped stockings. It felt like things were moving too fast, and I was scared about messing up, but I wanted it so much I didn't care. He knew how he felt about Melissa, but he couldn't just let me do what I wanted. 'Don't feel bad.' I held her close and stroked her back as her sobbing slowed, and I thought about how I was going to get my revenge on Paul.

Mike's First Time

first-time Odie_1961 2018-03-17

One hot June day, as they were walking home talking about the few days that were left of school before summer holidays would start, Jen asked Mike what his plans were after graduation. Suddenly she felt the urge to tease him, something she had never felt before, so she leaned over to him and lightly brushed her breast against his bare arm and said "Maybe after school you can come over for a swim since it is so hot, and afterwards you can help me study for finals." She had seen plenty online but to see one live right in front of her, hard as steel and with precum dripping from the head of it, well, she could feel her feminine wetness starting to lubricate her pussy and actually drip down her leg.

Love Ladies

first-time 1954kirkland 2018-02-21

She must have known - cause she always called her pussy - her "little pussy!" After she climbed into my bed she told me that she already knew about a guy's cock getting big and hard, how it oozed pre-cum, and how thinking about it made her really wet. She began to grab my ass cheeks and pull me further inside - when the head of my cock just touched her hymen and I was about to cum, she stopped for a moment - and in an instant, she thrust her tiny body up and pulled me into her at the same time!


first-time Lucy1970Harker 2018-02-07

With her eyes locked on his, he gently pushed past her hand and its weak protest, moving his thumb under and over until he held her in his hand, finding her nipple hard and aching under his fingers. She moved her hand from in the way to dig her fingers into his back as he slowly pulled the neckline of her soft t-shirt down and found her nipple with his mouth. "I want your cock," she whispered, her fingers insistent now, moving over it, working past his hand to the button and the zipper. "Oh God, yes...yes," he said, in, and out, and in, and out, feeling her tight, feeling her hot, her fingers into his back, urging him on, pulling her hands back and working her nipples for him, offering them to him.

Hitching a Ride

first-time eroticwriter00 2018-02-04

His hand moved to the top of my leg and although my sexual experience was nil, I did know what he was wanting to touch. I lifted his penis and pointed it towards me, trying to see the head of his cock inside the foreskin. An involuntary whimper escaped my lips and I pulled back more until his cock head was totally exposed. "Greg, you have absolutely no idea how sexy that is." His foreskin had slipped back over his cock head and he pulled it back. "Ohhh, Greg...yes," he said as my tongue licked inside his skin and lapped more of his delicious nectar. My life was going to change forever and I leaned down and stopped when the whole head of his cock was in my mouth.

Kenny's College Humiliation

first-time Mister_Magnus 2017-11-17

His orgasm had actually liberated so much cum that when he landed, it made a little splash, and much to Miss Jones' continuing horror, a small amount of Kenny's ball juice splattered right across her exposed legs. Everyone knows you're supposed to cum on the girl's face, not your own!" This of course caused a fresh wave of laughter to course through the classroom as Kenny finally got his legs moving and made his way into the hallway and to the nearest bathroom... She was scrubbing her legs so fiercely they were starting to turn red, and when the door opened and she saw a cum-covered Kenny walk in her face quickly took on the same shade of scarlet.

The Scene Ch. 02: Not a Dry Seat

first-time YoureWet 2017-10-26

"Oh, Tom, you know how much I love you," Chloe said as soon as I turned back around. "Yeah, you know, you need to open your legs for me," I replied, looking her dead in the eye, "if you want me to pop your cherry." I pushed my hand further, deeper, lower, the leggings stretching to accommodate my arm, until I knew for sure that she was telling the truth - she wasn't wearing any panties. "Oh!" Chloe squeaked when she felt my finger touch her pussy inside her leggings. I looked into her eyes and growled, remembering the feeling of her warm wet pussy clutching the end of my finger.