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My first virgin

first-time UncleTom 2018-12-04

An old friend is a lady in the town who runs a massage shop (but strictly not a brothel - if a girl has 'boom boom' with a customer, she will be fired.) Afterwards she took me to one side and said that one of her girls was still a virgin, and was looking to cash in her assets. "I don't know," I said, "How much she want?" The conversation went back and forth a few times, before I decided to pitch low and offer 20,000 baht. The negotiations were finally settled; I would have an HIV test, and at the same time, the doctor would check her virginity.

My First Virgin

first-time UncleTom 2018-11-26

I had only the head of my penis inside her, but as I tried to push further, I found her vagina resisting me, with every fraction of an inch gained provoking further cries of pain. I got on board one more time that morning, but did not come - aside from the distress it caused her, her vagina did not feel right - there was no muscular grasping of my penis.. As I did so I realised that her vagina had recovered from the trauma of being stretched by the invasion of her body, and was now milking my penis beautifully; whilst only my deepest thrusts caused Wan any pain now.

My First Virgin

first-time UncleTom 2018-11-04

Aside from the fact that having sex with a man they have only known for a few minutes can be terrifying for a girl on the first occasion, many Thai girls have little or no experiance of French kissing, and the great majority have never had a man's penis in their mouth. But the doubts kept nagging me; this confident intimate kissing was so unlike most Thai girls, let alone a virgin.. There was little sign of her 32 years in her face, and her body could easily have passed for a teenager; but her buttocks offered not the firm hard bum of a young girl, but the soft malleable flesh of an older lady.

First Time in Thailand

first-time Tyler222 2018-09-09

Time to focus and observe, I start walking on the left side of the road because I don't know any better. But the girls standing outside the massage parlors didn't care about the distance. A couple of places have beautiful oriental girls standing outside. She is the same girl from before and has a massage rate card in her hand. She comes back and starts the massage again as if nothing had ever happened. She took my penis in her hand like a samurai unsheathing his sword and pulled my foreskin back in an instant. Then I moved my hands up from her waist and started to pull off her top. I placed my hand on her right shoulder and start pulling the bra strap down.