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Private Lessons

first-time esoterica 2018-01-30

“I think you’re ready for a real taste now.” Derek dove in eagerly, swallowing her tit and sucking on it like a baby. “And you can squeeze it between your fingers once in a while, oh fuck yeah just like that.” She squirmed as Derek squeezed and pulled on her clit. I like to be spread nice and wide so put in two more, fuck yeah!” She went wild, screaming and bucking against his hand stuffing his fingers as deep as they would go. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted!” Derek dove in deeper sucking and pulling at her pussy hungrily lapping up her juice, his cock on the brink of exploding in his pants.

Lifestyle Parents

first-time NVMii 2018-01-30

Danny's mom, Jill, met Becca's father, Marty, at a “meet a friend” party. I felt Danny's fingers spread my pussy lips and his tongue teased my inner labia. I had a good view of Jill's pussy and Ty's cock as he moved up on the bed. Jill started to move her ass, she was fucking Ty. I saw her pussy pull his cock side to side. When I felt the heat of his cock on my pussy, I begged, “Fuck me Danny, take my virginity and fuck me.” Danny moved his hips forward, I felt the heat of his cock touching my pussy. I wanted to be fucked again, I loved the feel of Danny's cock in me.

Joann's First Time Part 1

first-time darylg1005 2018-01-30

The next week I got a call from Joann and she wanted to know if I’d be interested in going on a picnic with her and I told her that I would but in a few days due to my work schedule as well being not finished with the work for her parents. Thinking I would test the waters and be a bit bolder I grabbed her gently by the back of her head and kissed her again this time I very lightly circled her lips with my tongue. I apologized and started to button her dress again, stopping me she looked in my eyes with a very serious, lustful gaze and told me that she wasn’t against sexual activity but she wanted to go really slowly.

I Will Always Remember

first-time shaynicole 2018-01-30

I could feel a tingle in my pussy and being a virgin, I knew he was the one I wanted to pop my cherry. You will get to feel my big cock in your tight little pussy. He pulled into a store parking lot and told me to spread my legs real wide so he could see my tight little pussy. "Suck my cock, I want you to take it all in nice and slow, let me fuck that pretty mouth of yours." "I'm going to fuck you now, you suck cock so good, lets see if you can handle my big cock inside you." You like my big cock in your little pussy."


Repopulating the World 3

first-time alliet14 2018-01-29

Allie didn’t want to rush her new lover and did not even mention Tina being with one of the guys, even though Rich and John both were aching to be with her. Tina opened her mouth and began to suck on his head, while her hand stroked him. He kissed her lips and let his hands roam down her back and ass and pulled her even closer to him, his hard cock pressing into her stomach. Rich felt his balls tighten and knew he could not go on much longer so he pulled himself out of Tina’s mouth and stood up off of the bed. Tina took the entire length of Rich’s cock into her mouth as Allie’s tongue sent electric jolts in her pussy.

Service with a smile

first-time KJessica 2018-01-29

He immediately pulled off her tiny little bikini bottoms, exposing her wet and very swollen lips and, barely able to speak, he told her just how sexy she looked. He started kissing and licking her smoothly shaven wet pussy, very softly teasing and tasting her sweet juices now flowing like a fountain. He continued kissing her swollen lips and then moved to the inside of her legs, not allowing her to touch her clit. He pulled off his shorts, allowing his thick, hard, throbbing cock to spring out with the purple head against her tight little opening. As she started feeling somewhat better about having it inside her, he pushed it in a little more, going a little deeper each time and getting her extremely tight pussy filled with his thickness.

Their day

first-time magentalips 2018-01-29

Desire aches in her limbs and holds like firm hands her bare thighs now resting on the cool bed sheet. As soon as they speed away on the wide road out of town, she hugs Phong around his thin waist, pressing her small breasts on his hard muscular back and moves forward to tighten her thighs on either side of his bottom. Tum opens a window, sits on the end of the bed and takes deep breaths of the sea breeze. As Phong kneels above her, Tum opens her legs wide and holds her breath. But late at night, after a cleansing shower, Tum lays down again, naked to the ceiling, her legs defiantly spread apart, reliving her afternoon of freedom in all its brightly-lit details.

Back To School

first-time Erotic_Writing 2018-01-29

“Yep, went to Richmond last year.” I replied as I popped a few strawberries in my mouth, it was probably the only appealing thing in our lunch. “Okay class.” She started, “As you may already know, I’m your new health teacher, Ms. Starr – and that’s with two R’s.” She pointed at her name written on the whiteboard. She began to bob her head in a slow rhythmic fashion, being sure to look up at me to see the satisfaction on my face. Mr. Starr caught her stare and asked softly, “You can join us if you want.” Ms. Starr lowered her head onto her sex and began to lick like mad. I turned my head and noticed Adriana fingering herself, making it harder for me to hold my climax at bay.

Simple pleasures...

first-time xpassiongirlx 2018-01-29

"I want to do this with you, I love you." I could feel my virgin pussy get wet when I heard him say that, I bit my lip. "God your so innocent, I love it." He looked at me with such honesty I couldn't help it but turn in his arms and let my lips touch his so lightly. His kisses were getting deeper now, His eye' s more intent then ever! I felt his hands go under my top and I couldn't help but let out a gasp. "James, I want you" My eye' s were full of admiration, my hands were now passing over his strong arms. James kissed his way up to my lips again and looked at me lay in his arms, his hand went down.

Mia - Chapter 9: Happy Birthday Jesse

first-time HollyShamrock 2018-01-29

I better go and make sure the girls from my class don’t get pulled into Patrice’s game,” Norah joked before leaving Jesse and Mia together. “Ladies, what’s with the drama over here?” asked Jesse as he squeezed in a space next to Mia. She couldn’t help roll her eyes as a few of the girls in the group swooned as he joined them. Mia felt his hand grab her thighs and she wrapped her legs around his waist as Jesse lifted her up. After a few long, languid strokes, Jesse grazed his hand down her thigh and wrapped her legs around his waist which Mia noticed made his thrusts deeper. “You know, I think the best way for me to get used to you...” Mia panted as Jesse gently caressed her thighs, “would be to keep practicing.

Beach Patrol

first-time Boss01 2018-01-29

Pushing me onto my back, she began kissing her way down, starting at my lips, then over my nipples, and ending at my eight inch hard-on. After repeating this maneuver about four or five times, Nancy looked up at me with that crooked grin again and said, “Gentle is okay, but it’s time to fuck me like you mean it. Between my girth and her tightness, the friction and heat were driving us to the point of no return. We were both reaching our peak when she said, “Now it’s time to keep your promise, Danny boy.

A Helping Hand

first-time Banes1 2018-01-29

Trish smiles and pulls my trunks down slowly, exposing the circumcised cock head. “Mmm, lovely.” Trish says, as she pulls the trunks further down, until my hard, pulsating cock is in full view. Her eyes looking at mine as she takes a handful of water, letting it cascade over the mushroom head and down the pulsating shaft of my cock and finally washing over my scrotum. Trish dunks herself with the tube of lotion in hand and when she comes up, I watch the water flow over her. Trish slides her hand slowly up and down several times, spreading the lotion over my shaft and cock head. Putting my trunks on, Trish asks me to wear a tie tonight and I can only imagine why as she stands there licking her lips seductively.

Innocence Lost

first-time karniverous 2018-01-28

They make out passionately, french kissing, Scott kissing her nose, her eyelids, down her neck, she moans and grabs his head, letting out gasps of pleasure. Scott slowly runs his tongue through her mouth as he squeezes Sara's tits. Scott lays flat on his back, his hand pressed underneath Sara's, firmly rubbing and squeezing her boob. "Yeah Sara, grind on me.", says Scott as he feels her pussy and ass push down on his dick, Sara lets out a deep moan of pleasure and arches her back as Scott rubs her vagina through her shorts. "Mmmmmm you feel amazing.", Scott says as he slowly pushes his fingers in a little deeper. Scott kisses the back of her head as he fucks her, his cock spreading her pussy open.

When Seth Popped My Cherry

first-time SugarTits16 2018-01-28

He typically liked me to suck his dick a little before he fucked my ass and on subsequent bangings, he would continue that tradition with my pussy. It felt like Seth had been pushing his dick into my pussy forever, but in reality, it was probably less than two minutes before his pubes were starting to tickle my labia. You're so fucking amazing, Kendall!" Sucking on my neck, Seth put his weight on me and began rocking his dick out and in slowly, moaning and grunting. But over time, I got used to having my pussy fucked and then Seth had to beg or do really amazing boyfriend things to get me to open my ass for him again.

The missing piece

first-time xXchocolatekissesXx 2018-01-28

He looked me in my eyes and started slowly sucking on my neck. I started grinding my hips into his face as he shoved his tongue even deeper. I sat up quickly which shocked him.I pulled him closer and grab his wood and slowly twirled my tongue around his head. I started gagging as his dick was throbbing rapidly in my mouth. I climbed on top of him and started slowly rocking my hips back and forth. That feeling was back again and my walls clamped down around his dick and I screamed as I felt his creamy hot load shoot into me. He started slowly with just one finger. Then he started kissing me again pushing his tongue further into my mouth.

My First Virgin

first-time UncleTom 2018-01-28

Aside from the fact that having sex with a man they have only known for a few minutes can be terrifying for a girl on the first occasion, many Thai girls have little or no experiance of French kissing, and the great majority have never had a man's penis in their mouth. But the doubts kept nagging me; this confident intimate kissing was so unlike most Thai girls, let alone a virgin.. There was little sign of her 32 years in her face, and her body could easily have passed for a teenager; but her buttocks offered not the firm hard bum of a young girl, but the soft malleable flesh of an older lady.

Teaching Mary How To Fuck

first-time Jerry9ja 2018-01-28

I want to experience sex and see what’s all about… my friends laugh at me that I know nothing about sex… they call me Virgin Mary and other names like that. Once her pleasure subsided I spread her legs wider and undressed quickly but making sure she did not see my erect cock. I have an average cock of seven inches that is not so thick either, but virgins unnecessarily get scared of erect cocks so I didn’t want Mary to see it at that point. I kissed her and told her I was happy that she had a good time but there was still a lot to learn about sex if she wanted to be good at it. 

First Time for Candy

first-time hotpinkdrippingwet1 2018-01-28

Suddenly I realized I was not alone, I had forgotten that the handyman was coming to fix the lock on the pool house door. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter He asked me if I had ever been with a man before, I told him 'no' but that I would love to feel his huge throbbing cock inside my tight little pussy because it was aching for it. Every time he pulled his tongue out, strings of my wetness would show from his mouth to my pussy. Suddenly I exploded all over his mouth, he wouldn't let go of my clit so I kept coming hard. Finally, I begged for his cock inside me, it slid right in from all the wetness and filled my tight pussy full, stretching it.


My First Time With A Friend

first-time ShyGirl42 2018-01-28

I take extra care while shaving and pack my best underwear set, ‘cause really, I don’t own a real lingerie set, but I’m working on it. So I visit my friends and I see him for the first time since I moved. Yes I'm turned on at the time, but again, it’s just slightly awkward. I kiss his neck as he pulls away and takes off his shirt. It makes me feel better to know he’s just as nervous as I am. I have masturbated with a brush handle a few times before, but that doesn't prepare me for the real thing. I feel like I’m losing my breath and I start to pant as I moan. To me it’s awkward and his dick isn’t inside me enough.

I Got Leid In Hawaii

first-time Master_Jonathan 2018-01-28

As I looked at her full, ripe, lips, she leaned forward, and kissed me deeply, her hand still firmly on my cock. As Eve busied herself with stroking my cock, I reached up and slipped my hands under the bottom edge of her top pushing it up over her mounds to hold her breasts in my hand, squeezing gently, sliding my palm over her hard nipple. Eve lowered herself down slightly until my cock pressed against her wet pussy, with the shaft resting between her lips and the head against her enlarged clit, and she moaned softly. We stayed coupled like that until the waves of our orgasm subsided and we held each other, panting and kissing with my cock still inside her now cum-filled pussy.

Fast Food Checkout Girl

first-time Crossfire307 2018-01-28

"Why don't you tell your friends to wait outside," I continued as my hand started to slip beneath the material at the top of her ass. "Guys, this will probably take a while, why don't you go next door and pick up everything on the grocery list so we can get back," she said a little too loudly to the two young men. I let my hands drift upward again, and she gasped when I finally, slowly ran them across her small breasts. I leaned over her again and whispered, "stop teasing me baby, cum for me." Then I finally let my hunger loose and drove her toward her second orgasm.

Playing House

first-time alliet14 2018-01-27

Josh was the youngest son of my dad's best friend in high school Pete and his wife Jane. Guys seemed to like me, I had long blonde hair that went mid way down my back, blue eyes, and I played softball so my body was toned. Then she and Mom went inside while Dad and Josh retrieved their luggage from the car. I felt his hard cock pressing into my stomach, and then it went away as he kissed lower down to my chest. My hands move up my body, squeezing my breast, pulling my nipples as his hips pumped up and down feeding my hungry pussy with his cock.

Annie's Little Man

first-time PAMtnMan 2018-01-27

But every time she got close to me or even brushed against me, a wonderful warm feeling would flow through my body. I was enjoying the kiss so much I didn’t notice my arms were around Annie and I was pulling her body against mine. Annie’s lips touched the tip of my cock and I thought it would jump into her mouth. Her body jumped as she felt my tongue touch her swollen lips. She kissed me wildly and at the same time she guided my hard throbbing cock between her wet pussy lips. I think I actually gasped at the pleasure I was feeling as my cock plunged into her hot wet pussy.

My Best Friend’s Cock

first-time LustyVirgin 2018-01-27

My best friend stands in front of me, his hard cock arc-ing above the waistband of his boxers. I like the feel of his cock in my hand. “No. That felt good,” my best friend whispers as he guides my hand back. I feel my body contract around his hard cock. I sit motionless for a moment, feeling my best friend’s cock snug inside me. I slide up and down on my best friends cock, feeling him fill me again and again. I fall asleep happy, knowing that we will be able to share more times like this and I realize that I might never be able to get enough of my best friend’s cock.